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“Your food, drugs, costumes are all handled, all you have to do is show up,” a Burning Man "sherpa" tells @nickbilton http://t.co/gx2lvo9FG0Wall Street banks, under pressure to improve working conditions for junior bankers, raising salaries 20-25% http://t.co/vo9MmwIiD6 via @WSJ
Gotta put the month first, Rob! #USA RT @RobBrydon: Very excited to be hosting The #Britannias for @baftala on 30th October in Hollywood!@katierosman @HarvardBiz so basically, sales foreplay
Retweeted by katierosman@ky2ninh so interesting!Men are willing to pay more for an item if the seller engages in small talk. @HarvardBiz http://t.co/byXLTr0SwX@katethewasp @theglossdotcom But the money could run out by third gen....@jason_kint @jkrim Can't discount fact that ppl video #icebuckets and Facebook let's u upload video straight to it; Not as simple on twitRT @KrystieLYandoli: How Harvard Law Students Are Showing Support For Michael Brown & Ferguson http://t.co/QDfKUwEqAN http://t.co/hZHWp5MEwJ
Retweeted by katierosman@rosmance maybe he had his legs wrapped over his head and got stuck and couldn't get to the kitchen and starved.@rosmance @WSJ No, silly! My point is that if living a yogic lifestyle helps you live to 95, bring it onMartha Stewart is a disciple of Iyengar, the beloved yogi who died today. I practice Iyengar #yoga with her in 2012. http://t.co/i7cRWlajRdIf yoga kills you at 95, more yoga please. RT @WSJ: BKS Iyengar, yoga pioneer, died at age 95: http://t.co/27hr9msuC2 http://t.co/SMLAbxp0BVIrrefutable proof that Kim Kardashian is an evil genius and that the cultural apocalypse is upon us. http://t.co/TI7qExBQPo
@Clayman @unclegrambo No Gnus Is Good Gnus with Gary Gnu is why I became a journalisthearbtreaking message from James Foley's mom, just now, confirming his death https://t.co/ieWqginMjP … via @findjamesfoley
Retweeted by katierosman@BumbleWard DM me to be sure I don't miss it and I'll help if I canPenske Media, owner of @Deadline Hollywood and Variety, to buy Fairchild Fashion Media from Conde Nast for $100mil. http://t.co/Vw4FHPIE3lUber has hired @davidplouffe, Obama's 2008 campaign manager, as its lobbyist. http://t.co/wAxKHXyDVH@RickBrooksWSJ http://t.co/yL2aGJa4y8@RickBrooksWSJ myriad discussions about the meaning of "smoking weed" and "high on thc" #motheroftheyear@RickBrooksWSJ You gotta teach your kids all the words to Alfie!!! My kids love it! http://t.co/b8BBGlV9u6@aarongell just shake it offOnce met a delightful whackadoodle who called it her life ambition to take the shame out of yawning. She'd luv this: http://t.co/Dobf7qD7FQ@ThomasNOV @rodeokitten Many questions, few answersAmazing @UpshotNYT piece that correlates what terms people google with the quality of life in the areas they live. http://t.co/NCIzpgQZpc@EdBajwa @SladeHV I point out the shoes not just to be catty but to highlight the ridiculousness of it all! Your tweet made me literally lol"Humans of New York" photog is going on a global, UN-sponsored tour. Cool story by my seat mate, Jonah Bromwich! http://t.co/xqPWaBPbcaThis woman, whose shoes are way too big, gets "butterflies-in-the-stomach" when construction workers catcall at her. http://t.co/gq1RCXJqhd@billchilds I will watch!!!I am not dumping ice water on my head. I will make a donation to a research fund and read about ALS, a disease I should know more about.
Millennials are jerkfaces!!!!
Retweeted by katierosmanIs this verified? RT @kittyFitz50: Hedy Epstein, 90+ Holocaust survivor, just arrested in #Ferguson http://t.co/qyLFIos1oP@emilyjanefox We've changed the rule to 4.@mamaspohr I took TV away for the summer and now all my 8yr old does is read People mag.@zseward the ultimate mom app@mamaspohr see my most recent tweet.The @taylorswift13 record release is no joking matter in my house, @zseward! It's been a highly anticipated event! http://t.co/Xa3UOv4ubY@ScottMAustin it's kinda a requirement of the jobSave the Fave! Twitter is meddling with its favoriting function. http://t.co/sBwKBoBk8w@ScottMAustin Stop embarrassing Harper with your olden-days ways.Wish it had the headline, "In Met Union Fight, the Fat Lady Has Sung." Metropolitan Opera reaches deals with singers http://t.co/yp5kXEludeThis headline made me LOL. WSJ: U.S. farmers are up to their ears in corn. http://t.co/t7cUKkSKwn@kevinroose Your editor doesn't use subject pronouns or punctuateSo curious to know what the @NickKristof column about @jopiazza's new book about nuns did for pre-order sales! http://t.co/dpkxPNCk5mThis link is taller, skinnier, prettier and far wealthier than you: The World's Highest Earning Models. via @Forbes http://t.co/ilLFnnMDXI@zseward And Instagram is all East HamptonLast night it seemed as though my entire Twitter timeline was Ferguson, and my entire Facebook newsfeed was ice buckets. (Not a bad thing!)
