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Aunkur Arya @aunkurarya san francisco, ca

general manager, mobile @braintree. ex-google, ex-admob. lesser half to @tinab.

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@annbordetsky only time I like them -- shipping and hair appointment notifications :)@righthalf need to mute you. Jealous.This proves the #Ferguson grand jury was criminal in their decision. “@MissMaya_1: please allow this to sink in http://t.co/stpz9XPQrN~12% of AU businesses are mobile. 65% of consumers are. Big opportunity. Fun getting my 15 secs on ABC. .@braintree http://t.co/AxwrwKZI72
BestBuy stock price up 3x in 2 yrs by price-matching and treating stores like local distribution centers. http://t.co/qYsNGlXtys@righthalf precisely. I have a special model that let's me pay at restaurants without interacting with human beings. You should get one.@righthalf sounds like hard work :) I have both but entrust my iPhone 6 for everything. Too damn easy.@righthalf active or relaxing?First worked on card-linked offers ~15 yrs ago (Prio, acq. by InfoSpace). Bearish since, but TWTR case is compelling. http://t.co/NSV56MTzrwPsyched to try .@lazybearsf next month. Love the tickets for hard-to-find-tables model in general. Would make for more date nights.The fastest growing co in an industry (w/ minority mkt share) gives away IP, and competitors do nothing .@TeslaMotors http://t.co/pNN6Nedz20
@ChefRoble unfortunately, those creatures own the cameras.Wholesale perversion of justice since Day 1 in #Ferguson. Sad to say that I'm not surprised.Justice is supposed to be blind, not deaf, dumb, & blind. #Ferguson
Retweeted by Aunkur Arya@ricardor sorry, make that December :)3) There's tons of space for the next AdMob to change the way we consume ads on mobile. Wish I had the idea :)2) As an amateur investor, I struggle to find mobile ad startups that are aiming at structural changes. With the exception of deep-linking.1) Less than 10% of global media $ run on mobile. Completely insane given it's the primary computing device 18-34. http://t.co/3ufMpQmPOv@ricardor agree. Undervalued in the long run. Congrats on going back. Excited for a P85D delivery in January :)Thanks for 3 championships in 5 seasons Panda. Here's to your regular season numbers declining + gaining 30 lbs next season. Goodbye #bitter@mandrews2020 @tinab they made a good choice in you :) // .@NathanCHubbard @eckart@mandrews2020 what are you working on? you should connect with my better half @tinab !Sliver of hope that the Giants are still in the running for Panda. I’d trade $5M over 5 yrs to live in SF vs. Boston :)
@mandrews2020 congrats!
@satyap well done. I left the task up to Tadich on Thursday night! http://t.co/RB8Rytp1HH@williamready @ryanjsweeney looks like He blesses all his football teams equally. #touchdown@pmarca even if the economists do, we still have the problem of a failed legislative system.You guys must be trash talking. If not, let it commence :) .@williamready @ryanjsweeney #LOUvsND
@neilshah says 18 mo + but nothing wrong with an early start :)@mdudas ‘not everyone finds that motivational, though’. funny :)Wish there was a .@PlayOsmo equivalent for 8 month olds.@rschapi might have to actually try it now. thanks :)@davidlee I've had a bad one at 2x the cost of a good one. Serves me right.Fun times discussing @braintree/@venmo & the future of mobile commerce on @SquawkCNBC this morning> http://t.co/O9E2GqB4g2 / @paypal
Retweeted by Aunkur AryaiPhone 6 users spend 75% more on mobile-centric retail than older iPhone users. AOV of $68.95. via .@BrandingBrand http://t.co/DUg2HWoSf3
Can't get more classic San Francisco than a cioppino at Tadich Grill. http://t.co/VW1bRhtYYdSuper Jelly.Great Business Week piece on how .@venmo is "killing cash" by .@felixgillette . http://t.co/t0qL6mIe5K
Hey @23andMe — got some confusing results back. Who can I talk to there to help me interpret?
@nihalmehta webcastUS mobile pay > $142B by '19; p2p > $17B; largest growth via in-app/mobile @ $91B @forrester @venmo @braintree @Accel http://t.co/UU5nQc5xZM
Retweeted by Aunkur Arya"Tesla's P85D feels as quick as a Bugatti Veyron" via @GQMagazine // http://t.co/Uww9l5n3pA
Now you can use @Venmo with just your fingerprint & signup is easier than ever! http://t.co/5zc3d57AOM @braintree @PayPal
Retweeted by Aunkur Arya
Why not just swat that ball away?
In the race for innovative airline safety videos, .@FlyAirNZ is on a different planet. http://t.co/cM0mxlB26525 meetings/press interviews in 2 cities over 4.5 days. Marathon. .@braintree AU is crushing it. Ready for home!Frankie's pizza in Sydney. 80's metal bar with a secret downstairs whiskey room and awesome pizza. The perfect bar.
