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I work at @BrewPR, I love cheese & I am a supporter of @charitywater. For more: http://t.co/n3Sn7vx4w0

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BASICALLY i have no words other than PERFECT. RT @katierosman What a right-swipe! http://t.co/SaofObr6dy@katierosman OMG.....OMG...OMG@qhardy @fmanjoo what about the old school BMWs like from the 70s because I really want one of those but I don't want to become an asshole.Well this made me smile. http://t.co/Zr4pEkRooaBIG MOVE! -> @NetSuite Grabs Microsoft Dynamics GM for CMO Role #cloud http://t.co/jQFnOhbE04As far as I am concerned there is no bigger news today than this. #SchoolofRock cc @Roystonlangdon http://t.co/rna5XK4fMNPretty sure if I ever got married the owners of the bodega near me would be invited to the wedding. #NYC #Fundera https://t.co/Cd3oSwyeO7One of my favorite parts of the @firstround video is @jaredhecht/@fundera going hard. #DOLLA http://t.co/uNULDFj7TxBy FAR my fave @firstround holiday video of all time. MAD respect for @HLMorgan & @joshk for sporting leotards. https://t.co/tPpOycicllToday is one long "I can't EVEN."
Sony cancels release of The Interview. Wow. http://t.co/VYhqew6sUfWow, $ORCL is now up more than 5% after market close: http://t.co/vuaQIR5Sf1
Retweeted by Brooke Hammerling@ebrookes That does not fit into my chic Euro plane attire ensemble.No words. cc @brooke @eviltomthai @bplewis "The Most Important Christmas Video Ever" http://t.co/E5AdVOr7gK via @katienotopoulos @buzzfeed
Retweeted by Brooke Hammerling@april_conyers @eviltomthai @BPLewis @katienotopoulos @BuzzFeed THIS IS INCREDIBLE.@stevekovach SUPER DUPER SEXY.@stevekovach IN Yorkshire where I am going it totally is and SEXY. http://t.co/hdA9hWH2ZS@stevekovach THAT IS the brand and totally acceptable but still not as ubiquitous as say BandAid or Kleenex.@stevekovach http://t.co/nXsLsHAN4a@ThePeterHa I am in therapy over this question currently.@ebrookes SPACE as those things are BIG.Heading to the UK on Saturday for 2 weeks. Biggest conflict I have right now is whether or not to pack my Wellies. I think DO. #deepthoughtsGood thing happen to good people. @JoeMarchese... 21st Century Fox to Acquire Ad Tech Firm TrueX for $200 Million http://t.co/bpsUKpCLI6
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Trying to find one demographic in NYC that doesn't describe @deBlasioNYC with words I can't use politely. Might be impossible. #theworst
@fxshaw @CCdip @MssrPotato what's better? Whiskey? Tequila?Celebrating @CCdip engagement and apparently @MssrPotato likes rosé. Obviously. #roséallday http://t.co/Rd8lj1CysGSony hires lawyer David Boies to pressure media not to use leaked documents. What legal theory is this? http://t.co/4vXg3V3qXG via @WSJD
Retweeted by Brooke HammerlingI cannot wait for @CCdip's wedding. http://t.co/etmyB7ryy5@yoyoyavon cc @ccdipOH: no I'm not a bridezilla! I just bought a binder and went in the Knot and was told I'm 34 items overdue!
Getting on the Chrimbus bus, sort of. A new descovery in Moondog, a classic from Papa Steven and some deft & subtle… http://t.co/Je2C7QEK67
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@TheSmarmyBum oh my!!!My current status. #PotatotheFrenchie http://t.co/DPRKubDLRq@SynapseSurge I'm multifaceted.Oh, oh. I sense a #cookiebender. I mean, thank you @BrewPR @brooke @Oracle http://t.co/x0JmmHuI8F
Retweeted by Brooke HammerlingThe irony is this screenplay will probs be written by Aaron Sorkin, directed by Fincher and made by Universal. #SonyleakPretty sure this is the "You'll never eat in this town again" nail in proverbial coffin. #SonyLeaks #idiots http://t.co/m6wk5WWOJXDIY computer kit gives gift of coding http://t.co/U3NHVjTy2d via @CNNMoney -> check out @TeamKano on #CNN!
A valuable lesson was learned today. I'm not nor ever was meant to be...a brunette. #deepthoughts #toughlesson@Aerocles thank you so much for this update.“Bitcoin for Rockstars” by @dawallach #Spotify #GoodReads https://t.co/7vaB8QSC2B@felixsalmon They go hand in hand come on. Also they call it his "social media savvy". I find this funny.CANNOT stop reading. I love @KevinHart4real think it's outrageous for studio to ask him to tweet about HIS movie. http://t.co/TKpVdyT0zTWho would willingly work with Rudin again? Man, the tech world is so much kinder and gentler than Hollywood. Gross.I sit with my back to a window in my office. I had to find out it was snowing via Twitter. FML.This is an amazing story & one I hope gets funded -> Lucchy - the documentary by Pablo Levinas http://t.co/V0EhG8WZ34 via @kickstarterHoliday love from @BrewPR for the @Wealthfront team! http://t.co/jMYbTk0xrL
Retweeted by Brooke HammerlingTalking to peeps @BrewPR who have bought @casper & jury is out. Delivery & customer service exp not good. But mattress is good. Hmmm...25 Hot NYC Startups You Need To Watch http://t.co/zG8r9Fc8Mp via @sai cc @fundera@donal888 that too. :)@donal888 @WSJD so this is a funding story about a company that won't really say what it does other than what's on its site?
