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I'm a senior writer at Fortune. I have been the ninth caller and have won the weekend passes. I am an expert in stucco, a veteran in love and an outlaw in Peru.

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Thanks — lots to learn still. But I am trying! https://t.co/fdu6cTI21UI've been told "he/she" is considered offensive by some in the trans community. I apologize for that, just wasn't sure which pronoun to useGondola ride, near Rialto Bridge in Venice http://t.co/iBznH46XMk http://t.co/o13vweXU1wHave to say the Bruce Jenner thing was pretty powerful — I can only imagine what he/she has been going through the past 40 years. IncredibleI don't always photograph my food, but when I do, I'm making Star Wars pancakes. Darth Vader didn't make it, though. http://t.co/jRohyhf1a9
Retweeted by Mathew Ingram1. This cartoon illustrates a persistent problem with Charlie Hebdo. https://t.co/00nvZzTI4x
Retweeted by Mathew IngramGondola ride, near Rialto Bridge in Venice https://t.co/lv1ujDakdVThe tweets aren't always relevant, but the Highlights UI is pretty good — big pic layout, swipe left to advance, scroll down to see tweets@madalinacrc: Some are relevant and some are not, but it's better than Discover was, and the UI is pretty good, with a side-swipe to advance.@googleindia launched a Person Finder instance to help track missing persons for the #Nepal earthquake http://t.co/vgPHZnAphE
Retweeted by Mathew IngramThis actual leaked Sony email about The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is better than anything in The Amazing Spider-Man 2. http://t.co/qO2H3aHwWN
Retweeted by Mathew IngramBuzzFeed News adds serious talent to Middle East coverage http://t.co/JbTuqEDUgz
Retweeted by Mathew IngramAll of you are welcome to use @reportedly’s Nepal Twitter list: https://t.co/aEAhLbs23A #NepalQuake #Kathmandu
Retweeted by Mathew IngramThe Jenner interview is an example of TV's enduring power -- to convene an audience, to frame a conversation, to humanize an issue.
Retweeted by Mathew IngramBruce Jenner is the first Kardashian woman I can tolerate.
Retweeted by Mathew IngramWhat would you do, if you became nobody famous on social media? @anildash offers some sober personal experiences https://t.co/mRnglt13Jq
Retweeted by Mathew IngramLocal News lab: Five ideas from @ProPublica anyone can use to improve a local newsroom. http://t.co/gsun4zjqr3
Retweeted by Mathew IngramGoogle's move on notifications. Here about proximity marketing, but this "notification v. app" thing is getting real http://t.co/wzGheBquaL
Retweeted by Mathew IngramLong-predicted death toll in Nepal earthquake reflects wider Himalayan seismic risk. @revkin on @dotearth http://t.co/32kD3uYzmN
Retweeted by Mathew IngramRescuers dig out survivor of Nepal earthquake. Hundreds are dead. Latest update: http://t.co/qfbKgvWKZ8 http://t.co/Oh4Kq14FUe
Retweeted by Mathew IngramRescuers frantically search for #NepalQuake survivors. *contains graphic images* http://t.co/2LzbJxegpJ Pic: Getty http://t.co/pPLg5L5mAG
Retweeted by Mathew IngramJust had my first experience of Twitter's new Highlights feature — it's better than the Discover tab, although that isn't really saying muchYou had me at access to existing longitudinal data.
Retweeted by Mathew IngramWinter is coming: Print revenue could be headed for another cliff. Very interesting read from @mathewi #media http://t.co/T8z6rvUQij
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Sending lots of love and support to #BruceJenner and their family tonight. It is always brave to stand in one's truth. Congrats darling.
Retweeted by Mathew IngramBruce Jenner is a transgender, conservative, Christian, Republican, reality TV star and Olympian. Let all that sink it. #BruceJennerABC
Retweeted by Mathew Ingram.@TransEquality applauds @ABC: "This is what responsible reporting on transgender lives looks like—thorough while kind, deep yet patient."
Retweeted by Mathew Ingram@soniasaraiya: I thought it was pretty well done. Heart-wrenching in a lot of ways, but ultimately upliftingFinal tweet: that was surprisingly well done, ABC! That I had such low expectations for the American Broadcasting Corporation: significant!
Retweeted by Mathew Ingram@inafried @mathewi Maybe I’m not meant for these times, but I’d have a problem with one of my kids bringing home a Republican
Retweeted by Mathew Ingram"I'm saying goodbye to people's perception of me and who I am. I'm not saying goodbye to me because this is always who I have been" Amen.
Retweeted by Mathew IngramI think Bruce Jenner just won the 11th event.
