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Sinnamon Love @SinnamonLove House of Love, Brooklyn, NY

Retired PornStar. AVN & Urban X Hall of Fame Inductee. Published Writer. Radio Personality. Educator. Mother. Grandmother. AutismActivist. Hip Hop Head. HIS.

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Sweet dreams. http://t.co/zwMig2i73OCheers! http://t.co/A0ulcdZrU6Just posted a photo http://t.co/A0ulcdZrU6@DannyBlaqPhotos @AEexpo @HilsonCherryXXX @RoxyReynolds @SerenaAlixxx @Skin_Diamond @dannyblaqvideos I'm not there. I am home in Brooklyn.Hashtag No Filter. http://t.co/ZIRslzK4mJToday's reading material for my commute: "Happiology: The Science of Creating Your Happiness" by 17… http://t.co/Df4FzojKsmThat moment when you when you want to rock your brand new rubber boots and you realize the store gave… http://t.co/1CJOueR5mO@DamagedBlackMan I am neither pompous nor a hypocrit. There are however, other ways to show your appreciation and say hello.
@fotoret That isn't me.For me. Thank you Urban Buddha!! I needed this reminder. Some days I forget that there is enough… http://t.co/HEwSedLcqk"When its cold outside, I've got the month of May..." Freddie King. Oldies but Goodies. (718) 468-1066 http://t.co/O7KlSus7gKGood morning #TeamLove! Make it a great day!! Its Friday!🎉 instaweatherpro #instaweatherhttp://t.co/6xXsR9JgLt
#glutenfree English muffin with prosciutto, provolone, sauteed spinach, avocado, olive oil and… http://t.co/xnbKa2HORK
"Gwanma..." - gothamsartwayne http://t.co/uL4QinoSWE@Ir0nK0K Why? It is exactly what I said it was.@rufusthomas80 Yes of course. Writing too.A Tribe Called Questの Jarobi Whiteさん紹介してもらい ました😁 気さくに話してくれ、かなり良い人でした🙌🙌🙌 http://t.co/BYHvaFdN48
Retweeted by Sinnamon LoveHaving a child on the #Autism spectrum has taught me more about #Love than all the self help books,… http://t.co/SpGvFT8K49Fried banana and green tea ice cream? Yes please! #Lunch http://t.co/ucMa2pXLAqHis. http://t.co/3riJgUzPObMine. http://t.co/SVMiiIpsiPAppetizers. #Lunch http://t.co/reMXgUHIZ8Grabbing lunch with my favorite son. Okay, my only son... But who is counting? #love #family #autismhttp://t.co/D6qE2MxIOqTrying something new today. #LactoseFree yogurt for me. #YoBaby for gothamsartwayne. http://t.co/hPVp9evPU0
Every superhero needs a little escape from the hustle and bustle of saving lives. "Its a dirty world… http://t.co/SdzGyz3Edzgothamsartwayne is determined to catch up. #LittleEngine http://t.co/ehbSUlZuV9
@DamagedBlackMan Do you normally mention women's body parts as part of back handed compliments about their diverse interests?@humildee I am not a Christian. Thanks.gothamsartwayne rocking an #OICrochet custom, original camouflage infant infinity scarf, courtesy… http://t.co/EIOkQuQQwb@DamagedBlackMan Is that supposed to be a compliment?Someone is finally trying to sit up on his own. 😊🙌 http://t.co/k0UCHuhFOqLeftover remnants of a morning well spent. #TeamLove #CanelasKitchen #HouseofLove http://t.co/gG7jLDResr
If I tell youbtobtake the Williamsburg bridge, and you take the Brooklyn bridge anyway because its… http://t.co/9gGT0e8veY@AussieMav Just a 2 day thing off the coast. Nice getaway. 😊@IamLuvJo On a cruiseship.@Ryantd813 No.Bye #NorwegianCruise #Breakaway! Thanks for the weekend. Hi NYC! Its good to be home. http://t.co/Grt60qrtlF@ForTheByrdz @JarobiWhite lmao!@AussieMav heya!@Ryantd813 She is retired, a personal.yrainer, married and expecting.Guess with one I identify with? Lmao http://t.co/lEMFmYsSpD"Oh I miss you miss you miss you... " http://t.co/6Xtlnn8Dg1Just can't get a bunch of black folks in a room together. I'm waiting on the stepping to start. Lol… http://t.co/POUDlzHjbQ
