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Dan Moren @dmoren Somerville, MA

Storyteller, rocketeer. Slamming evil since MCMLXXX. Co-host of Not Playing (@notplayingcast), Clockwise (@clockwisepod), and The Rebound (@reboundcast).

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New! Doctor Who Season 8 wrap-up with @HollyGoDarkly @dloehr @dmoren and @GlennF! http://t.co/Fws2WgKf2i
Retweeted by Dan Moren@jabbermaster It’s gripping and beautifully shot. Surprisingly dark humored at times but glorifying the history of the South is a hard sell.Saw Gone with the Wind for the first time last night and the only thing Scarlett O’Hara and I have in common is a deep hatred of the Yankees@Jse_80 I believe it does. The Fire TV remote works with it for sure.@jabbermaster That would improve it substantially. Not enough convergence in the streaming stick/Pez dispenser market.
@gte I think that’s an eyeball, dude.@saladinahmed GUESS WHO’S COMING TO DINNER. *HEAVY BREATHING*@saladinahmed @RevWinfield Same for the Anakin/Obi-wan fight that we all “knew” about growing up.@marcoarment Sorry to hear. A family member went through this a couple times, including with twins. Just terrible. Best wishes.@kbourgoin @calzone @will_wagner Get all of thee to a punnery.@siegel @bleedsixcolors Listen, man, if you gonna play with FireTV, you gonna get burned.@MykeCole @PVBrett @laurenalexg I just got a new one taken. (All my old ones were owned by work.) I asked for more hair.Also, if anybody has any questions about the FireTV Stick, I’m thinking about writing a piece on it for @bleedsixcolors. Ask away.It’s my solemn duty—nay, PRIVILEGE!—to tell you that there’s a brand new episode of @reboundcast. http://t.co/6wxPU7NHQ0
You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy. http://t.co/6vNtitC9cbWe talk bummers on this week’s episode, with Nokia’s Android tablet, Uber’s shenanigans, and fake iPhones. http://t.co/IqzqiZKlyK
Retweeted by Dan MorenNew! Olestran commando crawls. We don't check for traps. Riswynn takes a nap. And we might actually find Zarr! http://t.co/SXm8EvrUtG
Retweeted by Dan Moren@mrgan 👍I am so happy @jsnell and @dmoren brought @clockwisepod to Relay FM. It keeps getting better every week. http://t.co/5mPUbdsP09
Retweeted by Dan Moren@turrean So, dare I ask how much snow you guys got?@imyke @jsnell D’aw. Man, Myke, the nicer you are the more I assume you’re UP TO SOMETHING. 😒Guardians Of The Various Artists. Truly one of my favorite albums of the year. http://t.co/94Iso6RW0n@tedlandau Scarlett would make a great Woz.@drewbsaunders Probably not a Freudian slip.@reneritchie Starling City motto: “Put a bow on it.”Also, the bonus question wouldn’t fit (we were too talkative!) so we moved it to a separate track: http://t.co/VKkMmcdApMTune in to this week’s @clockwisepod with guests @GlennF & @ejacqui. We talk Uber, encryption, Apple Watch and more: http://t.co/h5NHyYs4AwPosted: Clockwise 63 with @jsnell, & @dmoren - http://t.co/hsFhGtY7Jp
Retweeted by Dan Moren@PenLlawen And a breadbox!@blankbaby @liebs19 I just bought one like three months ago!The actual FireTV Stick (yes, @blankbaby) makes a perfect shuttle landing platform. http://t.co/qIwf7kxOO5@blankbaby Wait WHAT.FireTV Stick has arrived. With Lambda-class shuttle for scale. http://t.co/0SOZoarsnn@raffepaffe @Moltz @lexfri I assume that’s a joke. If they’re using Android THEY’RE NOT YOUR FRIEND.@HelgeG Also, according to Wikipedia he worked with a voice coach to “perfect his Spanish accent.” </straightface>@SheckyX I don’t dislike him as much as most people. He’s the McDonalds of actors—you always know what you’re gonna get.@SheckyX I dunno, man. Have you watched the original in a while? It’s not exactly fine cinema.@HelgeG Actually, I think he was technically Egyptian by way of Spain.Sean Connery’s role as Ramirez in the Highlander reboot might be played by…Tom Cruise?! http://t.co/K2u3Xh31z5@jeremycloud Over in Porter Sq. at @bagelsaurus13.Establishing a new Thursday tradition. http://t.co/Ve9i2yWWPt@raffepaffe @Moltz @lexfri Awesome! Thanks! Tell all your friends. ALL OF THEM.
