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Heading off to hike the Inca Trail with @pahlkadot! A few pix if possible, but likely no signal at many times.@adolfoplasencia Not yet. We start on the Inca Trail tomorrow.Magnificent views on the hike from Urubamba to Maras. http://t.co/Lla3BbXM85
In case you were wondering what a McDonald's looks like converted to scientific use (http://t.co/aFQbF3L1GE) http://t.co/yZKmbQ08f6
Retweeted by Tim O'ReillyWe have a responsibility to share stories - old & new - about how listening to patients benefits everyone. This is how cultures change.
Retweeted by Tim O'ReillyLove it: reestablishing contact with a satellite that had been silent for 17 years http://t.co/ojz0wmgQhU via @jonbruner @OReillySolidEric Von Hippel classic this morning on user innovation. A model T snowmobile by early lead users http://t.co/jr2Iaex5DA
Retweeted by Tim O'Reilly"The @github paradox shows the beauty of open source — & why it’s so important to the future of tech." http://t.co/wcE8JYFh0c @BenBalter
Retweeted by Tim O'ReillyDouble-dipping: Low wage-paying companies force taxpayers to fund benefits, says report http://t.co/MTH69G951F http://t.co/IpyTOrCrXp
Retweeted by Tim O'ReillyFounders are pace cars for a team. Rare to see someone who could or would harder than a founder was willing to work. Work ethics are viral.
Retweeted by Tim O'Reilly@OpsRob Glad to inspire you. It is really great.@George_Lowry Yes, of course!
@timoreilly Our next venture after Layar http://t.co/Bu3o6sclVM to unleash the untapped potential of the Edgeworker. http://t.co/8DAdvaaE2v
Retweeted by Tim O'ReillyI love the local taxis in Ollantaytambo and Urubamba! We need these in San Francisco! http://t.co/z5u0vfl2CX"These steps aren't up to code," jokes @pahlkadot at Ollantaytambo. No, they aren't! But others are far worse. http://t.co/rGsyfWnGo0
The Urubamba River from the ArcoIris Bridge. http://t.co/WCtqBWpBF5The new 3D Robotics Solo may be the smartest drone ever http://t.co/6SB30vWCOw http://t.co/gFj3Q89yeT
Retweeted by Tim O'ReillyThe revolving door of the spying industry is “an extreme case,” says gov't ethics expert https://t.co/IAo9eboWag http://t.co/Q1hsUjocrj
Retweeted by Tim O'Reilly@moth Thanks!@rlux Yes, right across.Texas has nothing on Peru. They like their Coca-Cola big down here! http://t.co/TpblSyT7jm@aneeshchopra @pahlkadot Thanks!It was either @haleyvandyck or @Erie. But I wore it proudly!@claudiawilliams @pahlkadot Thanks!
@spjika @pahlkadot Thanks!@kmcurry @pahlkadot Thanks, Kevin!Most helpful Califonia water reality-check summary yet? @hiltzikm drawing on @petergleick http://t.co/DQElCj0TJq @latimes
Retweeted by Tim O'Reilly@bridgetkromhout @pahlkadot Thanks!@j3 @pahlkadot Doesn't she always?@Stefanauss @pahlkadot No animal! This was a family wedding! Not work-themed!@rivanoff @umairh No, up in Fort Tryon Park, near the Cloisters, a stone's throw from where @pahlkadot grew upLast night at the reception for my wedding to the incomparable @pahlkadot! http://t.co/1FrkTcQpt0
Designing for the Internet of Things: what we really need is critical thinking http://t.co/ujp84lHjmD
Retweeted by Tim O'Reilly@doctorow Love that place.
