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I care about Animals & the 99 Percent. I am an Anon. I do not forgive, I do not forget. I support my Anon Brothers & Sisters around the World. We are Legion.

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@jacquard612 Documentary GOING CLEAR went into depth about their work to break up his marriage and get him a new girlfriend@anon99percenter He's definitely their poster boy. It's no wonder he can't keep a wife for very long.
Retweeted by The Real AnonymousTaking a break. https://t.co/vn5DTq7YJI Blackberry Smoke - Revival /Testify@anon99percenter aww shucks you're making me blush
Retweeted by The Real Anonymous@jacquard612 they spend an inordinate amount of time and money on old tom..hes their spokesman@anon99percenter I wonder what they have on him. Must be something good.
Retweeted by The Real AnonymousHelp #Dolphins being slaughtered at Taiji Cove via @anon99percenter http://t.co/G24yWFWlKr #OpKillingBay #Tweet4Taiji http://t.co/OT7vnFAk0S
Retweeted by The Real Anonymous@WittyBitch @pebbles_1969 @anon99percenter @OpStopPetAbuse Found an article that mentions lost phone but don't trust as actual news.
Retweeted by The Real AnonymousTom Cruise, Xenu Hunter => http://t.co/OgPhsUwWVvTom Cruise Scientology Interview! https://t.co/ArGeWQcF1E LMAO Tom..keep fighting Xenu Tommy boy...grab tin cans for a million dollar audit@Macdaddy_321 Props #Respect@anon99percenter > by them. I took my mask off during a couple protests I wanted to be seen
Retweeted by The Real Anonymous@anon99percenter I'm not sure how to say this without sounding conceited, back then I had some connections that meant I couldn't be touched>
Retweeted by The Real Anonymoushttps://t.co/avqtQF6Diu Tom Cruise chews out Matt Lauer on LIVE TVJenna MISCAVIGE on Piers Morgan Tonight, 2/05/2013 https://t.co/cx5BnGPaHE (Head of Scientology is David MISCAVIGE, her uncle )@Macdaddy_321 Agreed..but it took real courage to put yourself on the line back in the day..some of those #TinCanFans get violent@Macdaddy_321 #MuchLuvhttps://t.co/xtcJQS4Aj4 Anonymous Project Chanology World Tour - 4th Anoniversary Protests Against Scientology@Macdaddy_321 Back in old days.. Full Respect for my Brothers and Sisters who went up against them back in the day@anon99percenter Haha that takes me back about a decade ago, went to protest at Scientology hq in Melbourne, Aus. My very first protest :)
Retweeted by The Real AnonymousScientology Documentary: Lawrence Wright talks about "Going Clear" https://t.co/LCZRvtIpu9 (Videos against Scientology have Scientology ads)@WAZROM @HuffPostGreen GEEZ !@anon99percenter China To 'Flatten' 700 Mountains? http://t.co/fy0YxdBjFR @HuffPostGreen #NepalEarthquake #wazrom http://t.co/mmo0V4mqmY
Retweeted by The Real Anonymoushttps://t.co/C6dVWrX46f https://t.co/aiPa8JnmJO https://t.co/zaDI5JZp9z https://t.co/ddF5vjCi6F The full 40min vid of Tom Cruise,.scientologMark Bunker tells the story of Anonymous vs. Church of Scientology https://t.co/BQZHTvzB9Thttps://t.co/0iKOuL6MyM Scientology: Sept. Anonymous L.A. Raid (Scientology gets Butthurt when you mention Anonymous..lulz.)@anon99percenter I know Bro ;) <3
Retweeted by The Real Anonymous@TruthIzSexy For sure..its how I always roll as well.@anon99percenter I'd assume so, but is her employer contact info i've been pushing cos is hitting them will do the trick :P
Retweeted by The Real AnonymousAnswering DMs from 20 minutes and more recent, right now.@anon99percenter No i am sorry, I just logged on recently.
Retweeted by The Real Anonymous@AnonSDirectorat Glad you're here...my other tweets made your point as well :)@TruthIzSexy I thought there was some uncertainty about the right "Becky"...did that get sorted & do we have the right one now ?@AnonSDirectorat exactly! (see my other tweets about it today). They did the right thing and should NOT be punished for it. I support them@anon99percenter Yup, have put her info out a few times, but it depends how many act if we see her gone or not ;)
Retweeted by The Real Anonymous@mariee_peace @anon99percenter #LIFEFORRAPE
Retweeted by The Real Anonymous@TruthIzSexy Yep..old Becky needs to Expect Us Sis <3@anon99percenter Yep, and that was at beginning, b4 shit begun to fly! Is that mother needs whopped out her job next! <3
Retweeted by The Real AnonymousBTW..for those wondering what the Washington Animal Clinic where cat killer Lindsey worked looks like => http://t.co/QfK19MyugL@_d3f4ult @_cypherpunks_ @TKrypt @anon99percenter Thank you :)
Retweeted by The Real Anonymous@Macdaddy_321 @anon99percenter @La_G4ta @OpStopPetAbuse Because you were drawn to our awesomeness. It happens.