Retweeted by Mathew Ingram#BruceJenner is simply someone trying to find happiness. same as the rest of us. Good luck to anyone taking postive steps toward that goal
Retweeted by Mathew IngramSome people say in response to various gender identities: "I'm a biological realist." Well, no, you're an asshole.
Retweeted by Mathew IngramReally impressed with Diane Sawyer. She's done an admirable job doing this interview with class and dignity.
Retweeted by Mathew Ingram..this isn't about me. I'm so proud of you, Dad. You are so brave. My beautiful Hero.
Retweeted by Mathew IngramCLASSIC TV MOMENT: Diane Sawyer accepts the transsexual, but shocked he's Republican/conservative!! #BruceJennerABC #BruceJennerInterview
Retweeted by Mathew IngramIt took me a long time and some maturity to realize what is ultimately very simple: gender is about identity, not what's in your pants.
Retweeted by Mathew IngramIn January I wrote that Wheaties should put Bruce Jenner back on the Wheaties box. Now more true than ever http://t.co/QAUcq5QjSB
Retweeted by Mathew IngramI hope all the people can dig deep and accept Bruce Jenner as a human being even if they don't condone their choice to be... A Republican
Retweeted by Mathew IngramTo recap: Bruce Jenner is transgender Says 'I'm a woman' Prefers male pronouns Sexually attracted to women AND HE'S A REPUBLICAN
Retweeted by Mathew IngramThis interview takes guts an I'm proud of Bruce Jenner!I luv to learn something new everyday.Live ur life an b urself!
Retweeted by Mathew IngramGlad to see also address the $$$ issue. Lots of people can't afford all the trans-related care they might want.
Retweeted by Mathew IngramThe biggest shocks of this interview are that Kanye is wise and Bruce is a Republican. #BruceJennerABC
Retweeted by Mathew IngramIf you are transgender and need help or advice, contact the @TrevorProject: http://t.co/lzhtUHqTbc
Retweeted by Mathew IngramWow. Bruce mentions violence aimed at black trans women. Huge. #BruceJennerABC
Retweeted by Mathew IngramPlease keep in mind how much more difficult this transition can be for people without the resources & familial support Jenner has.
Retweeted by Mathew Ingramserious props to bruce for talking about intersectionality and the disproportionate amount of violence trans women of color face
Retweeted by Mathew IngramHallelujah! Bruce admits to not being an expert, wants to learn and work with the community...brings up TWOC and violence. #BruceJenner
Retweeted by Mathew IngramHella brave of Bruce Jenner to open up to a world that has shown so much hostility to trans people. He does not owe us that.
Retweeted by Mathew IngramKanye as the voice of reason. What is this world? Who are we? Where am I?
Retweeted by Mathew IngramAlso glad to see Diane Sawyer reference other trans experiences, violence against trans people of color, youth struggling. Huge disparities
Retweeted by Mathew IngramBruce acknowledges issues facing trans community: "The suicide rates, the murder rates, the difficulty for especially black female women"
Retweeted by Mathew Ingram"I would like to work with this community. They know a lot more than I know." #BruceJennerABC is saying the right things.
Retweeted by Mathew IngramCheers to Bruce Jenner. Once a champion, always a champion.
Retweeted by Mathew IngramGetting some replies that insist Bruce Jenner is and will always be a man. Folks, please reflect on why this point is so important to you.
Retweeted by Mathew IngramBig fear heading into interview was Bruce Jenner can't speak for all trans people. Joy is she is only speaking for herself. Beautifully
Retweeted by Mathew IngramI played Bruce Jenner's World Class Decathalon on Nintendo as a kid & dreamed of going to the Olympics. He's just as inspiring today.
Retweeted by Mathew IngramSing it sister https://t.co/itmoIoKEbI
Retweeted by Mathew IngramThis map shows every state where transgender people still face violence and prejudice http://t.co/3oxiUvH0Ui http://t.co/ls3ONspCOm
Retweeted by Mathew Ingramfor your follow up trans identity homework go read everything ever under http://t.co/oki3xdu4xz & http://t.co/8T9SLipxDm @autostraddle kthx
Retweeted by Mathew IngramHow Kanye West Changed America's Understanding of Gender
Retweeted by Mathew IngramHey @people, stop asking that nice lady about her genitalia. It’s so uncouth. http://t.co/9WL3ZUsNuz
Retweeted by Mathew IngramIt's always nice when people get to become who they are.
Retweeted by Mathew IngramBruce Jenner is a beautiful, brave human being. Sending him lots of love. He's saving lives and opening minds tonight.
Retweeted by Mathew IngramABC's response to strange @KrisJenner tweet: "ABC sent an email to her publicity team more than once. They called and said no comment."
