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Good Grief. Don't follow me. I'm lost too. On the plus side I'm not using Twitter to peddle anything

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@Boothacus http://t.co/AGUoXo4xt8@juliehelenbowle Fab@TwoPaddocks It's not art unless you are wearing a pith helmet@eliistender10 @DebbJay Goes with one of these http://t.co/hu17PPLNQ0@juliehelenbowle Hi how are you?
Murray Crushes Tsonga in 3. Quarters against Djokovic. SuperbI wonder. Does Falco to MUFC put Rooney on notice?@DebbJay What is "Autocorrect"?@DebbJay Nah.1 day on the news someone will say of me "Such a polite, quiet boy..." during a bulletin on me beating people with a dictionary@DebbJay See... My answer to that would be "Friends...?"@DebbJay Because you naturally trust your friends@DebbJay Can't trust writers at all. They make stuff up all the time, you know?@DebbJay To a point, but that's a bit like thinking Shakespeare was an accurate historianDisgusted by UK State behaviour re Ashya King's family who exercised CHOICE by taking their child to what they considered better treatment@DebbJay It's that old joke "But you have to go. You're the headmaster!"@DebbJay @play_buzz Yeah, but give me the history of the Greeks, Romans, Persians, Egyptions, Mesopotamians, Nihonjin... Just... oh...@DebbJay @play_buzz "Do you like history or the arts?" Well... Both equally for different reasons... I know it's a bit of fun but...@DebbJay @play_buzz "First off: Are you a lover or a fighter?" Well... Both.@DebbJay @play_buzz Before I've taken it.... Titus Andronicus...Reading tweets re Jennifer Lawrence this AM & Kirsty Gallagher now... Being a woman in public eye... ugh. Genuinely ashamed for my genderExciting news from Scottish transfers: Not a penny spent. Gotta love our Northern brethren's consistency!Exciting transfers. But the question you have to ask RE: MUFC is why these players weren't signed last year when they were really needed...?@KillSwitch2 An unkind person might suggest that to be a viable proposition irrespective of the size or quality of your breasts.@AutoTroller o you understand the point I just made or are yo picking a fight in an attempt to look cool and PC. Moron.Further note re Jennifer Lawrence: People. Keep your private photos off your phone and out of any cloud storage or online service. Be smart.Slightly baffled by the furore over Jennifer Lawrence's photos. They are breasts, people. Most women and a few men have them. Grow up FFS.Watching the discussion on BBCNews re Ashya King. Misses the point. It's up to his parents alone what course of treatment is taken & where.please help #savetheBees an #infographic on what to plant :) save the Bees. save your species. http://t.co/DlUcjd8bYz
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@Boothacus http://t.co/yBd4LfV4idI'm fundraising for @manechance on @JustGiving. Please #sponsorme & RT http://t.co/hTd8FiGonV
Retweeted by Ebenwolfe@Claire_A @EPfestival ost of the time the body sorts itself out eventually, but it can take time & is no fun while it does@Claire_A @EPfestival feel better@witchesvictim searching for catnip porn http://t.co/tvR6zB7jUINote to Arsene Wenger: Leicester... There comes a point where even you have to draw some obvious conclusions...I genuinely hope Javier Hernández gets opportunities at RM never properly afforded at MUFC.A quality & likeable player who deserves well@Boothacus Just goes to show. Speak confidently & people will believe any old toot.@Boothacus @witchesvictim @bruce_bwkm http://t.co/QT9CG4VTIa@Boothacus Oh God no! I'm groping blindly in the dark like everyone else@Boothacus Always best to say it with cake http://t.co/RNOviROHLw@Boothacus I was never that 20Note to BBC News: Irony is only interviewing Asian people about how multicultural the London Mela is...@Boothacus Was there a little event with a certificate? And cake?If everyone's rushed out to buy powerful vacuum cleaners & will all be free to use them ad nauseum, what's the point of the EU ban?Computer dating. Or as your grandparents called it, school/church socials and arranged marriages.Horse dances to Shakira http://t.co/DO9Kbecnrz <Love the horse, but please note BBC: It's not Shakira, it's an idiot with a Casio keyboardA little sad Shinji Kagawa didn't flourish at MUFC. Class player & nice lad. Similar in those respects to Forlan. MUFC not for everyone@RuthMckay1 @DebbJay @terrychristian All I remember about The Word was the prophetic segment entitled "I'll Do Anything To Get On TV"Will Self calling George Orwell a literary mediocrity is like Katie Price calling Christy Turlington a minger@ReverseWineSnob @DebbJay @alawine You forgot one http://t.co/zzYPs4W4i9@MistLibrarian He looked & sounded clinically depressed. His friends should go over with a bottle & let him pour out his troubles.