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Matt Soar @MattSoar Montréal

Intermedia artist, filmmaker. Codeveloper of the Korsakow System. Director of the Montreal Signs Project. All views my own.

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"I write too! Share ideas?" #WorstDateIn5Words @cstross
So very much not in a hurry to see The Hobbit.
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I think an unbalanced acolyte of M.C. #Escher with a shopping fixation must have designed Peel Metro station. #Montreal #STM #avoidit
Aaron Sorkin is 100% correct: http://t.co/zolOGUxQ77
Retweeted by Matt SoarEvery now and then NYC subway ad "vandalism" is dead on http://t.co/pRbVHBKa4M
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Bank Bailouts The Speech That Could Make Elizabeth Warren the Next President of the United States http://t.co/iAdjewev5y via @HuffPostPol
Retweeted by Matt Soar@MiOCanada fuck you and your macho beach wrecker promoted in my timeline.
Retweeted by Matt SoarGeneration defining images are coming from #NYC #ICantBreathe protests today. #BlackLivesMatter #Seattle http://t.co/PCmMP7djEx
Retweeted by Matt SoarThis is what Washington Square Park looks like right now http://t.co/gTh0gwTvaV http://t.co/OkW35w4w1a
Retweeted by Matt Soar#EricGarner eyes. All eyes on us now. #MillionsMarchNYC #MillionsMarch RP @hragv http://t.co/gcG8AcOpQJ http://t.co/pBgbYcbaY9
Retweeted by Matt SoarThis image - Eric Garner's eyes - from #MillionsMarchNYC #ICantBreathe http://t.co/Kj6fzb25OK
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We hate you in Thanet, Farage. #UKIP You won't win.
Retweeted by Matt SoarBe thankful for what you have. You have no idea how many people would love to have what you've got.
Retweeted by Matt Soar@apfEID @mattgriffin @jkottke Good choice. Prometheus itself was a crushing disappointment.@geneweingarten iSmart's logo inverted via http://t.co/3dFQEbjafj http://t.co/O9Qrq7emJc
Retweeted by Matt SoarIt got me , twats http://t.co/ZkdLDVyddh
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And yes, you need to know who she is. It's appalling you don't already. https://t.co/mlhUn999AO
Retweeted by Matt SoarThis is Margaret Hamilton, NASA lead software engineer, and this is the Apollo guidance program she wrote. http://t.co/veweKVHE2n
Retweeted by Matt Soar@MarinaOLoughlin You'll have to check with Benny and Bjorn.@MarinaOLoughlin How about birthday angel wings?Fascinating piece on @PKSubban1 in @NewYorker: http://t.co/HWsATEOyOP #Habs
Retweeted by Matt Soarabsolutely 100% of the medical professionals who assisted in torturing prisoners should be 1) named and 2) stripped of licensure
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Outstanding take on Rolling Stone aftermath by @geneweingarten. Short read worth your time to the very end. http://t.co/6tNq1O9yfg
Retweeted by Matt SoarThis cretin was in the US Congress https://t.co/CoaIBNS8Zt
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Unarmed people of color killed by police: 1999-2014. http://t.co/w7J69Cyx8D http://t.co/Gesiuajkde
Retweeted by Matt SoarHeh. There's an ad in my feed promoting DVD burner/labelers. I wonder if they also make fax machines and typewriters.Cutting a great short about @MattSoar and his #LostLeaders #InspiringCreativity http://t.co/QYkNExbthn
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@tracey_thorn I was going to say maybe it's cos you use the word 'ailment', but now I can't think of a more with-it synonym.tried returning a fist bump to someone who was actually doing an impression of mcconaughey driving a lincoln
Retweeted by Matt Soar@mirverburg Nocturno-follicle-ick.
Blame Rolling Stone: How the magazine failed readers, Jackie, and rape victims everywhere: http://t.co/3AFxwffv10 http://t.co/QwowzdlZZ5
Retweeted by Matt SoarWhen I was a reporter source told me a false story. I almost got fired. Ran long correction. Took blame. Because it was MY FAULT. Not his.
Retweeted by Matt SoarInteresting how @RollingStone blames Jackie instead of its own writer & editors. Truly shameful.
