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Las Vegas area resident for 23 yrs.. #TexanInExile #P2

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‘I thought the 12 yr old was 20 yrs old’: Things only pedophiles say….& apparently cops@Shoq she’s gotta wait until after 2016 b/c no way someone like her gets confirmed by a repub Senate@lil_mermaid #NotAllTallPeople@slowtext überduchebag?.@TheLastWord @krystalball Consent: something only a sober adult legally competent person can give…It’s just that simpleIf the next Avengers movie *doesn’t* include the Coulson reveal, I’ll be VERY pissed off!@brianstelter @dmataconis has ABC entertainment &Disney Corp denied this too? Giant corporations have giant size deniabilityExcellent point RT @Mickeleh: @lvdjgarcia unless, of course, 1992 Stephanopoulos was just a pose.I have little doubt 1992 george stephanopoulos would despise 2014 george stephanopoulos http://t.co/CCcjjvktx0 #sellout@inthefade ..and that’s why I don’t use facebook..@scATX #ParentalWinFinishing this beer (#4) then going home before I get really stupid..No Comment http://t.co/ereBDjjkO7@moiseschiu @lonelysandwich @marcoarment @OvercastFM @GlennF @siracusa #WellActually@QueenofSpain I wish this wasn’t as true as it is http://t.co/bhmfS59NLG@stevebenen what coburn meant was: “crackers are going to go nuts”@reneritchie @dwiskus @lonelysandwich @marcoarment I must be an outlier, I don’t care about length, as long as I’m not bored#Upchucks RT @Gus_802: Chuck Schumer Chuck Todd Chuck Woolery Chuck C. Johnson@JeremyinAustin I assume your a Thanksgiving ‘sides’ guy too?@flargh So Happy It’s Thursday aka S.H.I.T day!Not a fan of turkey, but I can eat a good cornbread stuffing for days..@kungfupussy I got a pizza for tomorrow (double pepperoni)& cuomo RT @steveweinstein: The only mistake is Dems in NY continually electing Chuck Schumer.@Shoq @Green_Footballs Do ‘participant’ awards count?I bet ‘shingy’ does RT @Fafblog: No one actually uses "thinkfluencer" unironically, right? RIGHT?:) RT @akmcquade: Pilot: "please let us know if there's anything we can do to make you more comfortable." Yeah, bring out the boozeLet’s see if I got this right: unarmed black kids can be shot by cops, but armed white guys can walk into Walmart w/o a problem?@Gus_802 @Green_Footballs as we say on Texas: “that boy ain’t right”DCCC post this after advising Dems to run away from Pres Obama’s record during the midterms ..https://t.co/PNf6FSQHfJ #WhyWeLose@Shoq @joshtpm @Mr_Electrico Why the preoccupation, lack of occupation..mediate: posting the stories politico deems as too trivial http://t.co/ArYcgHTKPhDear EVERYONE involved w/this: FUCK OFF! (Even if it is a ‘joke’) http://t.co/5vzV3vFNEe…and NO, he doesn’t have a name, he will always be #MikeBrown’s killerCons objecting to NYT publishing a killer’s street address, but fine w/an unarmed black kid being murdered http://t.co/pmUoLivPNc@childfreediva the eyes are a window on the soul..so can you blame him?They named the 2 turkeys ‘Mac’ & ‘Cheese’? <shakes head> #whitepeople.@GlennF ‘utter fabrication’ is an apt description of lowry’s journalistic standards.RT @GlennF: Lowry suggests Wilson’s GJ testimony is “standard operating procedure.” Which is an utter fabrication.The turkey was named ‘cheese’? Can we please jail whoever named the turkey? You can name food after another food!Chuck C is betting the turkeys were Muslim..RT @Gus_802: Chuck C. Johnson is probably trying to dig up dirt on the pardoned turkeys.I love Alison’s travel adventure tweets :) RT @akmcquade: This gate agent literally sounds like the Swedish chef.@lonelysandwich @marcoarment @OvercastFM @GlennF I don’t believe theres anything @siracusa can talk about for 30 min or less..thank the gods@Shoq Dear bad pundits: eating turkey ‘rare’ is a *thing*, really, go ahead, you’ll be fine.Happy Thanksgiving! http://t.co/fCQWeLcOOs@Shoq @bobcesca_go @Green_Footballs add to your first look postmortem file http://t.co/iJsVACD3Pm#NotAllSalads RT @MaggieJordanACN: Let me just say upfront Salad at Thanksgiving is a waste of table space.@Shoq PBO pardoned *TWO* turkeys? I guess repubs will have another item to add to their impeachment list::head desk:: RT @politicalwire: The last time Republicans considered this was after they impeached Bill Clinton http://t.co/ltSp77tNWn@joshtpm No one in #Ferguson PD had a phone w/a camera?RT @joshtpm: Wow, sounds like Ferguson PD crime scene investigation crew is top notch http://t.co/KToHjJT7Jj#MikeBrown murder ‘investigation’ & grand jury transcripts prove one thing; JUSTICE was never the intent of either oneTook early out & now I’m off until Monrudy g using the death of a black kid to troll for TV appearances. Shame on anyone who gives him a platform http://t.co/skFiup9p4ereason # 2378 Why I don’t read buzzfeed: http://t.co/gchJuTOjIZ How about rewarding “Journalism” not clickbait?#mikebrown’s killer saying he wouldn’t do anything different is why he should never have been a cop@dmoren I feel your pain..It’s only gonna be 72º Thanksgiving Day here in Las Vegas #WeatherTrolling http://t.co/BuYu723lUJ
