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Lea Salonga @MsLeaSalonga Wherever I hang my hat is home

Singer, actor, occasional dancer, wife, mom, writer, traveler, foodie, and budding Instagram photographer. Coach on The Voice (Philippines). Loving my life.

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Thank you, @creamsilkph for the silky smooth welcome! It feels beautiful to be back! https://t.co/e0W9fR1P8c@AnnaMariaPdT You so pretty!!!!!
CMS and Nic. #DYHTPS #KennedyCenter https://t.co/zmsw41lS6NNicole. #KennedyCenter https://t.co/483ethmAFwThis is happening tomorrow and Saturday!!! #DYHTPS #KennedyCenter #BoublilSchonberg https://t.co/COtkaPELAbThe National Orchestra is making me cry. How incredible they sound!!! #DYHTPS #KennedyCenter
Backstory's out! http://t.co/Dji1pHbe8I
@uberwunderbar @benign0 Slam forehead against wall. Repeat as necessary. #ThisMightTakeAWhile@benign0 To lead the Phils. to greatness would be an act of selflessness & sacrifice by someone incorruptible, pragmatic, & nationalistic.Traveling to DC for another round of DO YOU HEAR THE PEOPLE SING at the Kennedy Center. See you on Friday and Saturday! #BoublilSchonbergRIP, Lee Kuan Yew. The mold is officially broken. http://t.co/JpNAZr2jQg@humorqoddess Thanks too!!! You guys were wonderful!@MertzTina Thank you too! We all had a wonderful time.
Thank you, Bucks County Courier Times! http://t.co/WzxMB07NXE@suit_n_ty Indeed, you are.@suit_n_ty Plus, special mention must be given to Mr. Corey Axler for an excellent adaptation of Lawrence Yurman's arrangement.@robinwingRC Thank you! Nice to meet you as well.@kendallsaurus Thank you! It was so lovely meeting you, too!The South Vocal Ensemble and yours truly. This is a snippet of Blackbird. https://t.co/u4DyeDlAhB@KruseAmanda Thank you for letting me! That arrangement was just so good, I couldn't resist!@suit_n_ty I LOVED it!!! I really enjoyed singing with you all, too!To everyone at COUNCIL ROCK SD, thank you so much! We truly had a wonderful time today. And you guys that did Blackbird were exceptional!!!
@JoMacaldo @victorlirio Mr. Hendricks is also very special.Corrected the typo. Now I feel better. And... you may substitute the word "coward" for something… https://t.co/p7pj67UbSZThere are nights when only feijoada will do. #BrazilianComfortFood@victorlirio @JoMacaldo @theonlyfleminal Let that be a sign then. Gotta find someone that loves you too. Waste of time otherwise.@JoMacaldo @victorlirio @theonlyfleminal Was I timely?Found this on a friend's Facebook. Agree or disagree? https://t.co/LPuxKwBcIf@wickedtin That's Broadway.The view above Montreal. Looks like spring hasn't hit Canada yet either. Sheesh! https://t.co/WztSwZHAcK
@angeelftw Nowhere. They have to wait until they turn 16 to be eligible for The Voice (Adults).@RomaMN_LC Because the age limit is 13. That's why.@AnikaNoniRose @twitter It's still there.My last night in Miami at the newly opened Market at Momi Oyster Bar in the Brickell area. If you're… https://t.co/QimgfDaWTj@JoMacaldo @victorlirio @theonlyfleminal ALREADY???????
Oh my, I actually have a couple of hours to myself! Time for nice, long tub bath and a good night's sleep. Club Regent tomorrow night!@JonJonBriones @MissSaigonUK @EvaNoblezada Nakatulong ba?@MissSaigonUK @JonJonBriones @EvaNoblezada I AM DYING!!!!!!!! DIYOS KO PO!!!!!!!!!Thanks, Momar! -- http://t.co/r7ifH7jbHH@choiskyla16 Skyla??? Is that you??? The little girl who demo'd taekwondo moves while waiting behind the big Miss Saigon set???
So this is happening tonight! #Aventura #Miami #BroadwayConcertSeries https://t.co/jWeD7mAXgiSaturday night we have the SOLD OUT @MsLeaSalonga show as well! This weekend is going to be off the hook!!
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Backstory's out! -- http://t.co/v6g6Z7rbhe@Jennifer_Paz @TheParDee @victorlirio OH WOW!!! That's amazing!!!@BrendanPart I sprained my ankle twice doing the Nightmare so... no. I love it from I Still Believe until Thuy's Death.@EvaNoblezada Oh sweet Jesus NO!!!HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO @EVANOBLEZADA!!!!!!!!! Spunkiest 19-year-old I've met. Have a fabulous one!!!@MissSaigonUK @BrendanPart I shall testify to the "insane" part.Watching #StevenUniverse in Miami with @victorlirio... Our friend @TheParDee plays Pearl!
