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PeteWadeinIndy @PeteWadeinIndy Indianapolis, Indiana, USA

Tea Party member recovering from @GOP. My opinions are, at times, unintentionally offensive. PROUDLY A TARGET OF IRS FOR BEING A TEA PARTY MEMBER!

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If you haven't already done so, you should arm yourself. Muslim jihadists have began killing. Others & copycats will follow.Does anyone else find it ironic that the Democratic Mascot is an Ass?
Retweeted by PeteWadeinIndy@davidjones720 @Sanddragger and... as it never speaks.... its also a dumb ass, which, again, seems only logical to me.@davidjones720 @Sanddragger Nope. Seems only logical to me.Isnt it odd? Spanking a child is said to 'damage' him. I wonder if the World War 2 generation was aware of this before conquering the world?Im leaving @Yahoo as my home page. They are so far left they have become a propaganda factory for democrats and queers. I've had it.Everyone should pray the @gop & conservatives win big in this and the 2016 races. If not, I expect civil strife unparalleled in our history.hmmm... sudden silence began a few weeks ago. Nothing in media about hearings into Benghzai, IRS, illegals.... nothing. Just silence.If you cant name the candidates and the party they represent, you shouldnt be allowed to vote.Voters should be required to: Have a photo ID, pay state & federal taxes and have a verifiable physical residence.America has traitors in its midst. They reside within the ranks of the Democrat Party with Obama, Biden, Pelosi and Reid being ring leaders.In ref to @kimguilfoyle comments about uniformed young women voters are correct & applies equally to young men. THEY are the cause of Obama.@kimguilfoyle 's comments about the unawareness of voting age young women is being blown out of proportion by @Yahoo for political reasons."Judge dismisses Tea Party group's lawsuit against IRS over targeting" All Socialist Pig Judges For Obama Must Go! http://t.co/00YAPAutTu
Retweeted by PeteWadeinIndyBristol Palin is assaulted by a man and the MSNBC laughs? So much for the War On Women.
Retweeted by PeteWadeinIndy@Larryputt @marctyler30 @2ANow Sieg Heil, y'all...!What unique piece of fame qualified @MonicaLewinsky to make paid speeches? Yeah.... that's who I want my daughters to be like...It appears @YahooNews has began its never ending election cycle propaganda to discredit @FoxNews as being right wing sexist, bigoted kooks.
@Erniemorris1224 @Junebug1952 An ad for Democrat Candidate for Marion County Sheriff (Indianapolis) Is EXACTLY like this.@DLoesch FBI, Homeland, CIA & Military warn of high probability of Jihadi attacks..... while trying their best to disarm private citizens.America's childish addiction to media and its blind persuit to be like Kim, JLo and JZ, has brought about a generation without moral values."Hands Up, Don't Shoot" Time for a new Slogan👉Al❗️@l_see_you @gmiller1952 #Ferguson #tcot @jjauthor @MaydnUSA http://t.co/EhrNQskFwU
Retweeted by PeteWadeinIndy"War is Hell". Until your enemy agrees with that, you haven't been vicious enough. In that regard, the U.S. hasn't even engaged the enemy.From now on, when asked why an elder man such as I should carry a weapon, I will simply refer them to Kevin Vickers. http://t.co/2KUqRY84f9How many followers do you get everyday? I got 1 in the last day. Growing daily with http://t.co/5VAeZMZNXnHave you noticed how media sources are now turning on conservatives, as democrats go negative? I bet by election day, it will be deafining.Have you noticed? Doesn't it seem that Democrats are always 'screeching' at someone? Or, is it just me?White teens stomped to death by black mob; media silent, no hate crime charges, no @TheRevAl http://t.co/TsIBFTQx2e http://t.co/yF8g3GZ2V7
Retweeted by PeteWadeinIndyThe nagging question still rings, what is the Democrat Party elite hiding from the American Public and why won't Obama unseal his records?Exactly! Why are the President of the United States records still secret if there is nothing to hide? @Aijadaina http://t.co/wH41Eo4BpS
Retweeted by PeteWadeinIndySo…I have written a note to Mayor Annise Parker.... http://t.co/UTH6AxgOVq #RiseUp
Retweeted by PeteWadeinIndyDue to the well documented accidental deaths it causes & its use to kill a canadian soldier by jihadists, all CARS should be confiscated.