Retweeted by The Real Anonymous@anon99percenter @AwakeTheMasses https://t.co/AZnrZEoOTr
Retweeted by The Real Anonymous@anon99percenter Agreed
Retweeted by The Real Anonymous@TruthIzSexy I h8 they are getting flak because they did the right thing by firing her and offered a proper statement about the incident.@anon99percenter The consequences are growing - rightly :P
Retweeted by The Real AnonymousMy opinion is that the Washington Animal Clinic in Brenham did the right thing by firing Kristen Lindsey and should not be attacked for it.It appears the Washington Animal Clinic n Brenham, where Kristen Erin Lindsey worked..has had their website suspended http://t.co/joVgYKXLk0@anon99percenter @1ANDONLYHEATHER @OpStopPetAbuse @La_G4ta no arguments!
Retweeted by The Real Anonymous@1ANDONLYHEATHER @WittyBitch @OpStopPetAbuse @La_G4ta Anyone who thinks such an act is worth bragging about..is one sick SOB n my opinion@La_G4ta @anon99percenter @OpStopPetAbuse I'm not sure I follow. I think we all agree it's serious. They feel they have to prove it's real.
Retweeted by The Real Anonymous@1ANDONLYHEATHER @WittyBitch @OpStopPetAbuse @La_G4ta Only Steve Martin does that schtick http://t.co/SGHO9VEODs@anon99percenter @WittyBitch @OpStopPetAbuse @La_G4ta as if the cat walked up with an arrow through its head for a photo op
Retweeted by The Real Anonymous@1ANDONLYHEATHER @WittyBitch @OpStopPetAbuse @La_G4ta I go hug my cats and give them treats after seeing something horrible like that@anon99percenter @WittyBitch @OpStopPetAbuse @La_G4ta I cried most of yesterday and had all my pets in my room. That is non human bs
Retweeted by The Real Anonymous@WittyBitch @anon99percenter @OpStopPetAbuse I'm referring to authorities, not those if us in cat-loving community. :)
Retweeted by The Real Anonymous@1ANDONLYHEATHER @WittyBitch @OpStopPetAbuse @La_G4ta Any thing claiming human DNA that does such things ...I dont understand at all...@anon99percenter @WittyBitch @OpStopPetAbuse @La_G4ta if the guy with the dogs head gets away with the no proof shtick, I may lose it
Retweeted by The Real Anonymous@WittyBitch @OpStopPetAbuse @La_G4ta Becky is constipated..ie..full of shitMom claims she 'lost her cell ph' can't turn it over to investigators. #KristenLindsey #IAmTiger @anon99percenter @OpStopPetAbuse @La_G4ta
Retweeted by The Real Anonymous@1ANDONLYHEATHER @WittyBitch @OpStopPetAbuse @La_G4ta ..other defenseless animals...for the "fun" of it.@1ANDONLYHEATHER @WittyBitch @OpStopPetAbuse @La_G4ta Past behavior is a good predictor of future behavior..as I understand, she has shot..@anon99percenter What did you call me you a*hole? :p Yeah agreed lol, amplified by 100 on faceless social media
Retweeted by The Real Anonymous@Macdaddy_321 LOL...i really think arguments and debate are counterproductive..no one changes their mind@Macdaddy_321 Agreed..but it often degenerates into ad hominem attacks and argument, lotsa heat, no lightWhoever the new POTUS will be after 2016..I hope they give a crap about the poor folks who put them in office..unless rich ppl insert some1@La_G4ta @anon99percenter @OpStopPetAbuse She said it on her post but w/out the police able to prove it's real she can say it was a joke.
Retweeted by The Real Anonymous@anon99percenter @OpStopPetAbuse @La_G4ta Agreed!!
