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We all have a role in ending slavery in our communities and worldwide. At End Slavery Now, we help you find yours.

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When the power of love replaces the love for power, our world will know peace. #InternationalDayofPeace http://t.co/mYQRQx7dmmWondering how you can get involved in the fight to end slavery? Watch this for ideas: http://t.co/rR8BIprMh4 then head to our ACT page.
Eliminate & prevent #HumanTrafficking by shopping with @FreedomStones here: http://t.co/Kz6DhPMHnX They have beautiful products!
Did you know there are 5 major forms of slavery in the world today? Learn about them here: http://t.co/mLjSNyIJZZThis week check out @FreedomStones . 100% of proceeds go back into their work for freedom: http://t.co/Kz6DhPMHnX http://t.co/YWQ7T4GmuSRT @Love146 Ask your Senator to protect foster care youth from sex trafficking: http://t.co/Guet3cBRQs http://t.co/ZXf0MLpGW9#HumanTrafficking gangs taking organs as payment for migrant passage to Italy. Read this story and more: http://t.co/ws8ARfxQqV@shonali It did! Thank you!@shonali We did not receive it yet, try filling out the contact form on our website maybe? http://t.co/0CIRL2heTiDon't see your favorite organization on our directory? Let us know so we can add them: http://t.co/FSss8MbcyH
@shonali Hi! Thanks for reaching out, you can contact us at info@endslaverynow.org !talking with @EndSlaveryNow and @FreedomCenter today. love what they stand for and do!
Retweeted by End Slavery NowHear Jamie's story of survival! She is an inspiration for all of us: http://t.co/9iFpJbALQz via @IJM http://t.co/l571jzNAAx"...and when traffickers came, girls would just disappear." http://t.co/ws8ARfxQqVThe youngest girl he was offered for sex was 6 years old. Read about this undercover operation HERE http://t.co/mfiTpslirB #SexualSlavery
RT @IJMcampaigns "Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could do only a little." -Edmund BurkeRead on how it's human tendency to lift ourselves up by comparing ourselves to others. http://t.co/IfCkrUzXGX http://t.co/3aIO6SnLH4
Why has the trauma of #sextrafficking "slipped under the radar" of health care pros? http://t.co/muvF0ms8DA via @EndSlaveryNow
Retweeted by End Slavery NowThere are 100,000 American children trafficking annually. Give to any of these organizations! @EveryonesKids CLICK http://t.co/nHJZjKKrLzRT Download ‘Slavery in Supply Chains: A Guide’ to help companies eliminate slavery from their #supplychain http://t.co/eOESzcVbPo @walkfreeTell companies to trace & combat #HumanTrafficking within their supply chains SIGN: http://t.co/PitFaimmzZ via @walkfreePhotos that bear witness to modern slavery on @EndSlaveryNow blog. Check it out. http://t.co/qNdWEfxKWZ
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See @lisakristine on #ModernDaySlavery http://t.co/V9tJW0VAIr"I truly believe, if we can see one another as fellow human beings, then it becomes very difficult to tolerate atrocities like slavery.” LKFact: One out of every five pornographic images is of a child. Recently artist Pamela Alderman (Watercolor by... http://t.co/bwKylyQ4o8
Retweeted by End Slavery NowSee what happening in #HumanTrafficking #News over the weekend. http://t.co/O4hGktqEnJBy seeing each other as fellow human beings, it becomes very difficult to tolerate slavery.@lisakristine http://t.co/maLvmN9OgW
We hope Jessica's story this week inspired you & you also learned a shocking truth about exploitation in Rotherham. http://t.co/8zAVJFUKNhMajor retailer @Dillards selling products made from #SexTrafficking survivors. Check out @FreeatLastcamp & purchase. http://t.co/TPYdH8R8q3Decide on one item this week you will research and buy fair trade. Let us know what it is! http://t.co/K8zo6lTUxi
Get caught up on the headlines from this week. #HumanTrafficking #News http://t.co/ws8ARfxQqVAbolition is the action or an act of formally putting an end to a system, practice, or institution. We want to Abolish slavery!@Sari_Bari_India @Freeset @NicoleRobyn1 products in select @Dillards stores http://t.co/TPYdH8R8q3 Give freedom! http://t.co/5tyVXC62YM
How did a woman in Hawaii go from nursing to helping restore survivors of #sextrafficking? http://t.co/Bfm1JIzyyf @EndSlaveryNow
Retweeted by End Slavery NowInterested in our advocacy team? Help end slavery through policy. http://t.co/EFN7nzthGe & Call you senator about http://t.co/Hbl8s1SvcADoes the iPhone Help Perpetuate Modern-Day Slavery? Check out the story http://t.co/ws8ARfxQqVNew freedom line launched at @Dillards this week. Find a store near you & purchase Free at Last products. #EndSlavery http://t.co/TPYdH8R8q3
Researching #modernslavery is not a crime. Drop charges against against Andy Hall now http://t.co/ppaIMFxpaG @walkfreeA new guide for businesses to tackle modern day slavery comes out from @walkfree ! http://t.co/ws8ARfxQqV.@FreedomCenter board meeting this morning and was able to show off new tool, @EndSlaveryNow, and awesome staff accomplishments in <70 days
Retweeted by End Slavery Now"It's not just about awareness, but about action." Insight today from @hoolanapua President Jessica Munoz. http://t.co/hgDQCGBYNEWant new blog posts on how to #EndSlavery delivered to your inbox? CLICK http://t.co/EFN7nzthGe
We have a passion to end modern day slavery. What passions do you have? Ignite your interests and help men, women, and children be set free.
