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Host, The Jeffrey Lampkin Show & Entertainment Reporter @WACH Fox and American Idol Season 7'ite is not just a man...He is A Brand... It's Time to Get LAMPED!!!

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Your Worth Is Not Determined By What They Think, It's Determined By what You Do....Action Is Everything!!!Your Worth is Not Determined By What They think, it's determined by what You Do...ignore the Haters and keep Grinding!!! #ifancythat
@_Southrn_Belle_ LMBO@_Southrn_Belle_ use it in a sentence please#FF #CoolTweople! @JeffreyLampkin @DrMALee @CarlosSantan @AnnNesby @LennyWilliams @OliviaHyatt @cjacksonspeaks @Trapp_6rezzy @IamMickiala
Retweeted by Jeffrey L. Lampkin@_Southrn_Belle_ in honor of you my word for the day is #ManPossible 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂For the record @JeffreyLampkin is the funniest man on the face of this EARF (Earth) !!!!
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@PianoDude_93 LMBO LOL THEY TOOK ME IN LOLYesaaaaaaaa #HowToGetAwayWithMurder @violadavis SERREEEVVVVEEEEE!!! @HowToGetAwayABCI am in tears!!! #ScandalABC@KingsKidd11 😂😂😂😁😁😁😁😁Jesus Olivia Pope just called N said she wants Jeffrey Lampkin to sing "They Got The Word" at Harrison funeral-Let me get my voice together@SeantelleL awe bless you beloved!!!#ifancythatEmmy Winner @JOEtheMORTON is back on the scene!!! #ScandalABC @ScandalABCWhere is the new black guy to replace Harrison @ScandalABC #ScandalABCWho's the NEW CHICK? Lizzie Bear? . #ScandalABC #AskScandal @kerrywashington
Retweeted by Jeffrey L. LampkinWth is wrong With Mellie!!!! @ScandalABC #ScandalABCYessssss Abby looks AMAZING!!!! @ScandalABC #ScandalABC@JanetParker86 @ColumbusShort1 @ScandalABC I was hoping Olivia would fix it LMBO lolThank you for hosting us in paradise @OOResorts #scandal #tgit http://t.co/GtVWgoIbJt
Retweeted by Jeffrey L. LampkinDang they killed @ColumbusShort1 off the first episode....uuuugggh I'm hurt!!! #ScandalABC @ScandalABC@anthonyanderson @WoodyWilsonBH Awesome!!! Will Contact....thanks!!! Great Show my friend and Congrats on the Success!!!This outfit @anthonyanderson has on in the first scene of #blackishABC is EVERYTHING!!! I want that shirt and blazer!!'
#FF #CoolTweople! @AnnNesby @LennyWilliams @CarlosSantan @SingDanetraSing @KristenSB7 @JeffreyLampkin and Check them out at the...
Retweeted by Jeffrey L. Lampkin@Loveable_Jassy 😁😁😁😁😁👌👌👌👌
Left Out In The Cold!!!#21DaysOfHappy #YGB 👌
Retweeted by Jeffrey L. LampkinChurch tonight was awesome!! YGB really blesses the saints!!! #21DaysOfHappy
Give God a praise for He is a God in the midst of my mess!! #Revival2014 #YGBGive Thanks For The God of History!!! #YGB #Revival2014O Give Thanks!!! Preach!!! #Revival2014 #YGB
@PEARLfect_ACE lol you get free passage!!!! LolS.C. Pastor Serving Jail Time For Noisy Church http://t.co/4tYXEGJ4tX http://t.co/03NbUnPnlq
Retweeted by Jeffrey L. LampkinGood morning @ya_BissHH 👌👌👌👌@Kaboom2246 oh well on that note let me get a stack 😂😂😂😂😂😂Rain could work in the #Gamecocks favor today. If footing is bad it could potentially slow down the running attack of #Georgia. @wachfox
Retweeted by Jeffrey L. Lampkin@HaywoodDaughtry @KountrySyde @The6thDavis @AleciaMarie67 @MrBFree2011 LOL they beat me and treated me like I was on the plantation-I'm GladJeff funny sometimes! And it's even funnier cause he be serious! 😂😂😂
Retweeted by Jeffrey L. Lampkin“@JusAhhDorableMe: Everybody scaring me tonight 😕”no that's not good...they might make the babes slide out lol@mwayneII @xza_colbert @Djames7 @montrelljames08 Dell & Mann @theOppositeOreo @Vicebl3ssedbtz @_tbrunn @ThatGuyLamar_01 My Flo Town Ninjas👌👌Being in Florence has been great for me...there are some fellas there who love me 4me N see the Man of God I am.God will give U what U need“@PastorDreher: @JeffreyLampkin *sends offering to twitter*”😁😁😁😁you are fool but Bruh man look you know how they will trash ya quick but GodWell that ends my sermon "BEWARE OF EVE"...now we will have a selection from Head Missionary @_Southrn_Belle_ 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂Not all women, but some are crafty and will keep you from God's promise...Don't' listen to "EVE", listen to God!!And there were some females in my past I wanted but they let the wrong people in their ear-now they still single and the ppl with each otherKeep ignoring the gift God has for you cause you busy entertaining "Eve" N tasting bad apples...you will be old and alone with CATS 👵👵🐱🐱MEOWMeanwhile, God "SENDS" the man to you for you but you allow "Eve" to get in your ear and before you know it, you out the gardenThere are some women so bitter about men that if you get one..they will classify them as gay, whore, and more just so you won't be with themGet to a place where you live your life for you the way God designed!!!#21DaysOfHappyI have accepted the fact that there are some people who are content with mediocracy..._However, that's not my ministry!!The funny thing is there are people in my life who I tried before to give this lifestyle to and well...that chapter never got writtenItaly, Puerto Rico, Mexico, New York, Asheville, Kiawha Island, Charleston, Myrtle Beach, Charlotte..Together!!that don't Include solo tripsCancun is soooooo giving me LIFE!! God I love my life!!! Thankful for equipping me and @AttyHuell with the blessings to live like this!!