Retweeted by Matt Soar@mckelveyf Arrghrighty!@mckelveyf @Concordia Hey @mckelveyf I'm getting a 504 on this link to your draft syllabus. Maybe it's been scuttled? #lostatseaJournalism at its best! From the left; Russian bomb in Ukraine, Ukrainian bomb in Russia and, Israeli bomb in Gaza! http://t.co/bKKFNEk5zY
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Lot of people suggesting that those who admire the anti-abortionist-bollocking woman donate to @KidsCompanyUK, where she works. DONE.
Retweeted by Matt SoarHero of the YEAR - pregnant woman definitively bollocks anti-abortion protestors outside a clinic. I LOVE YOU: https://t.co/vXHHBwQGwD
Retweeted by Matt Soar.@Concordia becomes first Canadian university to begin divesting from fossil fuels, writes @KSeidman in @mtlgazette http://t.co/rqlXOEOweb
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so this is what Fox News is running with tonight http://t.co/yFbtYnMWoU
Retweeted by Matt SoarThe http://t.co/FUEjIiEByg comment section on #EricGarner http://t.co/S9qr5XMdW4 http://t.co/KqBXNFdkty
Retweeted by Matt SoarGarner is unarmed. The chokehold is banned. The coroner ruled it a homicide. It is on video. None of this matters #ICantBreathe #EricGarner
Retweeted by Matt SoarThe @nbc tree special has reached a North Korean level of deceit.
Retweeted by Matt SoarFor those clinging to the last tattered shreds of the fantasy of American equality, #CrimingWhileWhite will prove to be productive reading.
Retweeted by Matt SoarReconnaissez-vous ce bloc? Où était-il? Il est maintenant exposé à Concordia... @MattSoar @Pastroptot #cptt http://t.co/Ns5pahn9Rv
Retweeted by Matt SoarLike farmers? Prepare to get very, very angry. http://t.co/389OjrgLX6 http://t.co/t2HAbqaSTJ
Retweeted by Matt SoarTo the Paynter’s and sat and had more of my picture done; but it do not please me, for I fear it will not be like me.
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Hey @TheSunNewspaper, @rupertmurdoch I'm gonna sue you and give the money to #NewEraEstate and JFT96 http://t.co/ouDQ5kY9lC
Retweeted by Matt SoarNow to follow up my question with my version of the answer to the question, also phrased as a question.
Retweeted by Matt SoarPrinted out my Social Science Conference Bingo sheet for AAA (Thanks for making these @zeyneparsel) http://t.co/putCg5zjeb
Retweeted by Matt SoarWouldn't it be great to see Elizabeth Warren run for president in 2016? Join me if you're #ReadyForWarren: http://t.co/6S0Qr1BVZy
Retweeted by Matt SoarBullet, penny & metal type! Doves Type salvaged from Thames: http://t.co/ZCbWg1ONRB #TypeTuesday #typography #fonts http://t.co/jqA6pz6m7o
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Observe the way that black deaths are "made right" in police reports: http://t.co/YlsUeJNqui ^@jbouie
Retweeted by Matt SoarI can't get over this. http://t.co/rYof1wu01V
Retweeted by Matt SoarDans une semaine nous commémorons les 25 ans du massacre de polytechnique. Nous avons un devoir de mémoire. #polqc #Polytechnique
Retweeted by Matt Soar@tracey_thorn Sticky notes. Coloured pencils. A decent sharpener. -> #Clarity.Meet @JasonSaenz, the new poster boy for Brooklyn comedy http://t.co/EFUrD3f8U3 http://t.co/JF22Tth58Z
Retweeted by Matt SoarA thorough listing of sci-fi centric uses of Eurostile, compiled by @daveaddey for his Typeset In The Future blog: http://t.co/6bGLXfEHlD 🔠🚀
Retweeted by Matt SoarBig, bad tech. Have to say I'm really glad we're at least having this conversation now. http://t.co/7AWeYwplnN
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Darren Wilson claims resigning is the hardest thing he's ever done. Guess killing an unarmed young man was a walk in the park then. Next
Retweeted by Matt SoarSigh. Really missing that pathetic @Chevron promo in my feed.UKIP vote strongest where there are fewest immigrants. Reactionary fantasy. Nice graphic via @EyeEdinburgh @Telegraph http://t.co/4nvvfOI6fi
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This is a nice Tumblr: Racists Getting Fired (& Getting Racists Fired) http://t.co/NMTqZ0L7bq
Retweeted by Matt SoarRT @nprnews Video Of Woman Dancing On Tehran's Subway Goes Viral http://t.co/BCgFApubJx <fuck star wars, watch this.
