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Fixed income PM, former Equity Analyst, CFA, and Chicago sports fan. Contributor for CFA's Inside Investing blog. http://t.co/IRXXkzI1el

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@debrink @volatilitysmile true story, the town I live in just built a cricket field due to overwhelming demand (no joke)@jmfreeland yes - @mbusigin has a pretty good model@debrink @volatilitysmile I realize the World Cup is probably by far the most popular in the world@georgepearkes I merely gave my opinion!@LongShortTrader hey, don't underestimate the moat of apparel made from eucalyptus!Yogawear co made in NYC from biodegradable eucalyptus raises $8mil series B round. #2015tweets http://t.co/tprlWanHGk@volatilitysmile @debrink if it's taken this long you must be able to tolerate me ok!!@debrink I never said what's more popular, I gave my own opinion. Also, 3bil don't watch the NCAA tourney so many have never even seen it.@debrink I'm aware, but it remains my opinion@NoSleepCapital classy@NoSleepCapital I'm hoping chicago trades down@topaperpour @zatapatique hey, I don't expect everyone to agree@IvanTheK I think they'd appear much more mediocre in a power conference@BrattleStCap I'm not a southerner@davealevine @nicolatheron @jake_f @Nonrelatedsense they *can* but it's often not worth it given the bid/ask on odd lot piecesBest sporting event in the world - seems like every game reinforces it@IvanTheK can't bear to watch the game we would've been playing in@DavidHaugh the good old play it safe pick@DavidHaugh to be fair, wasn't it considered a big loss when he left?@MohamedAlrakaf you're welcome! Thanks for the kind words!@MohamedAlrakaf hotel honegg in SwitzerlandNeed a vacation here! http://t.co/lxkPJShChT@_the_goose you always have such interesting insight!@17thStCap I personally don't have to worry about outflows in what I manage but the subject is still interesting & relevant to me@17thStCap talking about systemic liquidity issues very diff than a given person's focus & strategy@17thStCap I think it's more about the functioning of markets & what regulations, yield chase environment & ETF/MF flows have created@DavidSchawel only USTs and global/benchmark agencies will fetch a bid. “Liquidity” is for rallies.
Retweeted by David Schawel@Bond_Sale odd lots?@LadyFOHF never had an issueReally the only things I'd have faith I could sell at recent marks would be USTs, Agy Debt, and TBA mortgages@IvanTheK Was just commenting & agreeing after reading Marks' piece on liquidity@dougtee don't disagree, just using it as an exampleSo I don't think the fears about FI liquidity are overblown at allThis isn't CLO, lev loans, non-agy, or some esoteric ABS bond- it was a large state GO bond & bids weren't even in ballpark to considerDuring taper tantrum I put out a AAA muni (NY/MA/CA GO) for bid & had major desks pass and a few bid to yield levels 0.25% behind marks@Nemo_Incognito @groditi I envision some crazy accidents...@dimsumyoulose @oknotsomuch well, you're not a Midwesterner like us!@mark_dow @czwalsh Yes, exactly.@oknotsomuch Dad (played baseball at UW) was happy with the Wisconsin win!@mark_dow because our own lives, work situations, teams we root for, etc are far from perfect?@sspencer_smb yeah we can debate degrees of excellence but even getting to this point is remarkable@oknotsomuch I agree - very good pointsIt's fun to watch excellence - and this year's Kentucky team is no different. Why do people naturally root against these kind of teams?@ShortSightedCap so what are stocks shunned today because of short term concerns?
@TonyFratto they are a likable team imoWhat an amazing game@HFMLarryBird Huh, had no clue you liked Pinot....@LorcanRK latter, but former seems to be quite extended tooBrazilian bonds the cheapest out there on a real basis? http://t.co/EwLRB8dG6N@Nonrelatedsense @NicoleLapin I'm not sure@Nonrelatedsense @NicoleLapin rather be poorandskinny or richandfat?@NicoleLapin depends on my age@CostanzaEffect @DividendMaster yeah I'm worried they'll come down on NSM too. Stock is cheap but regulatory risk very very high“@PlanMaestro: 2. American Cities ~ and the pursue of happiness http://t.co/tn7yB12YaF” // Follow up to the weather tweet @conorsen@Copernicus2013 sure doesn't look good@georgepearkes I didn't see the url but the article used spouse and he/sheEx-girlfriend of #Germanwings co-pilot says he told her he would to something to "make everyone remember" him. http://t.co/E7VR8MRrGh
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@MacroHedge have a vodka already my man!@BuysideLS what do you have against BOFI? Which part do you think is risky? Funding or assets?@MattVATech fun while it lasted@MattVATech ugh@CapCube Yep@IvanTheK fell apart at the end, but a good season@joshcashwell they need to pick it up - Barber hasn't even scored@Mr_Minderbinder hoping for best!@jvposter You want me to say they're going win & then have a huge crash to earth in a few hours - not falling for this bs reverse psych!!@jvposter as a NC State fan i have to assume the worst & be pleasantly surprised if something good happensHope #NCState wins but having low expectations. Friends trying to bait me before tipoff! http://t.co/44D9qzkPi9@TheStalwart good philosophy@TheStalwart really, that much? Do you speak up when a bill or receipt is 5% off or let those go too?Yellen says she's surprised there hasn't been more demand for physical cash in Europe in light of negative interest rates.
Retweeted by David SchawelPlease get well soon dear people and dear city❤️.... #nycfire #NYC http://t.co/XkF89kI5Bo
Retweeted by David SchawelLook at the footnotes: Yellen suggests the equilibrium real rate of interest is currently zero, which is why they will go slow
Retweeted by David Schawel@georgepearkes you're free to have your own interpretation@georgepearkes considering many largely reject it altogether I think it's huge she devotes a whole section to itAs much as she says it's data dependent - the undertones tell that the decision will be largely subjectiveYellen also joining team #secularstagnation - interestingYellen seems to really be downplaying wage growth@julieverhage moving & mom now must wait@IvanTheK @CNBCnow huh...@TheStalwart don't mess with Texas?@JasmineM___ pretty interesting@BarbarianCap stop it, onion?@LadyFOHF @IvanTheK what do you have against the letter z?@Nonrelatedsense so 1.9% for the first 10y, then 4.9% for the next 20y I guess@Nonrelatedsense @awealthofcs how does a 10y UST give you 3.9% with inflation?
@JohnDarsie Yep it's just a game. As much as I kid around, it's all in fun@adoxen I don't know - I'm nervous. I might not watch it to be honest@adoxen and they'll still have more teams in elite 8@joshcashwell yeah but it's the sweet 16Early #FF for @raelgorelick who is one of the sharpest minds on housing & mortgages that I've met@CrosbyVenture dollar up about 10% in total.... So doesn't explain it reallyKentucky making West Virginia look like a high school team@JohnDarsie can't be disappointed with that effort- I thought they played really wellTarheels played a great game but hats off to #Wisconsin on a hard fought winThis #UNCvsWIS matchup is a real ballgame"Despite its well-publicized problems, Pakistan’s stock market rose 31% in 2014, 35% in 2013 and 34% in 2012."@MacroHedge @naufalsanaullah maybe they knew it wouldn't impact inflation & just wanted an equity bump@Jesse_Livermore rates are down since the launch- no reason for any bond fund to be flat since then@kyles09 aren't the returns released to the public?