On The Road Again!!!!!
Life is about choices....I choose to be Happy.... #21DaysOfHappy #ifancythatATL HAWKS owner selling NBA team because of email implying white fans were more valuable than Black ones. http://t.co/9S8EuFxoEV #ifancythat
Day 3: #21daysofhappy Join Me in The Challenge #YGB #ifancythat http://t.co/jjjBvjTYsc
Day 2 #21DaysOfHappyMy twin @reneeCThunder went to 8am service....oh I know there is a God #21DaysOfHappy
“@_iamPIERRE: @JeffreyLampkin okay.. That's a great challenge!!”thanks baby boy...just trying to change the atmosphere!!!@_iamPIERRE it takes 21 days to create a habit #21DaysOfHappy@_iamPIERRE lol today is the start of a challenge I gave #YGB to be positive and choose to be happy. Today is Day1!!@JeffreyLampkin okayyyy soooo what is this 21 days of happy tho lolol
Retweeted by Jeffrey L. Lampkin#21DaysOfHappy coming soon 👏👏👏 #YGB 😻😻 http://t.co/pZeha5pAvw
Retweeted by Jeffrey L. LampkinIt's the first day of #21DaysOfHappy 😬😬👏👏👏👏
Retweeted by Jeffrey L. LampkinWhen everything seems to be going wrong & all odds seems to be against you , pray 🙏 , have faith & expect a blessing #21DaysOfHappy #Day2
Retweeted by Jeffrey L. LampkinSmile when there's nothing amusing about life 😬 #21DaysOfHappy
Retweeted by Jeffrey L. Lampkin#21DaysOfHappy
Retweeted by Jeffrey L. Lampkin#21DaysOfHappy 😆😁😊
Retweeted by Jeffrey L. Lampkin#21DaysOfHappy
Retweeted by Jeffrey L. Lampkin#21DaysOfHappy ☺️
Retweeted by Jeffrey L. Lampkin#21DaysOfHappy #YGB
Retweeted by Jeffrey L. Lampkin#21DaysOfHappy #YGB
Retweeted by Jeffrey L. Lampkin#21DaysOfHappy #ygb ☺😊
Retweeted by Jeffrey L. Lampkin#21DaysOfHappy #YGB
Retweeted by Jeffrey L. Lampkin#21daysofhappy #YGB
Retweeted by Jeffrey L. Lampkin#21DaysOfHappy #YGB
Retweeted by Jeffrey L. Lampkin#21DaysofHappy #YGB
Retweeted by Jeffrey L. Lampkin😉😃😄😁😀😉😃😄😁😀😊☺😆 #21DaysOfHappy #YGB
Retweeted by Jeffrey L. Lampkin#21DaysOfHappy #YGB
Retweeted by Jeffrey L. Lampkin#21DaysOfHappy #YGB http://t.co/A2iVuKnATM
Retweeted by Jeffrey L. Lampkin#21DaysOfHappy #YGB
Retweeted by Jeffrey L. Lampkin#21DaysOfHappy #YGB http://t.co/FkQzAHsRVU
Retweeted by Jeffrey L. Lampkin#HappySaturday #21DaysOfHappy #YGB http://t.co/i6BZoU4o52
Retweeted by Jeffrey L. Lampkin@reneeCThunder shut up who getting married??@reneeCThunder choir workshop this morning and now prepping for this afternoon event wyd@reneeCThunder yoooooooo
#JoanRivers tribute is coming up!!! Join me on @wachfox #GooddayColumbia
@laticecrawford @iTunesMusic #ThroughItAll
These scenes with Sue Ellen are giving me life @Dallas_TNTNow watching @Dallas_TNT yesssssss @_skinnybynatureJoin me, @AnnNesby, @LennyWilliams, @SingDanetraSing, @JeffreyLampkin & more on 10/3 & 10/4 at the @congareefest #SC http://t.co/V0CtkSwiT8
Retweeted by Jeffrey L. LampkinOctober 11th ... Authors supporting Authors. @JeffreyLampkin can't wait. http://t.co/F02VmYV8yf
Retweeted by Jeffrey L. Lampkin
@reneeCThunder 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂@KountrySyde now see somebody feels me lol it's 5th Sunday too much to put on the full brigade@reneeCThunder well as long as she cooking I am game tell her bang on 🐰🍴🍴🍴I'm definitely wearing jeans to church today yessssssss@reneeCThunder LMBO yesssssss@reneeCThunder you okay??
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