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life is a journey; if you don’t like doing a startup but are just doing it to get rich, you probably should consider doing something else
Retweeted by Dave MorinMy student: which camera is better, A7 or Leica? Me: what are you going to use it for? My student: Instagram Me: *facepalm
Retweeted by Dave MorinOne thing is clear, the US is obviously losing the contest for "best celebratory parades featuring actual nuclear missiles"... 😮
Retweeted by Dave MorinIf somebody had told me 25 years ago that in 2015 we'd have email on planes, I would've said "what's email?"
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@ozlubling it is possible, but I would need a partner to take it on.@paulg wow. Mind blown. Could you intro?If you get a chance to fly in an AirCam, take it:
Retweeted by Dave Morin@twentyminutevc @bfeld I'm in!One of the worst lies the world tells you: "You have to be patient and pay your dues". Not true. Always strive for better now.
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@brooke_mosley love outerlands.
Stocks can go up without it being a BUBBLE!!1!, and stocks can fall without it being a CRISIS!!1!. No, really. 😶
Retweeted by Dave MorinHow open data is being used to do extraordinary things, beyond what we could have imagined:
Retweeted by Dave Morin“Fast and Slow do more than just describe a rate of change. They are shorthand for ways of being...”“Nothing behind me, everything ahead of me, as is ever so on the road.” ― Jack Kerouac
Retweeted by Dave MorinCould a new discovery from MIT and @HarvardMed spell the end of #obesity?
Retweeted by Dave MorinLast month may have been the hottest month ever recorded via @mashable
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Mr. Robot is just so good.@ilyasu coincidence? I think not ;)Unforeseen effects+new markets in @stevenbjohnson analysis of creatives transition to digital
Retweeted by Dave Morin@Forbes I appreciate the kind words in the article, but, judging by the picture mods, it looks your Photoshop bill was very high.
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@ryangraves @mollstar God bless, brother.Become a Christian and marry @Mollstar
Retweeted by Dave MorinGreat to see @foursquare and @dens bring the game (mayor, leaderboards) back to @swarmapp. It was, and now is, the best part.To be in some riverbottom somewhere, or in a desert, or in mountains, or in some hut in Mexico, or shack in Adirondack...
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"Companies are both destroying the personal lives of their employees and getting nothing in return." - @moskov“companies are destroying the lives of employees and getting nothing in return” — @moskov
Retweeted by Dave Morin@onabags @chrismichel but not nearly as fun."Choose to be optimistic--it feels better." @DalaiLama
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@johnolilly @chrismichel "I looked around, and in not finding the car of my dreams, decided to build it myself." - Ferdinand Porsche@davecraige thank you for the kind note.@chrismichel let's build something new together.@johnolilly does it even matter if you are serious or not on the internet anymore?"Companies are both destroying the personal lives of their employees and getting nothing in return." - @moskov #truth@aspenjfm @marissamayer @efeng @aspenideas still a long way to go to get there! :)'Martha Stewart of Silicon Valley' @brit courts millennials - via @MFoxCNBC
Retweeted by Dave MorinJoin us for a LIVE Chat 💬 with @brit on Wednesday:
Retweeted by Dave Morin. @frontapp founder @collinmathilde shares openly on the reality of hardships faced while founding a company
Retweeted by Dave MorinCongratulations to the team at @thetileapp on their Gen 2 Tiles Launch & Find Your Phone! #tiledit
"Pinterest is the most popular app that is not owned by a public company."
Retweeted by Dave MorinSociety's hypocrisy.
Retweeted by Dave Morin2015: "our focus is on balance and dynamics" 2020: "the rail gun and optical sensors are working together nicely"
Retweeted by Dave MorinThere are two types of creativity: the creativity of making zero to one, and the creativity of making one to 1000. –Kazuhiko Nishi
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Just taking a casual stroll along the pier in 5" heels w/ @chrissyteigen and @allysonfelix. 😁 @ELLEmagazine #ELLEat30
Retweeted by Dave MorinGo @Brit in this month's @ELLEmagazine "The American Woman at 30"!
“Practice kindness all day to everybody and you will realize you’re already in heaven now.” - Kerouac
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@rsarver @dickc @aunder always thought it was honest.Another key to success: learn to ignore haters. This is hard.
Retweeted by Dave MorinTrump is taking a page out of the rap game by beefing with Fox News. Everyone just wants to see drama.
Retweeted by Dave Morin@racingsf @TheFEEDme got your back.
Props @kayvz. #downwithDAUYes.
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"If this ever becomes mainstream, the whole thing will come crashing down." – top comment on the TechCrunch article on Airbnb, 2008
Retweeted by Dave MorinYou can skip all the parties, all the conferences, all the press, all the tweets. Build a great product and get users and win.
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Congrats, @sundarpichai! One of the best humans in Silicon Valley.Did you know? More people are killed each year by stings than by bears:
Retweeted by Dave Morin@naval yup.@superwuster that would be the best news ever.Larry Lessig, my mentor, is thinking of running for President!
Retweeted by Dave MorinHere are all the Alphabet companies and who will lead them
Retweeted by Dave Morin@RyanNegri @brezina yes.@brezina there are no small projects.@yvanscher I'm not selling anything, simply making a recommendation to help people understand. That is not a referal link of any kind.@heathwblack this always confuses everyone.@brezina makes sense in Outsiders context.@thogge @WarrenBuffett yup.@brezina best business book of all time.3/ It is the single most important business book I have ever read. And, explains in detail Google's move to Alphabet perfectly.2/ If you have not read The Outsiders yet, do. just went Outsiders. Smart.
Stunning. The ice caps have melted so much that @NatGeo had to remake its atlas. #ActOnClimate
Retweeted by Dave Morin"The mountains are calling and I must go." - John Muir
Loving #DebateQuestionsWeWantToHear
Retweeted by Dave MorinBill Clinton encouraged Trump to play larger role in GOP: report
Retweeted by Dave MorinThis architect's office and apartment lets her family and business evolve together:
Retweeted by Dave Morin@bec @ratatatmusic so jealous@jeremysliew @chrismichel great use case I hadn't considered yet. @AnselMorin is just beginning to upgrade to movement features :)@bjnovak not intended to be a shot. Just an observation.Uber times seem to be getting consistently longer.@joeyabanks so good.
The new @ratatatmusic album is just so good.Swincar's all-terrain Spider Electric Car can tilt its way up just about anywhere
Retweeted by Dave Morin@chrismichel #gobigorgoiphone@chrismichel they are beautiful little cameras. I don't find I end up using mine either. Always go big, or stay iPhone.
Cloud Gate don't freak out about anything, Mr. President. Except getting a Twitter question from you.
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.@alyraz #foocamp #foocamp #foocamp few of our favorite outdoor kitchens:
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Three Amigos: @davemorin, @joi, @reidhoffman
Retweeted by Dave MorinAt Foo camp. @davemorin: "how do you use this?" #easilyamused #foocamp #neri
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@ejacqui @harper @thewirecutter @blam yes plz?The real question is when Twitter will finally convert power users to W2.
Retweeted by Dave Morin@ejacqui @thewirecutter @blam it is just so good. Ridiculous good.@dougw @blam I don't even ask questions. Just an immediate buy.@onabags you make the best bags on earth. Period.@jess oh hey.For the love of God, @stumptowncoffee is doing cold brew coffee with chocolate milk. #saveme #makeitstop you are looking for the best gadget reviews on the internet: @thewirecutter, @blam, @ejacqui & team are knocking it out of the park.