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There's a lot of good PR around, but PLEASE don't be one of those who writes follow up emails before Googling how relevant it is to me. Irks"@ForbesEurope: Windows 10 unveiled: Everything you need to know http://t.co/5P1ACoOIWW @GordonKelly"@gordon_ps @Forbes the technical preview will be launched today. The retail version not until mid 2015.@rwoods716 we weren't taking tablets ;) I find both 7s perfectly good now. Try a restore, both iOS & Android benefit greatly from 1 annually@rwoods716 price to performance they were always impressive. Nexus 5 hit a new level, but 6 is going much further again.@rwoods716 yes, all have been at the forefront. The Nexus 6 will take that to a new level, though will alternate many at 5.9 inches.@rwoods716 @ForbesTech how not?By me "@ForbesTech: Microsoft unveils Windows 10: http://t.co/vsiPl6VPaI (Yes, they're skipping 9.) http://t.co/N0q0ZECB4f"By me for "@Forbes: What you need to know about Windows 10: http://t.co/MnzPjX9cZQ http://t.co/Gr3fBqTSj1" [yes there's NO Windows 9]@AndyFezzik @Forbes yes, incredibly@HugoHuster @Forbes skipped!
Windows 10 Launched: Everything You Need To Know @Forbes http://t.co/ciptqMSsjcNexus 6 Will Be A Massive Phablet. Here's What To Expect @Forbes http://t.co/n17yjNUIQg
@wonky_donky @kathryn_east I do indeed. Is it for one to one lessons? What are the requirements?@Chez_Em the new Moto G http://t.co/L8UYD2g9J7 or for even less, the Moto E http://t.co/3D0zgVj7x5
@brick02408255 less than I do!#FF Most read in Tech this week: @maxrogo @GordonKelly @PaulTassi @Ewan @akosner @erikkain @amitchowdhry @_JayMcgregor @kashhill
Retweeted by Gordon KellyGreat battle! "@Forbes: #FF Most read this week: @maxrogo @GordonKelly @PaulTassi @Ewan @zogblog @_JayMcgregor @susanadamsnyc @jonentine""@ForbesTech: Review: Motorola's Moto G is the best all-around budget smartphone. http://t.co/H4yKxX7GQs http://t.co/xDVMs23VKU"Me for "@ForbesEurope: Motorola Moto G (2014) Review: The best all-round budget smartphone http://t.co/TDmQHd3q7n @GordonKelly" Great phone!My review for @Forbes: 'Motorola Moto G (2014) Review: The Best All-Round Budget Smartphone' http://t.co/L8UYD2g9J7@DineshChand01 yep, just a shame though. Laptop choice is already incredibly weak here. MacBook with Windows fast becoming the best option!
Like sugar cubes - devious "@flashboy: Today I learned that salt is actually a Borg spaceship http://t.co/6I0qJfNKIj http://t.co/yw6fsqNg5z"HAHAHAHAHA @SimonCoopey: Don’t update to iOS 8.0.1! Look what it’s done to my contacts: http://t.co/iJcx1EsV1v
Retweeted by Gordon KellyAs if we needed any more confirmation that new iPads are coming... http://t.co/x6aibq5X4GMy thoughts for "@ForbesEurope: iPhone 'Bendgate' is Apple's mea culpa http://t.co/Jfrla63W1H @GordonKelly"@crash7800 @georgedick I'm a Nexus 5 user so I'd say don't do anything until Google confirms the new Nexus (es?) next month.@georgedick @crash7800 both are significant design flaws. Every company makes them occasionally, but Apple takes a long time to admit them.@georgedick @crash7800 well we enter that rare Internet zone of agreeing to disagree.@crash7800 @georgedick it is an editorial and the headline is a prediction Ian. How hard is that to understand?
@omara341 @Forbes I'd be sceptical as could be claimed abnormal force. Shown to be weaker than other phones/phablets though.Me on #Bendgate for "@Forbes: It's an exciting time for Apple rivals, if they handle it the right way: http://t.co/khiZ7C2gI3"By me for "@Forbes: Should the iPhone 6 Plus come with a warning that it might bend? http://t.co/zadY9ZSwz4"@SeattleUpNorth @Forbes silly billy@SeattleUpNorth @SergeReuter actually completely objective article presenting both sides. But then again sound like you haven't read it.@kurttappe hah!Great article by @GordonKelly on why #bentgate is the result of #Apple taking it too far with its thinness obsession http://t.co/M1iDxMDMfb
Retweeted by Gordon Kelly@crash7800 I mean it is through Apple's own fault. You?iPhone 'Bendgate' Is Apple's Mea Culpa @Forbes http://t.co/nm1V0gPJc2@davidmacdougall haha, iPhones are quite something!@davidmacdougall because it is directly US relevant and problem solving :)@MKBHD @UnboxTherapy now 3m!@robfol yet doesn't break!@davidmacdougall really enjoyed your Forbes campus story. Perfectly site topic :)Bose vs Loewe vs Harman/Kardon vs Geneva Sound – @GordonKelly rounds up a quartet of mid-range Bluetooth speakers http://t.co/RVrAFVJBvg
Retweeted by Gordon Kelly@HCCmag welcome online old post!@NewellDave big comment button on the desktop version or a comment now link on the top of the mobile version. Yes, could be easier though!@AlasDat @Forbes @SwiftKey pleasure. Feel free to ask any questions in future too!@AlasDat @Forbes @SwiftKey yes, it is first one mentioned in that post & limitations vs on Android. Do check the link first before asking ;)@AlasDat @Forbes @SwiftKey few days ago ;) http://t.co/3LaBhGHlzH upgrade problems not primarily keyboard related.Me for "@Forbes: Are you having problems with your iOS 8 update? http://t.co/itKkoEMp0y" - add comments to post for me to present to Apple@NewellDave you seem far from alone in this, sadly. If you can add that comment to my post I'll be pursuing Apple for a response tomorrow.
