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Programming Note: @TeamCavuto takes you inside the tightest midterm races – special LIVE Cost of Freedom Sat. 10a ET https://t.co/LeRcLw2YxV
Retweeted by Neil CavutoWhat’s the Deal with Jon Stewart blasting the Koch Brothers for advertising on his show? Go to @FoxBusiness now to see your response #CAVUTOIs @facebook about to predict the next election, by using YOUR information? I’ll give you the details NEXT on @FoxBusiness. #CAVUTOPoliticians aren't talking much about debt ahead of #midterms. RT if you think there's danger ignoring our $18T natl debt. @FoxBusiness 8PMStocks up, Republican fortunes down? Why Democrats are using this rally to rally voters. Not now. Try 2 years from now. 8 PM on @FoxBusinessIs @HillaryClinton a menace to the country? That’s what @RalphNader says, and he’s joining me tonight on @FoxBusiness at 8PM ET to explain..@bobbyjindal on midterms: Regardless of Tuesday - Republicans need to offer a positive agenda. Can't be the anti-Obama party @FoxNews.@bobbyjindal on @SenLandrieu's comments: They're ridiculous & offensive...and she owes us an apology @FoxNewsJon Stewart slamming the Koch brothers after finding out they're advertising on his show. Why is the Koch's money bad? What's your reaction?#CommonSense: Silence on tumbling oil prices is 'deafening' @FoxNews http://t.co/ZWF6i6n8OY
Who do you trust more? Google or the government? REPLY=GOOGLE. RETWEET=GOVERNMENT.In tonight's BIZ BLITZ... @VictoriasSecret in the hot seat for promoting hot bodies? See the ad that's got everybody talking... #CAVUTONOW on #CAVUTO: Why the more @GovChristie keeps shooting off his mouth...The more he keeps shooting his presidential prospects goodbye.The CEO behind the #KeystonePipeline is HERE with an offer for the President that he better not refuse. Turn to @FoxBusiness. #CAVUTONOW on #CAVUTO: Halloween coming early for the FBI? The Feds are dressing up to take criminals down...@Judgenap is fired up. He's HERE. NOW."Word the government's looking to fine banks all over again. Is it me or are there more urgent matters for our government to address?" -N.C.My column: "What's Slippier Than Gas Prices? Slipperier Politicians. Here's Why..." http://t.co/he3pObjTw5Watch #CAVUTO on @FoxBusiness at 8PM ET. I'm interviewing the CEO behind the #KeystonePipeline. Lot to get into. http://t.co/tL4v5GocxtChris Christie told a Sandy heckler yday to "sit down and shut up." What's your reaction to this? Does Christie's yelling help or hurt him?Wonder how you can save for your kids' college & still set aside $ for your golden yrs? Ask us & our pros will answer today at 4pm @FoxNews
The Fed finally turning off the govt spigot, is this good news for you? Our Fox Biz All Stars got you covered. @FoxBusiness #CAVUTONOW on #CAVUTO: Is the Grand Ol' Party about to be hijacked by the Tea Party? Actor @RobertJohnDavi weighs in now on @FoxBusinessWhat’s the deal with an #Ebola czar who doesn’t talk? Tweet at me with your thoughts and I’ll read some of your tweets on air.West Africa is the center of the #Ebola problem, but the White House could be about to bring that problem HERE. Details now on @FoxBusinessConcerns about #retirement? Have questions about your 401k or college loans? Ask us - we'll answer. Tomorrow at 4pm ET @FoxNews #CAVUTO#CommonSense: Will Hillary Clinton get the Mitt Romney media treatment? @FoxNews http://t.co/tOjNawitYFDo you agree with Sen. McConnell? Were you astonished by @HillaryClinton's "job creation" remarks? #CAVUTO http://t.co/VQHJQXvm2k