Retweeted by Mathew IngramBruce Jenner says Kim's opinion of the gender change thing was turned around by Kanye — didn't see that one comingThe #BruceJenner interview is perhaps the best done thing on trans issues I've seen in mainstream TV media. I'm honestly shocked and amazed.
Retweeted by Mathew IngramSurprised in a good way: My entire timeline - everyone's watching Bruce Jenner. Overwhelmingly, incredibly supportive, respectful, positive.
Retweeted by Mathew IngramThe #BruceJennerInterview isn't just about Jenner's gender identity. It's about normalizing being transgender/changing your gender identity.
Retweeted by Mathew IngramAlso, here are 9 ways journalists can do justice to transgender people’s stories http://t.co/OIveZtCbsV #BruceJennerInterview
Retweeted by Mathew IngramBruce says first Kardashian girl to find out was Kim, when she walked in on him wearing a dress #BruceJennerInterview
Retweeted by Mathew Ingram@ElaineF this statement from @glaad is instructive. apologies for mis-characterizing. http://t.co/VTk2Pqvnf5
Retweeted by Mathew IngramRegarding Bruce Jenner’s decision to finally embrace his identity publicly, the words of a wise man come to mind: Let it be. Let it be.
Retweeted by Mathew Ingramall the feelings. https://t.co/x0dEvkQ2DR
Retweeted by Mathew IngramBrandon Jenner telling his dad how proud he is just destroyed me.
Retweeted by Mathew Ingram@ElaineF I may be totally wrong here - looks like Jenner still uses m pronouns despite f identification, so indeed that should be respected.
Retweeted by Mathew IngramBruce Jenner. All the feelings. All the respect.
Retweeted by Mathew IngramOldest daughter on asking Bruce what to call him: "He said, I’m dad. You can call me dad. I will always be your dad."
Retweeted by Mathew IngramI think all the traits I love about Bruce, she still has - one of Jenner' awesome kids
Retweeted by Mathew Ingram"I'm not stuck in anybody's body. It's just who I am" - Congrats on your courage. Fellow media folks, let's cover this w respect and dignity
Retweeted by Mathew IngramThis seems impossible: @KrisJenner's Twitter account claiming that ABC didn't ask her for comment for this special. https://t.co/T50cgNW4bD
Retweeted by Mathew Ingramw-o-w how important/incredible/inspiring it is to see how supportive and understanding Jenner's kids are about it #BruceJennerABC
Retweeted by Mathew IngramSon Brandon: "I feel like I'm getting an upgraded version of my dad, of a parent." #BruceJennerInterview
Retweeted by Mathew IngramBruce Jenner once contemplated suicide but decided against it: "I want to know how this story ends." http://t.co/hA3x6SddnT #BruceJennerABC
Retweeted by Mathew Ingram@PerezHilton fuck you Perez no one asked me to comment ....and I'm sitting with Bruce now watching this show so let's keep it real...LOL....
Retweeted by Mathew IngramIn short, Bruce Jenner is the only person who gets to decide to use a different pronoun for himself. So far he hasn't.
Retweeted by Mathew IngramI'd love to see Sports Illustrated put Bruce Jenner back on the cover. And Wheaties, too.
Retweeted by Mathew IngramSo glad this #BruceJenner interview is carefully breaking down so many myths about gender and sexuality for a huge audience.
Retweeted by Mathew IngramI was proud of Bruce Jenner in Montreal and I'm proud of him tonight. Some have to fight more than the rest of us for their happiness.
Retweeted by Mathew IngramJust an unexpected, challenging, fascinating, heartbreaking moment. Deserves everyone's attention.
Retweeted by Mathew IngramCloaked but crucial and instructive point: Jenner never felt confident enough to transition until he was financially secure.
Retweeted by Mathew Ingram#BruceJenner considered suicide. "I thought, Nah, I can't do something like that. I want to know how this story ends."
Retweeted by Mathew IngramOne small step for man, one giant leap for mankind. #BruceJenner #Brave
Retweeted by Mathew Ingram"We did 425 episodes and...the one real true story was the one we were hiding," said Bruce Jenner of Keeping Up With The Kardashians
Retweeted by Mathew IngramI've never watched her family's reality show, but I agree that her admitting she is transgender will help people.
Retweeted by Mathew Ingram"If I die, which, I could be diagnosed next week with cancer... I'd be so mad at myself that I didn't explore that side of me."
Retweeted by Mathew IngramEntire interview is also a push back against the idea, propagated by our grandparents' generation, that ignoring things makes them go away
Retweeted by Mathew Ingram#BruceJenner we learn from you to be courageous, funny and to be our authentic self. With love and Go For It!
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