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PeteWadeinIndy @PeteWadeinIndy Indianapolis, Indiana, USA

Tea Party member recovering from @GOP. My opinions are, at times, unintentionally offensive. PROUDLY A TARGET OF IRS FOR BEING A TEA PARTY MEMBER!

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@tonykatz just sounded like he was trying to turn a false premise into an foundation to support his argument@tonykatz what wives inherit is based on the laws of their nation. That didn't change marriage@tonykatz multi wives were actually concubines
@KenWahl1 We all have weaker moments. Undue haste often renders less than hoped for results and, yes, it does detract from the message.Beautiful fall trees http://t.co/RqJ7VCZgGF
Retweeted by PeteWadeinIndy@JenaC2 @PaulFeldman3350 Magnificent trees and brilliant photography! Kudos!Is the factual portrayal of another race (any race) racism? If Stepin Fetchit characters really exist, is it racist to say so? Your opinion?5 amazing followers in the last day and there will be more tomorrow. Growing with http://t.co/5VAeZMZNXn
@WND_TV @SkyeShepard @YouTube isn't that a female 'hero'? What's wrong with it?The solution to image on the right-one on left.Pastors face charges 4 sermons regarding GAYS http://t.co/NSuiG9q0J5 http://t.co/9D2pCsKLaY
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Minneapolis is breeding #ISIS volunteers and they're worried about THIS?! #tcot #Redskins http://t.co/Kajw5X5Dxw http://t.co/SIkC0aJh2P
Retweeted by PeteWadeinIndy@zz2aa @PIX2CLICK You miopic idiot. Believe what you will. I'm tired of wasting my time talking to the purposely blind, deaf and REAL dumbJames George, of 'the examiner' just published a crap piece on the hoo, telling how dems saved America. Dont read it. Its pure horse crap.DOW appears to be tied to a boat anchor... and the fleet's in!YEP! RT@queengost My point was to show how all R supposed to respect them and they get nuts when anyone disagrees! To ea his own no PC here!@AppSame You mean "Nazi-Lesbian mayor", I believe.@zz2aa @PIX2CLICK sorry... my error... it was a fractured eye socket, not a jaw.... and there are HUNDREDS of reports for you to read.@zz2aa @PIX2CLICK its a matter of public record. Find it yourself.@opedanderson To keep the lie against BUSH going. Libs have gained a lot of political ground by using him as a whipping boy.@zz2aa @PIX2CLICK because you are a blind biggot who refuses to accept the truth. If the thug had been white, you wouldn't have said spit.Liberal media was quick to accuse Bush of lied about WMDs just to invade Iraq. I wonder if they will now apologize? http://t.co/e7UI3YPpT6WHERE IS THE APOLOGIES???? BUSH DID NOT LIE!!! http://t.co/e7UI3YPpT6So..... BUSH DIDN'T LIE like Obama, Peolosi, Reid, Code Pink, Hillary and @ABC @NBCNews @CBSNews @CNN & @HuffingtonPost Claimed?? Amazing!@queengost I'm not upset that others disagree with me. Why should I expect otherwise from a society obsessed with political correctness?@KenWahl1 Just the opposite. I appreciate the critique. Feel free, always!@zz2aa @PIX2CLICK Now, what evidence do YOU have that he didn't attack Wilson... other than heresay?@zz2aa @PIX2CLICK A broken jaw?@sandy_hamilton @michaelmeans49 .... and if you think we are 'judging', please explain Matthew 18: 15-18. Gotta run. Have a great day.@KenWahl1 sorry..... speed writing this a.m.@sandy_hamilton @michaelmeans49 If you think I am being 'judgemental' then you err because you have 'judged' me. Scripture judges.@sandy_hamilton @michaelmeans49 Was the apostle Paul being 'judgemental' in 1Corinthians chptr 6? ...and such WERE some of you.@sandy_hamilton @michaelmeans49 Oh, so we shouldnt judge by their fruits? Pedophiles? Murderers? Rapists? Hitler said he was Christian.@sandy_hamilton @michaelmeans49 If you repented of your sin and follow Christ, you are no longer a sinner. You WERE a sinner, NOW saved.@sandy_hamilton @michaelmeans49 Sandy, Im not condemning homosexuals more than adulterers. Those who practice sin continually are sinners.@sandy_hamilton @michaelmeans49 No, Sandy. We cant know a man's heart. But 'by their fruits you will know them'.What does repentance mean?@sandy_hamilton @michaelmeans49 You are confusing unrepented sin with weakness.@sandy_hamilton @michaelmeans49 You need to go back and read the entire chapter, Sandy. You missed a lot.@sandy_hamilton @michaelmeans49 Do you think those who know the turth, but chose not to repent, are saved?@schmiedsrr @michaelmeans49 @sandy_hamilton AMEN TO THAT!@sandy_hamilton @michaelmeans49 It is true. Our duty is to tell them truth but, we dont becze society derides us as hypocrits & sinners too.@sandy_hamilton @michaelmeans49 Christians are NOT sinners. By faith they are saved by grace through Christ's death. "a new creature"@sandy_hamilton @michaelmeans49 "Even the devils believe in God" Sandy, homosexuals unrepentently live in sin continually by choice.@sandy_hamilton @michaelmeans49 "We have all sinned" ... "Should we continue in sin that grace may abound? God forbid it."