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Tweeting that you paid for something with Apple Pay is the new tweeting that you have Wifi at 35,000. This too shall pass.
Retweeted by LessienRetina iMac : HP Envy Recline 27 :: Tesla Model D : Chevy Volt. http://t.co/PpDjzujBz4@jnportfolio cool. Thanks.@georgechen Nice. Get mine next week. Maxed.@jnportfolio got a non-FB link?"you don’t need this new iMac… But oh boy will you want one." http://t.co/lCj4TiXYnI@asymco @conorporter @drbarnard Those GPU gains are in aid of the software advancements that they help make possible. But still incremental.Apple’s Swift has open source challenger, Phoenix http://t.co/gE9fElwygK
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@monkbent @DanFrakes @BenBajarin @GlennF True. And given the exodus of PC market participants Apple benefits by continuing to invest in Mac.@DanFrakes @monkbent @BenBajarin @GlennF A lot of the Mac growth came in emerging markets, so this is kind of a second wave of the iOS halo.@DanFrakes @monkbent @BenBajarin @GlennF But why now? iOS halo has been in place for years.@AlexDaUkrainian @reneritchie The Air 2 presentation was speeds and feeds. They've stopped focusing on what iPad can do. And that's a shame."Whither Liberal Arts?" solid post from @monkbent. I agree completely. http://t.co/3m4FxRhlJv@AndyNico_ @drbarnard @reneritchie @monkbent @GlennF Wow. That's honest…@drbarnard @reneritchie @monkbent @GlennF I dunno. Those are the apps that seem most likely to get through – and win design awards.@TheNewLou @monkbent @GlennF Garage Band. Sure it runs on iOS, but tell me whether that app makes any sense on an iPhone.@rossrubin True.@monkbent @drbarnard @Lessien @GlennF Sum of all compromises: http://t.co/2FkzxLUX87
Retweeted by Lessien@monkbent @reneritchie @drbarnard @GlennF Priorities and time. It has to be on the table, given what's happening in the app store.@gte @counternotions @monkbent @GlennF And most of the big services want to "own the platform" themselves eventually…@BenBajarin @GlennF @monkbent Dunno. This feels like 2007 again with Vista. Apple gains because Microsoft had a weak launch with Windows 8.@Lessien @monkbent @GlennF Developers are incentivized to build the next Clash of Clans, not transformative apps. http://t.co/NCWlYXptmF
Retweeted by Lessien@gte @monkbent @GlennF I really don't know how the reset button gets pushed on the app store, given what has happened. It's tough.@drbarnard @monkbent @GlennF Spot on.@Lessien @GlennF I don't usually go here, but I think the iPad is the product where SJ is missed the most. http://t.co/4sczuVqccX
Retweeted by Lessien@jsnell You do have about a zillion. Thanks.@monkbent @GlennF It was wild. It didn't feel like it should be possible. iPad (marketing) needs to get its magic back.@drance @monkbent @GlennF 100% agree.If only we had a podcast… Sometimes Twitter doesn't work…@monkbent @GlennF Yep. If I were Tim, aside from the IBM deal (which was smart), I'd assign several teams to build transformative iPad apps.@monkbent @GlennF I was just reading that. :) Because the iPad is less of a fashion item, software is a bigger factor in its success.@GlennF Conundrum is that the economics of the app store and iPhone volume have stymied the iPad-focused development. And that's key.@GlennF The iPad suffers from the same problem as HDTVs. Once you have one, what's the compelling reason to upgrade? (1/2)Time to re-link @GlennF's "Incremental Change" post from TidBits: http://t.co/N2SdJdinXY@GlennF Sometimes it's called for. These reviews irritate me. "It's better, but is that enough?" #sighMy iPad review: It's a large slab of glass plus a battery. Hardware improvements will be incremental. Beyond that it's the software, stupid.So iPad Air 2 is the first three-core iOS device? Very curious. It has specs that way outstrip its software capabilities right now
Retweeted by Lessien.@Firebase is joining Google. Well done, @JamesTamplin @vikrum5000 and @startupandrew. https://t.co/aAj5elHUe7
Retweeted by LessienI'm quite excited about this new iMac. (Sorry, Mac Pro owners.) http://t.co/1bjlsR9M8v@fromedome np.@fromedome Their posts could use a plain-english explanation of their methods. It's buried in legalese in their privacy policy.@fromedome That's not creepy at all…With every one of these credit card breaches, the case for Apple Pay and Google Wallet improves. http://t.co/PQBIG492w6
@ShawnKing As if this isn't the same company whose CEO recently published this statement: https://t.co/BSRMYfBpsZ@GlennF True. I just hope this doesn't become another "gate."Do people know how search works?First Apple Pay experience was simple and easy. Good.This Fox News poll is everything that's wrong with media coverage of ISIS and Ebola http://t.co/bU3OCceF33 http://t.co/bFUpkti9Ej
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Glad Yahoo has Katie Couric...can she explain what the internet is yet? http://t.co/OxOMaXNg3P
Retweeted by LessienSolid article on Yosemite tips and tricks from @viticci. Hadn't known about iOS screencasts using Quicktime. http://t.co/BqUnsJauEy@reneritchie nah, but maxed out. ;)
@neilshea2 yep. You were right.@GlennF just one man. I do have some self control. :)@gte A cylinder of shame. That’s a show title if I’ve ever heard one. #awesomeSo, yeah, I guess I did want that iMac after all.The end of "going platinum". No albums have sold more than 1 million copies in 2014 http://t.co/h1WEu1y3z4
Retweeted by Lessien@tedtodorov Got one. Thanks.
