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Peter Cohen @flargh Massachusetts

Mostly NSFW and profane. Managing editor, http://t.co/gmrsJYTSLK. Freelance tech journo. Husband to @fletchen, dad to three kids.

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@jperlow A URL might help, buddy.@BlindSarcasm @y_sotomayor Outlook for the next five days: http://t.co/p6nKFD9J35@foresmac https://t.co/YdW2gfvqb5@ericjackson @jyarow FIRE TIM COOKParallels Desktop 10 arrives with OS X Yosemite support, improved battery life, and more http://t.co/Y7iCzxl1fw via @iMore@HCMarks Can I trade them for dogecoins?@simonjary Wah-Wah was my favorite Teletubby.So cold this morning I needed a bathrobe. Positively fall-like. PERFECT. WEATHER.@davidcaolo GO PATS“If Ed Hardy fucked a juggalo." - Anthony Bourdain on Guy Fieri. http://t.co/fUE2EekkHd@Japester Thanks!
Leftover herb-baked tilapia and asparagus risotto held up surprisingly well.When the Apple logo really doesn't matter http://t.co/gUGGbAqd0c via @iMore@gruber except God doesn’t talk to @jdalrymple. He hears from the other one.How to enable and disable notification sounds on your Mac http://t.co/jOkrnQgVWS via @iMoreYeah, that stock split Apple made was really a stupid idea, for sure.@_Miche11e_ This is why I shave my head (not really, but a happy side effect)That terrifying moment when you see a spider on the wall, then look again and it isn’t there anymore.@justinesgar Sure felt like it, given CNN’s non-stop coverage.Can't delete photo albums on your iPhone or iPad? Here's why! by @iMuggle http://t.co/dk1z5RtqY6 via @iMore
@matthewmspace @superpixels I’m just giving you shit@robdelaney Nick Cannon isn’t going to like you even _with_ a mangina.@matthewmspace @superpixels Wow. Just wow.Did the Missouri National Guard help get the Ferguson dam back from ISIS? #newsmashup@sylvan_official It’s a bag of hurt, especially with carrier stores on every street corner.iMore show 415: Overcompensation, Extremes, and conspiracies http://t.co/yUhEeJIHR0 via @iMore@matthewmspace @superpixels surrrre.@lschmeiser One time in a bathroom stall at O’Hare I got a call; my ringtone at the time was a Murloc yell. Hilarity ensued.@superpixels You’re high. On believing.“Hi, I’m having trouble with my iPhone.” “Sorry, we don’t sell or service the phone.” “Can you test the iPhone’s battery?” “…” #retaillifeOS X Yosemite developer preview 6 now available, developers, go get it! http://t.co/FLrvV2dG6B via @iMoreHow to move your iPhone and iPad backups to an external drive http://t.co/yWjGUDatZM via @iMore@FcoRamirezA @markgurman The 1m one IS the regular one.@PDelahanty I hate that place@markgurman OMFG IT DOESNT SAY HOW LONG IT IS! http://t.co/y5TxRgcIAY@BouPierre Le Chateau, poutine and whippets! You live in a land of wonder.@sc_vaughn @iMore Literally guano. Guano isn’t exclusive to bats.MADAM CONTROL YOUR SHRIEKING CHILDREN #retaillifeThat moment when you open a container of raspberries and find the ones right underneath the top are moldy. :(@ArneKuilman Maybe. But they still have some stuff I’ve _never_ seen in retail stores around here, os that’s something.NSFW: Your Mac is not a toilet http://t.co/anb5knNin0 via @iMore@MikeTRose Either that or you had a stroke.@kerri9494 It’s gorgeous out. Perfect weather day.Hey, remember Le Chateau? Back in the 80s and early 90s, they were so cool. Still have some nice stuff. http://t.co/yVeF7mYlLO@davidcaolo I guess that was the V in VAR.@davidcaolo Connecting Point was like Buffalo Bill’s basement in Silence of the Lambs, except a Mac dealership.@dfravel @20mileSue and don’t get me started on conflating Chromebooks with actual laptops. Zero journalism done on that piece. Garbage.Julian Assange walks away from Ecuadorian embassy, muttering “If those fuckers served me llapingachos one more time…"@dfravel Brooks is a hack, he wears his bias on his sleeve, and his web site sucks. Whatever. Also, most commenters to CCT are fascist pigs.@tristan http://t.co/YJahwxUwke@dfravel ugh.@CNJBrownBear Thank you!
