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Columnist, commenter. A liberal until 18, then saw the light because I felt the heat. Write for IrishCentral & others. On the radio and guest of Fox News

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@EduardoBaz I think you are all wrong so let's leave it at that@EduardoBaz you have a warped view of what many Americans think@EDinCali Why is this the ONLY person besides Oliar to have a problem with quarantine? Another distraction and way to divide.
Retweeted by Ed @ladyg61 @JoeWMiller He is the wealthiest member of congress?Nothing But Crazy-NBC Hails Obama for ‘Hitting Back’ in ‘Fight over Quarantines’ for Ebola Workers https://t.co/BaRIEPqqAKControl our borders/boarders!-Paul Ryan: If GOP Is in Power, We Will Block Obama’s Attempt at Amnesty https://t.co/4LDqTcghgHThen let God sort them out-Sen. Saxby Chambliss: Killing ISIS Is the ‘Only Option’ https://t.co/J5xb6f5GyLMakes light of utter vote fraud-Obama at Mary Burke Event: ‘You Can Only Vote Once; This Isn’t Chicago’ https://t.co/U1V7zr52rHCommerce Secretary Fact-Checks Hillary: ‘The Private Sector Creates Jobs’ https://t.co/fbk3dUoNGPWTH? But obama says not health care workes?Hagel Orders 21-Day Quarantine for Military Returning from Africa https://t.co/gyDXkUcupMYes lets mooooove on....Please :)-Hagan Unapologetic for Telling People They Could Keep Their Health Plans https://t.co/iRJeRkaRk1Letterman on Ebola Scare: Guy in Subway Groped Me with Oven Mitt https://t.co/ZQKGxK12EL@michaeljames86 @JoeWMiller Trying to win majorities@EDinCali @JoeWMiller Kerry and Obama - childish failures - are attacking a grownup...a statesman?
Retweeted by Ed @LOVEINE @JoeWMiller lib idiot=dem superstarBut we can ignore islamc terrorism-Obama on Ebola Fight: US Can’t Seal Itself Off http://t.co/ce9Rq8ZOLn via @joewmillerobamas stupid/dangerous rules of engagement-92% of Marine Casualties in Afghan Occurred Under Obama http://t.co/EJ3Etmlxrr via @joewmillerDems tainting our elections-Democrats Accused Of Posing As Republican Election Judges In Colorado http://t.co/U7MUeY2kbb via @joewmillerLetting his freak flag fly! Dem Proud Allen Grayson’s Wife, Kids Now On Government Assistance http://t.co/6JhpMgsQCh via @joewmillerWhat happens when you give the left power-Dad Banned From School After Complaints About Daughter’s Islam Homework http://t.co/ny2Zawzi98Israel and American Jews should wake up...The only support they have is from the right and ChristiansFrom Obama/Kerry/American far left-Netanyahu Responds to U.S.: I Am Under Attack for Defending Israel http://t.co/lFlvJgQav0 via @joewmillerDoes this guy have any respect anywhere in the world?Kerry: Extremism Exploits a ‘Beautiful Religion’ http://t.co/j4NmjQ8fGy via @joewmillerBorder Patrol Agents Beg for Publics Help, Afraid of Obama’s Order for Millions of Blank Work Permits http://t.co/FhrIJUYag2 via @joewmillerWhat a horror show must be occurring in isil controlled areas in Syria/Iraq..unfettered jihadism/genocide on paradeAll we are saying, is give peace a chance-New York Woman Beheaded, Body Dragged Into The Street http://t.co/gkxH4yZS9d via @po_stWhen you vote this November ask yourself this: Are you more likely to get beheaded or infected than you were 6 years ago?Not all leakers are equal- The most corrupt/venal Eric Holder To Ferguson Leakers: ‘Shut Up’ [VIDEO] http://t.co/QEWa7AkVU3 via @dailycallerObama Admin Expresses Condolences to Terrorist's Family – Won’t Call Him a Terrorist http://t.co/1vXJlaQEh3 via @po_stWhy there is a monstrosity called Sen franken-Latest Reason to Oppose Amnesty? Voter Fraud http://t.co/TaI4vS0Bkf @DailySignal
@EduardoBaz with proper documentation and checking in with your border federales Most Americans are welcome to visit Mexico, the go home@Daggy1 YES!!!!@Daggy1 I love the smell of dashed dem utopian hopes in the morning@EDinCali Now here's a woman who needs to be shown "out the door."
