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Rita J. King @RitaJKing NYC / Isola d'Ischia

Making things happen at Science House. Futurist, @SciEntEx. Maker of Mystery Jars, Treasure of the Sirens and written works of all kinds.

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@rsafian Nice to see you tonight, wish it had been under different circumstances.@JohnFugelsang that's my mother's theory too. It has legs.@mat @1bobcohn @tanehisicoates same experience with the ads but I also persevered.
@sbkaufman @HOLSTEE actually the timing is beyond perfect@sbkaufman @HOLSTEE thanks! I'm shocked that our paths haven't crossed. Would love to invite you to Science House and talk imagination.My holiday reading list will be full of @sbkaufman: http://t.co/3lETqO6RrMClips from six of Mike Nichols' best films, including "The Graduate" and "Silkwood" http://t.co/iYPHI87C6d http://t.co/fwPn1sldsj
"The creative adult is the child who has survived," by Ursula K. LeGuin, is the mantra of the Imagination Age.@jrhusney @mikearauz I love that. But what does it mean? If you haven't made a decision, just decide not to engage further with the thing?Happy birthday, @jack!!!@lilitmarcus I found myself always trying to sit with my back to the windows so I didn't have to see it all day every time I'm there.@lilitmarcus I wonder how people working there will feel. I have a client in Seven World Trade, and the 9/11 memorial is constantly visible.@sgentiluomo wonderful to see you! I was so happy to be there tonight and Paola was mesmerizing and brilliant.There's a reason why the NYC taxicab industry ended up being regulated, and history does repeat itself: http://t.co/4atFJQ2sco
@fredbenenson if not for the fact that I asked a question already I'd ask you to talk about Emoji Dick! Interesting implications.@brainpicker I love the term "trails of usefulness..." Raises so many questions.@curiousoctopus @fredbenenson really provocative event! http://t.co/EaAdOtJ2aC@fredbenenson @curiousoctopus Girl Talk isn't commercial, that's one of the reasons why he hasn't been sued, I think....Yes! “@brainpicker: Why sci-fi authors are so good at predicting the future http://t.co/LoIzoaiSbY@pmarca My very first job in 1996 (at AOL) was Netscape heavy. Ended up being a cover story for the Village Voice.@cathmking @GlobalFundWomen thanks for inviting me!Having loved Washoe and her family of humans, this really choked me up. http://t.co/zUT4SGgDnc@hoffmanpaul I look forward to you setting your mind to brunch.@nickgray email me! rita @ sciencehouse dotcomYou can be sure that if magical wizard @hoffmanpaul sets his mind to something, it will happen. http://t.co/aNQ97mylegImagination is truly the path to the future. Everything we've created was once an idea. http://t.co/0Wv626yLFI @pmarcaThrilled to be included in @GlobalFundWomen #BeTheSpark! Imagination: the Path to the Future http://t.co/0Wv626yLFI
@hodgman I speak for one million humans when I say we hotly anticipate the world vision you will now announce. Like tonight or soonish?@pmarca I'm with you on regulatory competition. Fabulous job with this event..@pmarca The "imagination component" is exactly right. The Imagination Age is in full swing!@pmarca At Science House watching your 2013 Milken talk. Love your defense of @Twitter. I fully agree.I love the cast of characters in my life with code names like The Sentinal, who are ever-present, full of realness & working their magic.@kejames @livingarchitect @drlucyrogers I love that glowing tile!! Brilliant!You guys, @drlucyrogers & friends made this glass tile that lights up when the #ISS is overhead http://t.co/mtlEfYfRT0 WANT.
Retweeted by Rita J. KingWhat happened when @charlesaraujo came to @ScienceHouse from the @IntelITCenter? Check it out: https://t.co/6OsNZStD4aLana, cider and cinnamon sticks @ScienceHouse. http://t.co/Yzge2hgdN5@Grady_Booch I'm pretty sure, almost positive, that the egg came first and the first thing out of it was unicorns.If you're not subscribed to 5IT by @alexismadrigal you're missing some serious fascination.
@johnccarver have you heard about @GalxyzLab?"I'm putting magic unicorn on our eggs." "Okay." http://t.co/H5PggdHL8z
Happy Creative Weekend to all of you! http://t.co/17vwZr6KQI@johnccarver so magnificent!! Can't wait to learn more. Will call you tomorrow!
@twm531 thanks, #FWSIM for having me! It was a lot of fun.
