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Opera updates its Coast browser with support for iPhone 6 screen sizes, Today widget with latest news headlines, etc. http://t.co/mVJxyVhOjONew iPads now available for in-store pickup at some Apple Stores http://t.co/oHg0Sgne3i http://t.co/iDzfNuosjsiPad Air 2 teardown analysis by @ifixit is here https://t.co/HqI1lUsWyf http://t.co/kmbpfiJb07Nice: @yahoomail for #iphone adds travel and event alerts and news notifications http://t.co/HsomzK2gNeTwitter outs Fabric, a modular mobile platform for devs to build great apps https://t.co/qEapoYKzwG http://t.co/uToKYbf6b2Google funding a startup that wants to "build a rocket ship for the mind" http://t.co/utOhlmjDMCThanks, @gmail team, but I need one now, not later… http://t.co/5abTixdOvuSomeone to send me an invite code for Google’s Inbox?Google’s Inbox was built on Sparrow technology. You read it here first.Here’s a closer look at Google’s Inbox for iPhone, a new app by the Gmail team http://t.co/NLeFdTkCAX http://t.co/FCgsiuj4qbNice RT @BloombergTech: BlackBerry is collecting patents: http://t.co/BIZ5C6G5kFGoogle's Hangouts app is now iPhone 6-ready http://t.co/NGvLzmycZoGoogle’s #WorldSeries interactive map lets you see which team is getting the most action on search in each state http://t.co/LixD7U5akfGoogle’s Inbox is a completely different type of inbox that focuses on what really matters http://t.co/FluKkmj46r https://t.co/4NBuV9OXwkSaurik releases updated version of Cydia for iOS 8 to be installed manually http://t.co/Q1f5TSnFYIHow to solve issues preventing Text Message Forwarding and iPhone Cellular Calls in #iOS8 from activating. http://t.co/lHwzakYw6pRovio's Flappy Bird-inspired Retry launches globally http://t.co/5u1B9gi7T0 It’s maddeningly difficult! https://t.co/b2flMlHZPQExtended aerial footage takes you on a tour of Apple’s upcoming iSpaceship HQ http://t.co/WHlZdMOBeNDropbox-prettying iPhone app, Boxie, to be removed from @AppStore by month’s end, development winds down amid “internal team issues”Sad news RT @boxieapp: Due to internal team issues, we are sad to announce that Boxie’s development activities will no longer go on.FYI RT @boxieapp: Boxie will be removed from the App Store before the end of October 2014. Thanks everyone for your support.Amazon officially confirms working to enable its Rewards Visa Card for use on Apple Pay http://t.co/D6rdBMqnpIGood news, in just a few short days Unread for iOS will be released on Supertop’s App Store account as a free app http://t.co/gWmhZcXd9iAirbnb for iPhone now lets you “easily pass off pages in the app to your Mac running OS X Yosemite”From NYT: What if age is nothing but a mind-set? http://t.co/JVULlS8CpyGoogle’s second-generation useless HDMI dongle is on the way https://t.co/MxRWgcIQDF@MichaelSteeber Glad you agreeSome high-profile Apple Pay advertising with MasterCard and MLB World Series http://t.co/z9NcaP6JvS http://t.co/hVgWS5FK3ciOS should not take any cue from the design of Apple Watch. Wrist-worn UI should not be brought to the smartphone, period.now there’s a thought RT @jack: What if Age Is Nothing but a Mind-Set?, via @nytimes http://t.co/00l7skcIZ9Fantastical gains fantastic iOS 8 Today widget, Interactive Notifications, Share extension and more http://t.co/PCMAVA4JimAn example of how to not do unboxing vids https://t.co/Bp2BuuqEEFCannot activate iOS 8's Text Message Forwarding and iPhone Cellular Calls? Here's a fix. http://t.co/lHwzakYw6pTim Cook flies to China amid iCloud phishing claims http://t.co/QdTFuMa6bpBadland for iOS picks up 10 new halloween-themed levels, 30 new missions and more https://t.co/zcsTVGt1KTPangu jailbreak for iOS 8 – iOS 8.1 released http://t.co/jftO5wMexH
