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@billkuchman greatChef Will flipping bavettes for the salsa verde skirt steak @glensgardenmkt. https://t.co/LQfY1Ai6G6Thanks for coming -- and for your patience as I fumbled around at the register! MT @billkuchman: Heading over to Glen's for #COLOSSALCrawl.@AdamLoewy I'm getting closer, moving from Va. back into DCGood boy, Mud! http://t.co/qdFCCZZ3mY@SalenaZitoTrib @mollyesque save that for msnbc@mollyesque b/c gravitasEnjoyed it! MT @cspanwj: .@kenvogel @politico talks campaign finance—super PACs, mega-donors, & Koch brothers. http://t.co/Z0lQhEOnd2For what? MT @WR_Systems TY @kenvogel good segment @cspanwj Citizens must help @Koch_Industries put @georgesoros @SenatorReid in PRISON ASAPIs that you, Sen Cruz? MT @WR_Systems: @kenvogel on @cspanwj ! Isn't it true @Koch_Industries = patriots, while @georgesoros = evil Marxist?Headed into @cspan for a 7:45 am hit about the Kochs' $889M bjt, not envying the driver dealing w the sunrise glare. http://t.co/fBsCduv3S3Great deets on @JebBush's high touch donor outreach from @AshleyRParker & @jmartNYT. Sounds almost Clinton-esque. http://t.co/v0MfzzWurB
what about this chair? RT @drew_gorman: @kenvogel @word_34 Repeal Obamachair! http://t.co/1BcnWBojbCThe Spencer Zwick Primary, via @mckaycoppins: http://t.co/Hix2jLtMV4@mckaycoppins yeah, that'll be key. just don't forget about palin. i think she has a real shot.@mckaycoppins hope he wasn't a chapter in your book. when is that due out, btw? looking forward to it. shaping up well for you.@KingofPolitics really? so discouraging. i just dyed them.#smarttake RT @KingofPolitics: @kenvogel @NBCNews @LivPetersen @NBCNewsPR You need to bail hay this year down on the farm.expect to see lots more buzz around @NBCNews soon. @LivPetersen is headed to @nbcnewspr in washington, & she is awesome. big get for them.will be among the most coveted in my collection MT @jeneps: For Vogel from me, @reidepstein, @jmsummers & @ByronTau https://t.co/w99nk6Ume7@alexjgoldstein http://t.co/x6U5WxjpAJagain and again and again can't get enough http://t.co/fxLqxRfFIlpelosi: do not dare try to eat breakfast with @jwpetersNYT http://t.co/l1A6tPGegbApparently, the Conservative @ActionFund "knocked Mitt out" & if you give them $25 or $50, they'll do the same to Jeb http://t.co/eiJVLGIGQZ@AJSaclolo @Raffiwilliams now, now ...You mean Mr. Lisa Spies? Yeah, he's OK. MT @TeviTroy: “Romney admired Charlie Spies’ diligent attn to the patchwork quilt of election rules”Unlike Mitt, Sheriff Joe is not ready to give other leaders in the party an opportunity. http://t.co/NyLVUUg98Zwhen christie heard the mitt news. http://t.co/DoNqBUUfLbbiggest/best 2016 of the day imho RT @paigelav: Don't ever say I didn't do quality journalism http://t.co/CjXsE8tRrr@kenvogel No, I said @actionfund deserves credit; I'm just the help :)
Retweeted by Kenneth P. VogelDan Backer @DBCapStrategies, who I wrote about here http://t.co/Pf3xQOo18x emailed me to take credit for "successfully forc(ing) Romney out""a brilliant homepage editor" agreed RT @jonward11: nice to see @whitneysnyder gets some well-deserved props http://t.co/DugzSl1eTi@Olivianuzzi @daveweigel http://t.co/LmfDnSyg0w.@JebBush's intervention in Terri Schiavo case: "the Jebbest thing Jeb’s ever done." @michaelkruse's @politico debut: http://t.co/19PiXkoAEzhey fellow philly fans: i have your super bowl pre-game video right here: http://t.co/HWJ5ZzSKiGthe @dallascowboys went down & so did @govchristie. all is right in @eagles nation this a.m. http://t.co/x6U5WxjpAJ http://t.co/xUNDs94UhXoh this is too good: "Philly radio station releases video of @GovChristie falling off a chair" http://t.co/vDSwyfVIgL http://t.co/TdzSJwq7OJScott Walker within margin of error in direct match-up with Hillary Clinton―who leads him 45% to 42%, per @ppppolls: http://t.co/rvcFK7M49MSCOOP: Rich Elizabeth Warren backers fund poll that―surprise!―finds Hillary Clinton vulnerable. http://t.co/rvcFK7M49M