Retweeted by The Real Anonymous@deaconpunnett By the way...miss you on C2DAM Brother..u always had great shows.@deaconpunnett Ian..wondered if you had seen this http://t.co/uKDxbduqZX Tinnitus mapped inside human brain@La_G4ta @WittyBitch @OpStopPetAbuse http://t.co/MLUz1rIrGG JPEGsnoop an app that can pull out the EXIF and metadata from a photo, also AVI@WittyBitch @OpStopPetAbuse @La_G4ta http://t.co/rT2niyvTst JPEGsnoop Tells You If that Photo was Photoshopped@WittyBitch @OpStopPetAbuse @La_G4ta http://t.co/IL6e42K97s@WittyBitch @OpStopPetAbuse @La_G4ta http://t.co/e2DypLtgV5@WittyBitch @OpStopPetAbuse @La_G4ta http://t.co/RapLnw4zij@WittyBitch @OpStopPetAbuse @La_G4ta http://t.co/NQXtUGX0SR Photo Forensics@WittyBitch @OpStopPetAbuse @La_G4ta -my opinion..the image was not manipulated to insert a cat's picture in pic that was not really there@WittyBitch @OpStopPetAbuse @La_G4ta ..it..the saturation of color , ie relative to surroundings...i wont say what i do for a living..but@WittyBitch @OpStopPetAbuse @La_G4ta ..photo to examine..where shadows fall..the interface between suspected object and other objects near@WittyBitch @OpStopPetAbuse @La_G4ta I do a lot of image manipulation...using various programs includ Photoshop..there are elements in any@WittyBitch @anon99percenter @OpStopPetAbuse For what?
Retweeted by The Real Anonymous@WittyBitch @OpStopPetAbuse @La_G4ta When some1 says they and there husband were there, saw event, took pics..it weighs in favor of reality@WittyBitch @anon99percenter @OpStopPetAbuse She already admitted to taking the pic.
Retweeted by The Real AnonymousI feel it important to dialogue (not argue) with ppl from both liberal AND conservative viewpoints...else..we only talk in an echo chamber@V00D00CLOWN Hapy Sat ;) @LiIith_VvvV @Anonchimp @Euphony101 @Teh_SpeciaIist @Lynmindy @Samurai_Lucy @mcrichard @Utopianon @anon99percenter
Retweeted by The Real Anonymous@WittyBitch @anon99percenter @OpStopPetAbuse I didn't know anybody was concerned about the authenticity of the photo.
Retweeted by The Real Anonymous@mcclurej8 @Mosher51 @dw1doyle @anon99percenter @BeepBeepKittey @craig_mosher @no1s_peeking @pistach01 No sorries.. Nothing different..💖
Retweeted by The Real Anonymous@mcclurej8 Doing my best to hang on and do the best I can Mac..i think about u as well..wonderful to see you <3 HugZ@anon99percenter how are you doing 99? I think of you often even when I'm not online ♥
Retweeted by The Real Anonymous@UdoguAugustine @TanyaInAlameda @StormyVNV @anon99percenter @FlyingShadowz nice song, thank you
Retweeted by The Real Anonymous@mcclurej8 @Mosher51 @dw1doyle @anon99percenter @BeepBeepKittey @craig_mosher @no1s_peeking @pistach01 Same old. dealing/w medical junk
Retweeted by The Real Anonymous@SweetLilTracy @Mosher51 @dw1doyle @anon99percenter @BeepBeepKittey @craig_mosher @no1s_peeking @pistach01 sorry to hear that, sending hugz
Retweeted by The Real Anonymous@Mosher51 @dw1doyle @anon99percenter @BeepBeepKittey @SweetLilTracy @craig_mosher @no1s_peeking @pistach01 Hi Mo, tx. Good to be seen :-)
Retweeted by The Real Anonymous@mcclurej8 @Mosher51 @dw1doyle @anon99percenter @BeepBeepKittey @craig_mosher @no1s_peeking @pistach01 a sight for sore eyes Mac ..
Retweeted by The Real AnonymousMy Condolences to those who have past away due to the Nepal earth quake. Brothers, sisters we are united please donate to #RedCross amen bro
Retweeted by The Real Anonymous2 the extent we are getting animal abusers arrested and prosecuted..this is good...however, the punishments are too lax internationally.@aanon15 @anon99percenter @ValorousLife @PotSmokingVegan @Honeyblade1S @muschifuss998 @SecurityAnon @YourAnonGlobal http://t.co/rvCatEcJ7Q
Retweeted by The Real Anonymoushttp://t.co/x2VIhi39xI Medical Robots Can Be Hacked During Surgery, Researchers Find@drewwest_press Be safe Brother. Thanks for all the info...appreciated :)@anon99percenter I'm not there yet. I'll be there next weekend.
Retweeted by The Real AnonymousThank U 2 all who worked hard on the Lewis Aaron Elmore case.. we dont forgive or forget..so he will always be on our radar even after jail.