@sandy_hamilton @michaelmeans49 Do I commit sin? Yes. But there is an eternity of difference between 'committing a sin' & 'practicing sin'!I'm a social outcast because I believe... The President is unfit for the office he occupies & is guilty of violating our nations laws.I'm a social outcast because I believe... TV and newspaper reporting is largely propaganda of communists and the democrat party.I'm a social outcast because I believe... no congressional representative, nor President, should be paid a salary.I'm a social outcast because I believe... Elected officials, regardless of party or position, should be limited in the time they serve.I'm a social outcast because I believe... the Federal govt has no constitutional authority to demand that states allow homosexual marriage.I'm a social outcast because I believe... Homosexuality is a human sexual perversion no less repugnant than pedophilia.I'm a social outcast because I believe... I don't want homosexuals in leadership our schools, our churches, our military or our government.I'm a social outcast because I believe... that Muslims are not my 'brothers and sisters' and that Islam is a pagan religion.I'm a social outcast because I believe... Muslims are lost without Jesus Christ & ,unless they repent, hell will be their reward.I'm a social outcast because I believe... That 'political correctness' is a deception of Satan to confound Americans.I'm a social outcast because I believe... If anyone has to pay income taxes, then everyone should have to pay at least $1.00 in taxes.I'm a social outcast because.... I believe giving illegals citizenship cheapens my own citizenship & mocks those who became citizens legallyI'm a social outcast because....I believe merchant shouldn't be required to provide services that violate their faith..even for homosexuals.I'm a social outcast because.... I believe HOUSTON TEXAS pastors should lead marches against the mayor for attempted persecution of churchesI'm a social outcast because.... I believe the President is a communist muslim, that he hates white people and that he hates America.I'm a social outcast because.... I believe , regardless of race, those killed while attacking cops deserve no pity; their family does.I'm a social outcast because.... I believe abortion is murder and those who obtain, perform & allow abortions are murderers.I'm a social outcast because.... I believe ALL sexual sin, is sin. I believe the bible teachesthose who 'practice' sin will be lost in HellI'm a social outcast because.... I believe biblical principals teach that homosexuality, adultry & fornication is sin.Dumbasses in STL protesting may want to read this ..... http://t.co/LpNKRy8g0H@zz2aa @PIX2CLICK Nope. There's absolutely NO EVIDENCE showing the cop did so. He assualted the cop and died in the porcess. End of story.IN HOUSTON TEXAS!!!! Pastors risk jail time for the gospel. http://t.co/7DQrXGVAJT
Chuck Hagel thinks climate change is our greatest threat.... And he's our Secretary of Defense????Only in "Politically Correct America" is it wrong to point out the racism and anti-semitism of the black community.@zz2aa @PIX2CLICK I DO RECOGNIZE IT! And I'm damned predjudiced against welfare recipients violently protesting a cop shooting a criminalReally? There's a Mike Brown "Memorial" in Ferguson? Is it shaped like a box of cigars, perhaps?My success offends blacks. My religion offends muslims. My gender offends feminists. My citizenship offends illegals...yep. I'm a white guy.@BlackElegance1 I admit it. I work my ass off every day to pay government assistance and welfare to #ferguson protestors. IT DOES EFFECT ME!I wonder what the racist black lynch mob in #ferguson would do if the KKK showed up?If the soon-to-be race rioters in #ferguson were required to disburse if they received govt assistance, the reamining 2 would leave, also.#ferguson is not a grass roots protest it's an organized lynching
Retweeted by PeteWadeinIndy@BlackElegance1 Refusing to accept the truth does not deminish it.Dear Black Protestors at #Ferguson: Please note! If you shoot at cops, you are likely to die as a result.... EVEN IF YOU ARE BLACK!@PeteWadeinIndy Jimmy Carter Iran Hostage crisis ring a bell
Retweeted by PeteWadeinIndy@1Viperbabe True, indeed. I always thought communism would eventually end our nation. Now I believe political correctness will be.The duty of members of the armed forces of America, to defend our nation from all enemies, does not end at discharge.I wonder..... How much incompetancy Obama must display before the Congress demands his resignation?@Harriet_Sthlm Nej, det är inte bra. Inte alla muslimer är terrorister .... men alla terrorister är muslimer!@BarneyFranken @CindyBP @vivek_murthy I must have been fortunate this past 54 years. None of my guns have been detrimental to my health.@usacsmret ....or, at least they wouldn't be bothered by its effects. :>0@BroLes3 Likely, I will perish in the ensuing battle.What a Surprise! Hard Core Leftist Agitator Lisa Fithian is Coaching Protesters in #Ferguson | Progressives Today http://t.co/7sKd0UhZAD
Retweeted by PeteWadeinIndyNumber crunching for the past day - 2 new followers and NO unfollowers. Stats via http://t.co/5VAeZMZNXn@Harriet_Sthlm sant ... alltid, i varje fall.I see black celebrities, who continually ache for publicity, arrived in Ferguson, Mo, demanding to be arrested. http://t.co/2I4SSV9RUb@SenRicardoLara I suppose, in California, racism is acceptable.... but only when its victim is white. http://t.co/RZUwDOCaN1...but, but, but.... I heard Bush lied about wmd's in Iraq? http://t.co/EK9oEIz2G2@mikandynothem @time4T Wish this guy was running! He's been my best hope for a candidate since Regan....@Harriet_Sthlm @Sverigefriend varför skulle anti semiter förbjuda anti semitism?@Harriet_Sthlm @Sverigefriend Uppenbarligen inte så@chicksonright Nor have we by compromising social issues and at the end of the day, if you become your opponent to win, what have you won?
@chicksonright a lot Of us agree with Mike HuckabeeIf minorities truly want to keep their children safe, teach them to be better citizens by example! 72% of black children are without fathersI wonder how many 'dead beat dads' are among black men marching in STL, providing an example to their disowned children of unwed mothers...If a white man shoots at a cop and is killed, its the guns fault. If a black man shoots at cop and is killed, charge the cop with murder.STL black man shot by cops Parents claim he had no gun & was only holding a sandwich. Bullistics showed sandwich fired 3 rounds then jammed
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