Retweeted by Matt Soar
Bell employees busted for planting glowing online reviews of Bell's new app on iTunes: http://t.co/gQPUDQdTa1
Retweeted by Matt SoarUber’s Android app is malware: http://t.co/DzRO6QVZfm — more reasons to boycott Uber (as if you needed them)
Retweeted by Matt Soar@ggreenwald http://t.co/zvTqXHa7az
Retweeted by Matt Soar100,000+ now demand that @SavetheChildren revoke award to spinmeister-for-dictators Tony Blair http://t.co/W01xwAwTJB http://t.co/0lbzkwuKDv
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WHITE PEOPLE NEVER RIOT because they cherish the sanctity of private property http://t.co/acV1iSahaL via @jigosthoughts #Ferguson
Retweeted by Matt SoarNever forget. #ThanksgivingTweets http://t.co/bn6mfW6qgv
Retweeted by Matt SoarNYT ed board calls Ferguson police dept an "alien, occupying force that's synonymous with state abuse." Damn. http://t.co/7pr13ypShF
Retweeted by Matt Soar@proctor Listening now!The body of Michael Brown http://t.co/CDY1rmworE
Retweeted by Matt Soar@proctor Recommendations?In case you missed: ads for Coke's new milk brand show nude women, covered in milk, being weighed. #everydaysexism http://t.co/2Zcvd2RakE
Retweeted by Matt SoarRemember there is NO STATUTE of LIMITATIONS for sex assault in Canada. #JianGhomeshi has been charged w/ 4 counts of sex assault.
Retweeted by Matt SoarJian Ghomeshi charged with four counts of sexual assault http://t.co/t4q664tiHw via @globeandmail
Retweeted by Matt SoarTaking museum selfies to the next level http://t.co/zu9jwGYwf1
Retweeted by Matt Soar
Vigil for #MichaelBrown @McGillU earlier this evening. #BlackLivesMatter http://t.co/gz2I9RxrEW#BlackLivesMatter #avatar via @waxpancake"Just something that happened" http://t.co/KPkYwu1cFF #Ferguson http://t.co/dpR3krGewx
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People ask me where I get my anger from. It is absolutely shit like this.
Retweeted by Matt SoarMore truth than will be found in media frenzy. This simple declaration from NYC to #Ferguson: "Black Lives Matter." http://t.co/dIVNxCTr4Y
Retweeted by Matt SoarI can't imagine how a prosecutor who distrusted witnesses and hated media coverage of the case might have failed to secure an indictment.
Retweeted by Matt SoarWhy protest? Because Missouri is engaged in the scandal of a lifetime. #Ferguson
Retweeted by Matt SoarApparently Mike Brown was shot and killed by social media.
Retweeted by Matt SoarThis is a fucking farce.
Retweeted by Matt SoarThe framing of "social media" by STL prosectuor as some kind of antagonist against "integrity" of facts is ridiculous. #ferguson
Retweeted by Matt SoarIs this guy a prosecutor, or a PR spokesman for Darren Wilson?
Retweeted by Matt SoarHis name is #MikeBrown and we should NEVER forget what happened to him 108 days ago in #Ferguson http://t.co/b4QKctb2rC
Retweeted by Matt SoarThe danger of a non-indictment in #Ferguson is not more riots, it is more Darren Wilsons.
Retweeted by Matt SoarRT @hutchingsahn: The cognitive dissonance inherent in pleading for peace when you look like this is astounding http://t.co/IKbRQZHmAy
Retweeted by Matt SoarC’est confirmé, BIXI sera de retour à Montréal en 2015! http://t.co/3DxSM4aKct
Retweeted by Matt Soar@cstross Bravo, sir, bravo. #therestofusarescrewed@cstross Wait a second: there's a cure??Comment sont faits les panneaux de noms de rues à Mtl? Une chronique @HugoLavoie à @Pastroptot http://t.co/LwXM6YCPyb http://t.co/bCg20kcZH8
Retweeted by Matt SoarHow has @Uber dealt with sexism charges? By deleting their "Rides of Glory" & "How Prostitution & Alcohol Make Uber Better" posts, natch.
Retweeted by Matt SoarIs there any evidence, at all, that the #1 thing people want from ePubs is page-turning effects? #ePub
Retweeted by Matt SoarBefore you next say "Yeah, but Photoshop manipulation is cheating, I prefer the old days", have a look at this: http://t.co/NwzOsfa8wN
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