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Media&Comms, Marketing & Economics Student at SydneyUni. Football, Gaming, Pop Music. Wednesday Drive at 2RDJ 88.1FM. All tweets are of my own view and opinion.

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@ProDirect_LDN hey guys! What's your store opening details for Christmas Day/Boxing Day?Small & Fluffy http://t.co/YeP8TthTIp
Through to the semis. @CesarAzpi and I had a double job tonight... 😂 #COC http://t.co/D78uq27Z8T
Retweeted by Alexander EnricoOff for a holiday :) See you again in the new year, Sydney! http://t.co/4jdDE8vsFRCongratulations @filipeluis for his first goal for the club! What a goal to open your account!Well done lads! Onto the semi final we go! @chelseafc #CFCLiveAnd it's @hazardeden10 !!!
And after a tireless 10 or so months of keeping myself busy I'm finally having myself a holiday, starting tomorrow!Academics and career have progressed, personal life has gone through a couple of interesting chapters, and I've developed as a person.And that's a wrap for my year in Sydney! What an incredible year this has been on all levels and facets of my life.
How am I, the one that lives in Sydney, not hearing any of these? Please double check all stories you may come across! #sydneysiegeI've received numerous phone calls from overseas regarding what they're hearing on their news channel about #sydneysiege and I was shocked.#illridewithyou is such a beautiful movement. Meaningful in more ways than one.Ugh: Uber introduces $100 minimum surge pricing during #SydneySiege http://t.co/9YZ9WKo7D2 via @jennijenni http://t.co/9Xk76P4S3V
Retweeted by Alexander EnricoAt least the TVs down here aren't saying "We'll be back for normal programming right after this breaking news"It surely feels like I'm back in my 'home' countryGee… Hopefully this #sydneysiege situation develops for the better. Always hard though when you deal with people without rationality.
Things that make me smile: a fully Christmas decorated bus and a really lovely bus driverwhich manager was unbeaten in August, in September, in October and November - but has not got a single award so far this season?
Retweeted by Alexander Enrico
Dear Ubisoft, Stop milking the Assasin's Creed franchise and turn it into another CoD. I'd rather wait longer for a brilliant game. Cheers
Sorry I'm late guys, just come straight from the Round Table... http://t.co/jvGsilJwRP
Retweeted by Alexander Enrico
Not a happy break-up. Nike are suing former designers for trading sensitive design documents with adidas | http://t.co/KzaGvgEsdv
Retweeted by Alexander EnricoTeam Pool needs your official 'vote' of support. Let's break the internet. RETWEET if you would buy a ticket to the DEADPOOL MOVIE.
Retweeted by Alexander EnricoIt's a great feeling when I think back to what I've done so far this year and I can smile, thinking, "That was one hell of a year."And it's not over yet ;)Looking back at 2014 I can only think of a sentence... What a year this has been!!!
Just about one more week! Can't wait to finally meet this little fluffy guy! (And the other 3 newborn)… http://t.co/ScBsFfHwCV
Didier Drogba on Frank Lampard: "He needs to leave City! He needs to leave us all alone" (Canal+) #CFC #MCFC
Retweeted by Alexander EnricoMourinho on #NUFC timewasting: "You may as well put a cow in the middle of the pitch, walking. Then stop the game because there was a cow."
Retweeted by Alexander EnricoArsène Wenger believes Cesc Fabregas and Samir Nasri will stay at Arsenal http://t.co/WzqHWJH
Retweeted by Alexander Enrico
Could be worse news on Aguero than City feared. Hearing it might well be ACL.
Retweeted by Alexander Enrico@Jack_Septic_Eye love that you upload your videos just in time for breakfast in Sydney! Best morning TV ever. #septiccommentsMourinho classic: "Everybody was waiting for Chelsea not to win every game & one day, when we lose, there will be a holiday in the country"
Retweeted by Alexander Enrico
COME ON YOU MIGHTY BLUES!!! @chelseafc #CFCLiveThree and a half hours of football, and my legs are jelly. And I ran out of protein too.
GTA V have been on the Australian market for 1 YEAR. ONE-BLOODY-YEAR. Pulling them out of the stores now is just like "pulling out late".Another win at Stamford Bridge! Thanks to your support! Otro triunfo en casa! Gracias por el apoyo! KTBFFH @chelseafc http://t.co/zng7Xtaqsh
Retweeted by Alexander EnricoParking meters expired? http://t.co/fXEqCJ06pg
Retweeted by Alexander EnricoRemy!!!! Come on you mighty blues #CFCLiveDROGBAAAAAAAAAA #CFCLiveHAZARD!!!!! That's how good they areLOVE THE LIGHTING FOR THE NEW STAGED ENTRANCE AT STAMFORD BRIDGE!! WELL DONE @chelseafc !!! #KTBFFH
Reading off traffic news on #2rdjFM today, and 11 out of 18 incidents are due to flooding... #SydneyStorm@edwin_smith1 most annoying: Not having an umbrella when travelling is required.Just watched Transformers: Age of Extinction. I want the past 2.5 hours of my life back. Kill this movie with fire. So bad. So so bad.Wow Warner Bros. really going all AAA for #SuicideSquad casting. Pushing for individual popularity of casts as selling point?Finally found a bible that calls to me more than anything else.... http://t.co/LGIVdBVTVT
I can't say I've been happier to receive something in the mail.... Just over 3 more weeks to go! http://t.co/osk0jOlwuCOnly 23 days away from checking an item off my bucket list..... @chelseafc #CFC http://t.co/b6uFslG1oaListening to a whole playlist of Hans Zimmer's movie soundtrack makes your life seems a little bit more epic #musicFINAL from Philly: Spurs get the win, 109-103. That's EIGHT in a row, #SpursNation! http://t.co/X9FzuTLRqn
Retweeted by Alexander Enrico@Jack_Septic_Eye thanks for uploading your videos just when I'm having my breakfast! Great way to start my day :)And this is what's wrong with where you live @JeremyClarkson http://t.co/n7xS6BGHeb
Retweeted by Alexander EnricoThis is what's wrong with where @MrJamesMay lives. #hammersmith http://t.co/9aFi8FcUXc
Retweeted by Alexander Enrico
Not sure if I just heard fireworks or gunshots...... #sydneyI wanted to have a Transformers-Themed party but I'm scared they'll call me out for appropriating the Cybertronian culture.
