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Hanna Ines Flint @HannaInes London via Doncaster

UK Online Showbiz Reporter at @DailyMailCeleb. LOVES a scotch egg.

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Thanks for the chat @LaurenPope Looking forward to seeing the new collection... Fingers crossed Nicole will be rocking it soon!So bored of intelligent adults hiding behind accountants when they choose to avoid paying tax. Worse than benefit cheats.You don't have to be a tax expert to know it's unethical to say you're a used car trader on your SA tax form when you're not Chris Moyles.@juliamagdalyn Hey Julia could you tell me a little more about it via DM?Dear PM, DO NOT ATTEMPT A NORTHERN ACCENT EVER AGAIN #CPC14
Retweeted by Hanna Ines Flint@IsaacCarew It's the same look! Why can't anyone see that? #pianotiesaresohotrightnow@IsaacCarew shut up Derek.Cameron's speech today has been leaked already #CPC14 http://t.co/8mCLopsOXd
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Japanese dinner with my bishes @evaksalvi @tyakingbola at Sen Nin #girlsnightWelcome to the team @piersmorgan http://t.co/VfCnwMDZZB via @MailOnline@One9actual well done on Nas: This Is Illmatic - such a rich documentary. #oneloveI love that @empiremagazine's classic scene is From Harry Potter & The Philosopher's Stone just as I'm re-reading the series. #kismet🎬🎬🎬 #BFI #LFF2014 @ BFI Southbank http://t.co/C4iqpLrzSZ@jackseaman27 @MaestroMasadeJr @HannaInes @awkwardunique #WhenWillISeeYouAgain - The video's out! - http://t.co/1fnj2lYdAT
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@kj_corcoran "where have you yet to boldly go in London where no William Shatner has gone before?"@HannaInes :( did you refrain from naff Star Trek references? I would struggle.
Retweeted by Hanna Ines FlintEveryone should link up with @IsaacCarew on snapchat. #bait #baitface #baitfacebait@montimer @FilmFan1971 what he said..@kj_corcoran nope it was over the phone!@montimer Alas it was a phoner... but he did say I should say hello this weekend at Destination Star Trek.William Shatner told me he's 'very excited' about Star Trek 3... but he's not allowed to talk about it! http://t.co/JljhjDUKuf #exclusiveI don't think anything this week will top a 10 min phone call with @WilliamShatner #trekkielovePOT KETTLE BLACK! 23 Times Emma Watson Made Everyone Around Her Look Painfully Average http://t.co/DjVanUgu6y via @elliewoodward @buzzfeed@deanpiper and Quentin Tarrantino - The Wolf is his character so Q would have had to give permission for it to be recreated.Chatted to @SunriseIsabel about her wedding and nearly having her 1st dance with @EamonnHolmes! http://t.co/UPgnXOB4G0 via @DailyMailCeleb@AliceAudley shweet. (seemed like I got the best line out of the roundtable - everyone picked it up!) http://t.co/xCLuPncJHn@AliceAudley I'm on the Deathly Hallows. Getting so emosh now Dumbledore's gone. How did the iv go? Did he remember you? #awkward@AliceAudley yGinny, Ron, Fred & George, Percy, Charlie, Bill - still waiting on the pic - think will kept it for his personal collection.@AndyBizarre video...?@AndyBizarre I just pictured you, white wine spritzer in hand speeding down the Venetian canals singing 'that's amore!'. Make it happen.I'm interviewing William Shatner today... how's your Monday shaping up? #destinationstartrek@SarahRapp @FKAtwigs I know! Rob is the one dating up!It's sad that we still live in a world defined by colour - don't stand for it @FKAtwigs http://t.co/rsN5TihnJx
“@thei100: 19 signs racism is alive and well in the US http://t.co/sS3Mhzmj84 http://t.co/aALzlvvFhY” WOW!!! Please say this is fake.
Retweeted by Hanna Ines Flint@AliceAudley oh look who I found? Fancy a meet and greet ? 🇫🇷What has happened to the quiet one on Gogglebox's hair!?! http://t.co/GDYn1WAW62Kelly Preston dumped George Clooney in 1987 for Charlie Sheen then married John Travolta... It all went downhill for old Kel didn't it?@bellrebeccabell Nah love - Vogue have got the exclusive. They paid over $1 million for it! (Also seems to be why Wintour was invited!)
My life is being taken over by weddings I have not been invited to@CharlieLanks @CharlDeCarle they never text back either@therestis_ There's a few dodgy cornershops that already do.