Retweeted by End Slavery NowHelp ensure that the 300k people working in Thailand’s fishing industry are treated as human beings, not slaves. SIGN http://t.co/ii5HXibiFxRead up on #HumanTrafficking #News Staying informed is so important! http://t.co/ws8ARfxQqV250,000 children are forced to become #childsoldiers, one of several forms of #humantrafficking that exists today. http://t.co/Ff0Zj4vTBX
Retweeted by End Slavery NowHave you searched for organizations in your area to volunteer for? Find your role in ending slavery! http://t.co/djJaiTb7mA
Rotherham & child sex trafficking on @EndSlaveryNow blog. http://t.co/ns24YUKN3E
Retweeted by End Slavery NowThe @Freedom_Fund just launched their new website and blog! Help them invest in front-line efforts to end slavery. http://t.co/5zYTEt9ecDHave a unique perspective or knowledge of #HumanTrafficking? Email info@endslaverynow.org for info about writing for our blog.UK Journalists have been released after being detained in #Qatar!! http://t.co/O4hGktqEnJWe’re talking child labor w/ @girlrising @MTVEXIT @aworldatschool & @madebysurvivors TODAY! Join the conversation @ 12 PM EDT #StopWork
Retweeted by End Slavery NowMore than 1,400 children were sexually expolited in #Rotherham but its more than just a horror story. http://t.co/hQoxPsPYK2.@EndSlaveryNow we would be delighted if you RT & help us promote our new blog ‘A World Free of #Slavery’ & website http://t.co/9UhkeGbnU7
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#ChildTrafficking victims are denied access to education, reinforcing the cycle of illiteracy & poverty that facilitates their exploitation.#Afghan judge sentences seven men to death for gang-rape and robbery of four women last month. http://t.co/4DWuZktwjE
Retweeted by End Slavery NowWidespread illiteracy is one of the key reasons why people are trafficked in Bangladesh. #LiteracyDay http://t.co/gHUbQ4C3JoInterested in literacy, education and trafficking? Follow @girlrising, @MalalaFund and @HalfAlmost two-thirds of the world’s 792 million illiterate adults are women. #InternationalLiteracyDayDaily Headlines are out! Catch up on your #humantrafficking #news http://t.co/ws8ARfxQqVFollow our monthly columnists at @EndSlaveryNow: @jepepjr & Yale's @Gilder_Lehrman #humantraffickingLiteracy is key for life long learning and development. Help us promote literacy for all. #LiteracyDay http://t.co/rMw7OGFrVp
We had some incredible content on our blog this week, read personal stories w/ #HumanTrafficking & a new video CLICK http://t.co/8zAVJFUKNh
#ChildLabor Any enslavement — whether forced labor, domestic servitude, bonded labor or sex trafficking — of a child. http://t.co/nCOamLXu7TDid you see our new video on #HumanTrafficking? http://t.co/rR8BIprMh4
#FairTrade Friday brings you men's and women's accessories from @EQUITA http://t.co/7J3HarX2sT http://t.co/nOpF8mwnI5RT @freeallslaves ..learn what products that are sold in the U.S that used either child labor or forced labor? http://t.co/SgEPMVhdnZ"in central Afghanistan, 13-year-old Basma is about to start her first day of school –- ever." @GoodWeave @CNNFreedom http://t.co/ws8ARfxQqVPlease continue to sign petition to bring Krishna and Ghimire home http://t.co/O2Qn22GlIA
Retweeted by End Slavery NowWalk Free is standing with @Anti_Slavery outside the Qatari Embassy in London to demand the safe return of Krishna & Ghimire...
