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Runway to Real Way: SS15 Fashion Trends [Part 2] http://t.co/Lam0Ljip1J on @bloglovin
@NRich14 😳 so painful! Gah90's Halloween Costume Ideas from @POPSUGAR- lovin it! http://t.co/NNCCBWI8baHappiest place on earth! ❤️ @ The Walt Disney World Resort http://t.co/SjKsoCAVDR
Don't you wish summer would last forever? I'm sharing a beautiful beach picnic styled shoot by… http://t.co/wzklj4kN6S
Mint and Lovely: Beautiful Beach Picnic http://t.co/T7K4VSihcZ on @bloglovinHow has my dad never seen Weird Science? Goofy sci-fi movies are his jam! Father daughter bonding time :)twisteetreat- it's the most happenin place in town, I kid you not! 🍦 http://t.co/DWGUTpafAv#pineapples 🍍 & #pinklips 💄 = two of my favorite things! http://t.co/wJCuVZ0Waz@pier1 already so excited for Halloween!10 Investment-Worthy pairs of fab fall #boots from @nordstrom @dvdolcevita @NineWest + more http://t.co/cPT4iYgkSx http://t.co/Rq4vDtvRT810 Fabulous Fall Boots http://t.co/v0XSQBbmhl on @bloglovinHow's a girl to choose?! #ialwayspickpink 💅 What shade are you sporting right now? http://t.co/H055kGcUoG"Set aside time to try out your look with new hair and makeup." - @mrlittlejeans #25daysofchic http://t.co/gG7KggkDXZ
Retweeted by LaPetiteFashionistaSo amazing seeing @RiflePaperCo's patterns come to life on clothes in @LaurenConrad's @PaperCrownLuvsU line! http://t.co/ZnZm9Q03kv16 books you gotta read this fall: http://t.co/ezwrrIxww3 http://t.co/lMkJ8X1VUh
Retweeted by LaPetiteFashionistaAll Day. Everyday. A Resort State of Mind: http://t.co/JeHUERZ7ka #Resort365 http://t.co/875tLDeUsL
Retweeted by LaPetiteFashionista@KateyMcFarlan @theskimm so brilliant right?!#PRtip, sign up for @theskimm. Where was this all of college?! #brilliant
Retweeted by LaPetiteFashionista
@Blue11Interiors SO SO good!@mindykaling seriously.. THE BEST. So excited already for this season.The real question is.. how will the new #iPhone look in your jean pocket?! Thank god for 3D printers @everpurse! https://t.co/CnIKGNwZe5Dinner at columbiarestaurant with two of my favorites! ❤️ #lpftravels http://t.co/x1bvMuxB6SPretty sure I could live in @lillypulitzer! 💕#lpftravels @ Lilly Pulitzer Sarasota http://t.co/rs4T29XrfD@BlogdaCarols @HilldaleMadison so sad I missed it! :(Loved your post about #Madison @Dear_Andi! You already know all the best spots- it really is a great city:) http://t.co/tmKYhXqOytWhy Madison Is The Next Brooklyn! Thanks for the mention Dear Andi !... http://t.co/BpNLaBVy3D
Retweeted by LaPetiteFashionista@shopbop @360sweater you know it!I'm loving @GlitterandBow's empowering roundup of #BossLady picks on her blog today! #GirlPower http://t.co/UFSrudR0UjCombining fashion & football to show off my @NFLFanStyle on LPF! #NFLFanStyle #Packers http://t.co/NCLVxLz263 http://t.co/IkhZjH7unzI'm showing off my @NFLFanStyle today on http://t.co/2b0f2SEqAp (& am feeling like a… http://t.co/BjUPqxb2Mb
.@shopfrancescas of course! I'm obsessed with this ikat top!Regram from @alilablonde- we are obvi kindred spirits! 💕Love her blog & etsy shop - my… http://t.co/WBdJJ2iGdM@Tallasassy My mom got those for me for Christmas one year! I told her as much as I love the Noles she had to take them back ;)Feeling some major #franlove in this colorful ikat tunic from @shopfrancescas today on LPF! http://t.co/UnczMq4A09 http://t.co/bbakgTFJ6d@caravanofstyle I love this! It's such a flattering fabric :)The 10 most coffee-addicted professions: http://t.co/Den3KiVYoX http://t.co/iDPDrPzYzN
Retweeted by LaPetiteFashionista@luluandwink so cute!Step one for a great day: donuts! We're sharing this (freebie) adorable wallpaper with our sweet as sugar customers! http://t.co/6AWa8ETtvF
Retweeted by LaPetiteFashionistaNew #ootd post on http://t.co/2b0f2SEqAp 💕 This @shopfrancescas ikat tunic is the perfect summer to… http://t.co/3epnQWyemL
A regram from my sister @alliemfelix 😘 We had so much fun throwin it back in hip hop class at our old… http://t.co/rR1EGo95FeWhat's #trending? Our marble notebooks. First it was on Vogue, now it's on @Refinery29 http://t.co/9DRwJQ6Os7 http://t.co/oyM486DdD9
Retweeted by LaPetiteFashionistaPink & Turquoise Ikat http://t.co/ZLYXqTpGTX on @bloglovinOh heyyy, its #pumpkinseason on @OhLaLaAli! http://t.co/AyIhprltBgThe longer the to-do list, the more tempting Netflix is.
