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Hanna Ines Flint @HannaInes London via Doncaster

Showbiz and Entertainment Journalist at @DailyMailCeleb. LOVES a scotch egg.

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Wish Netflix would Netfix there problem.I can't wait to have nightmares about Twisty the Clown #AmericanHorrorStoryFreakShowFeeling flushed after watching Outlander The Wedding episode. Well done @Heughan you did well.@ronniejoice @m_j_whitehouse is that a euphemism?@m_j_whitehouse give me photos and I will shame you. Side note: they sell Mars bars in G-A-Y?I've never wanted to snog and simultaneously punch in the face anyone as much as those boys in The Riot Club poster.Best Box show I've seen in a while and the music is on POINT #garage #oldschool #hiphop
@AshTulett this is devastating.Chatted to the wonderful @JessieWare about marriage, music + her new album Tough Love http://t.co/0lYgpAm4E7 via @DailyMailCeleb #exclusiveYou can't make this shit up (spotted by @ashtulett) http://t.co/8WWUGMZ2tdMark Ronson's fourth solo album features @chancetherapper and @ActionBronson http://t.co/ZS9V2Sj3os via @DailyMailCelebNew posters for Christopher Nolan's Interstellar revealed http://t.co/Pap9p6x8nE via @DailyMailCeleb @Interstellar @InterstellarukSuper Shirt Saturday! http://t.co/kwcF5bUZKYHappy Birthday to my wonderful, beautiful, talented mum @CarolineFlintMP Wish I was spending the day with you, not at the office! xx'Like Joan Rivers, all good things must come to an end' - rather uncomfortable opening line in Clemmie's final 3am column no?
The second act of Magic In The Moonlight is so much funnier than the first... Emma Stone is a delight... but it's still no Midnight In ParisI'm so glad I won't have to buy Scotch Eggs on the black market. #indyrefFirst story back and I'm writing about @BearGrylls's butt crack http://t.co/Ofku642Add via @DailyMailCeleb @piersmorgan #yayshowbizDEADPOOL Movie Finally Happening With Ryan Reynolds, Release Date Set For 2016!! http://t.co/v6ZXffi9al http://t.co/brUNA3dqUq
Retweeted by Hanna Ines FlintRumours are rife that SNP are developing #indyref sequel - Scottish Independence 2: Salmond Protocol@RebelWilson was it a triple decker?#indyref #scotlandsaysno http://t.co/dOjvth1AKJEvery No must feel like a wife knocking back her husband's bedtime advances to the Yes campaign.. "No, not tonight. I said no!" #indyref@IainDale @hugorifkind exactly... Your sober eye rolling and side eyes to the camera would be priceless.@hugorifkind get Liz Jones, Iain Dale and David Mellor on board and you got a ratings winner.
@TheGMcConnachie what the hindujas? Still, I think "three Ligres on their shirt" sounds badass.If the Wales have a dragon, and the Scots want a unicorn if they get independence, can we change our national animal to a Ligre? #votepedroβ€œ@melbellend: @HannaInes 😘😘😘😘😘 http://t.co/A8lc2rMFPh” always making me chuckle!@melbellend thanks babe. XxStill sick at home, missing out on life. I honestly can't remember what being healthy feels like. #pityparty #bringLemsip
BeyoncΓ© writes a song about how we shouldn't let society dictate the way we look... but then photoshops are Instagram pics? Oh Bey.Tory history latest 2010-Aug 2014: Brown destroyed everything. Sept 2014: Brown is always right! Gordon Brown! Listen to Brown! #indyref
Retweeted by Hanna Ines Flint@iFlicks noted.It's ok to wash cold & flu tablets down with lemsip right?With Tom Hiddleston off instead to Skull Island, Jack Huston will be the new Ben-Hur: http://t.co/FkBJQGSvFH http://t.co/2DkkOV04Iq
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Well done Eva Mendes on mothering Ryan Gosling's child. But it's not OK that you lied to Ellen... to her face. Not. OK. Mendes.
Going to Paris next week to interview http://t.co/7YA8Di1bVQ. Think that's the most SHOWBIZ tweet I've ever sent.
Notts uni reunion at dazed party! #amsoc #lfw http://t.co/ub6ra7fytOReturn of the Mac #dazedandconfused #lfw @ white rabbit http://t.co/ugCni7AXrAMiles of Mac Male Models #hot #lfw #supermarketsweep #dazedandconfused http://t.co/4XrRWljfN6Off to the Miles of Mac party @DazedMagazine with @MinnaAttala @StylistKrishan #lfw #whiterabbitDolly #hopestmag #lfw http://t.co/7LY30bZHLiAt the hopestmag launch with these babes #lfw #party @ Cafe Kaizen http://t.co/iWFAu4sbOlHey @GeorgiaBronte http://t.co/u1JIHRGrZJ http://t.co/gRhUcu2Gkc” @StylistMagazine @Twiggy_GarciaWell done to my beautiful girlfriend @GeorgiaBronte for smashing the #viviennewestwood #redlabel #ss15 #lfw show today. Very proud ❀️
Retweeted by Hanna Ines FlintHey @georgiabronte #viviennewestwood #redlabel #ss15 #lfw #thatsmymate http://t.co/tCQhdbCeCM@GeorgiaBronte @Bestival oh my god babe I'm on the max strength cold and flu.Congratulations @KimberleyDadds for being the most gorgeous looking bride called Kim of the year!"I laugh in the face of danger, then hide until it goes away" - classic Xander #buffyAbout to slay every series of Buffy. #punintended@JamesHartnett_ LC:M will be all over it@Livsdarling I wish people who email me spelt my name right. It literally says it in the address... #notHannah@JamesHartnett_ strong look.@Livsdarling officially Jay Z - he sent and a press release out last year about it #seriouslyPeople keep saying I'm "metrosexual." Does that mean I make love on subways?