Gotta love shutter shots and then stupid things happen...like me slipping... http://t.co/iO0eWbFJ6OHad a ball playing #footgolf today with rafalaperal! The sky was clear and the sun was shining. http://t.co/zOmqMk6GBq
RETWEET to WIN a PS4 Ghost Edition of @DestinyTheGame - the upcoming #TheDarkBelow expansion looks amazing. http://t.co/YqaOgtvz3m
Retweeted by Alexander Enrico@WayneRooney I'll put u asleep within 10 seconds u little girl. Don't say stuff and not follow up on it. I'll be waiting
Retweeted by Alexander Enrico
Still undefeated. Still going strong. Come on you mighty blues! @chelseafc #KTBFFH #CFCCatalan commentator on TV3: "We should say thanks to our mothers for giving birth to us and giving us the opportunity to watch Messi play."
Retweeted by Alexander EnricoUnbeaten. Unfinished. @chelseafc progress! #ucl http://t.co/8qLI7DYmUe
Retweeted by Alexander Enrico@Skybirdmax @chelseafc looking forward to the knockout round in CL. Played all the "BIG" teams in the premier league and came out undefeated@Skybirdmax @chelseafc Jose has already made the statement ;) #unbeaten
Your own words can really bite back huh, Rodgers? #LFC http://t.co/1Sa45xhNJY
Chelsea remains the only unbeaten team in Europe with at least one goal scored in every league match this season. #cfc
Retweeted by Alexander EnricoThis match is exactly why @chelseafc needs a 60,000 seater stadium instead of 40,000.
Visas settled and match tickets bought. Can't believe it's finally happening I'm going to Stamford Bridge for Boxing Day!Yup so this is actually happening. Just 5 weeks away! http://t.co/p6rI6JiEyVThis pretty much describes what my summer is gonna be about http://t.co/Jq6GJV7mSLYep I fucked it up
@dewaogix Gik, tolong cek email dewa_ezpe kalo ada konfirmasi untuk tiket ChelseaSo I have just discovered that I have trypophobia....
we've lost a follower. how did that happen? so it goes
Retweeted by Alexander Enrico@elysenzglambert yeah I make people feel like that a lot. The tearful joy.@elysenzglambert https://t.co/KZG5X8rwAQ@elysenzglambert rude@elysenzglambert who's that friend huh?@elysenzglambert big hands ;)
I liked a @YouTube video from @jack_septic_eye http://t.co/NDtFKk5KQe DRAW MY LIFE: Boss Edition | 1,000,000 Subscriber SpecialThe results are in, and PlayStation 4 is the top-selling console in the US for October! Thank you! http://t.co/oPIhjrpppq
Retweeted by Alexander EnricoI often wish my Facebook newsfeed is a good balance between right-wing and left-wing views. And then I realise I'm currently at University.Anyone feeling generous then please help Frankie Rose, niece of Chelsea fan Billy. Small change welcome. Thanks.... http://t.co/fUlMz4r3lv
Retweeted by Alexander EnricoWhen two sporting icons meet. #Federer #Mourinho #Chelsea #Basel #Tennis #ATP #WorldTourFinals #SkyTennis http://t.co/cAdGLCFvDk
Retweeted by Alexander Enrico
Hellooooo heart attack #thedouble http://t.co/Rdx1zwdmUiFernando Torres in Chelsea: 10 Goals in 52 Games Diego Costa in Chelsea: 10 Goals in 9 Games http://t.co/C5Tsxe9eK6
Retweeted by Alexander Enrico
@ShaysPanda 😘@ShaysPanda no wonder your face isn't that nice either@ShaysPanda I'm trying to be nice! Appreciate it!@ShaysPanda such a meanie@ShaysPanda I'm being nice bitch@ShaysPanda all the best! ex ohChelsea Football Club is delighted to announce @Oscar8 has today signed a new contract: http://t.co/RdyLkzJJjP #CFC https://t.co/53PTH1RMC3
Retweeted by Alexander EnricoOfficial: Chelsea Football Club is delighted to announce Oscar has today signed a new contract, keeping him at the club until 2019. #CFC
Retweeted by Alexander Enrico
So was it worthwhile putting the white flag up in Madrid? No it wasn't. Marca said it. It was a 'betrayal of Loool's Euro history'.
Retweeted by Alexander EnricoGreat result today, incredible support from #CFC fans as always 👏👏👏 Plus always nice to score! 👍 http://t.co/JYVBBwLhEx
Retweeted by Alexander EnricoThe whole team go to clap the Chelsea fans who are singing 'We're top of the league' loud and clear. #CFCLive
Retweeted by Alexander EnricoGood morning http://t.co/VFoG6s5SiK
Retweeted by Alexander Enrico@feiDrake @MYM_Jiunhon so when do you guys start having free time on weekends etc?
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