Retweeted by End Slavery NowCheck out the new blog from @EndSlaveryNow! http://t.co/gX6OIISXfi
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Employees from @GNRD_NGO documenting labor violations in Qatar went missing after being followed by police #Qatar http://t.co/ws8ARfxQqV"...we sometimes stand in the face of that enemy and wonder how in the world we could affect something like that." http://t.co/juxz2XuLto
Stories on #ChildLabor and the #RotherhamAbuse scandal in today's headlines http://t.co/ws8ARfxQqVJust saw this shocking report on modern #slavery in #India http://t.co/JsXbqno2xl @rememberslavery @EndSlaveryNow
Retweeted by End Slavery NowThx @madisonmikhail - all great organizations - honored to be among the @IJM @SharedHope @Love146 @FreetheSlaves @GEMSGIRLS @EndSlaveryNow
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Helps us #EndSlaveryNow by joining the battle. https://t.co/KfQZoDQo6BAwesome new video from @EndSlaveryNow ! This is what it's all about. #IAMANABOLITIONIST http://t.co/2aO1UqrfDF
Retweeted by End Slavery NowNew awareness video from @EndSlaveryNow. Nice job @Mariahacord & @Brooke_Hath http://t.co/pB410YDD2c #humantrafficking
Retweeted by End Slavery Now"'The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good [people] to do nothing.' Let’s not be those people." http://t.co/ws8ARfxQqVAs we rest on #LaborDay, remember the nearly 30M who are in slavery today. #endslavery
Retweeted by End Slavery NowOur blog from yesterday has an awesome video about how to join in the fight against #HumanTrafficking CLICK http://t.co/XUVHBbieO7@AlexandraLSmit1 @AmyStephen We have a page on how to be a smarter consumer! http://t.co/K8zo6lTUxi Our purchases have a huge global impact.@shopPRIYA No problem! Thanks for doing awesome work!
"Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that." Martin Luther King Jr.Can you take a few seconds to sign this petition from @WalkFree & @CH_Ghana ? Help us #EndSlaveryNow http://t.co/RYFwiSdtfo
We had some incredible posts this week on our blog. Read them if you haven't, or read them again. http://t.co/8zAVJFUKNh #humantrafficking#SexTrafficking anyone forced into the commercial sex industry, held against their will by manipulation and/or force. http://t.co/Y2ajU6zxJK
Modern day slaves are not just numbers, read their stories and help others see them as humans, not statistics. http://t.co/1GK7a94oVlLove to run? Hate slavery? Check out @ArunaProject to run or organize a 5k. Do what you love to stop what you hate. http://t.co/OmHWgSO58DRead #HumanTrafficking #News if for nothing else, to be thankful for the life you are living. Use it to bless others. http://t.co/ws8ARfxQqVSign this! RT - @walkfree Help prevent the trafficking of children to Ghana's #Lake Volta. CLICK http://t.co/rvBpqkNPJO #SendNoChild@L_evateyourlife @RebelMouse Thanks for the shout out! Hopefully at least one person will start to reevaluate where their products are made!Stunning pieces. @shopPRIYA using the power of business to fight #povery and #moderdayslavery http://t.co/9NUDkW8PAD http://t.co/w6hM7ok4rc
Ryan, founder of @ArunaProject, writes on @EndSlaveryNow about ordinary people bringing freedom to the enslaved. http://t.co/b30g4fGLVn
Retweeted by End Slavery Now#HumanTrafficking #News updates are out! http://t.co/ws8ARfxQqV"This is a place where a woman’s choice has been taken ..where her flesh is for sale." @ryanbergusa of @ArunaProject http://t.co/xrie7mhEawNew post from Aruna founder @ryanbergusa on the @EndSlaveryNow blog. Learn more and join the fight. http://t.co/MVsxcuEFHS
Retweeted by End Slavery Now"This is a place where her flesh is for sale. A place where few women enter by choice and many exit by death." http://t.co/xrie7mhEawRT @FAIR_Girls "What are some common myths & misconceptions about #SexTrafficking of youth? #BeAware http://t.co/8P5EzBgbP8 "
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