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@__Nikkiiii__ huh? what happened?
@__Nikkiiii__ so violent... lol... use that anger to punch your cervix tonight...lol... if you make it :P
@__Nikkiiii__ lol... whatever gets the bills paid :P@__Nikkiiii__ her hands? lol... you should have recorded it and sold it on mfc as some hot lesbian finger banging
I know some chickenshit guys!!! take it on the chin if your gonna cheat on your wife & dont expect me to talk to her cause your scaredWorkbook... bears win!!!@__Nikkiiii__ @ChicagoBears theres always the lions to beat up on@__Nikkiiii__ @ChicagoBears lol... shaaaadup you damn dirty vikings fan... you just mad the pats kicked the vikings ass :PLet's goooo @chicagobears@__Nikkiiii__ lol... the real question is if you put on a double anal fisting show for them :)
@__Nikkiiii__ well hop to it nooki... lol... start getting them tokens from them drunks for that double anal fisting show :P@__Nikkiiii__ just to be different i'm voting redFucking U of I@__Nikkiiii__ lol... thx nooki :P@__Nikkiiii__ ya... thats one of like a thousand reasons i'm glad i'm a guy@__Nikkiiii__ lol... such a fricken diva
In defense of the NFL, it's been almost four months since a player has been indicted for double homicide.
Retweeted by megreeeat... Adrian Peterson is charged w/child endangerment... now we're gonna get MORE life lessons from NFL commentators during games nowgotta admit... lol... grumpy cam girls that hate members can be a source of entertainment@EwynFae what is this destiny you speak of? lol... and naked destiny playing selfie :DDamn... it might be time for me to go back to work...lol... I thought it was monday@EwynFae no nekkid ewyn? boooo on the cold
I'm sick of ray rice... he punched her & she stayed with him... suspend him & move on... I don't need life lessons during football games@__Nikkiiii__ very hot pic btw@__Nikkiiii__ ohhhhh... now it makes sense! ogitt ;)@__Nikkiiii__ what the fuck are you what the fuck'ing about?@__Nikkiiii__ what's this tbt thing? i can't keep up with you crazy kids and your wacky lingoOther than freezing our assez off... had a great time seeing steve miller & journey last night http://t.co/9MA3TM19lD
Some band I dont know opening the steve miller & journey concert http://t.co/jeEo7SvmSj@__Nikkiiii__ lol... such a token whore ;)@__Nikkiiii__ thats me... lol.. Totes adorb in a jerk sort of way@__Nikkiiii__ elbow deep for the big tokens bb@__Nikkiiii__ i'd stick my wiener in your sexy lil white girl butt :)@__Nikkiiii__ lol... such a prude@__Nikkiiii__ ok... lol... 12 tokens but you 2 gotta fist each others butts :P@__Nikkiiii__ ohhhhh... I get it... pizza day is the bait to get you there. .. lol... teacher scissor show 10 tokens bb@__Nikkiiii__ lol... I bet the teacher was all "thanks for coming... but please eat before free pizza day next time" :P@__Nikkiiii__ omg... lol... really? Its gonna be like that huh? Ok nooki@__Nikkiiii__ hahaha... are they crying cause you ate all the pizza?@__Nikkiiii__ hahaha... sounds like you're more excited about free pizza to meSnowing now in Calgary, Canada. This air is heading for U.S. soon: http://t.co/M1WNlstWfs Photo via @mjstephens2020: http://t.co/sUpum79jNY
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@meganmedellin but you do have to discuss logic w/them before you find out they're illogical & then you get all "wtf? why didn't i see it?"@meganmedellin hahaha... them mom's got some shit none of us want to know about@EwynFae just saw this... you should be able to get them taken down with that DCMA (or whatever its called)@EwynFae ya me too... damn dirty real jobs@__Nikkiiii__ lol... is someone getting ready to get her period?@__Nikkiiii__ HAHAHAHA... omg... i was expecting a lot of high drama... lol... you are SUUUUUUCH a chick!@__Nikkiiii__ the only reason you suck in my opinion is cause you haven't done my laundry.... why do you think you suck?@__Nikkiiii__ lol... i'm usually use to women crying after sex... what's wrong sugar tits?@EwynFae boooo for work... lol... quit is what i say!Wtf... lol... one of the starbucks girls asked me out... lol... problem is she has 40 lbs on me #cantbenicetofatchicks
@miketirico & @JonGruden_MNF talked serious trash about the @Lions until they went up 20-7 & suddenly trash talk @EliManningtime.. such BS!!Alright here it is! Advice for Men! https://t.co/GjOs0z1Amn RT