It's Hillary Clinton vs. the Koch brothers, or so says @ReadyForHillary in its latest fundraising appeal. http://t.co/RCPpRV5WVlIt was all down hill after that for John Rowland RT @DHBerman: Remember when the @Patriots were moving to Hartford? http://t.co/BlECN1zLmB@peteroverby not sure if that's the subtext, but it would make senseRand Paul, goo-goo? Expresses support for gov't contractor lobbying restrictions during forum at Koch bros summit. http://t.co/CB7LrBXHk8
Hillary looks to Obama digital alums - Teddy Goff & Andrew Bleeker leading candidates for top slot @POLITICO http://t.co/zRLeNUFI7B
Retweeted by Kenneth P. VogelMarco Rubio says his kids ask why Ds "are so obsessed w the Koch bros? Why is no one asking what Dr Pepper is up to?" http://t.co/rBGObGDghV.@HillaryClinton to speak at Robin Toner Political Reporting Prize ceremonies on March 23.Rand Paul's Difficult Romance with Kochworld, via @daveweigel, with some pushback on me & @tparti: http://t.co/SnawafZeypgood beard comes to those who wait MT @davecatanese I spotted strong beardage today. #VogelBeard#DemocracyAlliance MT @TeviTroy The mood at a D donor event after the 2010 election “was somewhere between an Ivy League reunion & a shiva.”Highlights from today, ft. @miambloom @replindasanchez @kenvogel + more are online: http://t.co/5WSnLo5e7I #JDBnow http://t.co/M3XeAMtwr5
Retweeted by Kenneth P. Vogel@WilliamFreeland is that why you called it "really weak reporting"?@jeffkennedy4 https://t.co/SRq7MYR5AK@Scottl1971 https://t.co/SRq7MYR5AK@WilliamFreeland it doesn't "sort of acknowledge" anything. it expressly makes those points.@WilliamFreeland maybe you should read the story, which makes those points.@krmarko @fmanjoo https://t.co/SRq7MYR5AKCORRECTION: 1983 NYT ad, Apple IIe for $999--roughly same as MacBook Air today. https://t.co/L6iGh2qjq8@krmarko @fmanjoo yes, you're right, 1983.@WilliamFreeland what about the story did you find really weak?1993 NYT ad, Apple IIe for $999--roughly same as MacBook Air today. The stable cost of being state of the art. http://t.co/QnVJN78Tqd1-allege media is ignoring story. 2-get proven wrong. 3-pick another story & allege it's being ignored. #TrollLife https://t.co/FOG3fgh2n8SCOOP: Koch orgs to deploy 1,500-person army ahead of 2016. New hires to be mostly field staff―a big need for right. http://t.co/rBGObGDghVHard truth for @SenRandPaul right now on @HuffingtonPost splash page. http://t.co/D4Aq8Y9J33 http://t.co/V7m8kUrsMO"It'll be very hard for Ted Cruz to win Iowa or New Hampshire ... But he will be loud."---@mercedesschlapp to @jdbalart on @JDBmsnbc @msnbc.The Koch bros donor network is flexing its muscles (& its $) headed into 2016. Talking about it in a few with @JDBmsnbc on @msnbc. Tune in!@JammieWF @rickklein @allahpundit @tparti huh? That was when he came out for Hillary. Maybe you should do your homework before alleging biasAnswered a while back http://t.co/lKwWhs0egs RT @JammieWF: @rickklein @allahpundit @kenvogel @tparti Who's leading the Soros primary, Ricky?@ComfortablySmug it does tend to get lost in a lot of the cvgSCOOP: Rubio wins straw poll of Koch donors. Rand Paul, despite being closest to bros' libertarianism, finishes last. http://t.co/z9qScjBct8
Back in the old Rosslyn stomping grounds, @timalberta gets a smile from @brucedepuyt on @News8NewsTalk #TheOcho http://t.co/q7Jg1HNBDs@will1ill ha! touche.About to talk about the Koch network's $889m 2016 goal with @capitalgolf on @NewsChannel8... Tune in!
