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@TaylorandBesty if that was the combination I'd say the outcome of the experiment was a rip roaring success.
This might be the most stupid thing I've ever seen in sports coverage... @skysports #elclasico http://t.co/Uu4W3IHveZ@tuand_NYC seen nothing substantial. Will investigate but not noticed topic in any major forums, so send links if you have them.@tuand_NYC first I've heard of this. Since 8.1?Phablet speed, smaller size "@ForbesTech: Samsung's latest is the world's fastest smartphone: http://t.co/NL4LR018XZ http://t.co/ZqpkNiDnuO"@Mark_Duarte @ForbesTech yes. It is. You're referencing phablets, not smartphones.
This week's most read in Tech: @gordonkelly @amitchowdhry @ewan @paultassi @maxrogo @parmy @erikkain @killyourfm @kashhill @cringely @rmac18
Retweeted by Gordon Kelly*High 5!* "@Forbes: Most popular writers: @GordonKelly @Ewan @susanadamsnyc @amitchowdhry @ddiamond @PaulTassi @maxrogo @erikkain @Clare_OC"This week's most popular writers: @GordonKelly @Ewan @susanadamsnyc @amitchowdhry @ddiamond @PaulTassi @maxrogo @erikkain @Clare_OC #FF
Retweeted by Gordon Kelly"@ForbesEurope: New LG smartphone is a lighter, smaller Nexus 6 http://t.co/kkm3cLNja2 @GordonKelly"@ADalrymple you've always been a cut above ;)@ADalrymple ah. Fair play. That's the fashion:)@ADalrymple well, sort of :)@ADalrymple that's actually the entire point! Didn't read it first, did you :p@maclong94 @ForbesTech 805 is still significantly faster. Next generation CPU and GPU. Clock speeds irrelevant.Clever. Could be huge! "@ehaaramo: Health startup Cosmethics decodes toxic cosmetics http://t.co/M6wIoxsmYq by me for @goodnewsfinland"@maclong94 @ForbesTech sorry, you're wrong. 5.5-inch is the start point for phablets (iPhone 6+ is 5.5in) and G3 has 801 chip, Plus has 805.New LG Smartphone Is A Lighter, Smaller Nexus 6 @Forbes http://t.co/kxxDsSLzBe@maclong94 @ForbesTech there's no hard and fast rule for what defines a phablet. 5.5in and above is the norm, but amazing bezels on the G3!@maclong94 @ForbesTech those are phablets, not smartphones.
Beautiful freak is the iPhone’s future: @GordonKelly’s most excellent iPhone 6 plus review for @Forbes http://t.co/S5iaZmWjgJ
Retweeted by Gordon Kelly@akosner @Forbes haha, thanks AWK! And to think it starts out with a mass of complaints :)Can @GordonKelly convince me that I need a #bigassiphone? He's doing a good job! http://t.co/ESih0cGLbB via @forbes
Retweeted by Gordon KellyQuality review by @GordonKelly: "iPhone 6 Plus Long Term Review: Beautiful Freak Is The iPhone's Future" http://t.co/aROMApIAi0
Retweeted by Gordon Kelly@GordonKelly #iPhone6Plus review shows why second-takes matter. His is superbly astute and model to imitate. http://t.co/xJWviHgG1a
Retweeted by Gordon Kelly@doobeedoo2 fairly simply. Normally too nice to have the sales volume and therefore investment to make them less bulky and cheap.
