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We all have a role in ending slavery in our communities and worldwide. At End Slavery Now, we help you find yours.

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Headlines: http://t.co/xjn9B3jjWt Stories on #ChildLabor #HumanRights #ISIS #RescueDon't forget about #BringBackOurGirls SIGN this: http://t.co/oqbuRzA7jP to keep pressure on the Nigerian President. @WalkFreeHow many of these #ModernSlavery facts: http://t.co/qm1dGQGQy9 did you not know? http://t.co/I1qGHKUoVlChild labor is a huge global problem, here's how to eliminate it: http://t.co/ws8ARfxQqV11 Facts about #ModernSlavery that you might not have known: http://t.co/qm1dGQGQy9 http://t.co/3k3xIwTKV2Why India? Why the sex trade? Why a magazine? CLICK: http://t.co/juxz2XuLto You have a chance to help: http://t.co/6wehY0WgqY
This is your chance to help give freedom to the enslaved. Take it: http://t.co/6wehY0WgqY
How did a CEO of a major corporation become a modern day abolitionist? Read his story, we can ALL play at part: http://t.co/IxbnDvTpB9Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. http://t.co/FyUMpbO35c
Did you know we have a library of movies/films on #ModernDaySlavery ? These are great tools for educating others: http://t.co/KHn1IsnhH6When you buy this beautiful magazine, 100% of the proceeds go to giving a new life to sex workers in India: http://t.co/6wehY0WgqY@compassion we would love to do a feature on your work for our site! Please contact us at info@endslaverynow.orgToday is the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty. One of the best ways to end poverty? Buy #FairTrade and ensure fair wages.Headlines: http://t.co/ws8ARfxQqV Deaf woman kept as domestic slave to receive compensation, plus #ChildLabor, #SexTraffickingYou have a chance to give women in the sex trade a way out. Will you take it? http://t.co/6wehY0WgqY http://t.co/2OrDSANfR9New report on the WORST forms of #ChildLabor plus #SexTrafficking #DomesticSlave http://t.co/ws8ARfxQqV@freedomforother No problem. Thanks for sharing!!DID YOU KNOW there are 5 forms of #HumanTrafficking? Learn what they are from @EndSlaveryNow http://t.co/4MbchlWk7H
Retweeted by End Slavery Now@WorldVision we would love to do a feature of the great work you're doing! Could you please contact us at info@endslaverynow.org ?Want to eradicate poverty? Ensure those people making your products are paid a living wage: http://t.co/0wKLEVWyX1 http://t.co/exTFl5iT4KLooking for a JOB in the #HumanTrafficking field? @IJM has an opening in Texas: http://t.co/v9em4X4zZp
Quoted today: @ILO, @IndiaToday, @IBTimes and @BBCNews Headlines: http://t.co/ws8ARfxQqVWhat businesses can do TODAY to eradicate slavery: http://t.co/IxbnDvTpB9 New post from @jepepjr, former CEO of P&G http://t.co/AOvcx6qRqmS/O to some great orgs focusing on food security worldwide: @feedthechildren @FeedtheFuture @WFP @oxfamgb @ifpri #EndHunger #WorldFoodDayHappy #WorldFoodDay. Food insecurity can make men, women and kids vulnerable to trafficking around the world. Let's end it.VIDEO of kidnapped bride forced into marriage: http://t.co/ws8ARfxQqV #ForcedMarriage Men would rather kidnap bride than ask and be refused.Sex trade in India worth 343 BILLION, plus #ForcedMarriage #ChildLabor #SexTrafficking headlines: http://t.co/ws8ARfxQqVWhat is the responsibility of business to ensure people are free: http://t.co/IxbnDvTpB9
Daily Headlines: http://t.co/ws8ARfxQqV , featuring #childmarriage, #NobelPrize winner and #sextraffickingOctober is #FairTrade month! Though it does far more, anything marked "Fair Trade USA" certifies that the product is produced slave-free.“Hope, it is the only thing stronger than fear. A little hope is effective, a lot of hope is dangerous.”- Suzanne CollinsIf you found out your kids were tricked into slavery, how far would you go to get them back? http://t.co/ws8ARfxQqV