Retweeted by me@TattGoddess "Insert, curl up, and rake"... another successful video! can't wait for more... lol... i TOTALLY failed the eye test though :)@TattGoddess not gonna lie... lol... was hoping to open the pic and see you with a diamond crusted grill & a 9'er throwing gang signs ;)@__Nikkiiii__ you gotta bone???? lol... best tuck job EVER!!!! Never saw a thing@__Nikkiiii__ flash cervix while taking out appendix... 10 tokens bb
@__Nikkiiii__ lol... sue microsoft for lost wages@__Nikkiiii__ fucking Microsoft and their updates :/@__Nikkiiii__ hahaha... come at me@__Nikkiiii__ you're coming online... lol... before the weekends over? :P@EwynFae lol.. you're such a chick :P . you're sexy as hell :)@EwynFae wow... feeling under the weather and still looking that good? amazing :)It's AMAZING how stupid some people are... I swear its a choice on some peoples side so they can rationalize acting like assholes@EwynFae lol ;)@EwynFae no fever? lol... it's go for anal then :)@EwynFae well go away already damn germs... i wanna see Ewyn all nekkid and stuff :)Fucking @ChicagoBears and their turnovers! :/@__Nikkiiii__ lol... famous last words if I ever heard it@__Nikkiiii__ lol... so a solid maybe@__Nikkiiii__ lol.. so give us the odds you'll actually log on tonight.. 5-4? 10-1? 20-1? lol. I feel like I need some Vegas odds on this :PCome on @ChicagoBears lets knock off the turnovers and penalties@__Nikkiiii__ lol... the shiny butthole of love?@__Nikkiiii__ lol... suuuuuuure it is... lol... believe it when I see it@__Nikkiiii__ lol... with enough glitter and booze... lol... someone's getting their wiener sucked@__Nikkiiii__ lol... actually itss about feeding the ADHD and shiny things are the best way to do it with women ;)@__Nikkiiii__ lol... cause you chicks are that hard to figure out? lol... Its all about the shiny things@__Nikkiiii__ ya ya ya.. lol.. and shoes purses sparkly iphone cases candy flavored vodka and sales blah blah... lol... the list is endless@__Nikkiiii__ holy shit! that bathroom is fricken fugly!! an got enough make up? you could give your bathroom a makeover with all that shithere's another wildlife video that amazes me https://t.co/nKv4Rec5NMman... this video always makes a cycnical asshole like me smile https://t.co/I7iX4qBBYC@__Nikkiiii__ I feel ya there sex kitten.. i've pruned so much dead weight out of my life over the last cpl years cause people are fug'ed up
@EwynFae awww.... poor thang... I'll bring ya some taco bell or chicken soup or something... hope ya feel better sugar tits :)@TheSyrianWar @aburumaysah1403 whats the shariar fine for missing traffic court? Forfeit the 72 virgins and public beheading?@afghanmafia2427 no... we are judging you on your backwards uncivilized barbaric culture and religion@anjemchoudary you and Muslim youth? I knew it! You want a 'bacha bazi'... all you Muslim men are closet fags@anjemchoudary riiight... cause that psychotic wack job Baghdadi is all about freedom and liberty@__Nikkiiii__ seriously... lol... does Chippa have an alibi?@__Nikkiiii__ what the fuck????? Thats insane!!! Staying away from the woods when you're alone should be rule #1 for pretty women@__Nikkiiii__ what are you ok from?Wound up behind a Ferrari 456 GT :) http://t.co/Bey7gxOvHe@anjemchoudary @AbuSaalihah well... he hasn't started beheadings or crucifixions yet has he?@AbuSaalihah you seriously promoted the beheading of a defenseless 82 yr old woman? You are a serious backwards ass evil uncivilized doucheCan We Guess How Old You Were You Lost Your Virginity? http://t.co/3Ja1n0CCRU
Retweeted by meHow Kinky Are You? http://t.co/lFENC6JsmL
Retweeted by me@businessinsider wonder how many millions of dollars this lil jaunt to cross this off his bucket list cost the american tax payers
@__Nikkiiii__ so enjoy cuddling with your pillow.... lol... you've relegated me to looking at dead raccoon's between bitches legs :P@__Nikkiiii__ she was actually cute and then showed her vag and i was all "OMG!!! WHAT IS THAT??? "@__Nikkiiii__ 2nd i think... lol... luckily for me i haven't eaten yet@__Nikkiiii__ on mfc while i watch the game... lol... i just saw a vagina that looked like it was hit by a car & was road kill
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