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Guy trying to make you smile. Just a fingerpainting trying to become a masterpiece.

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@AdamWingard Some chuckles in our screen at The Guest tonight when Anna's long socks are first seen. True fans?@ianloring @movie_mad I was.@movie_mad Arrow. I believe so, we can party hardy .@movie_mad Catch you after at all? Been a long while.I hope all America is watching the FXX Simpsons all 552 ep marathon.@bdgrabinski This is a sad news report.THE SIMPSONS is cropped and stretched. Bummer.
Retweeted by Andrew Jones@jamesmoran Barely in and I got in your way twice, will avoid you the weekend as penance.Loglined an idea to someone today and got a better reaction than I ever could have imagined.Shall work hard to make this everyine's reaction@movie_mad You around at Frightfest?Stopped by earlier to help set some stuff up, now time to experience my first FrightFest opening night.The SNL book “Live from New York” is getting a 200-page update to include everything post-2003. Here’s a taste: http://t.co/fBuLPW0BNk
Retweeted by Andrew JonesHas there been a Kill List steelbook with the chalk image as the artwork yet? @StudioCanalUK?Batch uploading to youtube without internet, fun!@chrisblohm A sad day for PETA's horror division.@Cinemartyn "I'm here for a crappy procedural drama but also for a crappy Michael Bay produced movie on the side"@brucemadelost For money I must be strong.@unklerupert *Curb Theme Tune*Dead cat on the path this morning. Upsetting way to start your day.So Chris Pratt's gonna be wearing his Star Lord costume through every ep of Parks this season, right? Refusing to take it off?@ChrisHewitt Yes, only now you are sweating, never before and never again. Enjoy the skies. Keep watching them. Fight the truth out there.
@EoinMason One guy with a giant moustache named "Melvin Freige"@DougBenson @scottEweinberg Seems to do that without anyone's assistance too.Rodriguez: "Shit, the Hateful Eight trailer leaked? What else can we do to sucker people into seeing Sin City?"
Retweeted by Andrew JonesIf they shot in 1.85 like the first it might have compensated but in 2.40 so much seems to go out of frame in every fight.Just re-watched The Raid 2 with no DCP cock-ups on blu ray. What a dull film.The jittery camera during fights destroys gorgeous choreographyHere's the NEVER BEFORE SEEN Rodney Waber BONUS CLIP from @ComedyBangBang w/ America's sweetheart @AnnaKendrick47- https://t.co/X1mcKdZjcI
Retweeted by Andrew Jones@cameronesposito Nailed it, trademark it.@SomersetHouse Or just use @TaikaWaititi?@brucemadelost @DavidBedwell Mmmmmmmmmmm."Busted! Disgusted! Never to be trusted!" Jack and Jill is #NowOnNetflix http://t.co/8I8rR7eelG
Retweeted by Andrew Jones@awarmann No, no, no and yes very much.@awarmann Fun, silly, cracking, solid, enjoyable. They all work.@adlow76 And it'll go back there after release.@JoeCunningham14 NOTHING HAPPENED IN FIFTY MINUTES AND I FELT DEPRESSED FOR MY FAVE PEEPS.@JoeCunningham14 I WASTED FIFTY MINUTES WATCHING ON SKY AS I WAS PSYCHED TO FINALLY SEE IT.@JoeCunningham14 REALLY DISAPPOINTING MOVIE WITH STARRY CAST AND NOT AN OUNCE OF PLOT OR CHARACTER ALERT!@awarmann At least you saw a good film last night.You can also find a link to buy @THEWOMANMOVIE Steelbook Blu on our home page, http://t.co/N9Mg3O4O1n http://t.co/zzSn50rfwF
Retweeted by Andrew Jones@Mike_P_Williams @RobGirvan It's what we do.@Mike_P_Williams @RobGirvan Some people work as distributors and film critics.@FrankieDaWriter I Think Therefore You Laugh is playing at the Fringe. The Chelmsford Fringe.@FrankieDaWriter I had a deer friend once. It was a very emotional hunting season.@jamieandaston Bingo bango bongo.@Oog What's that one guy drinking? Tea? Coffee? Extreme hyper sports drink?@jamieandaston Very much going to do that. Maybe it's a move to say "Hey, we may be a YA adaptation, but we're also close to a 15, boys""@joblocom The Top Ten Hottest Graphic Novel Movie Babes http://t.co/qqXuVn1f7m" Nice work there.@themattmcd Oh yes, I realised this week the first and finally is for the roundup of headlines, but it throws me.@ThePCCLondon Is the answer to that question "To make disappointing movies with at least 90 minutes of pure exposition."?Dear @moshekasher Have you ever done motion capture for a motion picture, Moshe Kasher?We need some joy in our days, here's 95 minutes of goofy Hollywood satire: http://t.co/u8nAjQDnGv@TomLinay Thanks. They are very similar. Will Poulter will one day grow up to obsess over Human Centipeding.@TomLinay It sounded loud in the screen next door last night, just turn that 7.1 into 2.0 -12db.@TomLinay Human Centipede 2 got an 18 after all that stuff about threat throughout and the general idea. Just drop the sound mix a bit.“@BBFC: THE MAZE RUNNER (15) strong threat http://t.co/IQOmPIsg0h” Ballsy not to sort that out in the edit. Look for cuts soon.@TomLinay No doubt.Catch Light Relief live on http://t.co/1XgyUMkjq4 tonight Wednesday at 10pm!