Retweeted by LaPetiteFashionistaHeaded to a hip hop class at my old dance studio while I'm home- hope I've still got it! 😉Oh my, haven't had french onion soup this good since I studied abroad in Paris! 😍 Love at first bite… http://t.co/SPyiKwCBtjOne of the lovely ladies in the #SocialMediaWithStyle class I'm taking right now posted this video by Aimee Song... http://t.co/eE2uhndHKB
Retweeted by LaPetiteFashionista@lovelyjia84 It's so lovely-- so dreamy!This is my vision and inspiration board for my blog from now on:) http://t.co/n7BIIZ2lJO #SocialMediaWithStyle #blog http://t.co/vvY4y7oI2v
Retweeted by LaPetiteFashionistaEvery women needs a good pair of shoes to support her successes. #socialmediawithstyle #lifemodifier @… http://t.co/Hmgb2GSXv2
Retweeted by LaPetiteFashionistaGrab your morning coffee & settle in for my favorite links from the week feat. @glitterandbow @lpfashionista & more! http://t.co/LemjdalPe7
Retweeted by LaPetiteFashionista@Katherine_t aw, thank you SO much for the the kind words!! That's so touching.@JoceysKitchen can you believe it's week 3 already?! xoSoaking up all the goodness in week 3 of the #SocialMediaWithStyle workshop by @lpfashionista! So inspiring!
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Travel reads 💕Doing some research for an upcoming project! 😊 http://t.co/gLts0SFytI
Rustic glam #brunch with the girls! Mimosas & sunflowers 🌻 http://t.co/TWQg90Mj2D
Beautiful #bedroom inspiration at @robinatsoft! What girl wouldn't want a chandelier in her room?… http://t.co/izPgtL5e0pBeautiful #bedroom inspiration at @robinatsoft! What girl wouldn't want a glam #chandelier in her… http://t.co/sbg7tmqDxARunway to Real Way: SS15 Fashion Trends http://t.co/4ndf7TZ8Vy on @bloglovinMacarons & champagne at the @robinatsoft store opening in Madison! #tgif!💕 #softevents #softsurroundings http://t.co/ZRYdP5pLwyStart the weekend off with some SPARKLE with this glitter manicure! http://t.co/ThDHofUJAv http://t.co/2vqL2cAef0
Retweeted by LaPetiteFashionistaPulling together my #NYFW trend recaps- so much #SS15 goodness coming to LPF!@fashfitfabulous Love when it's time for September issues!8 female leaders on how to overcome what's holding women back http://t.co/11MxQmDSg2
Retweeted by LaPetiteFashionista"Make a skill inventory. You'll be surprised with the amount of skills you DO have. Use them." @ReneeDabbs #WWFL2024 #SuccessSkills
Retweeted by LaPetiteFashionista"Schedule time for yourself. Take time for yourself, and you will be so much more impactful." @allisonhedrick VP Comm WEDU PBS #WWFL2014
Retweeted by LaPetiteFashionista"When you see an opportunity, ask! There is no harm that comes from asking." Danielle Vona #WWFL2014
Retweeted by LaPetiteFashionista"Look around & find younger women to mentor and invest in. We need to invest in the future of women." -Yvonne Fry #WWFL2014
Retweeted by LaPetiteFashionista
kind of freaking out over this guilt-free #PSL recipe @lpfashionista just posted. Have you tried it?! http://t.co/Co5WvtP2ps
Retweeted by LaPetiteFashionista"When in doubt, wear a dress." - @GalMeetsGlam -- We couldn't agree more, Julia! #25daysofchic http://t.co/6XP06WQigN
Retweeted by LaPetiteFashionista@NewlywedNotebk xoxoxo 😘@annicanicole you're the best! Cheers to actual pumpkin-y goodness!Do you know what's in your PSL? Here's one that won't scare you away. http://t.co/Cn3ou9rURp @lpfashionista
Retweeted by LaPetiteFashionista@OMGworthy @designsponge I want to see your home office pics when you're done! 😊@lpfashionista Lauren, I love Podcasts! @JessCLively and @MichaelHyatt have some great ones.