As the gender gap in tech shrinks, women in data are no longer outliers. http://t.co/0GtBL8YkTr New Report from data warrior @Bencheton
Retweeted by Tim O'ReillyThere are more libertarians than Paul Krugman thinks. http://t.co/Zds9JfW0hm http://t.co/frDBM4iZ4J
Retweeted by Tim O'Reilly@randyhall And direct messages gone awry being innocuous!@timoreilly another great @bunniestudios talk from #31c3: "From Gongkai to Open Source" https://t.co/O4WKmquL53 blog: http://t.co/Jr1S7xSndC
Retweeted by Tim O'ReillyHere's the talk @bunniestudios gave at #fossasia about hardware innovation and end of Moore's Law https://t.co/I2tkaTR2Kub via @harishpillay@TheJakePulliam @pewresearch Not to anyone who uses it instead of just reading opinion pieces! Default photo sharing for android too.Good @indie.vc news: @SarahM is joining as VP of programs! http://t.co/9DMEHWV7qU Congrats to both Sarah and @bryceFacebook most frequently-used social media platform for teens. Instagram next http://t.co/DKqeDV4xsX http://t.co/86cFkiMgJN
Retweeted by Tim O'ReillyLaura Poitras was once on terror watch lists. Now she holds an Oscar. https://t.co/nWsUZE7g58
Retweeted by Tim O'ReillyBig takeaway from today at the @WhiteHouse: GovTech vendors should build to the visionary leaders of local gov, not the middle of the pack
Retweeted by Tim O'ReillyGerman edition of Make on newsstand in Frankfurt airport. Published by Heise. @make http://t.co/CkRS3MzY7r
Retweeted by Tim O'Reilly@pandemia @matteoc @CivicHall It was funny, and @AMashariki got a big laugh!And we're live! Check out the lineup for the 17th annual #OSCON and reserve your spot now http://t.co/29brqxll3u
Retweeted by Tim O'ReillyMy prepared remarks for this evening are at https://t.co/jZbqPqvR0h
Retweeted by Tim O'ReillyThe new drone everyone is talking about Watch the video: http://t.co/dWrzdyfb4z http://t.co/f80tJG2qe3
Retweeted by Tim O'ReillyLearning JavaScript can be fun! Watch @shanselman killing it last year at Fluent. Schedule: http://t.co/MHzoFVetca https://t.co/Svyb40Lp8K
Retweeted by Tim O'Reilly
"I am a freelance civil servant." The great @carlmalamud, talking @CivicHall. The man is eloquent & impassioned! http://t.co/qRCnD5g50oBrilluant! RT @ASE: #Uber offering Canadians free rides home if they blow into a breathalyzer http://t.co/Xg0wZbyGDi@TeglerWrites In theory, but more often flawed implementation is used to hide or excuse/extend flawed policy.“The average Times reader sneering at those desert lawns from the Upper…” —@stevenbjohnson https://t.co/etOjKl6g86 http://t.co/rnHBgq40re
Retweeted by Tim O'ReillyNo doubt. #Foursquare is strong on 'world.' cc: @dens https://t.co/KfGV54darp
Retweeted by Tim O'Reilly"Nobody gives a damn what level of gov change happens at...average American just wants government to work." - @pahlkadot #govtech @CivicHall
Retweeted by Tim O'ReillyAnd this brilliant @CivicHall slide from @AMashariki. Need to remember this trick! #talkfast http://t.co/t7fufKJ2y3@digiphile @laurelatoreilly @macslocum You are very welcome!"376 pages is an executive summary in the Federal government" @AMashariki at @CivicHall. Even better, this slide! http://t.co/aiyckpQ0qfBlacks are about 12 percent of the US population. But 41 percent of UNARMED people killed by police. http://t.co/RrxmuO1e92
Retweeted by Tim O'Reilly"The success or failure of social justice policies, health care policies depends on their implementation." Jascha on why Gov IT matters.@pahlkadot calls @todd_park "a modern day saint" in her remarks at @CivicHall. I agree. http://t.co/vEksH9cGjRSuccess strategies for women in #bigdata: free @OReillyMedia webcast feat. @laurieskelly @Renetta_Tull @mcanalytics http://t.co/TRlgGW5qXK
Retweeted by Tim O'ReillyJascha Franklin Hodge of @DoITBoston on lean gov IT "We are trying to buy a process rather than a product" http://t.co/yXrZf49mmNLovely Ubatumirim Beach, Brazil https://t.co/4CSllDx9p0 http://t.co/HskJjb3R7i
Retweeted by Tim O'ReillyTuning in to @pahlkadot at @CivicHall: http://t.co/KHinteO4Ey on #civictech & avoiding another @HealthCareGov debacle http://t.co/x76DaoIQ8L
Retweeted by Tim O'Reilly@danablankenhorn Right. Faster chips = silicon. The realm of Moore's LawTerrifying! RT @Noahpinion: Student loans constitute 45% of the financial assets owned by the federal government http://t.co/YI1GhUjwlv@danablankenhorn No, it’s very specifically about silicon. The silicon law is what drives everything else.Brilliant post by @bunniestudios about why the slowing of Moore’s law will spur hardware innovation http://t.co/ejkf01FIV1 via @mikeloukidesIn case you missed it, we added 10 new titles to @safari yesterday. https://t.co/5HIuM9K7tF http://t.co/fRdkFMcU65