What time do iPad Air 2 orders start?I do not need that iMac. #repeating
@NathanBowers don’t joke about that, man. Some of us are still scarred by That 70′s Show Jobs.Bale as Jobs. An improvement. http://t.co/d4sYOVPNLr
That little thing! Raspberry Pi sells cumulative 3.8 Mn pieces. Creators originally anticipated 10,000 over lifetime. http://t.co/ihshIKHqq6
Retweeted by LessienHilarious. What happens when you carry your #NobelPrize thru airport security, from @sciam: http://t.co/RFiWBuZSOW http://t.co/2gw6KSU4mP
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.@ttscoff @MacSparky Have you guys seen this?! Monodraw: ASCII art editor designed for Mac http://t.co/lvrG0ez3m6” #PlainText @Monodraw
Retweeted by Lessien@reneritchie obviously, I agree. :)@reneritchie gold or silver? Can’t tell.When citizens' reaction to being pulled over by police is to call 911 in fear for their lives, we have a problem. http://t.co/zMzxcrkx3a
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im really not fucking around when I say im sending $1,000 to the first 24562 people to retweet this http://t.co/fiLwJomLr7
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@c_davies No worries. Good write up. Super cool, and can't wait to hear more about the car. Thanks.@c_davies Did you get a chance to see the self-parking? How did that work?@c_davies How smooth was the auto-pilot lane shift and stopping? Seemed pretty natural from the video.Wow. The Tesla D's autopilot feature looks sweet. http://t.co/nbDE56zhNS /via @c_daviesNot sure what's more impressive: #Tesla P85D's speed or its auto-pilot http://t.co/QpE1apiV4f Check out my video of both! Tip @Techmeme
Retweeted by LessienWomen have closed an educational attainment gap with men that dates back to World War II. http://t.co/HMfdousNjL
Retweeted by LessienSomeone Deep Fried Pumpkin Spiced Latte. #smh http://t.co/skLZdOan80@oldmantone did you listen to the segment?Pure insanity. “In U.S., Ebola Turns From A Public Health Issue To A Political One” http://t.co/RqFAbFvZA4Haha. Apple to @Carl_C_Icahn: "We always appreciate hearing from our shareholders."
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@rickblauraya @treestman #no@treestman that’s a year from now. Apple will want to push adoption to probably 80% before then. Can’t get there on new device sales alone.@treestman upgrade stations at Apple stores? Or do something clever with iCloud + incentive to get people to free disk space?Literally cannot wait to take @HTC RE photos with all my smug model friends http://t.co/am8lYdyDZH
Retweeted by LessienWhat trolls made Kathy Sierra (@seriouspony) endure is horrendous: http://t.co/v7jJo1eNMS. It’s important: read it while it’s still online.
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"King of the click." Good article on IBM's Model M keyboard. It really was well made. http://t.co/RFZWZrA9QVHow long before payment cards are passé? http://t.co/iSAD3Aq0or
The H-P split-up involves 5000 layoffs and a huge fee to Goldman - a perfectly symbolic deal for modern capitalism.
Retweeted by LessienThe least useful hack ever puts Windows 95 on your smartwatch http://t.co/V6nbTBCvxv http://t.co/xskhmxdC2Y
Retweeted by LessienSamsung warns on Q3. http://t.co/xHMY9BCQA8Bankruptcy doesn’t mean “out of business.” Likely just an orderly restructuring of debt obligations. Relax.I take GT Advanced (Apple's sapphire supplier) filing for bankruptcy as evidence that Apple *did* want sapphire screens on the iPhone 6.
Retweeted by LessienCameras are cameras, yo. A few special needs can shift the right camera for the job from one kind to another. No need to be religious.
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@Moltz I think $5 Canadian and a can of Molson should cover it.@Moltz aren’t you over-paying?@bobegan good game today.Check out my newest time-lapse video 'NORWAY' https://t.co/SgFjz29FU1
Retweeted by Lessien@bobegan Yep. He's playing angry.Seriously??? “Customers buy virtual encrypted "tokens" from Apple to be stored on their phones” http://t.co/r0zJt7ViCg
Retweeted by LessienCome on, Rex. Take Geno out.#DET kicker might have to walk home.I didn't know all the details of what @seriouspony went through by the hand of this horrible, despicable Weev person http://t.co/pSRoabnW1G
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