@doobeedoo2 always individual, but I prefer the X. Stock Android FTW.@doobeedoo2 doesn't remove any bloatware, just changes the look and operation of the homescreen I'm afraid.@doobeedoo2 Ewan has already done it http://t.co/tcBVi2tjW1 (superb phone IMO as well). Me writing on on Launcher http://t.co/O5Heo5WrqP@doobeedoo2 very kind of you to say, so many pros and cons to such a potentially revolutionary device. Time to stop the blind love-ins.Thx! "@doobeedoo2: @GordonKelly super job on Iphone 6 Plus review, by far the best phone review I've ever read--actual expertise on display"My thoughts... "@ForbesEurope: iPhone 6 Plus long term review: Beautiful freak is the iPhone's future http://t.co/ASh59DAETb @GordonKelly"Phablet speed! "@ForbesEurope: New Samsung Galaxy S5 Plus launched. Android world's fastest smartphone http://t.co/i9Oeao4NFG @GordonKelly"iPhone 6 Plus Long Term Review: Beautiful Freak Is The iPhone's Future @Forbes http://t.co/UYEdvtYedB
New Samsung Galaxy S5 'Plus' Launched. Android World's Fastest Smartphone @Forbes http://t.co/axudKF4nEeIs bigger better? "@ForbesEurope: iPhone 6 vs iPhone 6 Plus review: Which is best?' http://t.co/U50j53ig8d" by me@dbrandSkins Nexus 5 (which isn't the problem - lovely black rubber!) but if I go to the massive Nexus 6 I want it like flypaper :)@dbrandSkins sounds very reasonable to me, thanks! Your advice on the skin finish with the best grip? My #1 priority.@dbrandSkins do you ship to the UK?@MoreNewz @ForbesTech it's called selective reading and it is your responsibility.@MoreNewz @ForbesTech and every major publication requires one. There are plenty of every type of post. This is a review.@MoreNewz @ForbesTech such as... let me think... 100m people will buy one of the new iPhones, a proper comparison might help?@MoreNewz @ForbesTech @Forbes @WIRED articles for the message?@MoreNewz @ForbesTech you realise this is a totally valid topic approached in a detailed technical review? Can't see your point.My 3,000 word mega review: "@ForbesTech: Which is better: the iPhone 6 or the iPhone 6 Plus? http://t.co/F1cqbPFoou http://t.co/ochH8pZftK"@MoreNewz @ForbesTech did you read the level of detail in the post or just comment?
@tomkelk haha, yes indeed! Nexus 6 just around the corner and Moto X still amazing :)iPhone 6 Vs iPhone 6 Plus Review: Which New iPhone Should You Buy? @Forbes http://t.co/nRCwFwZ5r7
@ThreeUKSupport on Iceland roaming page "Visiting the EU? Use as much data as you like with a Euro Internet Pass" but Iceland not included?!@rtt whale watching and golden circle to be booked there. So any companies you recommend appreciated.@rtt northern lights.@RichTWarms @rtt haha, same as rest of the Nordics :)@rtt thanks, all noted. One big tour already booked, otherwise going freeform.@rtt @RichTWarms we're going in December for a long birthday weekend! All tips appreciated.
@iainmacintosh (sp)Far, far too little... Me for "@Forbes: iPad Mini 3 vs iPad Mini 2: What's the difference? http://t.co/qnvgDB6aja"
Nice one all! "@Forbes: Most read this week: @GordonKelly @PaulTassi @ErikKain @ewan @erin_carlyle @susanadamsnyc @kashhill @ddiamond #FF"*hat tip all* "@ForbesTech: Most read: @gordonkelly @erikkain @paultassi @ewan @jvchamary @_jaymcgregor @kashhill @ianmorris78 @davethier"Most read in Tech this week: @gordonkelly @erikkain @paultassi @ewan @jvchamary @_jaymcgregor @kashhill @ianmorris78 @davethier @quora #FF