@lexfri Too many Rokus.I’ve been contributing tech coverage to @PopSci for the last few weeks, and they launched a sweet redesign today. http://t.co/3UYy5rBA0c@chartier Still a rumor right now, I think, but I wouldn’t be shocked if it happened.I guess putting Beats on the home screen would help bolster subscribers, but I still think Apple needs to figure out what they want from it.@caseyjohnston @fromedome I think he meant “cereal entrepreneur.” Talk to me about corn flakes.@caseyjohnston Ah, yes. Of course, it’s really about ethics in tech journalism.@scalzi I was into rickshaws before they were cool.@theincomparable @GlennF @HollyGoDarkly Wonder Who powers, activate!Tonight I learned that of everyone on @theincomparable, @danmoren comes closest to being my #DoctorWhoTwin. And @GlennF is still my nemesis.
Retweeted by Dan Moren@heymermaid @kbourgoin @calzone Mars-ipan?Boy, sure am glad I spent five years studying French in high school and college so that I could some day make jokes on the Internet.@MykeCole Très bien, M. Cole. Je vois maintenant que vous etes un adversaire formidable. *tips beret*@SamSykesSwears @MykeCole Your erudition was never in doubt, Sam. If you really want to impress them, declare “J’ai la pêche de tonnerre!”@MykeCole J’ai étudié le français pour cinq années, Myke! Je pense que je sais ce qu’ils disent quand ils parlent de poisson.@jmgold I assume this is related to @calzone’s calzoney-ness.@MykeCole Choose your poisson, as the French say.
@jeffcarlson Welcome to the party, pal.@jeffcarlson It’s Christmas, Jeff, not Thanksgiving.@westwardview EVERYTHING IS AWESOME.Hooray! Huge thanks to our 5,001 backers. Still 42 hours left to get a deck if you want one. http://t.co/iTbwIbbL3s http://t.co/NczFXSv6cH
Retweeted by Dan Moren@Jfblagden The Yeti is my pick, but Snowball’s not bad. External mic might help dictation!@PVBrett Thank god tomorrow’s the middle of the week. You know: Grump Day.One interesting thing about reading the Apple Watch HIG/docs is how much iOS 8 prepared for this: extensions, Handoff, notifications, etc.@siracusa You’ve taken your first step into a larger world.@zandperl Seems tricky. You can remap commands that exist in the menu bar, but Play/Pause doesn’t in Garage Band. :|@PhilipMichaels < 1000 Points of Light?@meghann You don’t want to know how to check.New San Francisco font: not as good for sending anonymous ransom notes.@PVBrett All those extra bits.@JasonT @esritt @heymermaid I have it on good authority we can lure her back for Vault of Glass. We’re almost there!@siracusa JOHN. JOHN. WE HAD AN AGREEMENT, JOHN.@siracusa What is the sound of one-hand high-fiving?@siracusa I would, but, eh, it seems like so much effort.@siracusa @homesweethome @ejacqui This is good. Now we’ve paged everybody on the Internet.@esritt @heymermaid @JasonT It’s a date.@siracusa So I should just light a fire under you and then buy whatever you get.@MykeCole I’m imagining you said that in a Batman voice.@MykeCole Jesus, Myke. Who did you piss off to end up there?Starting to think I might need one of those sunlight wake-up alarms clocks for this winter. Anybody had success with those?@jsnell @reneritchie Also, sadly, the actor. :(@reneritchie Actually, I was thinking of my favorite Angel bit. Doyle: “Our rats are low.” Cordelia: “Rates.” Doyle: “…It says ‘rats’.”@reneritchie I think you meant “reply rats.” That’s a thing. Totally.Over at @PopSci I wrote about NYC’s ambitious payphones-to-hotspots program. Biggest concern: What about Superman? http://t.co/92HieY7H3i@JasonT @heymermaid And I need 5 strange coins before the weekend! I’m around tonight…@heymermaid On the upside, 10 bounty slots now! Yay!@heymermaid Goddamnit. This was a safe place!
@jsnell I bought $1.50 worth of milk with my debit card via Apple Pay. The future!@blankbaby Nice try blending in with that chair, Scott, but ultimately futile! (Also, do hotel ballrooms look the same everywhere?)@jdalrymple I assume by “star” you mean “favorite.”Opening umbrellas indoors is unlucky, especially when you leave them in your dark apartment hallways that you frequently walk down.Finally finished the Monument Valley expansion chapters. Totally worth all $275,541 I paid for it. Wait, what?@jeremyburge High five!@jeremyburge I suggest re-setting the name on the MacBook Air, and then restarting your base station if possible.@tedlandau You might try restarting your base station post-update. I think the old ones can get stuck in a cache.@reneritchie I’d still had some problems under the seed, though the second update improved things.Post-10.10.1 update, seeing only one version of my laptop under Shared. Cautiously optimistic. Reenabling Wake for Wi-Fi network access.November 17. The day the space heater came on. A day that shall live in infamy.@heymermaid THEY SAID IT WAS IMPOSSIBLE.
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