Retweeted by Ed @Daggy1 I feel the same towards you my friendDem Proud, Serial Prevaricator, Plagiarist Joe Biden Fuels 2016 Speculation: ‘Put Me in, Coach; I’m Ready To Play’ https://t.co/Fl24Tp4kCNROFLOL!!!!-Kill them all/let god sort them out-Captured ISIS Militants: Islamic State Drugged/Brainwashed/Lied to Us https://t.co/4DuLuaZ1mv@EDinCali @Po_st Rules are for the little people. Don't apply to the self entitled ruling class...
Retweeted by Ed Bingo!!!!!-‘Free Beacon’ Montage: Democrats Are ‘Economic Illiterates’ https://t.co/1UHRv60Yu4Letting her freak flag fly, Dem Proud Elizbeth Warren Confuses N.H. with Vermont While Stumping for Shaheen https://t.co/0dtelRdnOEBefore the rooster crowed-Stewart to Dems Denying Obama: You’re Acting Like They Found Your Porn https://t.co/fWS1e3qbBG@harleytales @Baz_Mattaz @EdFeulner @DailySignal @Gyro1949 Liberalism is a mental disorderAll we are saying, is give peace a chance-Police say NY Man Beheads Woman Before Jumping in Front of Train http://t.co/5g81qTjaJ2Protected behavior under the "obama amendment"-Second Parent: My Child Got Nation of Islam Paper, Too http://t.co/oMOy6MPFFQ via @joewmillerPro-GOP Chicago Pastor Gets Death Threats, Church Collection Box Robbed http://t.co/CPTA8CGAR7 via @joewmillerReport: 71 Percent of NH Job Growth Since 2000 Has Gone to Immigrants Over Americans http://t.co/9vnTBAyqus via @joewmillerObamacare Cancellations are Really Just “Invitations” to Get Better Plans http://t.co/IuhnHrWCyE via @joewmillerExplosive Allegations Of New Obama Admin Scandal- "Worse Than Anything Nixon Ever Did" http://t.co/YrrobL5GTk via @po_stCorrupt democrats and Union power on the ballot http://t.co/DiVsr4QSo2 via @POLITICOQuarantined Nurse Kaci Hickox Misled Public - Works for CDC – Her Atty is WH Visitor & Tied to Al Sharpton http://t.co/3lbZseXGpv via @po_stWhy Romney Calls Obama’s Plan for Illegal Immigrants ‘Shameful’ http://t.co/XWzihijAjp via @kelseyjharkness @DailySignalDem Hypocrite Diane Feinstein Wants Us Victims of ISIS Lone Wolf Terrorists by Opposing Second Amendment http://t.co/7u74UJfmHLShe didnt build that!-Does Hillary Clinton Hate Business? http://t.co/LFnP4iRjea via @StephenMoore @DailySignal@rhymeywords @JoeWMiller Just win baby@GeriatricPsych Perhaps Hulk Hogan should pitch a few innings
@EDinCali If she did not support Obama she would have said she did not. Democrats, she thinks you are stupid; are you?
Retweeted by Ed @EDinCali @LeeannWright4 @EdFeulner @DailySignal ---We know exactly why its a problem here. Need to go back to paper ballots also
Retweeted by Ed A dig at carpetbagger hillary? Elizabeth Warren Rips Scott Brown over Ditching Massachusetts for New Hampshire https://t.co/xKvWYPmE76Of course-Bo Dietl: Political Correctness Is Harming Our Ability To Track Down Lone Wolves https://t.co/qq8afa1YP2Keane: Relationship Between Obama and Pentagon the ‘Most Distant We Have Had’ https://t.co/zVhx8tSb8U@JamesDArcherJr @JoeWMiller They are in the artificial bubble the left has createdThe minimum wage is not supposed to be a living wage it's an incentive to better yourself..raising it is like lowering the temp of hellLimbaugh: Republicans Ought to Quarantine Chris Christie https://t.co/ncTU4MGsZaThis lying dog can bite the hand that feeds him-Biden on Obama Recovery: ‘The Middle Class Has Been Left Behind’ https://t.co/Ghm8yHSW6KGiants vs RoilsBut like cattle, sometimes they stampede and trample the rich effetete-Buffett: ‘People Like To Be Led’ https://t.co/WI1NPkLgguJV Obama Admin.: Palestinians Who Throw Molotov Cocktails at Israelis Are Not Terrorists https://t.co/vhYC6CQVBL@JamesDArcherJr @JoeWMiller I would think they're the proud/cool ones that still have their obama bumper stickers on like in the sf bay areaDont listen to what she says, look at her voting record-Landrieu Won’t Say If She’d Support Reid If Elected as Sen https://t.co/S9tMkclUeaDoes anyone find his pc snark funny?