I doubt anyone on MSNBC or in Ottowa are having a serious discussion of banning automobiles... as used for the same purpose 2 days ago.@shelliecorreia @Bluesman57 @neonyorkie @weaselzippers One might ask to ban cars, too, as one was just used by a radical muslim 2 days ago,@goingprorogue @Bluesman57 @neonyorkie @weaselzippers Sorry , if you want to resort to gutter language, don't come to my timeline. BLOCKED!@PeteWadeinIndy @Bluesman57 @neonyorkie @weaselzippers The shooters were criminals. Criminals don't obey laws. Even Gun Laws....
Retweeted by PeteWadeinIndy@shelliecorreia @PeteWadeinIndy @neonyorkie @weaselzippers But the innocent are forced to.
Retweeted by PeteWadeinIndy@Bluesman57 @PeteWadeinIndy @neonyorkie @weaselzippers Law abiding citizens should be encouraged to learn to safe firearm use -self-defense.
Retweeted by PeteWadeinIndy@Bluesman57 @neonyorkie @weaselzippers .... and just how helpful was Ottawa's gun control in preventing this violence? Hmmm?Here's a great work for TARP funds! Place a museum of @DNC accomplishments in Detroit! I hear they can pick any spot they like!According to polls, the people in WISCONSIN seem willing, once again, to bend over & grab their ankles for union bosses and democrat thugs.A MESSAGE TO @Rasmussen_Poll .. Do you fools REALLY think Americans believe a poll that Obama has a 47% APPROVAL? Are you even TRYING?Private citizens go nuts and attack Canadian Parliment and other sites. So, why do dems want to disarm private citizens in America?@Donnam8470Donna Indeed.... LOL.In her defense, I have never met a 16 yr old boy who had to be FORCED to have sex with an attractive 24 yr old woman, i.e. Megan Mahoney.24 yr old Megan Mahoney arrested on 30 counts of sex with a 16 yr old boy. You know the boy was all innocent, too. Likely scared for life.@GarrisonRadio GUNFIRE AT CANADIAN PARLIMENT... ONE SOLDIER DEAD.. SHOOTER ON THE LOOSE>@GarrisonRadio GUNFIRE AT CANADIAN PARLIMENT. ONE SOLDIER DEAD. GUNMAN STILL ON LOOSE.GUNFIRE REPORTED IN CANADIAN PARLIMENT. ONE SOLDIER REPORTED SHOT AT ANOTHER SITE. JUST BREAKING@oaaselect @skew11 They are all paid the same in Detroit...I apologize for being a bit cheekie here but, now that its proven Mike Brown wasnt 'executed by Wilson, why are blacks demanding his arrest?Suggestion to the @DNC..To 'reinvigorate Detroit", why not have your next Presidential convention there?....oh, and bring your own water.... and the sign should read, "WELCOME TO DETROIT. HOME OF THE @DNC.There are 2 reasons our Marine is in a Mexican jail. 1) he's a Marine & the left loathes the military. 2) he's white & Obama loathes whites.
Like a kid who rolled cigarettes up in his t-shirt sleave to look 'cool', politicians rush mics to declare homosexual perversion is cool.@peddoc63 @mkues65 @SMadurski @CarmineZozzora @LodiSilverado @dansims115 .... uh... he was 'just a guy who lived in the neighborhood'.Romney was right about everything but, I suppose, we have been fortunate indeed. We have now had a black president. I feel better; dont you?The clarion call goes forthe by both parties; "help us find the perfect candidate'...... Then excludes all that are white males.It makes me sick that, dispite the failure of this 'social experiment' presidency, dems want to do it all again with Hillary.92M Americans Without Jobs, Stop @BarackObama Illegal Use Of Executive Order! #NoAmnesty #NoWorkPermits #VotingMatters #RedNationRising
Retweeted by PeteWadeinIndyIf Obama does this, he should be immediately impeached. http://t.co/R0YHiTOcygIf the 'welcoming document' to homosexuals was the braintrust of the new pope, catholics need to look elsewhere for a replacement.Why allow Obama to grant amnesty by fiat. Congress should take steps to override his maneuver. Its beyond rediculous to allow this.