Apple Pay security and privacy overview http://t.co/8fZdoP9GyzApple Pay FAQ http://t.co/1fOXRojv5ZWhat it’s like to own an Apple product [COMIC] http://t.co/w8Ao18mJ2vIMDb for iOS app adds box office info, movie tech specs and a couple other features http://t.co/GFm9MmaW0MGood to know: #ApplePay in its current form is limited to 8 credit cards at any one time http://t.co/LBPpzXB4POThis is what I’ll be playing in November. Black the Fall for iPhone and iPad. Kickstarter-funded… https://t.co/kWqcSZ5E40Great news, you can now stream every episode of The Simpsons to iPhone and iPad http://t.co/1A28R82eMhFollowing iCloud phishing attempts, Apple issues browser security support doc http://t.co/Bt6k708jyJNice update: @Google adds 'Incoming' view and more to Docs, Sheets and Slides for iPhone and iPad #MobileOffice http://t.co/nlPj4utGkOGoogle Play Music for iPhone updated with revamped Listen Now, mood or activity based search a la Beats Music, more http://t.co/sciQjyf58NRemember @vine? Well, it now takes full advantage of #iPhone6 screens so update if you’re interested http://t.co/ZZ6Nuc790rA thorough overview of Apple Pay-compatible cards, what’s supported and what’s not http://t.co/9TKsJLacgYStrong demand in China reportedly forces Apple to boost iPhone 6 Plus production http://t.co/qRGMCVyuvpIt’s simpler than you think RT @SebastienPage: How to show the full website address in OS X Yosemite’s Safari browser http://t.co/37YVymHeQfApple Pay works internationally, with a caveat http://t.co/C8aaECd7pcGoogle does it again, publishes tutorials for iPhone users switching to Android http://t.co/0j897qnWKGInfuse 3 releases with #iPhone6 support, AirDrop sharing, dark theme and dozens of improvements @firecore http://t.co/UC39vYQUXUInfuse 3 releases with iPhone 6 support, AirDrop sharing, dark theme and dozens of improvements http://t.co/UC39vYQUXUSo @ifixit does its teardown dance re: the new Mac mini. Replacing RAM “impossible” https://t.co/WQLNMop4U9 http://t.co/1DlBYSvf07No crazypants analysts, tablets did not reach a saturation point. Blame it on the 2-3 year replacement cycle. Tablet ≠ smartphone, stupid!The beleaguered iPod… http://t.co/uLuc6rQC2nWhy doesn’t Apple mention iPod sales in earnings PR? They sold just 2.64M iPods last quarter vs 2x as many Macs, not something to brag aboutAn exhaustive list of each and every one of the new features in OS X Yosemite? Here… http://t.co/NjQN4QFYw3Invisible Icons Trick creates #iPhone6Plus Home screen with thumb-reachable app icons using http://t.co/g2fjv3ykPn http://t.co/hluZ8yCpBFThe Washington Post’s sensationalistic story about Spotlight privacy in OS X Yosemite and iOS 8 is crap http://t.co/udQvKzuAh1NFC spoofing techniques useless against Apple Pay http://t.co/HgP6HCC6tRAt last, @Facebook updates Paper app with support for #iPhone6 and #iPhone6Plus http://t.co/w9R3P9u7QV@FreakyFwoof Glad you did :D You can change your iPhone’s name under Settings > General > About and it will reflect in the Mac’s Wi-Fi menuTwitterrific adds enhanced search, iOS 8 Share sheet support and more http://t.co/IjQ4WlSf0T@FreakyFwoof You have to have Instant Hotspot enabled on an iPhone for it to show in the Mac’s Wi-Fi list@jrgibson1 There should be an option next to their comment in a pull-down menu on desktop
IDC estimated that Apple shipped 4.982 million Macs. Apple reported 5.52 million Macs.