Retweeted by Gordon KellyBy me - more changes than widely portrayed "@ForbesEurope: iPad Air 2 vs iPad Air: What's the difference? http://t.co/Q0fUcKfPEv"Perfect device in the wrong size? "@ForbesTech: Everything you need to know about the Nexus 6: http://t.co/uUHdUGXVAc http://t.co/LG8cMR7gu9By me - less changes than you should expect! "@ForbesTech: iPad Mini 3 vs iPad Mini 2: What's the difference? http://t.co/YFCHif0WVZ"@RiyadEmeran Windows finally got virtual desktops. Chrome OS doesn't need desktops. Using that more than anything atm. So fast.@RiyadEmeran haha. 10 quite nice so far. Whatever boots me to Chrome is fine. Really like Chrome OS, just needs more premium models.@RiyadEmeran really? Mine does. My desktop as well. You really need Windows :p@RiyadEmeran ah, fair enough! Once bought it doesn't upgrade though now.@dissimile optimist!@dissimile ah, then you won't get far on the site! (Redesign coming).@RiyadEmeran can't get the base model with 8GB l, that's the point. Options got worse not better.@dissimile I love it. Smartphone of the year IMO. I wrote a lot about the size in my review: http://t.co/roTKEHPivh@dissimile almost perfect. Lumia 930 and iPhone 6 with the 6 Plus.@RiyadEmeran surely they just ruined it... non-upgradeable RAM and killed the quad core option.@dissimile 2014 Moto X :)@ConnoisseurTv @ForbesTech everything I want too, in a 5in handset ;)Everything you need to know about the Nexus 6: http://t.co/KM0nkX4ql6 http://t.co/hL3NWui4pE
Retweeted by Gordon KellyGoogle has announced the Nexus 6 smartphone: http://t.co/8ZvEScPFRU http://t.co/EAjTZgf3k9
Retweeted by Gordon KellyWhat are the differences between the Nexus 5 and the Nexus 6? http://t.co/dS4LDICc0g
Retweeted by Gordon Kelly
@Hamayle_ that's a really tough one. If battery life is vital to you then yes, otherwise I think the Nexus 5 is a really great phone.iPad Mini 3 Vs iPad Mini 2: What's The Difference? @Forbes http://t.co/YRXoOcApK2iPad Air 2 Vs iPad Air: What's The Difference? @Forbes http://t.co/cMIB3XMZoJPrince Charming ;) "@jvchamary: @GordonKelly Doc, Bashful, Sleepy, Sneezy, Happy and Dopey. Nexus 6? "Oh, you must be Grumpy!""@joshuabaker same size as iPhone 6 Plus (with a bigger screen). May need to reinforce the desk though!My desk at present... points for identifying them all :) (hurry up Nexus 6 and Note 4!) http://t.co/SEs5E39bK7Nexus 6 vs Nexus 5: What's the difference? http://t.co/j30qsFJpQg @GordonKelly
Retweeted by Gordon KellyMotorola Nexus 6 Official: Everything you need to know http://t.co/XnkykP9lv2 @GordonKelly
Retweeted by Gordon Kellybloody good point. RT @totmac: Letter O' the Day. via @edgeloading. http://t.co/f5B1SovkVJ
Retweeted by Gordon Kelly@NateLanxon now that's just showing off ;) Congrats!@daithaigilbert now stalkering through photos. Amazing! :)@daithaigilbert @ILMVFX I wouldn't have either. Best thing I can remember Osbourne doing in, well, forever!@daithaigilbert PS just spotted this. Belated, but BIG congratulations!@daithaigilbert @ILMVFX award for what? Utter menace to the progression of technology. (is that what the award was for?)And the 'Most Guaranteed To Fail' Award goes to (shock+horror) http://t.co/hNNovRBbau's latest tech horror: http://t.co/HRu18OsoWT
"@fmanjoo: "The best iPad ever" is something an apple exec will say tomorrow." ... but will we get a "Magical"? #appledrinkinggameNexus 6 Vs Nexus 5: What's The Difference? @Forbes http://t.co/v9jofJyByCMotorola Nexus 6 Official: Everything You Need To Know @Forbes http://t.co/gNsECtpHK2Best Android phone yet? "@ForbesEurope: New Motorola smartphone boasts world's largest phone battery http://t.co/aQ2TvBvVHr @GordonKelly"@antonyleather @Dropbox yep still just third party Dropbox and Drive on WP, which is pretty embarrassing. Especially with Dropbox.@antonyleather @Dropbox yep, was a risk in Dropbox waiting so long. I use it on PC, Mac, iOS and Android. There's Windows Phone third party.@antonyleather @Dropbox just a month after I shifted to Drive for that reason! Wouldn't now give up the Docs integration though.@dissimile people said that about each iOS 8 release.
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