@JeanneErika151 Nope, not meant for release. No matter what anyone says. @victorlirio @JoMacaldo@William_Soriano YOU are legendary! Thanks always for your calm energy and beautiful work! xxx@CallmeIane I wore a green jacket. I was left untouched.@kanarymendoza Sold out means sold out. And I have no house seats either, they're gone.@BestTG2 I didn't watch it so at the moment I have no opinion.@SarahJoyMiller_ @DivoDavidMiller Awwwww, thanks so much!!!This. Is. Me. Deal. With. It. http://t.co/ze2PV1s9GA@MingNa @AdriannePalicki Ming, can we say, #AsianDiscount?! And I loved Miss Palicki on Friday Night Lights.@broadwayworld Thank you!!! What a fun night that was!!!From Earlier- BWW TV: Watch Broadway-Bound Lea Salonga Sing Her Heart Out at Town Hall!... http://t.co/idGbW0S83c @MsLeaSalonga
Retweeted by Lea Salonga@DivoDavidMiller @SarahJoyMiller_ Thanks again for coming to the show!!!!!HAPPY ST. PATRICK'S DAY!!!
@Dianephelan @victorlirio Me too!!!!!@dontpugme If there's a Broadway Halloween shindig, WE ARE DOING THIS!!! @allegiancebway@BellamyYoung Shut the front door!!!!!! Wow!!!!!!!@allegiancebway @StaffordArima That's good to know! I would've been concerned if vampires made their way to Heart Mountain..@MsLeaSalonga was in Town Hall rehearsal when we broke the news about her joining our Broadway cast - watch! http://t.co/ldSGfPSZfL
Retweeted by Lea Salonga@JoMacaldo Well...........@StaffordArima @allegiancebway Hurray!!! New blood is always a great thing!!! Have fun!!!Yes!!! Bravo!!! http://t.co/HAUMQGChik
It's official: Mexico is in North America. Those at #LeaKaleidoscope last night will know what this is about. Ha!!!Look where I am tonight 😌. Can't wait to hear one of my favorite gals sing the roof off! Toi toi toi… https://t.co/hNyQePFNCJ
Retweeted by Lea SalongaEnjoying a lovely evening with the lovely @SarahJoyMiller_ watching the FABULOUS @MsLeaSalonga!! #Kaleidoscope!! http://t.co/spLMOJbgb6
Retweeted by Lea Salonga@JK_Ready You miss me, don't you?
WOO-HOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! https://t.co/6xJceX8t0e
@BrendanPart There might be some that were actually musical theater people, so I've just alerted TVOP staff to have those people send CVs.http://t.co/MjvlJSK2YmRest in peace, Liezl... my condolences to your entire family.Pledging Allegiance. Longacre Theater. Previews beginning Oct 6. Opening night Nov 8. Woohoo!!! https://t.co/4oDbrAdCPj@BrendanPart @allegiancebway @GeorgeTakei @tellyleung Kindly ask @thione who's our lead producer.@iheartLeaS Trig and Stat are okay. I remember doing okay with them both... until college. Then I sucked.@iLoveMsLeaS0110 It's not that I don't like it. I've never taken it up, so I know nothing about it.Speaking with @dontagala of ABS-CBN News about Kaleidoscope, The Voice, and my return to Broadway with Allegiance. - https://t.co/nwrXdNgQDA@MsLeaSalonga tells @dontagala why her return to Broadway in new musical @allegiancebway is so personal for her. https://t.co/SDzoJOlcay
Retweeted by Lea Salonga@ImCamille247 Not anymore. I lost the knack for it.@MaraWritesStuff Mahal din kita! Thanks to Mrs. Doubtfire and Matiilda, I am a fan. =)@BrendanPart I don't like taking selfies. I find it strange. I'd rather take pics of fellow cast members or set pieces. More interesting.@MissSaigonUK @MaxiNutrition @JonScottClark6 You'd better have enough to share.Reading @MaraWritesStuff's Twitter timeline. Damn she's smart.@RafieDjin http://t.co/zYB5hfo3Ef
@BradTakei @GeorgeTakei I know, right?!@DirekJoey Oh my, I wonder why!Previews begin at the Longacre on 10/6/15 - Lea Salonga and Telly Leung Will Join 'Allegiance' on Broadway This Fall http://t.co/kRmjUCCLCjOkay, that's it for tonight! Thanks, everyone!@ms_villaroya Epal, mute. Sumbungera, mute. Bashers, block and report.@rfredeluces Sorry, but you'll have to remain frustrated for the rest of your lives.@leaco91 There are always understudies for all the principal roles in case of illness or injury.@leamourxx Nope. I couldn't care less.@msnicXkaRN That there isn't a movie this year should be answer enough.@channyhill If I could cut down every cyber bully in existence, I would.@TheVoiceDarren Nope. But I get tired of packing. I hate it.
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