"You're my greatest, my greatest inspiration..." "keep on lifting me higher..." "more beautiful than a… http://t.co/xJ0PGuATBmWhat I tell you?! #Electricslide #familyreunion #BlackLivesMatter #NorwegianCruise http://t.co/yPl1uqulRQGreat show. Cute plot. Like how they told the story of the Sunset Strip and The Rainbow Room. 😉 Love… http://t.co/MbdYaQLobmKeep me rolling... http://t.co/82o3F1i99OArmed for this 80s Hair band show, Rock of Ages. Lol! Oh boy... http://t.co/4QyU2O6yEkThe shoes that are garnering attention on the cruise ship. Lol They aren't even.fancy, but okay.… http://t.co/nkldD32iL0Some guy sitting across from me at the sushi bar, just walked up to me and said he loves my stilettos.… http://t.co/OhPgwXRBOeI am so incredibly greedy. #AllMine #ilovesushi http://t.co/lTshNIbaGmI have turned into that person... Brought my own #glutenfree soy sauce on the cruise with me. NOT… http://t.co/ZmcTFNA2rFLychee Saketini? Yes, please! #NorwegianCruise http://t.co/CjTrKtndo3@humildee Thank you.@Ryantd813 I speaknwith her regularly. She is one if my best friends.@ForTheByrdz They have a huge deal on 6 bottles. I am not buying 6 bottles. I told @Jarobiwhite it would be awesome if I had buyers already.Racking up tickets in the pub in my spare time. Lol. Skeeball is my shit! http://t.co/oUvy2ckHxkTotally counterproductive to the spa cruise vacay. Lol 🍦🍧🍬🍫 http://t.co/dpiuyKQGuyMy morning: yoga, acupuncture & breakfast with an ocean view. Next up, massage, facial and a steam.… http://t.co/hztk9CySzl
Treating myself to a weekend spa getaway cruise. Destination: Nowhere. #Balance #CreatingBalancehttp://t.co/8xWbDoodaBYay!! Arrived in the mail today! Thank you sis for such a beautiful scarf for gothamsartwayne!!… http://t.co/aCtLvAMuGRI enjoy taking a step out the limelight and watching @Jarobiwhite garner all the attention. He is… http://t.co/JSYBD9cCsPI met photographer @johnnynubuzz 15 years ago in LA. He says it was at Rick Rubin's house at Puffy's… http://t.co/7Tcydj7nzP
Real Love. Nothing compares. http://t.co/fMZTKbCZed#2015Mantra http://t.co/5x7j6vebdzYeah... repost via @divvypic from ileftthestoveon Solid as a mutha-f***in rock 💎💪💜 😉 #instarepost20 http://t.co/Nf73SALzUtThis is the face of a happy girl. My man is home. I got to see my man rock the stage with his boys. I… http://t.co/YBO3QUZbX5What a line up! #Brooklynbowl #bkbowl #bowltrain #90sBaby http://t.co/SAtSYwxicSDas efx with the real hip hop! http://t.co/2YtQFoWBqWSOME of the 200 girls kidnapped last year by the Boko Haram escaped. More women and children.were… http://t.co/O6cJcte0jJgothamsartwayne is making mad friends at the Neurologist today. #CheckUp http://t.co/cxrNb9Ytj0@JBLEV Mostly old school 90s. Some newer stuff but not really.@Travis87097521 👵 Thanks!@Bigmikeforcepro Thanks!@mickytrio007 My heart is with you all.@SaraJayXXX @XBIZ You're welcome.@vagkage :) Never fear.@hlois23 Yeah... Its been 5 years.@yoswipe @theARTofTriLL Greater men have tried and failed... Lol! Appreciate the love though!@926max @jarobi Jarobiwhite you seriously not know what Pi is?? That is sad.@joshinacircle People in hell want ice water, but its just never going to happen.
Picked up gothamsartwayne early from day care. He does not appreciate the new found snugness and… http://t.co/nsBKPCor1PDear Weather App, If it feels like 6 degrees, just say its 6 degrees. Stop being such a tease. That… http://t.co/b3Y8nw19rIMood: Manifesting the reality I want. 🌺☀📡⭐ http://t.co/TlnCBA6HRFThanks Batman. http://t.co/OXtf4RFYmZ
Now that I have your attention, let's see if this post in solidarity with Nigeria due to the brutal… http://t.co/sb5WwncucOLooking for grandmothers in their 30s and 40s for a a new interview series with varied occupations. Please email sinnamon.love@gmail.com.Shout out to @theartoftrill for taking the time out your trip & your birthday to shoot some dope pics… http://t.co/TTTYLs9Os2"Word? Mommy gets to stay home and I have to go school? What part of the game is that Nana?" -… http://t.co/LssgnKuAk4
Such a good day. #LifeisGood http://t.co/hqSyViuwtGSteak. Roasted Green Beans. #Glutenfree Au Gratin Potatoes. #ItsWhatsForDinner #CanelasKitchenhttp://t.co/QJmQCTW0aQSpecial thanks to @jamilahlemieux for gifting this wonderful piece of literature for gothamsartwayne's… http://t.co/soM0TFX55GWhat is holding you back from being the Life you want to live? Mine is having so many ideas and not… http://t.co/WheXlCZoV2@microwaveoven77 Thanks! Same to you.
Mood. ⭐ http://t.co/Ui7txCEUmQYeah! http://t.co/KyjAN3Ucrg"Maybe no Romeo but he's my loving one man show..." http://t.co/htnYxESu8p@ceecee916 yum. :) I wanted to add yuca to mine as well, but forgot at the store. lol@tikipavelle most definitely. lol@sammygaleboe No.
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