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Moderator of @meetthepress and @nbcnews political director; Covering politics since '92; And, yes, I tweet about sports too.

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Did you hear our big news? NBC's @ChuckTodd will moderate a presidential candidates forum at #URJBiennial! http://t.co/csaW4tre94
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With Coke re using "I'd like to buy the world a Coke" at tonight's Nats game, Q I have: weee Mad Men fans duped into a 7year ad campaign
@AaronNagler top 3 sports rants. The other two: "Playoffs?!?!" and Mora and "practice practice?!" by AIverson@schmeez_ I hated tweeting itSometimes teams are who they have always been come playoff time. #caps #clippers #dennisgreen "they are who we thought they were!"Finally, in #EndGame, the panel discusses Hillary Clinton’s aversion to media questions, and takes a look at at Mitt Romney's boxing debut.Inside the @meetthepress #NerdScreen: Rise of the religious “nones.” Will the religiously unaffiliated be a force? http://t.co/fwiOtjooNVOur @meetthepress this AM: @DavidAxelrod, @HeleneCooper, @sarafagen2 and @TomFriedman. #MTPPlus, Jeb's struggle to answer the “Iraq question.” The panel discusses. Review his answers: http://t.co/4H73Kn3ALL http://t.co/4NKqqH9VGSI’ll intv Sen. @CoryBooker on the future of transportation and how he assessed his ability to be disruptive in the senate @meetthepress #MTPAlso, @tomcostellonbc will join us from Philadelphia to discuss the latest in the aftermath of #Amtrak188. #MTPPre-MTP reading: @meetthepress panelist @helenecooper’s piece on the #ISIS raid in Syria http://t.co/DrkiMLMkTfAnd this morning on @meetthepress, @richardengel on the U.S. raid against ISIS in Syria & the fighting in Iraq. http://t.co/vpcCqpVZgA.@RandPaul on @jebbush, @hillaryclinton and whether he would shut down the NSA. This morning on @meetthepress. http://t.co/AFXMLY5UNP #MTP
@RBRNet1 don't put quote marks around something I never said or even implied.
@JDoran23 @TheFix strong contender. What about worst sequels not featuring Chevy chase@TheFix it's the gap between good and bad that makes Fletch Lives so high on that worst sequel list.Headed to @NBCNightlyNews to talk @JebBush and the GOP field.Ready for great Friday covering #DigitalBeltway at DC's @Newseum, featuring @chucktodd, @SCClemons, @azarias, @snew0112. @MashableEvents
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There are other Iraq related questions that all 2016ers should answer. @JillDLawrence has some good ones http://t.co/i9GtWhkbcFRemember the Kansas tax issue from 2014? Well, it appears to plug a deficit hole, they will raise their sales tax http://t.co/CnUKV0yeZt
@rickhirsch you guys always killed us in academics. We'd only get our revenge on the sports fields@mattklewis @mmurraypolitics a huge development if a large chunk of the GOP field now echoes the Iraq Dem position of 2008
A new TV ad pushing marijuana decriminalization in TX. It's a legis fight, not a referendum. https://t.co/g0BOx0I50r
Wonder if the NFL pondered a 1 game suspension of Brady but having that 1 game be his next playoff game?So OH, FL, NV, AZ could all be presidential battleground states with marijuana inits on 2016 ballot too. http://t.co/XYDbov6bFl+