Together, let's build a world free of slavery: http://t.co/bimR4l8QY4 @Freedom_Fund http://t.co/XDHLTuXyXsThere are large groups of people fighting to end slavery, see what abolition looks like today: http://t.co/Vi99gSFnfx http://t.co/VxUsvtGTeeTheir unique strategy to ending slavery gained global attention, find out why: http://t.co/rr7dUtUDUw @Freedom_Fund http://t.co/y48lgOmQNsWouldn't you want to know if the companies you were buying from had SLAVE LABOR in their supply chains: http://t.co/ws8ARfxQqVAsk your favorite brands to address forced labor in their supply chains. @madeinafreewrld makes it easy: http://t.co/aBkGcJgNf9
“Come friends, it's not too late to seek a newer world.” -Alfred Tennyson Join us as we seek a world free of slavery: http://t.co/9CEC62PTeeMore people are trafficked for FORCED LABOR than for SEX says new report: http://t.co/ws8ARfxQqVHe was a professor of electrical engineering and is now a champion of children’s rights: http://t.co/9lUurrD03L http://t.co/NdTbrRRkPDShamere was a college student trying to pay tuition when she fell into the hands of a trafficker: http://t.co/09mecRQcIX
Tell someone this week that #Slavery still exists today, awareness is key: http://t.co/ZLKvlk4HcGEvery weekday we post the top global headlines about #ModernDaySlavery and #HumanTrafficking to keep you informed:http://t.co/ws8ARfxQqV
Congrats to @Malala @MalalaFund on the #NobelPeacePrice Thank you for the incredible work you've done and will continue to do! #IDG2014Did you know more than half of force labor victims worldwide are women and girls? #DayoftheGirl #IDG2014 http://t.co/1gDHouI6k4
Alleviating poverty one entrepreneur at a time with #HandmadeJewelry from @Bajalia http://t.co/bDHLKIFzzO http://t.co/3jWwTNNtzw“What people have the capacity to choose, they have the ability to change.” -Madeleine Albright What will you choose to do differently?@Mrmurraytweets That is great! What was the average number? What were the reactions from students?There ARE big businesses that have transparent supply chains SUPPORT THEM: http://t.co/mNDk0ATVDI@EndSlaveryNow Students at Walter Johnson High School found out how many slaves work for them today in AP World.
Retweeted by End Slavery NowThe TRUTH about Norway's 12-year-old child bride: http://t.co/ws8ARfxQqV http://t.co/odOlMDIqpuSlaves are working for you right now. Find out how many: http://t.co/CwYWGpCrp3 @madeinafreewrld
We believe that buying fair trade PREVENTS #HumanTrafficking and that is something we can all do: http://t.co/EII4AoupwcWe want everyone to find their role in ending slavery. Share our page, together we can end this atrocity: http://t.co/ophzXr7pE7Consumerism drives slavery. We want cheap goods, so businesses get free labor to cut costs. We must shop differently: http://t.co/0wKLEVWyX1Some think international surrogacy is the new frontline for #HumanTrafficking: http://t.co/ws8ARfxQqVWant to help end slavery once and for all? Find an organization near you and volunteer: http://t.co/FSss8MbcyH
Have you seen 12 Years a Slave? Well Vannak had almost an identical experience with slavery in 2006, READ his story: http://t.co/Pp9M7QdbwN“Remember, Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, and no good thing ever dies.” -Stephen KingOnly business can bankrupt #slavery! CLICK to invite companies to discover #FRDM: http://t.co/aBkGcJgNf9 RT @madeinafreewrld10% of kids in the world today are forced to work, most in terrible conditions: http://t.co/ws8ARfxQqV
Buying #FairTrade is about making sure the people who make your products are treated fairly: http://t.co/YxNuzZt60B http://t.co/FXP74YuDMoGreat post by @minhspeakstruth for @EndSlaveryNow --> Language Matters: Defining Human Trafficking and Slavery http://t.co/RC5GdclKIq
Retweeted by End Slavery NowJust returned from Nashville, Tennessee, with one conviction: we can end slavery in our lifetime! @IJM @EndSlaveryNow
Retweeted by End Slavery NowThe International Criminal Court must take on ISIS and their crimes against children: http://t.co/ws8ARfxQqVSIGN to help get thousands of children being trafficked across Ghana on public transport home safely: http://t.co/IVP6dbAMmR RT @CH_GhanaWhat #FairTrade is and why it's important: http://t.co/EB8ZSwuEuk