.@HillaryClinton backtracks on her job creation comment. Will big Wall Street backers start backing away from her? The answer now on #CAVUTOFmr. NSA Director General Keith Alexander says in a world full of bad...The #NSA could be doing some good...He joins me NOW on #CAVUTO.@NYDailyNews says it best.. "Where the hell "czar" you?" Tom Ridge joins me now on the #Ebola czar missing in action http://t.co/GquG6smsNuHear what Sen. Mitch McConnell just told me he’ll do, and not do, if he becomes Majority leader of the U.S. Senate. #CAVUTO on @FoxBusinessRT if you're pumped prices at the pump keep going down. Great news for the economy. How long will it last? I'll show you NOW on @FoxBusinessWhistleblower threatened by the #VA after appearing on my show? He brought the proof last night on @FoxBusiness... http://t.co/ma9OVwnf7WIs Christie Grandstanding or Washington Standing Down…or Both? My column: http://t.co/vFcLvKK4Nm.@SarahPalinUSA joined @Varneyco today on @FoxBusiness and discussed the war on women, #GOP leadership. Check it out. http://t.co/4N0KKcAcswSen Mitch McConnell (@McConnellPress): We have a totally unified party going into midterm elections @FoxNewsSen Mitch McConnell (@McConnellPress) on Clintons coming to KY: I have good luck when the Clintons come here @FoxNewsRemembering colleague, friend Terry Keenan http://t.co/VC2HAm9dDXVA Senate candidate @EdWGillespie ran this ad last night during MNF saying he opposes anti-#Redskins bill. Thoughts? https://t.co/2ta5cnFNje
Walmart apologizes after labeling plus-sized costumes "Fat Girl" costumes. What are your thoughts? http://t.co/XvikbPlt5C1 week til Election Day! Watch our special coverage 11/4: http://t.co/hpTbiOUtjg @TeamCavuto @MariaBartiromo @RichEdsonDC @SandraSmithFox
Retweeted by Neil CavutoTurn on #CAVUTO now to find out why tech billionaire @elonmusk says technology of the future is a threat to humanity as we know it...The #IRS is reportedly seizing bank accounts of innocent Americans... Tune into @FoxBusiness now for the details... #CAVUTO.@HillaryClinton says businesses don't create jobs. What do you make of this? Use #CAVUTO and I'll read some of your tweets now on the air!A Veteran Affairs whistleblower threatened? He's here now ...with the proof. Turn on @FoxBusiness. #CAVUTO #VANOW on #CAVUTO: Jay Carney says @BarackObama doesn't watch cable news. If that's true, why is he always talking about @FoxNews?Here’s a boost for the Geritol set. @LOrealUSA is set to make a 69-year-old actress its new face to the world. http://t.co/fwf1HVqiRK.@HillaryClinton says businesses and corporations don't create jobs. What's your reaction to this? #CAVUTO http://t.co/mCIir4q1WB
“Words matter. Backing them up matters more.” -N.C. RETWEET if you AGREE and check out my show on @FoxBusiness. Mon-Fri at 8PM ET. #CAVUTO
Lieutenant General Russel Honore stepped in to fix the chaos of Katrina. How would he fix the chaos of #Ebola? Watch. http://t.co/Km4SFk4Ru1
Here’s why your housing ship still hasn’t come in -- too many homeowners are still underwater. I'll show you what I mean now on #CAVUTO...Are America's best days ahead? Tell me what you think and use #CAVUTO in your answers."Is it me or is there no real leadership to prevent an outbreak?" -N.C. RETWEET if you AGREE. #CAVUTO @FoxBusinessTONIGHT on #CAVUTO... It's time to end this #Ebola crisis and we have the guy who could end it... now! 8PM ET on @FoxBusiness.Will the role of independent candidates be big election night story? Proof Americans are fed up with both parties... http://t.co/ozQ1MvyVKi
A cheating scandal rocking @UNC. Are other colleges doing the same? The man behind the investigation now on @FoxBusinessNOW on #CAVUTO: The number of independent voters is growing. RETWEET if you're fed up with both parties right now.Weather Channel co-founder says global warming doesn't exist. What do you think? Use #CAVUTO with your thoughts.Why the government could be using "Ottowa" as the latest excuse...to spy "on 'ya"... Turn on @FoxBusiness now. http://t.co/atZYQIk40E"Maybe we've been focusing on the wrong border. And maybe ISIS knows it. Why what happened up there should have us watching everywhere." -NC.@RepMeehan says the #OttawaShooting has all the characteristics of an act of terrorism. Watch this. http://t.co/b9Vm3P8Gdc @FoxBusinessWhy you shouldn't hold your breath for that housing boom... http://t.co/v1TiNzlf5xWatch this exclusive video we have on @FoxBusiness of last night's #WhiteHouse intruder. http://t.co/jKP85ctGgJFBN exclusive coverage of #WhiteHouse intruder last night in case you missed it...http://t.co/rrkvUvCLd6 @FoxBusiness http://t.co/Gonb6jAqY2
Fmr. media tycoon @ConradMBlack tells me now on @FoxBusiness what the mood is like in Canada tonight. #OttawaShooting..@IndependentsFBN join forces w/ @TeamCavuto form Voltron, save the world. Tonight at 9pm on FBN http://t.co/vT3jSG1hyH