New episode! @flargh shares some ‘war stories’ from working at an Apple authorized service provider. http://t.co/JWRPzvvk02
Retweeted by Peter CohenHow to use the 'rule of thirds' to take more striking photos with your iPhone by @reneritchie http://t.co/dHStTj72Tz via @iMoreMedia picks of the week: Bear In Heaven, Muppets Most Wanted, Whiskey Tango Foxtrot and more! http://t.co/FmokD1PKQA via @iMoreFat beardy guy on Harley wearing a leather vest: Keep livin’ the dream, bubbah. #stereotypesarereal@fmanjoo Stop & Shop does that.Godus keeps crashing on authentication on my third-gen iPad. *sigh*@robdelaney remember more than one shake and you’re playing with yourselfRT @GeoffTebbetts: @flargh Ice Bucket on the Balls Challenge.Ice bucket challenge is so last week. Let’s step it up with a get kicked in the balls challenge.@GrumpusNation @kennethfield I just threw up in my mouth a little bit
@GrumpusNation Sure!You ever read a review of something - game, movie, album - and wonder if the reviewer has ever actually talked to another human being?@dwiskus practice, practice, practice. No wait, location, location, location.NSFW: Your Mac is not a toilet http://t.co/anb5knNin0 via @iMore
@supereric Two words: Soylent green.iMore show 415: Overcompensation, Extremes, and conspiracies http://t.co/yUhEeJIHR0 via @iMore@ShawnL @CoreyTamas I don’t have any tattoos, but he’s definitely seen a rash.@miblogestublog @superpixels What’s more, something smells really bad.@BouPierre This is my man bag: http://t.co/OtknyHnxSz @SFBags@thefrustum @iMore @reneritchie No you aren’t. A Time Capsule is a network device.@thefrustum @iMore @reneritchie Those instructions are for Time Machine backup, not a Time Capsule.@Spacekatgal enjoy!Why the hell doesn’t Apple still offer a matte screen option for MacBooks?@ddt Can I just do five half stories instead?@Spacekatgal It’d be an interesting discussion. I think a lot of gamers ask themselves the same question.@Spacekatgal Oooh! Dish! *popcorn*@Spacekatgal WHY DO YOU HATE MEBest Mac apps for photo editing http://t.co/gndcUvt5LR via @iMore@DJDarren @dmoren @chartier Thank heaven for small miracles.@DJDarren @dmoren @chartier Try filking. It works for Richard M Stallman. #joinusnowandfreethesoftware@lexfri @dmoren It hates podcasts, but mostly you.@dmoren @chartier Honestly I’m just in it for the remixes and B-sides.@LeneMiRan @MikeElgan @NetApp @NetApp_Biz Indeed! Astonishingly hamhanded, tone-deaf marketing from start to finish.@sethclifford Yeah. More than one cashier has been all o_O@dmoren @chartier Will I have to drop a postcard in the mail to unsubscribe?@dmoren @chartier Awesome! Like Columbia House!@sethclifford In fairness, it was my wife’s decision. If Chococat had been an option, she would have gone with that instead.@fraserspeirs @MacSparky Oooh! Don’t mind if I do! Thanks!@chartier @dmoren Well, duh. How else do you think the Guardians of the Galaxy Mix Tape soundtrack was mastered?@LeneMiRan @MikeElgan @NetApp @NetApp_Biz That’s predicated on the assumption that the OnePlus One is a great product.What underwear? RT @CoreyTamas: @flargh I’d be less likely to make fun of you if your checkbook didn’t match your underwear.@dmoren MOAR POWER!@rgriff Registry of Motor Vehicles won’t take cards for some transactions.Yeah, this is my checkbook, smartass. What of it? http://t.co/WC2MUSbIla@razz2 @Ihnatko @reneritchie @leolaporte @wickedgoddess Yep. Blizzard’s very good about Mac support.'iPhone slow' explained: The truth about iOS updates by @reneritchie http://t.co/7q4t68OtcB via @iMore
@Becjr25 Like a downgrade? Give it a try. Will Safari launch? You can go to the Safari menu and select Reset Safari to wipe it.@Becjr25 Restore in what sense?
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