“Anyone can slay a dragon, but try waking up every morning & loving the world all over again. That's what takes a real hero.” RT @ROBLOVE146Are you a trucker? Or know someone who is? Check out @TATKylla be apart of truckers fighting #HumanTrafficking http://t.co/ffVIZ2IgUwWhat makes someone vulnerable to trafficking and what that has to do with the border crisis: http://t.co/g5cP3ep3pwPimps prosecuted for operating MALE sex trafficking ring in New York City: http://t.co/ws8ARfxQqV #HumanTrafficking #News
Every weekday we post the top headlines in #HumanTrafficking & #ModernDaySlavery around the world: http://t.co/ws8ARfxQqV
How one speaker ended up heading a large organization fighting to end #HumanTrafficking in the 21st century: http://t.co/Lwab0Ie97F @A21The blog was full of incredible information this week, check out the stories: http://t.co/09S6HuIeyo
How can you be the change you want to see in the world: http://t.co/ws8ARfxQqV http://t.co/W8DT0mm50LHave you written a research paper on #slavery ? Submit it to: http://t.co/pZnfxOHThK for a chance to be published by @BSUDLRGreat article on language on #humantrafficking by @minhspeakstruth at @EndSlaveryNow . READ MORE >> http://t.co/oS2WXiiIGD
Retweeted by End Slavery NowWhat if the very people who wrote the laws are the ones forcing you to harvest cotton? What will you do then? http://t.co/ws8ARfxQqVNeed to hide your dirty clothes or display fresh fruit? @basketsofafrica has great options for either: http://t.co/QivSOCEZZH #FairTradeRecognizing slavery || Graphic from @endslaverynow http://t.co/ZtQPxqUJKz
Retweeted by End Slavery Now
Funding is so important for organizations fighting to end slavery. Give to a campaign that speaks to you:http://t.co/tuPJsDoWDf @theendcrowd"There is currently no victim-centered definition of human trafficking and slavery." - my blog for @EndSlaveryNow http://t.co/C5TK7aBATy
Retweeted by End Slavery NowLooking at the definitions of #HumanTrafficking & #Slavery and why they matter to the movement: http://t.co/v5B68iWL18 by @minhspeakstruthWhat ISIS can teach the west: http://t.co/ws8ARfxQqV by @NickKristof @nytimesWe need to highlight some success stories on our blog! Have some to share? (we're looking at you NGO's) email info@endslaverynow.orgHere's an article from one of our Ambassadors, John Meekins. Human Trafficking Behind Bars and Beyond. http://t.co/MyItoneXhC
Retweeted by End Slavery NowRT @A21 Slavery isn’t a thing of the past, but it should be.
Her desire was to become a nurse and now @A21 is helping her realize that dream: http://t.co/6nC2sEf3im http://t.co/qZVbvSQh3vHelp us fill our blog with incredible writers! Are you one? Know someone? E-mail info@endslaverynow.org with ideas: http://t.co/09S6HuIeyoRT A new approach to fighting #modernslavery - article by @nickgrono @SSIReview on @Freedom_Fund's impactful model http://t.co/atgHa4Qrdq7-Eleven franchise owners caught enslaving illegal aliens in the United States: http://t.co/ws8ARfxQqV #HumanTrafficking #NewsHow to spot a #HumanTrafficking victim in the airport: http://t.co/ws8ARfxQqV
Why has the trauma of #sextrafficking "slipped under the radar" of health care pros? http://t.co/muvF0ms8DA via @EndSlaveryNow
Retweeted by End Slavery NowRT @A21 We can abolish injustice in the 21st century through prevention, victim protection, prosecution of violators&strategic partnerships.Forced cotton pickers in Uzbekistan told to keep quiet about their cotton work: http://t.co/ws8ARfxQqV #CottonCrimes #HumanTrafficking #NewsRT @MeganLegband This video from @EndSlaveryNow is spot on! So many ways to help HTMS survivors. http://t.co/rR8BIprMh4 @NexusHTMSGetting out of prison puts someone at a high risk of being trafficked. @johnomeekins on trafficking within prisions: http://t.co/aBqao84Nmu
Did you sign this petition to stop the flow of child slaves to #LakeVolta ? If not, we need you to: http://t.co/hiPUAyBZDE@NexusHTMS Yes! We believe Child Soldiering falls under Child Labor. Thanks for pointing that out!Congrats to @CIW on their Global Citizens Award from @ClintonGlobal keep up the great work! :http://t.co/6fAwG5BpfC
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