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Political junkie; @NBCNews reporter & analyst; @msnbc @dailyrundown host; Covering politics since '92; And, yes, I tweet about sports too. http://t.co/nxA4oXNX

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Depressing metaphor alert: the world in crisis is simply an episode of Game of Thrones? http://t.co/AJYbtAwntdWow -- in MA, 74% undec. in a Dem primary for LG... http://t.co/NuB210t5N4 // MA usually is a fairly engaged electorateWhile still an undefined foreign poliocy, Christie's foreign policy tutors include Bush admin veterans. http://t.co/6ffEN1QQ0GObama job rating drops below 50 in CA Field Poll... Losing support among some core Dem consituencies. http://t.co/gf8hci7Yam
Good news about this: I now work on Saturdays so I won't be missing a big season I guess. #comeoncanesJust not the type of start Miami fans expected in year four of this regime. Becoming all too familiar.@FrankCuzzo ask me after Nebraska gameThis is getting old for Miami. I've been seeing this game for 5 years now.Miami is practically telegraphing every offensive call.Just some horrendous play calling. 9 in the box twice and we run anyway. Let Kaaya throw the ball. #gocanes@SouthernPigskin in fact, ask @BernieKosarQB about starting career at #theU on road in hostile territory. His career turned out well@SouthernPigskin agree.When Holtz comes on, it means it is time to check out Nats-DodgersThe real frustration for Miami fans, losing to unranked teams. That's why this game is big for Golden@Itsrustyyy not during the game. But off the field and recruiting is better.1st half take always: defense better, not Miami elite but improved. Coaches are calling a VERY conserv game on O. Special teams: horridKaaya shows flashes. Considering he is a true freshman, there is reason to believe. Been a while since Miami was actually #qbuJust a lot of mental mistakes tonight for #miami...Miami is lucky that was blown dead...Ok, my panic attack is over, sort of... Kaaya to Walford; hope that is a familiar pairing all year. #GoCanesWow -- Miami coaches already giving up on the QB? What was that play call on third down@NoPhotoOps Jimmy Johnson FIRED his D-C after ONE bad year... Just sayin...@JimWhiteGNV @chucktodd we're not plaintive. We're eternally disappointed by Golden's canes.
Retweeted by Chuck ToddDuke gets the ball twice on 2nd and long? Come on Coach@NoPhotoOps Biggest topic of debate among Miami fans...@MattMackowiak no way... big mistake if they do; will ruin Kaaya long termMiami D, picking up where they left off last year... Ugh; another year like this... and, well;As @kdennytodd can attest to, I called the first Miami play yesterday.. WAY too predictable on 1st series@KevinNewJersey give me one...last...night!@CharlesMilian grew up in Miami; family has had tickets since 1958Remember, this is the third straight year where Miami had a recruiting class in the top 20... so #noexcuses Time to step up!If Miami wins 10 games this year, it will mean Dallas Crawford and Perryman will be #theU's defensive MVPs; Kaaya/Duke the O MVPsBut realistically, anything less than Miami getting to ACC title game is not progress. Miami should only be underdogs in 2 more games NE&FSUT-minus 90 mins to the start of my football season. My expectations are always absurdly high for Miami because talent is ALWAYS there.Do you hate negative ads? A reminder that most are accurate even if unfair. http://t.co/hYSMOncbJM // Only a voter revolt would change tone.@Lakergregg @meetthepress Until the Halos stop lying about their location, they can't be trusted! Agree the ANAHEIM Angels are good.New Republic has an interesting Q&A in defense of unions. http://t.co/vvrzwVlOgVGreat way to start September -- A Boswell primer on the road to October. http://t.co/WoWajzp5b9"The last time that Washington and Baltimore ... were in first place on Labor Day was — never." http://t.co/WoWajzp5b9Interesting to watch IL and WI gov races... Both incumbents made controversial moves re: budget; both face millionaires foes. Diff partiesRare to see an incumbent have to use a gimmick like this, but Quinn's in a bind. http://t.co/9dPsy9MyCO // #ilgovThis was a tad morbid. And while the headline said one thing, the piece itself screams "the past". http://t.co/YntPnJnvrFCatching up on sports reading, what a tour de force by @DVNJr on Jerry Jones. http://t.co/6OMAaYb2jz // somehow flattering and unflattering
And not one of them seems to be very happy about the direction of the current Obama foreign policy decisions. #mtpMost striking aspect of Zinni/Flournoy/Leiter/McFaul #mtp panel w/ @mitchellreports is that these are one time Obama advisers or supportersAndrea is moderating @meetthepress today--the last Sunday before @chucktodd takes the helm. He'll join on set! #MTP http://t.co/fs5PAeBoDc
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You can't escape political ads at your tailgate. Check out the off-beat campaign against @MichelleNunnGA http://t.co/6ZEjrdTO0R #gapol
Retweeted by Chuck ToddNot sure there is a better offensive mind in cfb than Gus Malzahn. Backup QB looks that good? Btw, hog fans, Malzahn wanted to be your coachWV has to score TDs. Can't let opps like that slip by. Btw, guess we now know why Saban wants to slow down offenses via new rules@Illannoying exactly. The worst. I was betting against UVA more than ON UCLA on this one.@chucktodd Absolutely. It's the worse when a favorite you hate but bet wins & doesn't cover!