Retweeted by Neil CavutoWill govt look to take more of our privacy because of attacks like this? I'll ask @KennedyNation & the @IndependentsFBN NEXT on @FoxBusinessI'm hosting a special report of the #OttawaShooting right now on @FoxBusiness. Tune in. http://t.co/0mvFeQtIYpCOMING UP at 9PM ET on @FoxBusiness: @GovMikeHuckabee on what the White House can do to ease terror fears. #OttawaShootingHomeland Security Committee member @RepMeehan joins me now on how Washington responds to the #OttawaShooting. @FoxBusinessA new @FoxNews poll shows 62% of voters are very concerned about #ISIS ahead of the midterms. What do you think?Another intruder at the White House? @RichEdsonDC joins me now live from the White House with the details.Former CIA analyst @FredFleitz thinks this #OttawaShooting has #ISIS all over it...He joins me now on @FoxBusiness.Hosting a LIVE special report on the #OttawaShooting on @FoxBusiness. Tune in now for the latest.TUNE IN for a LIVE special from 8-10p ET with @TeamCavuto for the latest on the #CanadianParliament shootings. http://t.co/Bvks4y9tAA
Retweeted by Neil Cavuto#CommonSense: Stop attacking Ebola czar Ron Klain. The American people deserve better @FoxNews http://t.co/uLe2aQbj3j
Putin's out for payback... And he has his sights set on Ronald McDonald? Tune into #CAVUTO for the details... @FoxBusinessIf you think cheaper gas means cheaper flights... think again. I'll explain NEXT on #CAVUTO. @FoxBusinessDHS places restrictions on passengers entering U.S. from Ebola-stricken countries... but will anything but a travel ban work? #CAVUTO #EbolaCOMING UP on #CAVUTO: The FBI's new push that could make "your" cell phone an open book...MLK Jr.'s niece @alvedaking has some advice for both parties. Republicans: Don't pay us lip service. Democrats: Don't take us for grantedWe've got a great show tonight. Don't miss it! 8PM ET on @FoxBusiness. #CAVUTO http://t.co/RVLytSVa6AWhat’s the Deal with me being away during all the market craziness? http://t.co/yM8DHSe91v @FoxBusiness #CAVUTOWhy Apple Proves You Don’t Need a Sale to Boost Sales ... Check out my column: http://t.co/LtTlXC1zfR #AppleJust because Ebola is mutating doesnt mean simple civility & decency should be mutating with it. Because that would be sick -NC #CommonSense"What does all this mean? If you make a compelling enough product, they will buy." -N.C. @FoxBusiness #Apple"And all this slap-dab in the middle of one of the most sluggish recoveries we’ve seen in American history." -N.C. @FoxBusiness #Apple"Apple sold 39.3M iPhones last quarter. Tell me the last time you heard a company – any company – sell nearly 40M units of anything." -N.C."The next time someone tells you the consumer’s caput, tell them about how #Apple woke them up." -N.C. @FoxBusiness
#ApplePay... Up? NOW on #CAVUTO: Why anyone with an iPhone 6 could soon be seeing their credit card bills pile-up...Think the media is over the top on #Ebola? What if I told you this crisis would be "over," if only the media had jumped on it "sooner"How will this #Ebola crisis affect the upcoming midterm elections in two weeks? We discuss NOW on #CAVUTONOW on #CAVUTO: Congressman @RepFredUpton tells me he wants to ban all flights from West Africa. RETWEET if you AGREE. #EbolaWant to shut down #Ebola? How about shutting down our border. TONIGHT on #CAVUTO: What we could learn... from Nigeria.Excited to be back tonight on @FoxBusiness at 8PM ET. Make sure to tune in! http://t.co/fiGT0jkU1RMy column: "Too Many Chefs in the Contagion Kitchen? Why It Could Make Us All Sick" http://t.co/MJuxRdUupkShirking my duties for... @DancingABC????? Perish the thought! I am BACK tonight at 8PM ET on @FoxBusiness! Miss me? http://t.co/hGu7Ss8J4M“Increasingly we don’t know who to believe, or which agency’s edicts are sound.” –N.C. #CAVUTO"The danger right now is that far from reassuring us, the government’s pile-on of protectors against #Ebola is scaring us." -N.C.
Hollywood actress @SuzanneSomers says the Obama Administration is the most divisive of all. Watch here. http://t.co/zeU5aJH22x
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