Retweeted by katierosmanAutopsy shows Michael Brown was shot at least six times, including twice in the head http://t.co/FxzRSTmu4h http://t.co/IPGV7T3O6G
Retweeted by katierosmanMy kids & I sing a song abt peace before bed & say the places we're praying for. Last nite it was Israel/Palestine, Ukraine...and St. Louis."Instagram is the opposite of modesty." Fashionable head-scarf-wearing Muslim women take to social media...carefully. http://t.co/Taq1aU2J7eTrying to remember under which key I'll find the emoji I'm looking for recalls hours spent as a kid playing the "Memory" image-matching gameOn repeat #NowPlaying California Stars by Billy Bragg on #Spotify http://t.co/qLXlea8qQ9
The sadly perfect first piece. RT @ConorDougherty: My first @nytimes story is about skateboarding. RIP #JayAdams http://t.co/qaCTcHC5pKIn yoga, the teacher read a passage from your book about using your mind to train your body to do amazing things, @DeepakChopra. Powerful!
@KatieS @twitter @dickc @ev @biz @jack They're so lucky to have you, Katie.#ferguson @BarackObama http://t.co/kKsVKrZ5La
Retweeted by katierosmanMy son asked a woman today how old she was. When I said, "That's not something we ask women," he said to her, "Fine, how much do you weigh?"RT @SteveCarell: I binge watched my children today.What's worse: millenials' self-obsession or our obsession w/ millennial self-obsession? Good question, @samtanenhaus! http://t.co/zu43ShPJ0f
Milkshakes in a quiet period. RT @dealbook: Shake Shack Owner Weighs an I.P.O. http://t.co/4b4tZGuKBFBreaking News: Texas Gov. Rick Perry Indicted on Charge of Abuse of Power http://t.co/gPUvrqGUZW
Retweeted by katierosman@MikeIsaac Time makes you bolder. Children get older.
I just received this one-line story tip: "There are no fat people at Goldman Sachs."Amazing paid @nytimes obit for Lauren Bacall from Leonard Bernstein's family http://t.co/cHDq6r3eet
Retweeted by katierosmanOne of my oldest, dearest and most foul-mouthed BFFs, @DanaAndJulia (of @FakingItWriters fame) got a phat TV deal. http://t.co/GSeuv70AiB
@jasonWSJ What a beautiful piece, Jason.The @WesleyLowery twitter feed should be on your radar.An oncologist takes down GMA's Amy Robach for spreading misinformation while on a cancer PR blitz. http://t.co/RX3457ASzlLunch at a pub. Lots of grizzled fishermen/sailors. My kids selected six @taylorswift13 songs on the jukebox. We may get run outta town.I remember sneak-reading "Lauren Bacall, By Myself," when I was a young girl. Her relationship with Bogart was so illicit and romantic.“@annehelen: Harper's Bazaar cover that Howard Hawks' wife saw & told him: that's the girl for To Have and Have Not. http://t.co/il6AIGcDPk
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In her inaugural column, @katierosman writes about Facebook's contentious new role. http://t.co/xOvmsETYnJ
Retweeted by katierosmanSecretary of Defense mourns Robin Williams: comedian devoted to entertaining troops & healing "hidden wounds of war" https://t.co/Zqbr2XAqTC@audrabrookie what's your email? I wanna ask you a q. Xx
@carolynryan Loved it. And as funny as he was in Mrs. Doubtfire, he was poignantly vulnerable too.@EvelynRusli @kevindepew I was an extra in the pews of Salem Church during Sami and Austin's fourth weddingHeartbreaking RT @henryklee: BREAKING: Gifted comic and actor Robin Williams has died, apparently by suicide. http://t.co/FwRAioIqBE @sfgateI'm in Vanity Fair, sort of! cc @kevindepew http://t.co/FVTRPAJLOM@kevindepew thank you! Funny right?“To join the sports division of the network that brought us ‘ALF,’ ‘The A-Team’ & ‘Miami Vice’ is a dream come true." http://t.co/SD1e9EMhiQ
@LaurenYoung Lauren, thank you for being such a champion of me and my work. It means a lot!She read the news today, oh boy! 📰👍 http://t.co/spwf5RCmLZIn past 3 weeks, 24 million people have had 100 million+ Facebook interactions related to Palestine/Israel http://t.co/AJnrq9YOta
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Some people take to Twitter to bemoan the proliferation of foreign policy chatter on Facebook http://t.co/1TErbjRUJk [Corrected link]
Retweeted by katierosmanOH: "Would you like a hotdog?" "No." "No, what?" "No hotdog." cc @jasonrubach@emilylawi thank you!!! i'm away this coming week but would love to see you soon there after for coffee/yogaTalk Burpee To Me: People who do CrossFit togethz end up doing more than CrossFit togethz! Fun @courtneybrubin piece. http://t.co/5jNafkOqff@bevysmith I edited that story, Bevy! Didn't @lauramholson do a kick-ass job? I hope you liked it!
Kevin Sessums, one-time king of the VanityFair celeb profile, looks for a comeback. @lauramholson delivers the goods: http://t.co/1UIdGzFAtNWhirlwind week for me at my new job! Here's the debut of my new NYT column, Water Cooler. http://t.co/Mu0vybuWKm@raju @nytimes @lpolgreen Sounds like it'd be foolish not to!@jonathanwald Good name for a column, no?Indeed! RT @michaelroston: Looks like @katierosman’s NYT debut http://t.co/Mu0vybuWKm@A_Groeninger Thank you, Alissa. That really means so much to me! Column debuts this weekend. Let me know what you think?If the Clintons bring the Democratic National Convention to Brooklyn, I worry @jonathanwald's head might explode. http://t.co/94ZsIrzb70@clairehoworth Wife of HarryIt's official. http://t.co/KioljD4ubt@emilyjanefox i can't find your email address. Email me plz@edmundlee Great!! Congratulations! They're lucky to snag you.
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