-Colbert: Quarantined Nurse Has No Right To Endanger People Unless It’s w/a Gun https://t.co/qJh268P7AJ@Katelmo I think that religion does not like dogs in the normal wayWho are the 26%?-CNN Poll: 74% of Voters ‘Dissatisfied’ http://t.co/wTV6ptU2tR via @joewmillerNOT a religion of "peace"-Rev. Graham: Obama’s Wrong, Islam ‘Is a False Religion’ http://t.co/Z0CtVbVM8M via @joewmiller@ookiee @Po_st They're carpetbaggers...home is wherever the entitlement train stopsDem chickens coming back-Sheriff Joe: 36% of Criminals Turned Over to ICE ‘Keep Coming Back’ http://t.co/KMEJjpJuQ4 via @joewmillerMore of the religion of "peace"-Naked Man Accused Of Raping Pit Bull In Neighbor’s Yard, Says ISIS Sent Him http://t.co/hMthqwOL9ZAnother ‘Calibration Issue’ Pops Up On Maryland Voting Machines http://t.co/GhVBXifBgE via @joewmiller@EDinCali @EdFeulner @DailySignal it isn't in MEXICO
Retweeted by Ed @EDinCali @EdFeulner @DailySignal yes, it should. http://t.co/SKawp8QheV
Retweeted by Ed Totalitarian state under obama/holder-Sharyl Attkisson Ex-CBS Reporter:Govt Agency Bugged My Computer http://t.co/kXnYaz13P0 via @joewmiller@Wombat32 Sounds like dianne is pro carpetbaggerWell N Korea just got miniaturized nukes to fit on missiles...When will Iran pop off their 1st nuke..Thanks Obama/Hillary@EDinCali @politico People like min wage bc they think they will get more for less, typical Dem-Progressive theory. Uninformed voters =WMD.
Retweeted by Ed Another Obama/Hillary accomplishment-US General: North Korea Now Has Nuclear Warheads for Missiles http://t.co/z5vaPJT5Df @DailySignalShowing ID When Voting Should Be One of the Least Controversial Policies in the World http://t.co/KJ7qH1DeaZ via @EdFeulner @DailySignalYou didn't build that!-O’Malley to jump into presidential race against Hillary Clinton http://t.co/l3sRAThlpKDianne Feinstein Is Flattered If Michelle Obama Runs For Her Senate http://t.co/VuMwFi4668 via @po_stNancy is in a fundraising frenzy-House Dems fret debilitating losses http://t.co/RpEett73xR via @POLITICOBecause electorate does not understand economics/capitalism-Why Dems are winning on minimum wage http://t.co/UYGaU1vxPh via @POLITICO
Why aren't there riots over this RT @EDinCali: Crossed our porous border - Man Who Killed 2 Deputies Was Deported 2x http://t.co/fsXDGoYR58
Retweeted by Ed @Cameron_Gray @EDinCali or...... because executive action might be THAT much more difficult of this was being covered and reacted to?
Retweeted by Ed Finally a lefty says the obvious-Maher: Michael Brown ‘Was Not a Gentle Giant,’ ‘He Was Acting Like a Thug’ https://t.co/c8np7lPrX9Embraces lib carpetbaggers-Feinstein: ‘Flattered’ Michelle Obama Might Consider Running for My Senate Seat https://t.co/IaoI1wSK4kWorks on the severely stupid-Crowley: Dems’ Message Seems To Be, ISIS Is Scary, But Republicans Are Scarier https://t.co/azLl8H16ZhSerial liar Wasserman Schultz Ducks on Whether Obama’s Policies Are on Ballot in November https://t.co/hRH9Ng9EzZYou're getting there Kirsten-Kirsten Powers: I’ve Given Up Trying To Explain Why Obama Does What He Does https://t.co/z4USnFOaiPBut no one in msm is interested-Woodward: If I Were Young, I’d Investigate IRS Scandal Like Watergate https://t.co/tueJKHDGdhDid a bad job before Giants vs Roils game-Staind Lead Singer Messes Up World Series National Anthem https://t.co/6917YigalBAnybody notice harry reid out campaigning for embattled dem senators?Professional courtesy-Charlie Crist Refuses To Return Strip Club Cash https://t.co/ePI4kplMey
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