Getting our Dolly Party-on #latergram #lfw @minnaattala stylistkrishan #hopestmag @ Cafe Kaizen http://t.co/TQ8hJpJSov
@kara_simsek Kim looks like the bionic woman and Kanye wants to be in Pirates of the Caribbean 5.@kara_simsek I was gonna do some kimye spotting today in Paris... Then I took a good hard look at myself and gave it a slap.Nice surprise @AddisonLeeCabs pick up from St Pancras! Until next time Paris 🇫🇷Reunited in Paris! 🇫🇷 @ Terminus Nord Restaurant http://t.co/0ZfupbbLfTWaiting for my magic car ride to take me back to the Twenties... #midnightinparis #woodyallen @… http://t.co/4otxFwTSdTJust hanging out at Treadstone HQ #bourneidentity #paris @ 2 Place Du Marche Saint Catherine http://t.co/rgoHI9U75iEXCLUSIVE http://t.co/Db3a8A5ecz had no idea pal Cheryl Fernandez-Versini had tied knot http://t.co/f9rsmyxyV4 @DailyMailCeleb @HannaInes
Retweeted by Hanna Ines FlintEh garçon! @ Le Méridien Etoile http://t.co/7Thz4e5jn4
Lexus bitch #william #paris #party @ Potel et Chabot — Pavillon Cambon Capucines http://t.co/9U2us3NrPuAu revoir @ Eurostar Terminal, London St Pancras http://t.co/pe7jOq9IRl
Packing for Paris and I'm going for black, black, black, red lipstick and black. #blackNails ready for Paris #eleganttouch http://t.co/4327d2SLibWhat @EmWatson actually wore to give her fantastic #heforshe UN speech vs pic the telegraph chose #stillalongwaytogo http://t.co/XSFZebFHQX
Retweeted by Hanna Ines Flint'The cheapest energy is the energy we don’t use' : My mum's brill speech at #Lab14 today http://t.co/grBMRXEKVL #energy @CarolineFlintMPRita Ora is the new Voice UK judge... and she's released how many albums? Oh yes that would be 1 #toosoontomentor@GemmaLucyAlbone Was he sat opposite you?Listening to @FKAtwigs - Love her music nearly as much as I love the fact that she's banging Edward Cullen #dothedamnthinggurl
Labour should use The Riot Club as part of their General Election campaign.Just been to lunch with this guy and it turns out we were in the same primary school class 22 years ago. I love how weird life is.
Wish Netflix would Netfix there problem.I can't wait to have nightmares about Twisty the Clown #AmericanHorrorStoryFreakShowFeeling flushed after watching Outlander The Wedding episode. Well done @Heughan you did well.@ronniejoice @m_j_whitehouse is that a euphemism?@m_j_whitehouse give me photos and I will shame you. Side note: they sell Mars bars in G-A-Y?I've never wanted to snog and simultaneously punch in the face anyone as much as those boys in The Riot Club poster.Best Box show I've seen in a while and the music is on POINT #garage #oldschool #hiphop
@AshTulett this is devastating.Chatted to the wonderful @JessieWare about marriage, music + her new album Tough Love http://t.co/0lYgpAm4E7 via @DailyMailCeleb #exclusiveYou can't make this shit up (spotted by @ashtulett) http://t.co/8WWUGMZ2tdMark Ronson's fourth solo album features @chancetherapper and @ActionBronson http://t.co/ZS9V2Sj3os via @DailyMailCelebNew posters for Christopher Nolan's Interstellar revealed http://t.co/Pap9p6x8nE via @DailyMailCeleb @Interstellar @InterstellarukSuper Shirt Saturday! http://t.co/kwcF5bUZKYHappy Birthday to my wonderful, beautiful, talented mum @CarolineFlintMP Wish I was spending the day with you, not at the office! xx'Like Joan Rivers, all good things must come to an end' - rather uncomfortable opening line in Clemmie's final 3am column no?
The second act of Magic In The Moonlight is so much funnier than the first... Emma Stone is a delight... but it's still no Midnight In ParisI'm so glad I won't have to buy Scotch Eggs on the black market. #indyrefFirst story back and I'm writing about @BearGrylls's butt crack http://t.co/Ofku642Add via @DailyMailCeleb @piersmorgan #yayshowbizDEADPOOL Movie Finally Happening With Ryan Reynolds, Release Date Set For 2016!! http://t.co/v6ZXffi9al http://t.co/brUNA3dqUq
Retweeted by Hanna Ines FlintRumours are rife that SNP are developing #indyref sequel - Scottish Independence 2: Salmond Protocol@RebelWilson was it a triple decker?#indyref #scotlandsaysno http://t.co/dOjvth1AKJEvery No must feel like a wife knocking back her husband's bedtime advances to the Yes campaign.. "No, not tonight. I said no!" #indyref@IainDale @hugorifkind exactly... Your sober eye rolling and side eyes to the camera would be priceless.@hugorifkind get Liz Jones, Iain Dale and David Mellor on board and you got a ratings winner.
@TheGMcConnachie what the hindujas? Still, I think "three Ligres on their shirt" sounds badass.If the Wales have a dragon, and the Scots want a unicorn if they get independence, can we change our national animal to a Ligre? #votepedro“@melbellend: @HannaInes 😘😘😘😘😘 http://t.co/A8lc2rMFPh” always making me chuckle!@melbellend thanks babe. XxStill sick at home, missing out on life. I honestly can't remember what being healthy feels like. #pityparty #bringLemsip
Beyoncé writes a song about how we shouldn't let society dictate the way we look... but then photoshops are Instagram pics? Oh Bey.Tory history latest 2010-Aug 2014: Brown destroyed everything. Sept 2014: Brown is always right! Gordon Brown! Listen to Brown! #indyref
Retweeted by Hanna Ines Flint@iFlicks noted.It's ok to wash cold & flu tablets down with lemsip right?With Tom Hiddleston off instead to Skull Island, Jack Huston will be the new Ben-Hur: http://t.co/FkBJQGSvFH http://t.co/2DkkOV04Iq
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Well done Eva Mendes on mothering Ryan Gosling's child. But it's not OK that you lied to Ellen... to her face. Not. OK. Mendes.
Going to Paris next week to interview http://t.co/7YA8Di1bVQ. Think that's the most SHOWBIZ tweet I've ever sent.
Notts uni reunion at dazed party! #amsoc #lfw http://t.co/ub6ra7fytOReturn of the Mac #dazedandconfused #lfw @ white rabbit http://t.co/ugCni7AXrA
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