@Grunge_Girl7 He doesn't seem to be having much funBBC News - Squeaker Bercow to face MPs over Commons clerk row http://t.co/Dir7PrOOAR <When will this odious lickspittle be fired?Bruce Willis in his promo interview for Sin City 2 looks & sounds like he's grieving the death of a family member.Note to self: Reading football trends on Twitter invites a grammatically induced nervous breakdownWhy do spies & hitmen in US films/TV shows always drive big black SUVs? Wouldn't someone working in secret drive a nondescript beige Volvo?Why don't Govt's "obesity taskforce" start with Westminster & have the greedy, bloated, oversubsidsed trough huggers lead by example?The sensible option with known Jihadists is not to prevent their leaving to fight. but to remove citizenship & deny return if they survive@_youhadonejob @DebbJay http://t.co/T5e4USHeRnWho said intelligent conversation between denominations was impossible...? http://t.co/J52RxvgpIpYMCA is so much harder in Korean http://t.co/evvXl9LrZLThe funny thing about so many working oh-so-hard to stand out is that the cacophony of the world increases but no one stands out at allHere's an idea that's as powerful today as it was in 1905. End #CitizensUnited http://t.co/WkGgf6fmg1
Retweeted by EbenwolfeBreaking: UK Govt to send fact finding delegation to Islamabad to study communication with electorate. "Lessons will be learned" Govt said@CalBeach This is the outfall of your retreating hurricanes@BrigetteSeppa @CalBeach @SamanthaJaneS @MistLibrarian @bonniebell @Sadiesniece It's 1:30am blustery and coldMy neighbour has clearly never seen 70s Swedish porn.She asked me to fix the leak under her bath & after 3 hours I'm still under her bath...@driverminnie @kath_bach It seems crazy,but we are all often compelled to grow&fetch ridiculous sticks for the people who capture our souls@SamanthaJaneS @bonniebell @Sadiesniece @MistLibrarian @luvparis @BrigetteSeppa @CalBeach @angiemoshonas @MagentaGurl Grazie mille, Bella x@Claire_A @smajury Strong artist. Nice control. Fine eye.@smajury Always wondered why Watership Down is considered a kids' film. Change rabbits to humans. Now set it in Middle East/Africa/Russia...
@Boothacus Must resist.... Must... RESIST....@Boothacus There is a town in Essex called FingringhoeMy father-in-law works for Book Aid. They're trying to win a grant to help their bloody amazing work. Please help! https://t.co/ncrAwiCOUX
Retweeted by Ebenwolfehttp://t.co/9BTVFAOyEL #ALSIceBucketChallenge
Retweeted by Ebenwolfe@driverminnie The most impressive thing about that tweet is the complete lack of comment. Machiavellian.@smajury @Claire_A Sudden urge to sing "Bright Eyes". I feel a little ashamed...Two new hares #hares #wildlife #countryliving #art #painting #irish http://t.co/kVcMZGaDZF
Retweeted by Ebenwolfe@CalBeach @MeekoDev @bonniebell @SamanthaJaneS Many thank indeed. Immensely kind of you to think of me
@albertarabbit This is a whole other discussion & not the point I was making@twitchingphil If you think about it "hand timing" is probably right...@albertarabbit But Govts don't use the threat of corporate terrorism to spy on us & deny us free movement & speechWatching Jahangir Akhtar on BBC News stating parents of abused Rotherham kids bear responsibility turned my stomach. Disgusting weasel.Threat Level: Being jacked up to rush through new draconian powers & to distract us from seeing Tory/Labour rat MPs deserting sinking shipsTerror threats are awful, but far worse is handing these thugs victory by removing rights & freedoms from our people "for their protection""Don't look. And don't judge me." http://t.co/o18xH2I3D9@DebbJay @ennoia3 @Helna_Handbskt @shineonangel Siberian prison jumpsuit.@DebbJay @ennoia3 @Helna_Handbskt @shineonangel Oh... It gets better. http://t.co/DUr6vXMohQ@ennoia3 @DebbJay @Helna_Handbskt @shineonangel A gift like that really is a full measure of how hated one is.@ArmChairCriticc Doubt it. He's happy at Everton, responding to Martinez [who clearly respects him] & knows Mourinho will buy 1or2 strikers@DebbJay You have "work free weekends"? COR!!!@MaSenn_ Bread and circuses...The thing I don't understand about razor ads is How much closer can they get before they start taking off actual skin?@MaSenn_ A Goyt shouting terror is like firing a gun next to a flock of sheep. You could run away with the farmhouse & they'd never notice.@Ebenwolfe exactly what I was thinking. Or a distraction from defecting MPs. Such a crock of shit,
Retweeted by Ebenwolfe@MaSenn_ spot on too. "Terrorism" is the catch all smokescreen for everything from taking away our freedoms to hiding their own screw-upsBBC News -Theresa May:UK terrorist threat level raised to 'severe' http://t.co/Y69HTItowL <And...Cue more surveillance & curtailed freedoms.When a home secretary like Theresa May announces a terrorist attack is "likely" it's usually the precursor to a rushing in of "new powers"I would never use a chat up line like "Little Pig, little pig, Let me come in."I can't be sure about the hair on her chinny chin chin though@TheMichaelMoran @Boothacus The love that dare not speak its name@ZR13CRZed @driverminnie Oh... No. But on the plus side, Bush is now firmly locked away with a box of crayons and a big pad of sugar paper
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