@mikejjennings could be. It got my business when the Activ Book 9 15in wasn't made available in the UK. S540...HOLY MOLY! Samsung ditches laptop business in Europe... http://t.co/8IbDlBnZCb (if it can't make money, then which PC maker can?)Great article about the Keyboard "iOS 8: The Best Apple Keyboard Replacements" http://t.co/AoZQN8vt3J by @gordonkelly http://t.co/jRTmSi5YTM
Retweeted by Gordon Kelly@TravelAtRandom @Forbes thanks, could you add this onto my post as I'm getting Apple to look into the complaints there.@markwri thanks, could you add this onto my post as I'm getting Apple to look into the complaints there.@marvinling86 thanks, could you add this onto my post as I'm getting Apple to look into the complaints there.@rgoltn thanks, could you add this onto my post as I'm getting Apple to look into the complaints there.@TheRealJoeCox thanks matey@robfol this Watch/Wear UI head to head is fascinating - blind test 2 years ago and I'd have switched labels... http://t.co/DetN4pKBCN
@TheRealJoeCox sheesh. Can you plonk that on the post? I'll get it in front of Apple reps tomorrow@tawandaok1 I'll get Apple representatives to look over comments on the post tomorrow so do write this there, if you don't mind."@Forbes: Are you having battery life or WiFi problems with iOS 8? http://t.co/JVkw6ZHgUN" <-- leave comments on my post to put to Apple@care143 firstname@fullname.com - but do check my column first to make sure it's my beat.@Detroit_Al that'll be Cook's favourite sort term solution :) It's a beast of a handset, enjoy.@Detroit_Al thanks. Don't think you were foolish, you should expect a decent update. Many seemingly having problems so will chase up Apple.@MattyBrennan @ForbesTech hah! :)@MattyBrennan @ForbesTech it does work with Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, MS, Twitter and Yahoo credentials but not a problem. Thanks !@MattyBrennan @ForbesTech hi Matty, could you add this to the article so I can present your problems and others direct to Apple?@evoboost18 @ForbesTech thanks for the info Carlos, if you could post it onto the end of my article in a comment I'll take them all to AppleiOS 8 allows you to have third-party keyboards for your iPhone. Here are the best: http://t.co/8fleSOXjgE http://t.co/lEpWBYV06j
Retweeted by Gordon KellyBy me for "@ForbesTech: Reports are claiming that iOS 8 is causing issues with WiFi and battery life: http://t.co/X616rnbF6f" <-- Escalating@AZdzitowiecki @RoloTechInfo drop any issues into the comments on the article and I'll present it to Apple@nateworm111 @ForbesTech do please add them to the article if you have trouble, I'll compile them for Apple to address.@nicholasgfearn try something like this and you'll be fine http://t.co/7HqqHv6Qwk@BCWehman ps would you mind leaving this comment on the story itself ? Traction helps me to push Apple for a response.@BCWehman @Forbes thanks BC, have you received any feedback from Apple or tried a reset ?iOS 8 Hit By WiFi And Battery Life Problems @Forbes http://t.co/OcHJ4Ogjwq@mdearlove in paragraph 3 ;)By me for "@ForbesEurope: iOS 8: The best apple keyboard replacements http://t.co/I0WrOvVytL @GordonKelly"iOS 8: The Best Apple Keyboard Replacements @Forbes http://t.co/7PpFoWNCVj@tomkelk @ForbesTech won't be doing either (!) but will be curious to see if the reports of this build up.@joshuabaker @oliverwaters interesting, thanks guys. Be curious to see if demand from games pushes the need for more RAM in time. Upgraded?@tumtumtum PS check your LinkedIn messages ;)@tumtumtum @ForbesTech yes many unwarranted superlatives have been thrown around in some reviews. Its excellent but not near the best.@tomkelk @ForbesTech drop tests? Build quality is excellent but can't vouch for major damage. I thought it was very sturdy.My iPhone 6 review for "@ForbesTech: Review: The iPhone 6 is superb despite limited specs. http://t.co/jp3lYlzohf http://t.co/iq21HTUyxE"By me for "@ForbesTech: The iPhone 6 is getting good reviews. But if you have a 5s, is it worth the upgrade? http://t.co/ddoBAJNFpW"
Those #NUFC fans are never happy! MT @The_Pi_Show RT @NUFC_Stats Premier League table since 2 Mar 14 http://t.co/w4UyTPenCY (Via @BBCMOTD)
Retweeted by Gordon Kelly
@MortSchubert let me know how it goes :)@enidinthecity hah, small world! London says hi to Texas *waves*Class act... http://t.co/zS7W9Dvw01@1HowardWalker @HanoiToon too kind. Every dog, etc etc :)@MsiDouglas ...also good to see Cisse revitalised after missing so many Pardew training sessions.@MsiDouglas if it keeps Pardew in a job longer I'm worried the draw was more damaging than a defeat.@HanoiToon no worries, sincerest form of flattery :)@HanoiToon my comment and your own RT! http://t.co/pRgWOY71d1@HanoiToon I recognise that comment from somewhere ;)@dansheridan missed so many Pardew training sessions he's revitalised.
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