Our founders would tell you they weren't 'brave men'. They were only doing what had to be done. What are we doing?@PatDollard When I predicted this a couple of years ago, my friends todl me I was just being 'homophobic'.... Today, they are no so sure.LGBT WAR ON CHRISTIANITY: City Threatens To Arrest Two Ministers Who Refuse To Perform Gay Weddings http://t.co/F0AAWoO39h #tcot #pjnet #gop
Retweeted by PeteWadeinIndy@PeteWadeinIndy The second is the better selection...Listen to something good for your soul, this moning... Come Now Angel Band...https://t.co/pxJcfVy6h4HAVE YOU NOTICED? @GallupPoll is no longer showing the Prez approval poll on its front page. It must be getting bad out there....1 daily follower. 1 unfollower. Justunfollow doesn't miss a trick - via http://t.co/5VAeZMZNXn
@tonykatz just sounded like he was trying to turn a false premise into an foundation to support his argument@tonykatz what wives inherit is based on the laws of their nation. That didn't change marriage@tonykatz multi wives were actually concubines
@KenWahl1 We all have weaker moments. Undue haste often renders less than hoped for results and, yes, it does detract from the message.Beautiful fall trees http://t.co/RqJ7VCZgGF
Retweeted by PeteWadeinIndy@JenaC2 @PaulFeldman3350 Magnificent trees and brilliant photography! Kudos!Is the factual portrayal of another race (any race) racism? If Stepin Fetchit characters really exist, is it racist to say so? Your opinion?5 amazing followers in the last day and there will be more tomorrow. Growing with http://t.co/5VAeZMZNXn
@WND_TV @SkyeShepard @YouTube isn't that a female 'hero'? What's wrong with it?The solution to image on the right-one on left.Pastors face charges 4 sermons regarding GAYS http://t.co/NSuiG9q0J5 http://t.co/9D2pCsKLaY
Retweeted by PeteWadeinIndy
Minneapolis is breeding #ISIS volunteers and they're worried about THIS?! #tcot #Redskins http://t.co/Kajw5X5Dxw http://t.co/SIkC0aJh2P
Retweeted by PeteWadeinIndy@zz2aa @PIX2CLICK You miopic idiot. Believe what you will. I'm tired of wasting my time talking to the purposely blind, deaf and REAL dumbJames George, of 'the examiner' just published a crap piece on the hoo, telling how dems saved America. Dont read it. Its pure horse crap.DOW appears to be tied to a boat anchor... and the fleet's in!YEP! RT@queengost My point was to show how all R supposed to respect them and they get nuts when anyone disagrees! To ea his own no PC here!@AppSame You mean "Nazi-Lesbian mayor", I believe.@zz2aa @PIX2CLICK sorry... my error... it was a fractured eye socket, not a jaw.... and there are HUNDREDS of reports for you to read.@zz2aa @PIX2CLICK its a matter of public record. Find it yourself.@opedanderson To keep the lie against BUSH going. Libs have gained a lot of political ground by using him as a whipping boy.@zz2aa @PIX2CLICK because you are a blind biggot who refuses to accept the truth. If the thug had been white, you wouldn't have said spit.Liberal media was quick to accuse Bush of lied about WMDs just to invade Iraq. I wonder if they will now apologize? http://t.co/e7UI3YPpT6WHERE IS THE APOLOGIES???? BUSH DID NOT LIE!!! http://t.co/e7UI3YPpT6So..... BUSH DIDN'T LIE like Obama, Peolosi, Reid, Code Pink, Hillary and @ABC @NBCNews @CBSNews @CNN & @HuffingtonPost Claimed?? Amazing!@queengost I'm not upset that others disagree with me. Why should I expect otherwise from a society obsessed with political correctness?@KenWahl1 Just the opposite. I appreciate the critique. Feel free, always!@zz2aa @PIX2CLICK Now, what evidence do YOU have that he didn't attack Wilson... other than heresay?@zz2aa @PIX2CLICK A broken jaw?@sandy_hamilton @michaelmeans49 .... and if you think we are 'judging', please explain Matthew 18: 15-18. Gotta run. Have a great day.@KenWahl1 sorry..... speed writing this a.m.
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