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Yesterday during #Disruptdesign @Dawawinebeirut #socialdesign #entrepreneurs #training #Beirut #Lebanon http://t.co/0OdsIWrfIo
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Day 2 of #Disruptdesign with @WhatDesignCanDo own Ricard Vd Laken #training #Beirut http://t.co/t4uqm9JftT
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Introducing our first mentor today at #disruptdesign A Dublin native and Amsterdam resident, Paul Hughes comes... http://t.co/mUB1biO4BC
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@halafrangie @MITEFarab is this really not going to happen anymore..? Any hope left for the teams?
@halafrangie @MITEFarab hopefully this inshallah has some visas with it cause it will feel devastating for sure@halafrangie @MITEFarab will it be resolved... Major loss if it cannot be resolved on time they worked so hard #visafail
Did we mention #Disruptdesign is going to be very special amazing participants #mentors #jury more to come.. @BeirutDW @Zoomaal @MENADesign
Retweeted by Andra Iacob@KLM I just dm-ed you.. The flight is at 18h tomorrow perhaps that's why?@KLM just checked in a flight for Tarom tomorrow but could not change the meal to vegetarian can u help?
@BeriShalmashi check dit http://t.co/3kah9gTE6cPlease share @MesopotAya http://t.co/ifz9eKrUpZ@muna0808 @nawres102 @Orpheus1 this is great totally sharing
@tedxcarthage good luck to the entire team @nayzek @FateneBH shine bright like the diamonds you are #love #Tunisia #TEDx
Yes @Faiayounan you are almost there :) #crowdfunding http://t.co/R0BMWBgivf
Did you know #DisruptGames is coming to #Tunisia register now! http://t.co/0fCAAV9KJG #seriousgaming #training with @Cogite_TN
Retweeted by Andra IacobA very good video & thinking of the people of # Yemen @maktbi @melaghil http://t.co/YPqsQQ7eMX #supportyemen@Valenprimo amazing piece! http://t.co/qbaKVE2C05
Do you know any good NGOs working on #sustainable design in automotive and/or aerospace industry? Let me know! Looking for cool projects.
Retweeted by Andra IacobThat time you went shopping and you had to buy new socks just cause the ones you had on were soaking wet #DutchSpring rain rain and rainHIRING - digital campaigners + more. Come work for us at @theGPP on growing @glblctzn https://t.co/wnBQSVorYa http://t.co/yehecbvXFc
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Hello amazing #gamedevelopers #Tunisia do you have an idea you want to bring to the next level? Apply #DisruptGames http://t.co/0fCAAV9KJG
Retweeted by Andra Iacob'Als je écht succesvol wilt worden, moet je dat net zo graag willen als willen ademen'. @willastout bij #JANnetwetk http://t.co/dnKg6EXn3o
Retweeted by Andra Iacob"@projectpen: Maisa Khudair Project Pen Co Founder Pitch Deck: http://t.co/AauqDg4o5r via @YouTube" go Maisa :)
Thanks @ArabNetME for the mention we look forward to all applications http://t.co/mIv7MbXhHC #Disruptdesign with @MENADesign @Zoomaal
Retweeted by Andra Iacob@Faiayounan awesome talking to you today #makemagichappen :)
To the AoH community I will be open to help in any shape, way or form for the advancement of 'it' and myself #embraceparadoxicality
Great no.. Amazing start of day 2 #artofhosting @ImpactHubAMS
Don't wait too long to register for #DisruptDesign coming to #Beirut 17-19 April #entrepreneurs http://t.co/9eKOi4MBmx deadline 1 April
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My question is could we handle additional senses #TED2015 http://t.co/Gky8IwdRNS
The free livestream of session 5 starts now! One of my favorites at #TED2015. Really powerful life stories: http://t.co/P1fh5E5HGz
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Rats can smell tuberculosis wow.. Follow @HeroRATs amazing #brilliantbreakfast @AshokaNL@JamyGoewie speaking about her background much to relate to so far #brilliantbreakfast @hivosorgThe second edition of #brilliantbreakfast @hivosorg this time around with @AshokaNL #zinin @amisboersma@hopeiraq and you must have seen this one too http://t.co/oF1RpnBP4d@hopeiraq if you like that one you should for sure share this one too :)Now these are cool #childrenstories rejected princesses http://t.co/IEM8Qsa6BS #somethingelse
We told you we had some exciting news coming up #Disruptdesign is coming to #beirut register before 1 april http://t.co/Ta75PAIzGL
Retweeted by Andra Iacob@nick_papa thanks for your tweets... Most valuable so far to get a sense of what's going on at #artfortomorrow@ealshafei all I have to say to Mr. Blair is ✋ *talk to the hand* while making a box-gesture to go along with it@ealshafei lol you are the best!