Retweeted by Hanna Ines Flint@Seamus__D Dazed tonight?@Seamus__D are u at any parties this week? Me must get a drink. We MUST I tell you!I've just spent 10 minutes chanting "accio remote" with my Dumbledore wand and it hasn't moved. I hate being a muggle.@m_j_whitehouse ✌️Breakfast! http://t.co/TbISEVkiqWJust @m_j_whitehouse in my Elle. πŸ‘ http://t.co/VvikNlF7bV
Time to act David Cameron. #DavidHainesI just know so many Piotrs... 😐 http://t.co/lX2CguEkUVMissed tonight's @TheXFactor? Here's my rundown of the first arena auditions http://t.co/mcIUz3D5oE via @DailyMailCelebThanks @bianca_london for the Kitty Purry hat. Looking good on the night shift! #katyperry #prism… http://t.co/HzOhqC9cV7Mel B still thinks she's on America's Got Talent. #xfactor #thecourtesans@HarveyNHaydon That Harvey, he's so hot right now.I need to get my hands some @Shrimps__ #fauxfurfun@jameelajamil because they don't want to sit next to reality stars I suppose.Back in the gym after a month off with finneyfitness and I am ridiculously out of shape! #tired http://t.co/SzYCHZmRFkCongrats to my brother @limehousecomics on his first graphic novel To Arms - get your copy! http://t.co/lC4ngVnbJC.@limehousecomics (aka Karim Flint) at launch of WW1 comic book anthology TO ARMS w/ a fan, @CarolineFlintMP http://t.co/z8vUQPULtW
Retweeted by Hanna Ines Flint@GeorgiaBronte @Twiggy_Garcia stop being so cute.@SamRollinson #efes #efes2
My old uni is on fire. #nottinghamuni#timurkimxglitche #lfw #invite http://t.co/NhYQ8f171HDoes anyone else find it odd that that nurse who commited suicide over the Royal prank asked the DJs to pay her mortgage in her note?Throwback to Bestival with my babe @hannaines ❀️ http://t.co/ESjHPPOVuD
Retweeted by Hanna Ines FlintI'm so intrigued to what @lilahparsons and @delilahmusic were laughing about on the FROW? #LFW http://t.co/Zgl5jAhifjI never feel more professional than when I'm doing a conference call with LA. #dialledin@lilahparsons @LondonFashionWk @Grazia_me well done babe!'Arson' attack on Manchester dogs' home kills 43 animals http://t.co/L4SqHwA1sX via @MailOnline #alldogsgotoheaven@benakt oops :/@Twiggy_Garcia best set the whole @bestival πŸ˜˜πŸ‘@AlexRoelich @Twiggy_Garcia @Bestival no brainier!Nice to see my boy @Twiggy_Garcia get more of a mention than Disclosure in the Mail's @Bestival review: http://t.co/Gi062FXGnh
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@FilmFan1971 yeah but that would be boring wouldn't it. Let's get Shailene off the bench.@FilmFan1971 So she wouldn't be the real MJ then... I may not be a comic book expert but I'm sure that storyline hasn't come up?"@rustyrockets: I've never voted but if I was Scottish I'd vote yes." of course you would Russell *sighs and shakes head*Apparently there are rumours that Emma Stone may return as MJ in Amazing Spider-Man 3... How does that even make sense? #shewillalwaybeGwen#TBT to a night out with my girl Jules. See you Sunday yeah? http://t.co/dWzuNgox7pJust remembered @lillyclb asking if it's OK if we get a pet snake... As long as I can practice me Parseltongue, we good.Oscar is the new OJI talked sex, politics and more with the Downton Abbey cast ahead of series 5 http://t.co/JVlNHfNPlp via @DailyMailCelebFancy a job on our team? @CarolineFlintMP is hiring for a job in her House of Commons' office. Details here: http://t.co/LTbvCruAw5
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BREAKING NEWS: Liv Tyler 'pregnant with second child' http://t.co/TlgyeWL8r7 via @DailyMailCelebImagine if the UK enforced an embargo on Scotland so they couldn't get Tetleys or Cadburys unless the imported it through Wales #indyref@laurenlaverne @scottygb Haven't had a good cry since reading that @Buzzfeed post on dogs enjoying their last day with owners.I feel like Jack's parents before they realised the beans were magical. damn beans.Note to self: no magical melon juice will taste as good as Diet Coke. damn that cafeteria dude with his health guilt trip. DAMN YOU!
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