Retweeted by Tim O'ReillyMT @PeerJCompSci: Publish your article in the launch edition of PeerJ Computer Science. Sign up and publish for free! http://t.co/DR8Xy69BOpThis is what Product meetings look like @safari. http://t.co/LaAp5ZKNjg
Retweeted by Tim O'ReillyHey NYC - check out tonight's event @CivicHall w/founder of @codeforamerica @pahlkadot on govt tech: http://t.co/R2gQrCixQN
Retweeted by Tim O'ReillyBeloved #Brontosaurus still trending on Twitter - read on and find out why it is back! http://t.co/FQGqPhghqr #OA http://t.co/rb5oYqgIzg
Retweeted by Tim O'Reilly"An assault dispute underscores how Uber sees both drivers and passengers as clients" http://t.co/M7eOnRa4aU http://t.co/Un45NCHQJj
Retweeted by Tim O'ReillyThis is a MUST READ! Federalist principles for healthcare data networks http://t.co/dZJo5QYiiL by @Mandl & Kohane http://t.co/6Tz3m0oory
Retweeted by Tim O'ReillyUnless there is a video, like this video, African Americans are just not believed - @VanJones68 on #WalterScott http://t.co/29TrhiZJyw
Retweeted by Tim O'Reilly@ariannahuff @digiphile @HuffingtonPost Congratulations to all of you! What a great fit!Blogpost from @civicMIT on @carlmalamud's talk on PACER and activism: https://t.co/tolJ56JsJ8
Retweeted by Tim O'Reilly17 years ago today, @oreillymedia hosted the #OpenSource Summit. Still feel lucky to have been in the room: http://t.co/3xQ5OpWdZU
Retweeted by Tim O'ReillyHow to make sure competitors aren’t taking your government customers http://t.co/MwEhfoyKNr
Retweeted by Tim O'Reilly
@nelderini @LaconicDroid The only time I read WSJ columns is when andy emails his out, so I've never had that problem. Just re sharing irony@timoreilly @andykessler Ironically unreadable due to WSJ paywall.
Retweeted by Tim O'ReillyA good point by @andykessler about real time data release as an antidote to insider trading http://t.co/4RztvsDQruAs McDonald’s bumps pay for employees, a look at why companies with higher salaries for low-level employees do better http://t.co/jdvnOTcddh
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Reinventing Healthcare to Serve People, Not Institutions by @timoreilly #googlenow #healthcare http://t.co/WN9IbydDkO via @SlideShare
Retweeted by Tim O'ReillyAs Google Abandons Our Collective Memory, @InternetArchive Steps In To Save It http://t.co/zxCIsnLYU0 - @waxpancake
Retweeted by Tim O'Reilly@timoreilly Preserving Our Collective Memory: Google Drops The Ball, @InternetArchive Picks It Up https://t.co/vaOAs26NK4
Retweeted by Tim O'Reilly@RikMaxSpeed @cap Yes indeed. There were some great @marissamayer comments on that subject, in an interview about @StevenLevy's Google book@traceylindeman Encourage him to contribute to open source projects. He will hopefully find a community there. Work on projects he loves.Sometimes, writes @davidfrum, silly stories highlight important truths. Take Jeb Bush’s errant checkmark: http://t.co/dzREbIWY0I
Retweeted by Tim O'ReillyGreat Q&A: 'Civic hacker' Jennifer Pahlka, founder of Code for America http://t.co/ktwI5HNC7h Why more talent is flocking to #govtech“This country belongs to you and me and it’s exactly as good as we make it.” - Mikey Dickerson explaining why @USDS http://t.co/0AcrecHtIpBlockchains "will change the whole trading & settlement topic” - @UBS to open a #Blockchain Research Lab in London http://t.co/HwS5rleiuv
Retweeted by Tim O'ReillySee our most popular book right now: "Learning Spark" on @safari https://t.co/EsaamNRrw4 #BigData http://t.co/uAxpNmDjBv
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"Higher ed is broken! You don't need a formal education! Now, here's a whiteboard coding interview question from algorithms 101."
Retweeted by Tim O'ReillyIs there a violin small enough? -> profits could be slashed by clamp down on tax avoidance - http://t.co/LU2IkBVNbw (H/T @antonyslumbers)
Retweeted by Tim O'Reilly@sfermigier @jeffjarvis I won't argue with that. I still fail to see how this invalidates the argument of the piece I originally shared@sfermigier @jeffjarvis Now I’m really confused about your point. HuffPo op-ed seemed to be defending H2020, yet you say it’s deceptive?