We have exciting news for you guys and girls in #lebanon #beirut #creativeswithacause stay tuned
Retweeted by Andra IacobLove this pic from the closing ceremony of #DisruptBooks with the Jury & the amazing team @projectpen @ProjectPenAR http://t.co/WlYvDeAGQ1
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"@WamdaME: @hivosorg and @projectpen aim to disrupt electronic publishing in Jordan http://t.co/GfeUbVzl4O"“Technology & creativity are complementary," says Mideast Creatives' Monique Depport, who hosted the event http://t.co/aejgdfhaYY
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@SkollWorldForum i signed up a while ago for the guest spot no word back so far. Does that mean i'm out :-(I'm gonna go to bed with a smile on my face! 2 from Iraq are up for the next round @MITEFarab @nawres102 u make me proud! and @projectpen :)@MITEFarab @aljci @Zain omg *jumping for joy* what does this mean is there another round that determines if Ideas go thru? #IraqforMIT@MITEFarab @aljci @Zain fingers crossed for the last ones?@MITEFarab @aljci @Zain come on!!! Nobody from iraq?? :-( so much untapped potential"@ErnstSuur: selfie-stick dat is toch toppunt van hoe anti-sociaal we zijn geworden. Wat is mis met: 'kunt u een foto van mij maken?'" eens
"@BanksyOfficiaI: So true. http://t.co/tqdYjaQMaR" true that
@Salwaak inshallah i am looking forward to it :-)@Salwaak this is a familiar feeling though it has nothing to with tech for me. Thanks again for the amazing job <3Ach zo leuk meeting the clean parents #bzv zo handig dat ze clean zijn #translationsgonewrong
Just done with #DisruptBooks It was really powerful!! See you all guys tonight @7iber location at 7pm @projectpen @ME_Creatives @ZINCJordan
Retweeted by Andra IacobEnjoy the party @Orpheus1 @projectpen @Salwaak @mayyasi @7iberCafe #welldeservedAzzam is being goofy @AlAzzam #DisruptBooks @ProjectPenAR @projectpen @ZINCJordan @ME_Creatives http://t.co/Mrj4CcjHmw
Retweeted by Andra IacobJust started with the Judging session #disruptBooks @ProjectPenAR @projectpen @ZINCJordan @ME_Creatives http://t.co/HDOkUGIKa4
Retweeted by Andra IacobA group selfie at #DisruptBooks @ProjectPenAR @projectpen @ME_Creatives @ZINCJordan http://t.co/ruakFfl79q
Retweeted by Andra IacobParticipants of #disruptbooks have each others back literally & figuratively speaking today #pitchprep #publishing http://t.co/ZbSyWL7Fos
Retweeted by Andra Iacob"@Salwaak: So proud of this workshop! Great ideas on pitch #DisruptBooks @projectpen @ME_Creatives http://t.co/v4CHI8g5es" me too :-)
#brainstorming #sketching #crowdfunding #pitching all in a day #DisruptBooks day 2 with more to come, cc: @hivosorg http://t.co/W8f0ksNevT
Retweeted by Andra IacobAmazing training @ZINCJordan with @ME_Creatives @projectpen #disruptbooks @Salwaak @mayyasi @Orpheus1 #proud #amman http://t.co/2AZ0NCZTlGWho said work play learning doesn't go together? Its does #disruptbooks #entrepreneurs cc:@barakabits @WamdaME http://t.co/ldbgEfpFr9
Retweeted by Andra Iacobنضال قناديلو ومحمد البطيخي من أوسيس 500 يفتتحان فعاليات اليوم الثاني من #DisruptBooks بحديث عن Canvas http://t.co/CXWxPVrk22
Retweeted by Andra Iacob"@JosianeSmith: entrepreneurs keep "trying to do today's jobs w yesterday's tools" - Marshall McLuhan #disruptbooks #innovation" so trueالمشاركون يقومون بتطبيق نموذج الأعمال بشكل عملي على حالات موجودة سلفا. #disruptbooks http://t.co/gL9G4vt2mB
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'What makes good content' by the talented Diana Abbadi at #disruptbooks @ZainJo #projectpen #video https://t.co/QG2UqSgysT