@lachlan @ComfortablySmug this includes the core orgs in the network, one of which is in fact a super pac -- freedom partners action fund.Kochs plan to spend $889 million in run-up to 2016 -- more than @GOP spent in 2012 & 2014 combined! (w/ link): http://t.co/vDUyGwSpLhKochs plan to spend $889 million in run-up to 2016 -- more than @GOP spent in 2012 & 2014 combined!i don't know if pig nuts qualify MT @jimgeraghty: I was really hoping Joni Ernst said that.“We don’t have Koch $, we don’t have Adelson $. I would give somebody else’s right & left nuts to have that." http://t.co/Pf3xQOo18xlawyer for tea party PACs: "a lot of $ goes into making these things legal so—I hate to say it—you pay for lawyers." http://t.co/Pf3xQOo18xIn 2014, GOP scam PACs paid twice as much to operatives who ran the PACs as they spent on ads/donations ($6M vs $3M): http://t.co/Pf3xQOo18x33 tea party groups raised $43 mil for the midterms. $3 mil went to ads and contributions. $40 mil covered "expenses" http://t.co/Q2gVESNvcI
Retweeted by Kenneth P. VogelWith several Rosiak links MT @lukerosiak real drain on GOP MT @nickconfessore: @kenvogel piece on "scam PAC" phenom http://t.co/p6fek8iXNa
happy for sleep but sad to miss it MT @Schoetz w/ a blizzard of regret, Mr. Vogel MT @kenvogel a.m. tv hit canceled for more storm coverage.w/ a blizzard of regret, Mr. Vogel RT @kenvogel: a.m. tv hit canceled to allow for more storm coverage. *resets alarm for an hour later*
Retweeted by Kenneth P. Vogel"it's snowing here in DC, but it's sunny in palm springs, where the kochs are meeting" RT @joshgerstein: Did you offer to do it on street?a.m. tv hit canceled to allow for more storm coverage. *resets alarm for an hour later*@asl3676 @DaughertyMJ @AmericanPii steyer is up there with adelson, but agree on the kochs. league of their own b/c of convening effect.@Mbrooksrjc still trying to get through the american the americansKoch confab in Rancho Mirage attracts about 12 protesters. Far cry from massive 2011 protest. http://t.co/61DVQ4nZfa http://t.co/iuc2thmhZn@asl3676 @DaughertyMJ @AmericanPii top dem donors spent more in disclosed $ in 2014 http://t.co/zh4816yZRV but conservatives ruled secret $.@TeviTroy @Mbrooksrjc @RJCHQ that brooks guy has a way with wordstry google https://t.co/BpbMrK2FmW MT @AmericanPii: @DaughertyMJ Funny, politico doesn't mention outsize money Steyer & others give to dems.Charles Koch in a Sat. night speech called midterms an "important step in slowing down the march toward collectivism" http://t.co/0xDhWtCZKfCharles Koch, signaling to donors last nite that his network is just getting started: "We don’t rest on our laurels." http://t.co/0xDhWtCZKf
@Sammy_Roth a suburbCharles Koch tells donors in Palm Springs that his network is just getting started: "We don’t rest on our laurels." http://t.co/oI78lBsFiu@BailoutNation those are my stories. willful ignorance when confronted by contrary facts is my least favorite trait, so i'm gonna block you.@BailoutNation you are embarrassing yourself: http://t.co/6HJ1Wj9DZi http://t.co/ShjNOqPRVH http://t.co/ctWCHKTMXM http://t.co/ZF6Fu5Xdw4@RushetteNY missing the point, which is that i apply same scrutiny to both sides. ask smart conservatives about my work tracking liberal $.This guy? http://t.co/ctWCHKTMXM http://t.co/VKuv3GK3Rs MT @RushetteNY: But Ken worked for secretive billionaire Soros. @smerconish @CNNWanna know some of the donors to the Koch bros more-open political operation? @smerconish & I discuss them on @CNN: http://t.co/obp7L1NeKj
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