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Holland Taylor @HollandTaylor New York/Los Angeles

Ann Richards Play. American actress.

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@YellowTapShoe my crowd@hueynym Can you believe I met someone on the plane who has a person who delivers. Very secure. This is typical of my general good fortuneAva Gardner, 1945. http://t.co/Jf32o75PXc
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Still need a gift? We've signed copies of #LobsterRollsandBlueberryPie & #GiftCertificates which can be chrged & sent http://t.co/1ws0kQQN8N
Retweeted by Holland Taylor@YellowTapShoe @nprscottsimon not always witty@bluegrasshaze ho!@semadivad Christine is divine!!@TalkinToU no,no,no....@matheusruffino @JKLugar that's a lot of hearts@cmorrissey59 @JKLugar thanks!@HollandTaylor Evelyn rings Santa's bells! http://t.co/fIns7X2axi
Retweeted by Holland Taylor@LucBerthelette @semadivad that would put you at a lavish breakfast at 10:30 AM in a lovely hotel in Buenos Aires, recolete district...
@cmorrissey59 @JKLugar thank you!!I just love when Evelyn💋comes to visit @TwoAndAHalfMen! Jingle those bells!😉🎅🎄 @HollandTaylor @aplusk @MrJonCryer
Retweeted by Holland TaylorGreat to have @HollandTaylor back on #TwoAndAHalfMen, along with Richard Riehle http://t.co/N13Ho4iGNi
Retweeted by Holland Taylor@AmericanAir oh, c'mon now. Buenos Aires is a city I will come to again. Surely with American. I like an airline with a sense of humor.@AmericanAir A great flight, on a par with British Air's bus. class. I slept well & arrived rested in BA in fine form. Thanks for watching!@borstalbon @USAirways just doing something is usually the best way of doing it. And thank you very much.@BHSushi @AmericanAir BEEF!@los5retris Thank you! I am thrilled to be here..@JanvierNoir @CoquiTalksTrash Tell me.@DebAbides good Lord saw the ravishing Theatre Colon & another old glory on way to hotel from the airport. Love the feel of the city so far.@USAirways you partner with American, yes. No worries. I had pre ordered food at check in, and the steward put me on wrong list. All's well,@RCJackson0045 making no promises re coming home. Don't have a compelling reason to! Si for now, I'm happy to be here.@JanvierNoir flight was easy peasy. slept, read, watched a little hbo, met some people, got hooked up with a good connection for info plus.@JanvierNoir in Lobby. http://t.co/zPggQ1d0hu
@AmericanAir c'mon. Pull your socks upOn an American flight to Buenos Aires! The steward insists I preordered the fish- Tilapia! I don't eat that bottom feeder. He insists. Ack@DD733 god! Just made connection. Rough flt last half hour. Then had to find mail box. HAD TO. sweating prettily now at gate. Zoom. Smack.@DD733 i know. Brie ham croissant. Was starving and up till three finishing all, detailed packing, every bill, etc. Every single need.@murillomorgado i would LOVE to come to Brazil!!@hueynym 16hrs.Fortifications for looong flight to Buenos Aires. Glad to be on another continent, farther away than ever in my life. http://t.co/cP9XD19Fhg@JanvierNoir at airport. Long evening after a day of unexpected businesssssss. Off I go away from... It allllllllllll.@tucker1025 @ozchrisrock yes.@fantasmasutura Yes, BA. Thanks.
@YellowTapShoe no contributions to the planet measurable.Wishing a very happy #Hanukkah to everyone celebrating tonight. http://t.co/ZL619h6KJm
Retweeted by Holland Taylor@loripetty wowSunset.The bartender was overly modern, & in a bad way.@ABFalecbaldwin Off to Argentina,(BA) I suspect they are old school. Like me. @hueynym@hueynym @ABFalecbaldwin that glass, the size martinis were originally made in, was given to my mother approximately 30 years ago.@Tunesmith7 GIN. A Martini is made only with gin in a 3 to 1 proportion to vermouth.Regardless of why you have a martini, the glass should be small. You want it COLD. My perfect size Lalique glass was a gift @ABFalecbaldwin
@LucBerthelette Martinis these days are served in glasses which are too big.The perfect size martini glass for writing that difficult letter. http://t.co/YdVdTwOpgo@YellowTapShoe thank you, but I didn't do anything out of the ordinary.