Retweeted by LaPetiteFashionista@OMGworthy I'm podcast obsessed too! I love @JessCLively's & will have to check out @MichaelHyatt 💕thank you!If your roommate or neighbor judges your online shopping habit, just shake it off, T-Swift-style. https://t.co/s7UTqlvutt
Retweeted by LaPetiteFashionista@MidwestBride Welcome to twitter!! xo the #socialmediawithstyle crew <3@Blue11Interiors @audible_com I've been hearing lots of good things about it! I'm going to add it to my list- thank you Emmie!@annicanicole @OhLaLaAli so excited to see you back to blogging. I love our group of blogging cheerleaders too <3 xo #warmfuzzies@OhLaLaAli I love this post! So glad to have been introduced through #SocialMediaWithStyle!
Retweeted by LaPetiteFashionistaLets skip the formalities and split a bottle of wine http://t.co/qaaeQMxBgH
Retweeted by LaPetiteFashionistaGoing to be doing a ton of driving next week- looking for some @audible_com suggestions- esp. business/ #entrepreneur books! #audiobook@dwell you should definitely add @StoneCreekCoffe to your list! Most gorgeous coffee shop I've ever been to- http://t.co/pu8sMl96di10 great coffee shops for design fans: http://t.co/9TRnxgsH5v http://t.co/xBxyxvEJO9
Retweeted by LaPetiteFashionistaDon't store your white jeans yet! 14 top #Fbloggers explain how to wear white after Labor Day. http://t.co/urrhzEiJGP http://t.co/5ieY154Ruu
Retweeted by LaPetiteFashionista@hello_natural so need this today! My immune system needs some love!A nautral remedy that actually works: Learn how to make your own elderberry syrup that fights #colds + #flu http://t.co/2R3MjIwNUE
Retweeted by LaPetiteFashionistaI had a nightmare last night that I deleted my Pinterest app and couldn't redownload it
Retweeted by LaPetiteFashionista@annicanicole @EventsUncorked @thingsshesees yeppp i feel ya girls. Getting out of bed this morning was painful! #friskyfallA #PSL that's equal parts delicious, simple, & healthy. Ready for #allpumpkineverything? http://t.co/4Ds2ZkyZfb http://t.co/KeKTVfe2RBNo day is just another day. Work hard and get after it. Take a few steps closer to your dreams today...
Retweeted by LaPetiteFashionista@cmcoving miss you! Hope fashion week was a blast! 💕Ready for #allpumpkineverything? An easy, healthy & delicious #recipe for the #PSL today on… http://t.co/5tkGBc396zHealthy Pumpkin Spice Latte http://t.co/9AHwd8wl1l on @bloglovin
Excited for fall? Check out this glam pumpkin #DIY from @thingsshesees! http://t.co/cN8v5JN1wt http://t.co/H9B4aSJoBD@SkirtPR @aliceandolivia I LOVED this look!Thank you for the special delivery @shopfrancescas- gold polka dots, mint & bows.. you know me too well! :) xo@passportbysp @ShopButtonUp @StyleCaster More matching separates, long coats & eyebrow rings (a la @OfficialRodarte).90's are back!
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