@John_16_2 @meetthepress dude. Get a sense of humor. Campaign has one.Getting close to the point where no team will pitch to Harper if first base is open. Surprised Atlanta did even with a lefty. #Nats@meetthepress @CarlyFiorina very clever. Campaign works fastAnd finally, stay tuned. Because we’ll tell you what some people believe connects Tom Brady and Bill and Hillary Clinton. #MTPAnd you should take a look @mattbai’s interview with @barackobama on trade and @SenWarren. http://t.co/WykeJhw25dOur #MothersDay @meetthepress panel: @mattbai, @RuthMarcus, @kathleenparker, and @Michael Steele..@NBCInvestigates & @KellyO look at billionaire Sheldon Adelson in our 1st @meetthepress #MeetTheMoney segment. http://t.co/mAEflWBQt6We’ll be joined by @CarlyFiorina for a #MeetTheCandidates intv. How will the former HP exec shake up the 2016 race? http://t.co/kQismppv4jPlus @SenFeinstein and Michael Leiter discuss the challenges of battling ISIS, as well as the Patriot Act.Fighting ISIS in America. Our @PeteWilliamsNBC reports on how the US is trying to curb the group's social influence. http://t.co/kn26kdJ6Y4Happy #MothersDay. We welcome a panel of moms: Teacher Kishanna Brown, @mariashriver & @Deloitte's Cathy Engelbert. http://t.co/aeJftDCR3U
Bryce Harper and Paul Pierce owning Atlanta teams today. #walkoff #buzzerbeater #nats #WizardsIs sliding NOT traveling? #WizardsLove the "hmmph" @FPSantangelo just made, alerting me to the line score before the commercial break as Fister walked off. #dontjinx #Nats
@DavidCosgrove1 @FAIRmediawatch @SenSanders @meetthepress first Sunday show to have him after he went public with wh ambitions actually@MarkLeibovich @DylanByers so it isn't about a boy and his dragon?@DylanByers @MarkLeibovich used to be a movie that was on my "I'll watch at any point I stumble on it on cable" list@MarkLeibovich @DylanByers https://t.co/FQ7XiBREI1@richcasa @AlisonSpalding2 I don't block folks for that. Just for bad language and truly personal attacks.@codyyeary I hear ya. And I know the pressure they feel. But the earlier and earlier over caution continues@BartonFairfax always.That feeling of frustration when weather is fine but air traffic control folks still put the ground stop so we can then get caught in it!Very, very strong @ErikWemple free speech column right here: http://t.co/rEM1Qgzo04
Retweeted by Chuck Todd@HowardKurtz take a close look at how the UK and Israeli media poll. Lots of questionable methodologies used by respectable orgsOverwhelmed by the 2016 news this week? Read this breakdown from @mmurraypolitics: http://t.co/kngD0jKDuv http://t.co/CD3fNBqmm9
Retweeted by Chuck ToddI'll talk to @pgcps teacher Kishanna Brown, @mariashriver & @DeloitteUS' Cathy Engelbert abt what working moms need. https://t.co/02vwIVnsP7When people visit the White House, they steal stuff. Like a lot of stuff. From @eilperin - http://t.co/HZQ5gdz157
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@adamnagourney @mattbai how many times does our industry have to be reminded that we shouldn't be the story@adamnagourney @mattbai please be an onion story.road funding ballot initiative he backed lost big in MI this week RT @jameshohmann: Rick Snyder makes it official. Saying he will not run
Retweeted by Chuck ToddToday, we remember Tim Russert on what would have been his 65th birthday #IfItsSunday #MTP http://t.co/7ggIr7BFzH http://t.co/ZpGMUeLYun
Retweeted by Chuck ToddClinton's jet-setting billionaire buddy opens up about 'Clinton Cash' http://t.co/dUVT8N4AVq http://t.co/gzhwn4RDkr
Retweeted by Chuck ToddDebut of big investigative project by @SarahMaslinNir. 1st of 2 parts on abuses/risks endured by manicurists. http://t.co/4rrUvDTwVE
Retweeted by Chuck ToddNail salon investigation was translated into Korean, Chinese, Spanish. Maybe unprecedented. Thx to @ElisGoodridge for her work spearheading.
Retweeted by Chuck ToddJust talked to a first-time UKIP voter. She's tired of "the liars." Wouldn't give name. Said call her Mrs. Done HerBit."
Retweeted by Chuck Todd#ThrowbackThursday @VP Biden's Tom Brady joke at 2010 Radio-TV Correspondents Dinner -- with a Liz Cheney twist http://t.co/2TcTEt5KD5
Retweeted by Chuck Todd@ron_fournier @JebBush @washingtonpost @murphymike @costareports more than a cameo for mike.