@Veronica the answer is obvious http://t.co/23jQ5qw9pu@eclecticbrotha schumer’s trying to rewrite history http://t.co/8xojujIPbyschumer fails to mention Senate Dems delayed action on ACA for well over a year giving teaparty time to organize.Wow, look at all these people realizing schumer cares about schumer first, last & only…welcome to where I’ve been for 10+ yrs
Nothing Pres Obama could say would be the right thing to say & not saying anything was not possibleentire power structure of MO was used to ensure a white police officer wouldn’t face trial for killing an unarmed black teen #NoJusticeHow about *retired* SecDef? RT @johnroderick: I will neither confirm nor deny my candidacy for Secretary of Defense.@inthefade I drink my eggnog w/whisky…minus the eggnog@QueenofSpain @akmcquade http://t.co/3IsIFcRpIC@QueenofSpain @akmcquade Did you all hack my Netflix account? It just suggested I watch Gilmore Girls..fox news’ ed henry is past president of the WH Correspondents Assoc..Now you know why PBO/WH hate WH reporters http://t.co/9ZTmapYYWc@Shoq @ajam That matches w/the reports I’m seeing of 8pm Central@Shoq @ajam Are they saying 9pm Eastern or Central?Chicken Parmigiana for dinner http://t.co/VB4bSafkmoWaPo ‘fact checker’ glenn kessler seems to be saying 1.5 million is ‘far less’ than 1.5 million #Math http://t.co/ombJn2UxvK@gregpinelo @sahilkapur Who wouldn’t want to push joe lieberman…off the train, under the bus, over the cliff…cruz been smokin’ the herb..RT @TPM: Ted Cruz pushes Joe Lieberman for secretary of defense http://t.co/2UoAOEZlj9Dasher, Dancer, Prancer & Vixen too? RT @Shoq: I'm watching Blitzer. I don't know why either.Company food drive raised 1.6 million pounds of food.. #humblebragmccain opposed hagel’s selection as SecDef & now people care what he has to say about *why* hagel is resigning? GTFOH!everyone is now asking me who is John Galt? and the answer is clearly the guy who makes sweaters that swaddle you in cozy selfishness
Retweeted by lvdjgarciaI don’t like political dynasties, they weaken democracy & they weaken political parties http://t.co/LjeVbQE5pC
@Spacekatgal is it the castle or the puppies Frank objects to?@kimrhodes4real it’s no worse than @Shoq’s bizarre fascination w/American Idol & the voiceRT @kimrhodes4real: @Shoq that would be amazeballs.// http://t.co/KsAOtK26Pl@Shoq I nominate ‘destroy/destroyed’I loathe these rob lowe commercials…I rob loweth them@Shoq Thanks for watching@donmelton @tweetbot yes, it stopped in 10.10.1 ( can’t wait for 10.11 OSX Spinal Tap)@Shoq 5 yr construction job..https://t.co/sKwFeUx8vv http://t.co/0YBqCaCSLJ@Shoq what hurt LV in 2008 wasn’t so much the lost tourist $, but the loss of residential & business construction $$ & jobs@GlennF @VinTechMonthly You’re partnering w/Vin Diesel to do a tech magazine?@donmelton @tweetbot it was on 10.0 & 10.1, but 10.1.1 seemed to have fixed it for me@chemoelectric @Gus_802 @Ronc99 if I recall that need included the repub national convention..coincidence, I think notxkcd: Free Speech http://t.co/xTshhb1mvr@Gus_802 Step 1: Hire a consultant@GlennF Stopping the banging your head against it probably helped too :)Las Vegas & Reno/Tahoe are (at best) purple areas in an otherwise very very red state..there are many ira hansen fans in the state.@sherifffruitfly You? RT @TFLN: (407): sober me hid the cigs from drunk me. sober me is a tricky bitch.@lizzwinstead This guy got reelected too http://t.co/oclAiJrCPt@lizzwinstead @RawStory only as speaker, he’s apparently staying in the assemblyGreat rundown (& back up & rundown again) of Sunday squawkers by @Mr_Electrico http://t.co/lMcrqAUUTL http://t.co/iMBEGYvMgt@theonlyadult I use Tweetbot, & most Twitter clients have itHashtag mute is a beautiful thing..
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