Retweeted by Andra Iacobديانا عبادي رسامة المانغا الأردنية تشارك تجربتها مع النشر الذاتي ورسم القصص المصورة. @deejuusan #DisruptBooks #Jo http://t.co/Ll9yb8WEAy
Retweeted by Andra IacobThats it for today. Ending with great advice from @deejuusan #disruptbooks #more2come (cc: @DutchCulture @NLinJordan) http://t.co/gYBhsi868j
Retweeted by Andra IacobDiana Abbadi on manga, story and going #digital #disruptbooks https://t.co/rCGVn2Uw6l
Retweeted by Andra Iacob"@projectpen: Publishing in #mena is a hot topic! #disruptbooks @ZainJo @ME_Creatives #projectpen http://t.co/4f1a1PxyP6" cc: @hivosorg
Retweeted by Andra IacobIn full swing with @projectpen @ZINCJordan #icebreakers #speakers #training for #disruptbooks (cc: @hivosorg) http://t.co/TLcrvncsL2
Retweeted by Andra Iacobجانب من فعاليات اطلاق فعالية دسربت!/كتب!/ #DisruptBooks @ProjectPenAR http://t.co/HyFPEs0G8v
Retweeted by Andra Iacob@alexandermcnabb talking to #disruptbooks in #amman #jordan on #skype https://t.co/co3K2WKBkD
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@hapeeg to be continued :-) maar was zeker goed@hapeeg thanks :-)@hapeeg wat maakt het de beste?@hapeeg is het wachten op een @oneplus 2 het waard denk je?@hapeeg nu 399 dollar geloof ik@hapeeg Had je dees al gezien https://t.co/xf7JqJYrQK"Check out the young Saudi filmmaker using film for change @AlfarajMohammad http://t.co/neRCta1Qcx" @Tashkeilist@AboodSharara i know that abood but @mikebutcher does he know it too :-) and if not he should & the entire world too ! #examplesmustleadNot sure if @mikebutcher really knows whats behind @AboodSharara because that on its own deserves a huge item #hemakesmagichappen <3"@Jonomist: There's a big feature on me and @TheOfficeRW in @NewTimesRwanda Business Times today: http://t.co/KnBl1c0E5A" proud of u Jon!Geïnteresseerd in economie, politiek en sociaal ondernemerschap? Wij hebben een vacature voor een stagiair! | http://t.co/IIEHJ7q4h7
Retweeted by Andra Iacob#Wheelchair bound = not giving up on your #dreams. It didn't stop my friend - yusdiana (rip) support this kid http://t.co/PmqQizrmMG@dwdd crowdfunden om drummer te worden geven jullie aandacht. dan is dit ook zeker jullie tijd waard! http://t.co/PmqQizrmMG #jongedromers@RalienBekkers is jou gelukt!wat denk je ervan kunnen we deze jonge ook helpen zn doel te bereiken? http://t.co/PmqQizrmMG #crowdfunding@scheele lijkt me niet een verkeerde keuze voor een spreker - Huub Schellekens #TEDxAms #TEDxMaastricht http://t.co/kdNMsnbzGr
“Failure is only the opportunity to more intelligently begin again.” - Henry Ford http://t.co/J7jR6pVdvt http://t.co/SFEuiHU1rN
Retweeted by Andra Iacob"@Mazenh: Lol : This Quora answer made my day! http://t.co/48vJCs8J4b”" double LOL
@suleimanbakhit <3 many thanks for RT@suleimanbakhit please help spread the final call & this amazing video shot in #citadel #amman http://t.co/8FjscHkxjw #writers #creativesWriting must be in your blood to apply for #disruptbooks #startups #amman final call http://t.co/lCJkI4lXOu with @projectpen @ProjectPenAR
Retweeted by Andra Iacob#Creatives #Amman get up & dance/write/create at disruptbooks http://t.co/wxei200Jag (like the cutiepie in the vid) final day to #register
@mmbilal if you are around you should check this out http://t.co/qGKVCy5CGp #amman #writerswanted #disruptbooks@7iber @Kharabeesh don't you enjoy going to the market #amman http://t.co/qGKVCy5CGp #writersontheloose@barakabits @WamdaME the fruitmarket in #Amman rocks #writerswanted http://t.co/qGKVCy5CGpWil de machinist voor trein 8645 richting Groningen zich melden op peron 10a ... Danku #GotNsProblemsMachinistMissingIsOne