Here are the next four things Braintree's GM thinks will happen in mobile commerce - http://t.co/hyP19meAGy
Retweeted by Aunkur Arya@mandrews2020 awesome. Can't wait to go back. One of my favorite cities :)Incredible squid ink tagliolini with bottarga .@00Tipo // u would appreciate @satyap http://t.co/QZgI6Iseo9
@tinab I guess this means you're not mad at me anymore :)
Sydney, Melbourne for the week. Nothing better in this biz than being in front of customers and mobile entrepreneurs. #braintree #oz
Easy to forget what a ridiculous athlete Bo was! “@MLBGIFs: Nothing beats @BoJackson strength. #MLBVault http://t.co/128k2D1rwJGreat piece on .@venmo winning the battle for social payments. Nice to be in same conversation as @Starbucks // http://t.co/uPagPNG90g
Nice plate with .@sehgal @RokaAkorSF http://t.co/2E4AntcXchRefreshing departure letter from @notch about why he's leaving Mojang. Paraphrased..'it's about my sanity, not money' http://t.co/08y7brw3Cn
@homebrew @chrisrbritt @ChimeCard well done Britt! Didn't realize this was your baby :) // cc @satyapHey Red Sox, stay away from Panda.Read about your launch .@mdudas // well done. Proud. *sniff sniff*
Cracked open 'Debt: the first 5000 years' -- lets see if I can stick with it.@tinab @abswright you're in violation of house rules.If you're at #WebSummit2014, go see .@williamready talk about payments and where cashless is headed // @braintree // http://t.co/7M2uo7RLyZ@KlasBack @braintree @kelloggfairbank @nunndn this is GOLD.
Check out @benemills and @mickeyreiss talk about the 'SDK Mindset' with @AirbnbNerds this Wednesday. https://t.co/6baVEYh8FC // .@braintreehey @23andMe -- what's the US address I can send my kit to? Got mine at a conference in London, now back in the US and dont have the label.
Huge congrats to our friends @SlackHQ on their $1B+ round>http://t.co/5B5Q4sWQLc > great to see another unicorn in the @braintree family!
Retweeted by Aunkur Arya@jon_schlegel they could have made up for it those last 30 seconds. Terrible.@satyap terrible terrible play management
.@VICE is absolutely what broadcast journalism needs, especially in the US. CNN and others are tabloids. http://t.co/GKz5jp9d1lBillion Dollar Startup Club via @WSJ http://t.co/t1UeOzDuJK proud that >10 of these run on @braintree incl 3 of top 4 #UnicornsUseBraintree
Retweeted by Aunkur Arya
The @braintree @venmo SF teams are evaluating candidates for the perfect office fizzy water. Serious stuff. http://t.co/x86nQ0SClscongrats @omarqari on Abacus and the raise! http://t.co/BPze8yafAN
Odd to see a bunch of tech geeks tuning into police scanners, getting their kicks tweeting about vandalism/things burning in their own city.@tinab @vipulsahai @ashishb11 I think the A's have a better chance of winning the World Series than B checking Twitter. #doubleburn@vipulsahai @tinab orange and black is the new black.@satyap let's get you on the train from da 'game to SF and get some beers in you!!!! #ChampionsTogether@satyap @SFGiants fav fav fav!!!!!!The .@SFGiants are a DYNASTY!!!!!! BUM is a legend!!If Bumgarner throws a scoreless 8th inning, how does Bochy take the ball from him, for Casilla? Why would he?
Retweeted by Aunkur Arya@satyap @SFGiants waiting to favorite this ...MadBum is the real deal.Beautiful control of the mound by Bum. Let's do this! #Game7 #OrangeOctoberCmon GIGANTES!!!!Panda showing that speed!!Well done umpire crew. Replay works.Dude is out.Bochy: "We'll do anything tonight. It's THAT game. There's no game tomorrow."
Retweeted by Aunkur Arya.@braintree SF office has a new arrival. http://t.co/XyKjFMNxohFormer boss .@obedier is back at it, trying to get point-of-sale hw to technological parity. Congrats! http://t.co/AdTg5IBQjK
@CSNBaggs how can Bochy not start Bum tomorrow?For the love of god and baseball Mr. Bochy, please start Bumgarner tomorrow. Please.For evening postseason away games since '10, the .@SFGiants fly in the morning vs late night. Better sleep works. http://t.co/T9jQgxVeLl
@EAT24 70 minute delivery time from a Thai place down the street? I assume that's CYA time and not reality.
Amazing company for Games 4 and 5. Amazing Giants wins! #OrangeOctober #BeatKC // .@tinab @williamready http://t.co/3LWgtbSaOZIncredible night. This team is GIANT. http://t.co/OVM8fT35PA
Absolutely insane .@SFGiants baseball!!! #OrangeOctober http://t.co/BPFoFUH4l5Petit throwing some solid ball. Thank you.BP: 240/120. #SFGiantsHangin w .@tinab // let's go GIANTS!!! http://t.co/54nmTb3XjeMadness http://t.co/LTKfItwgaa
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