Retweeted by Christian ZibregTip of the day: enable iCloud email address in Messages/FaceTime settings on iOS/OS X for Text Message Forwarding/iPhone Cellular Calls.Pro tip: if Safari is in Private mode it doesn't HandoffGood to know: OS X Yosemite feature availability by region and hardware https://t.co/ZcPMw4MiWu@bwreedbgr Gotcha :D@markveldhuis That’s weird because I’ve been able to use Instant Hotspot between Yosemite and iOS 8.0.2@bwreedbgr Have you tried Apple Pay?Google Play Newsstand adds iPhone 6 support http://t.co/WQXRWApLZPHow to use Apple Pay and in-store test [VIDEO] http://t.co/FVZKUTifnM http://t.co/dwRTg7aVu6iMessage still not activating? Pro tip: Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Loses stored Wi-Fi passwords, but fixes the issue.iMessage “awaiting activation” after updating to #ios8.1 ? Enable Cellular Data.So Apple bloggers, iOS 8.1 DOES NOT bring Instant Hotspot, it’s been in there since iOS 8.0.2 Please educate yourselvesRight on cue, Apple refreshes official Apple Store shopping app for the iPhone and iPad with Apple Pay checkout https://t.co/wBqG2fPD6MApple releases iOS 8.1 with Apple Pay, Camera Roll, Text Message Forwarding and more http://t.co/NcOQLp0rGA http://t.co/EhF7BhnuZQObviously RT @MacRumors: Apple's New Retina iMacs Offer Slight Performance Boost Over Non-Retina iMacs http://t.co/f6pV5EORUi by @julipuliBlame it on Retina RT @iDownloadBlog: Helvetica Neue Typeface replaces Lucida Grande as the system font in Yosemite http://t.co/BfwytOVg8XIt was about Goddamn time! RT @CNBC: Underdog inventor Nikola Tesla finally gets his due: http://t.co/opSzuemfnU http://t.co/0PaJxHd1LmGoodReader updated with Touch ID protection, iCloud Drive enhancements and various iPad features http://t.co/8TcfDh5PgbAs iPhone 6 launches in China, government launches an unprecedented attack of iCloud users http://t.co/fqmikXuTH7"Asus Zen Watch will show the first glimpses of how hardware makers can customize software on Android Wear" http://t.co/0hQrO03B1bLOL RT @ow: Graph of Android fans in the comments of iPhone articles http://t.co/9sp9QBtvDlI haven’t tested it yet myself, but based on everything I’ve read, sounds like Handoff won’t work with a Bluetooth 4.0 dongle. Sorry, folks.
Retweeted by Christian ZibregNYT: Is it time for Apple’s @tim_cook to tuck in his shirt? http://t.co/OQZ8KJGia9Apple reportedly negotiating to cut Beats Music prices by half, to just $5 per month. http://t.co/WX5Dm5YG3zFlickr updated with iOS 8 Share Extension, native iPad interface with unified search and more http://t.co/39D5gzxdZX http://t.co/GI6XetGLe8What’s new in OS X Yosemite http://t.co/LP2rSiCuPgFinally: @Dropbox for iOS updated with support for #iPhone6 and #TouchID http://t.co/PbrcVe4IRp
@NathanIngraham I’ll add a $100 extra to upsell you to iPad Air 2 :D@ale_dalfiu @wearemacphun Ya :D
Hidden #iTunes 12 feature: super-shortened app descriptions for updates That’ll make by blogging life easier! http://t.co/JEEvhvZWKMThanks but not hanks RT @Snapchat: Advertising on Snapchat http://t.co/rXlfbgpcnlFucking Google douchebags RT @JeffBenjam: Just works huh? Where have I heard that before? https://t.co/WLvzsX0DqX http://t.co/Mf9L5uD0lJNice: @Wunderlist by @6Wunderkinder picks up 1Password integration, Mac edition gains Handoff, Today widget and more http://t.co/awS5ZgTifW
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