Huckabee appears to be channeling a lot of Buchanan 92/96 in economics.Huckabee on trade: "I'd like to think the U.S. government would stand up for the U.S. workers rather than let them take it in the backside."And the web site for this rogue police dept is simply creepy. http://t.co/0a1tL1PRgSApparently NOT a plot line from a Dan Brown novel... http://t.co/Mcg1Do2czj
UPDATED: @JohnKerry makes 'historic' visit to Somalia http://t.co/CXkRqDCkuL http://t.co/LcEhgeJbhB
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The first catchphrase of 2016 born: Bill Clinton says foundation didn't do anything 'knowingly inappropriate' http://t.co/S6E9B8MAeD
Retweeted by Chuck Todd@TheRickWilson @amychozick what if I Periscope Hillary watching Carly watching Hillary? I assume that triggers a wormhole?Bill Clinton says he might step down from Foundation if Hillary wins WH. "If it's the right thing to do, I will" http://t.co/a3GNjISgNJ
Retweeted by Chuck ToddExclusive: Bill Clinton Defends His Foundation's Foreign Money http://t.co/NB906rsjlX
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here is the second of two must-reads re: the great @davegoldberg ... headline says it all ... from @karaswisher http://t.co/EitFhqPMtg
Retweeted by Chuck Toddso far there are two must-reads re: the great @davegoldberg. Here is the first from @adamlashinsky http://t.co/IoC0YlOVS7
Retweeted by Chuck Todd@proCanes last time Packers signed an I drafted Miami DB, he became a starter in that year's Super Bowl. Meet Sam ShieldsEveryone on this flight out of Louisville today has a hat box. #KyDerby travel dilemmas. http://t.co/8Riwp7jfua
Retweeted by Chuck Todd@Only4RM @RickSanchezTV and folks on the right think I do the exact opposite. Some folks watch SUBJECTIVELY not OBJECTIVELY.If He Runs, Martin O'Malley will Announce His Candidacy in Baltimore http://t.co/SrHeKDCoHZBoehner: Hillary Clinton 'Can't Sit on the Sidelines' on Trade http://t.co/kbe342Lu9NBoehner defends Gerrymandering, Special Interests, and Money in Politics http://t.co/SMoC3ZUSbiThe Moynihan Report 50 Years Later http://t.co/fm9TME4NohBaltimore Mayor: 'I Certainly Used the Wrong Phrase' http://t.co/pdNTkNNUCIBaltimore Mayor: 'Hopeful' that Demonstrations Will Remain Peaceful http://t.co/becU4keK3jSpeaker Boehner Extended Meet the Press Interview http://t.co/x26GL1LSeO#NerdScreen: Two Parties, Two Conversations http://t.co/IcPTSBkmPF@Only4RM @RickSanchezTV watch the interviews and the subject matter. I think some folks decided not to pay attention to the editorial@RickSanchezTV watch the entire interview. All of it is online. Appreciate the critiques. Happy to hear from all comersWe’re talking The Moynihan Report – done by then Asst. Sec of Labor Daniel Patrick Moynihan 50 yrs ago Report here http://t.co/FQesRkK2teWe’ll also hear from Baltimore residents incl D. Watkins who wrote: In Baltimore, We’re all #FreddieGray for @Nytimes http://t.co/nMdJR9wlV2Your post #MayPac @meetthepress- I talk exclusively w @SpeakerBoehner http://t.co/VKapvhxPwQPlus – what does Baltimore need to turn the corner? I’ll talk with @MayorSRB & fmr. MD Gov @GovernorOMalley
If this weren't a first round series, it might qualify as one of all time great Game 7s.If it's Saturday... A Sunday filled with exclusives. Rawlings-Blake, O'Malley, Boehner and new NBC/WSJ numbers. https://t.co/2mQvu1UAix
Also on @meetthepress two more Sunday exclusives: Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake and ex-Balto Mayor/ex-Gov. Martin O'Malley.Looking forward to appearing on this Sunday’s @meetthepress with @chucktodd. http://t.co/H1T5CptDu2 #MTP http://t.co/4i0o4G8I0H
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@HolmesJosh yeah. I had to double check that this was still Derby week. NFL is the real spoiler here@TeekeeMon the folks at @SBNation have solid coverage@gh4stprotocal thanks for tweeting me. Do I detect reluctance in that review?When was the last time there was so many other events overshadowing the Kentucky Derby? Could not find any Derby news on my ESPN appEvery day it seems Firefox is driving me to use Chrome more and more. Usually due to some page not loading in one but does in the other