Gift Ideas: 10 Techie Crowd-Pleasers Born on Kickstarter https://t.co/s5m4rhfTy1 via @YahooTechI love that we call a nor'easter a nor'easter. Like it's 1844. In a blighted windswept fishing village. I better make grog today at the bar.
Retweeted by Brooke HammerlingTune in now to watch @aboutdotme's @tonysphere & @kevinrose chat on stage with @loic at #LeWeb2014! http://t.co/WW1c5wQ8he
Retweeted by Brooke Hammerlingcc: @brooke RT @mslopatto: If you don't understand the joy that is Spacehog's "In the Meantime" I'm not sure we can be friends
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@ReformedBroker @mslopatto obvi. Cc @Roystonlangdon34 years on tonight even and still he lives! #grateful ♫ Love - 2010 - Remaster – John Lennon http://t.co/daYtUodMEn #NowPlaying
Retweeted by Brooke HammerlingWe Want Education to Prepare for Economic Life: GA CEO http://t.co/Ad7hr8ds15 via @BloombergTV cc @gaStop me if you have heard this before - white middle aged dudes start a venture fund....Congratulations to @NYTmag for hiring the inimitable ms. @jennydeluxe, what a great talent
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And then I was 12 again hiding this book from my parents sneaking it wherever I could. #judyblume http://t.co/A2mzfASFz4Good night. http://t.co/AV6P18y2K9
Weekend celebrating the one & only @Chrysi Bday #woodstock #slumberparty #wine http://t.co/0CIqOS4vfF cc @rmastrosimone @MaryGiulianiIn Woodstock w/ @rmastrosimone & @Chrysi at @MaryGiuliani's joint Shindig listening to @ThePiercesMusic on @Sonos. #awesome #friends
Do over. Hanging w/@jheil who is pleased to share his studio with @charlierose today. #BloombergTV #mediarockstars http://t.co/D5a1nOwvWawow. just wow. RT @RyanLizza: BREAKING: Mass resignations just submitted at @TNR Full list… http://t.co/u04Mhnq23G
Retweeted by Brooke HammerlingLooking for a cool graphic designer who can make invites and holiday cards in NYC!@KatieBoehret ouch.Sonos Controller updated with multi-account support, Playbar enhancements and more http://t.co/cJ03xMzOhD via @iMore i <3 @Sonos
This is why I stopped doing hallucinogenic drugs. #badtrip #PeterPanLiveIf Walken doesn't end this with "Fosse Fosse Fosse" and Jazz hands I quit. #PeterPanLiveThe Little Kano That Could: A $150 Computer for Kids http://t.co/orbblk65bZ via @BWWell merry Christmas. Thanks @BrewPR LA for knowing me so well. #roséallday cc @DenaCook http://t.co/OFzF01p9Rx
~ congrats, @mat ~ http://t.co/WzGpe063o5
Retweeted by Brooke Hammerling@BPLewis @MikeIsaac there go our Brew Valentines. Damn.@MikeIsaac please millennials we are COOL.@Kantrowitz @ahess247 I love that you use the Daily Mail for this. Hahahahah.@Kantrowitz @ahess247 if they made a movie about assassinating our president there would be air strikes.@dmac1 wait wsj takes embargoes? 😘Attention PR professionals: It's not an exclusive if you brief two outlets and give them different embargo times. That's called lying
Retweeted by Brooke Hammerling@Kantrowitz @ahess247 but dude imagine if North Korea made a comedy about trying to assassinate a US president? Fucked up imho.@CuttingEdgePR upload? What does that mean? Anyway that's an email received from someone claiming to be with your firm.@ericfranchi @shoretel we have had trouble from day one.If you're a business thinking of using @shoretel as your office phone solution trust me, don't. Run.Ok @CuttingEdgePR of Zambia. Thanks for making me laugh. I wish you great success. http://t.co/Y96cIo11ZIIt's getting to work with entrepreneurs like @jaredhecht that make me love what I do. Cc @fundera @BrewPR http://t.co/77GqZipYouThe amaze @pfro #Yahoo RT @Pfro: A former gossip finds her place http://t.co/HM1KkYLT8Y via @capitalnewyorkYou ready for later @Earnest_The_Pig? Cc @BrewPR #NYCHolidayParty #SpottedPig #sorrynotsorry
@howard I mean doesn't everyone??OH: do they make an @AugustSmartLock for the fridge?@DelRey @MikeIsaac ERRONEOUS Jason. I won;t shame you because of the baby pics because they make me so happy.@MikeIsaac Sure did. SURE DID.@MikeIsaac Mike can you respond to my lovely sweet kind email please? Kthanksbye.1,143 emails are in @brooke's inbox from yours truly.
Retweeted by Brooke Hammerling@MikeIsaac @pkafka @BuzzFeed PRETTY sure he said that.@MikeIsaac Isn't he the same guy who told @pkafka he would absolutely copy what @BuzzFeed did and have no issues with that?@jwherrman @mattbuchanan I basically want to hang out with you guys and no one else ever.In other news pretty sure the rule to be a professional sailor now includes being gorgeous. #sorrynotsorry #AmericasCupAdding some glamour to the presser, Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones in the audience. #Bermuda #AmericasCup #2017@joshmishell and that sounds perfect for this NYC girl.
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