Ray Bradbury on how working for the wrong motives kills our creativity and warps our ideas of success and failure http://t.co/KRjLnhXrN8
Retweeted by Rita J. King"Be Bold" by @bethcomstock: http://t.co/zx9RmrI7Z3. Prioritize human capital.@businessinsider globally or in the US?@RoostVineyard we're in 24 countries promoting k-12 STEM@RoostVineyard Science House website looks like it's up when I check. Still having issues?@kryphos @pmarca it's one of the best ways to understand how people think and act. You get paid very little but learn a very valuable skill.@jpalinkas @chris_p_intel @charlesaraujo http://t.co/oaSmSMKYYP :)@johnccarver tomorrow is much better for me...@johnccarver greetings to you! Let's chat soon!@pmarca people tend to really underestimate the extrinsic skills gained from working at seemingly undesirable jobs early on.We had a great time doing this @IntelITCenter interview with @charlesaraujo from @ScienceHouse: https://t.co/IorQhDJ1jNThrilling, @methodquarterly! FINALLY, a journal about science in the making! via @alexismadrigal. http://t.co/nDK7V69LvZ@GVHirsch http://t.co/fYVk3aBpis future of neuro-imaging
Feeling of a ghostly presence created in a science lab! http://t.co/EH1jkUvsSk via @SciEntEx
"We are what we pretend to be, so we must be careful what we pretend to be." Kurt Vonnegut, born 92 years ago today http://t.co/DHpgRSZqCE
Retweeted by Rita J. King@rsafian @ctrlzee that's why we need the Imagination Age. "It's only a lack of imagination..." - @patagonia CEO Rose MarcarioLast cosmos of the season at Science House. http://t.co/KTT53LdJaGWaiting. http://t.co/zzQsBEwL3r@charlesaraujo @IntelITCenter can't wait. Thanks again! Hope to see you soon. Let us know if Intel wants to do a Culture Map :)@chris_p_intel @charlesaraujo I am working on a set of Mystery Jars involving the elements.@chris_p_intel @charlesaraujo those blocks have the elements on them!@charlesaraujo you're such a natural on camera. I hope this @IntelITCenter series continues throughout the entire Imagination Age.Such a great #ITChat, you fabulous @charlesaraujo! Thank you, @IntelITCenter. Can't wait for future episodes. Thanks to @jpalinkas too!“I focus on the mindset of collaboration between humans & machines” @RitaJKing #ITChat ( #ITChat live at http://t.co/X6ECzODGxv)
Retweeted by Rita J. KingScience House is live on the @IntelITCenter! http://t.co/qHaSu5YIDt with @charlesaraujo@jpalinkas @charlesaraujo Is that link the one where the broadcast will be as well as the registration page?
“@IntelITCenter: What happens when the Industrial Era ends? @RitaJKing on the Imagination Age, tomorrow #TransformIT http://t.co/QgXrzMeJg6@VanityFair Your choice of Anil was spot on, but... "the genial air of a one time nerd?" @anildash is forever.*Not* Terminator style! “@RitaJKing of @ScienceHouse discusses how AI will surpass human intelligence http://t.co/bW9slyLO61 #ITChat@IntelITCenter @businessinsider @CIOonline @_robin_sharma @charlesaraujo Looking forward to it!To stay competitive in the IT world, you need to think like a futurist — @RitaJKing explains on 11/11’s #TransformIT http://t.co/y5gkUJLeqe
Retweeted by Rita J. King
I've got two pictures of Hedy Lamarr, artist and inventor, in my office. http://t.co/yDXL22vp58Hedy Lamarr, born 100 years ago today, helped invent the tech behind the wireless internet http://t.co/DcVC05Lehv via @MeredithFrost@hhavrilesky not just because I can't/won't live that way, but because I shudder to think what kind of adults those kids will be.@hhavrilesky your piece is also an eloquent description of why more of us are opting out.@juliangough Just came across this ---> "Killing the dragon cues the game's ending credits, written by Irish author Julian Gough." !
Visiting @sketchbkproject in Brooklyn! http://t.co/OFSAHfbrkI
PS. If you want to *actually* go next level on the doll front, try @makielab : https://t.co/gIuzL5VrCd. Requires imagination.A tiny-waisted blonde doll with a hammer isn't exactly breaking the mold. http://t.co/kEXNDHLWad
@katelanfoisy @Esquiring high tide on that memorial is transcendental, but I never realized until I saw it at low tide. Changed my life.@katelanfoisy that's exactly where I had my epiphany on September 5, 1999. High tide though.Blue hydrangea writing crown. http://t.co/Ez4lCHSefWWhy your brain loves good storytelling: as tension builds, oxytocin triggers empathy for the character http://t.co/YZVg0E5vJU @HarvardBiz
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@PrakashPuru green Micron 02!
The right combination of pen and paper just does it for me. http://t.co/f0UrGElIsm@rachsyme dark before morn, I don't know I'm never up that early.
@Tim_OConnell I'm with you, for what it's worth! You can imagine the trouble I get in when I get my "bigger than physics" opinion on.@Tim_OConnell some would argue with that nothing transcends physics because there would be no emergent intelligence without it...@Tim_OConnell also it remains firmly in the realm of the theoretical, which, as a construct of intelligence, also transcends physics.@Tim_OConnell ToE hopes to link all *physical* aspects of the universe. Can't be understood or communicated without imagination, though.@Tim_OConnell you mean the movie or in general?Go, @flat_world! “@cetesse: 10 Hottest Technologies in Higher Education http://t.co/bfL25mOhIF"
Stardust memories Mystery Jars. http://t.co/OvQm0EEB4k@claytoncubitt Such an ignominious end. Truly.@claytoncubitt or the way the author keeps needing to assure *us* that these new realities are not upsetting?@claytoncubitt also PS. Those are exactly the reasons I thought. I mean, it's not *that* hard to figure out what's happening there.@claytoncubitt the subject matter or the way it's written? I can see a case for both.
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