@marysmith9999 Yes, I am sure, just as I'm sure Miss Gomez's 2014 song uses Dickinson's words from a letter written about 150 years ago.@JustTrulySo depends how deep. And how well you know who you are.@Bruce35dc Hot.@jgsmom2012 everybody go!@ArtMusicLife Toni Morrison knows everything.@hueynym Ha ha!@Bruce35dc great. Packing. And not hating it. Good to have a trip now.@microbezoo thanx, didn't know.#BlackLivesMatter #Ferguson #MichaelBrown #EricGarner #ICantBreathe #SolidaritySunday http://t.co/aoKwlUxmN5
Retweeted by Holland Taylor@YellowTapShoe Well, thank you, I think. You must send me your lexicon sometime. I will say, I can get hurricane force winds, in here@HollandTaylor "Love is or it ain't. Thin love ain't love at all." - - Toni Morrison
Retweeted by Holland Taylor@hueynym good GOD. Any specific place near the Serena hotel in Palermo dist.? Thanks for thinking of me.@HollandTaylor yep It's like a stranger livin within You just gotta accept the orders
Retweeted by Holland Taylor"you either love someone, in some way, forever, or you never really loved them at all." ~ Brianna Weist But accept you may be alone in it.“The Heart wants what it wants - or else it does not care” ~Emily Dickinson@YellowTapShoe why would you do that?@YellowTapShoe @vincentdonofrio Who ARE you? And why don't you come over...If in 4 yrs a Rep. Pres. killed Bin Laden, got gas to near $2, & unemployment under 8%, he'd now be on Mt. Rushmore & the dime @ozchrisrock@Lizzyswelt Thank you, that's a fine acknowledgement.@thursday7m @KarenAbbott THE END.
Getting On is almost unbearably good. They are ALL dancing out on the end of a frail little limb, and the writers went there first. @HBOStop Apache Land Grab http://t.co/dth0rcJHPh The Gall of our congress shows up here. Petition to the White House. Simple to sign.@agustinasumner not till next week!@HaliJenn i will!@fantasmasutura @hueynym thank you!@fantasmasutura @hueynym doubt hotel would give a good rate! Will look to blue mkt
@AnnaDeavereS @SHO_Jackie in a swivel as leaving for Buenos Aires momentarily. Talk about a bridge ending mid-river!!!@MORNAFAN93 mmmmmmm. So some tell me. But what do they know?@hueynym so, you know someone in Recoletta? I'm leaping into the unknown.What the hell have you and Pat done to me. I am enlsaved, now. @trimmgi@hueynym I am hoping the Teatro Colon has tours. Will DM.@bluegrasshaze But for what country?@noblegraces Vacation. Escape. Change of scene for major distraction. Light in the evening. HOT. Tango. Culture. Beauty. Gorgeous people.@bluegrasshaze BofA doesn't deal with AR Pesos. No branch. Too volatile ~&banks give the worst exchange rates anyway Will get from BM there.@noblegraces yes! Bring summer clothes.@northernale1 no, they are happy to give money for any other country.@hueynym is he in BA? I'll be in the Recoletta areaWell. Bank of America won't let me buy Pesos for Argentina. They don't handle that currency. #NotEncouragingRain. Bamboo. Good roof. http://t.co/GA7027PZGc@thursday7m fake it till you make it.@rickearney well, you better sit over here by me!
Ok people, that's enough work for a Thursday. Pens down, bottoms up. It's Gin O'Clock and that's an order. #GinOClock #RoyalProclamation
Retweeted by Holland TaylorBaby, it's dark outside, the wind's picking up. Yum, ice in the shaker, time to light the fire, and I'm damn lucky to HAVE a fire.@AnnaDeavereS @SHO_Jackie I can't WAIT for more!Basically, one lesson that I've known but has gotten confirmed is that we own nothing. Nothing.
Retweeted by Holland Taylor@DebAbides will remember the N O Café. thanksPls…Support To @jenniferbeals Birthday Wish For @MountSinaiCEHC http://t.co/6SXjAxNGnY @HollandTaylor
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@RCJackson0045 ha ha! If you think so.@Tunesmith7 ya never know!I don't know ALL the cool spots! Not in Manhattan beach anyway. Sorry.
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