Retweeted by Andrew Jones@movie_mad Dull and badly written.Taika Watiti's newest film premieres in London tonight. Wish I could go. Eagle Vs. Shark is a true wonder.@RedCarpetNewsTV I want to go to there.This http://t.co/3u7ispC8hN
Retweeted by Andrew JonesYou spend months trying to get junket stuff, then the day before you get told about it, and you're already busy. Journalism?How are we still doing pilots with voice over all over the shop? Show not tell seems to skip over sitcom pilots.@Filmaluation He can be very creepy when he's not full on. Like a serial killer who kills serial killers. Texter.@FilmDivider They also did that a few months back when it quietly pushed into a few cinemas nationwide. Very hidden.@Editmonster I hate the way networks deal with everything. No risking until something breaks through, then they follow that risky premise.@Editmonster Because you just know they'll claim focus groups didn't understand her and wouldn't tune in to that.@Editmonster Eh, she hasn't got much charm with a horrible valley accent. Losing her natural Scottishness takes a lot off.@Filmaluation The scene where Forte and Bruce Dern walk with celery up their butts to win their million was weird.Time for pilot season to hit Hulu. Selfie first. Things we do for the love of TV.@JFGinDigital3D Probably me.@orangewarrior FebWe need joy right now. I present a new, bery silly @LMAMPod http://t.co/u8nAjQDnGv@TheChewDefense Good luck with that. Even for Jarmusch it's a fucking slow film.@jramjee It is the weakest performing film in Kelsey Grammar's summer.@NordlingAICN I still have the teenage hope inside that it might be good.Phil Hartman to Receive Star on Walk of Fame--Let's Celebrate with Some of His Best Moments http://t.co/IP7vcyEs3J
Retweeted by Andrew Jones@jramjee Online 3 weeks before release?@jramjee Also my dialogue is poor and I keep appearing in things which only distracts everybody.@jramjee Nope. Gladiator has moments, less than Kingdom Of Heaven though. Body Of Lies is pretty solid. Prometheus has a good 20 minutes.@jramjee I always loved T more than R. Matchstick Men and Robin Hood aside I'm no Ridley guy.@joshbrunsting It certainly deserves more love and consideration than it gets.a Don Pardo clip show that was assembled for his birthday: http://t.co/gaZdoaaD0f
Retweeted by Andrew Jones@jramjee Start bad then his career will look more impressive as we grow further away.@jramjee I still have Days Of Thunder, Crimson Tide, Spy Game, Revenge & The Hunger left beyond that. Tide I have BD but saving.@DeusExCinema Oh Hurwitz. #KooglerNEWS: Ebola outbreak in Ferguson while Rick Perry smuggly watches Robin Williams movies with Don Pardo. #AntMan
Retweeted by Andrew Jones@jramjee It'son the Tivo already. Don't want to lose it and only want one newone this year.@joshbrunsting The song parody artist?@joshbrunsting That excites me. I dig weird Scott as much as great Scott. Though Domino is quite bizarre.@joshbrunsting Cool reaction. I know other folk are cold on that one.@joshbrunsting As do I.This year I shall also watch an unseen Tony Scott, The Fan, to keep him new to me.For the next 140 minutes I return to Tony Scott's Mexico City. Such a master of tension and extreme visual handiwork.
New episode, new structure, new concepts. Check out how The Denial Spiral becomes a film: http://t.co/Vuprtw9E2E
Retweeted by Andrew JonesIs there a social network for people who can't cope with nightmarish current events? I could use that. Perhaps it could be called 'Bubbl'.
Retweeted by Andrew Jones@philmblog #SomethingIAmAnExpertIn@philmblog #NoYouAreTweetingWhichIsWritingButNotInThatKindOfManner@Laurie_Rose Unless you've lens caps on all week.@KevinLehane Very much.
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