Retweeted by Chuck ToddAny other pretend gamblers find themselves rooting for outright losses once they know the line win is impossible? #uva@AttyTimNieman just remember how well he evaluated talent in Detroit@chucktodd side-by-side #nothumbsrequired http://t.co/4aMaSqdffJ
Retweeted by Chuck Todd@JasonGagnon jealous. What TV do u have!@dnkintampabay @SavannahGuthrie Monday night@SavannahGuthrie agree to disagree on this one@wednesdayishere um. Yes. Ohio State too@ihs107 how? Been with Miami since Otis Anderson was stuck running on 3rd and longsSo is the UCLA excuse the time zone start? 9a PT start is roughEnjoying prev channel button a lot right now between OSU-Navy and UCLA-UVA. There is no better way to spend a Saturday. Now, as for Sundays@CDailey10 but not great high school football states@chucktodd stat that matters in Big 10 v. SEC is demographic. Look at pop of great lakes vs. sun belt in 1980. FL alone 9m to 17m in 20 yrs.
Retweeted by Chuck Todd@tjtwostep I know. I know. But the ACC fans aren't delusional about the quality of their football@jbaraldi11 huge issue. I like Golden too. But I'm tired of watching talented teams loseI don't accept any excuse actually there are none. RT @BKBuckeye: @chucktodd So what's Miami's excuse?@brucehammond I refuse to acknowledge their rise. #gocanesThe sad reality of Big10 football is that their recruiting areas have simply gotten weaker. I'll admit, cfb is better when Big10 is goodJust because I'm giving Big10 football grief doesn't mean I don't pull for Iowa or Bucky Badger either.@jbaraldi11 one year wonderSo the Big10 is still the Big10 apparently. Iowa and Penn State struggling with directional schools. Ohio State barely ahead against Navy@SethDavisHoops why? Means non conf games are less harmful to a sked@TheBrakeDown absurdly high. Of course. Anything short of playing in ACC conf champ game is a disappointment@colewagoner u mean like every bowl game?@toddcstacy don't think I'm not trying to figure that out!@Blindcheck @SethDavisHoops bingo! We would have big games.@JohnMolony so what. If that 1 loss sec team is so good. They will be the wild card@levineps @SethDavisHoops disagree. There is no disincentive to playing a big non conf game. No impact on confIf u go to 6, teams. 1 and 2 gets a bye. Making winning your conference should be a criteria, them rest of debates are small.The one mistake the playoff format w/cfb made was not making conf champions an auto berth. Should be 6 team, 5 champs and wild card.@SavannahGuthrie @dailyrundown we will always have those good days. More ahead@KarlKasca that's a lot of hair on that head#unscripted highlights Trumka https://t.co/yz1K9RO18h Henry https://t.co/aNSLAWvCEf Smith https://t.co/Y5xAzJV68D SiriusXM POTUS Ch 124Time to go #unscripted The future of labor movement w/ AFLCIO's Trumka, Tmsters' Hoffa, SEIU's Henry and NFLPA's Smith. SiriusXM Ch 124The @dailyrundown was an incredible TV home. This thank you doesn't begin to do the team justice, but here goes. http://t.co/uMtge1yfYP
.@vauhinivara to say we only scratched the surface on this issue is an under-statement. But thank you for taking part in #TweetThePress@mendicantech @vauhinivara Yes! Autocorrect?Do #ff @vauhinivara & read her reporting for The New Yorker on this issue. Here http://t.co/uc1PBhZLGP &here http://t.co/c9HsWqMYl9@vauhinivara touche.@vauhinivara I lied, one more Q. What's the diff between a corp searching for a better deal int'lly vs how our 50 states compete w/taxes?.@chucktodd Here's where that $20 billion figure comes from: http://t.co/yBWKmXn31C
Retweeted by Chuck Todd.@vauhinivara let's close with the boycott threats. Walgreens panicked over them. Will BK? #TweetThePress.@vauhinivara back to big pic, is this inversion issue a real crisis, or a politically created one? #TweetThePress.@vauhinivara am I allowed to say that BK needs better coffee? #TweetThePress #coffeemediabias?.@vauhinivara so are there OTHER good motivations for BK other than taxes? #TweetThePress.@vauhinivara Seriously, you noted BK claims it wasn't buying THorton's for tax purposes. As a Miami guy, don't want BK fleeing my hometown.@vauhinivara are you saying we can't debate the corporate tax code in 140 characters? For shame! #TweetThePress.@vauhinivara get specific. Is it a loophole POTUS can do w/exec order or does Congress have to do it? #TweetThePress.@vauhinivara everyone from POTUS to biz leaders want tax reform. Can inversions be de-incentivized w/o total tax overhaul? #TweetThePressHAPPENING NOW: #TweetThePress on @BurgerKing, taxes and more with @chucktodd and @vauhinivara
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