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Creative maker, internet geek, bionic chef, & brooklynite. Currently @yipit. Formerly @nestio @techstars.

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@levleframes thx! resubmitted. Can't wait.@flimshaw It's basically about how one time at Outback, they didn't offer me a free refill of my root beer. It's gotten really out of hand.@levleframes That. Is. Amazing. Prepare to take all my money today…@levleframes Super excited to buy all the frames from you guys, any estimate on shipping times to Brooklyn?Obama: 'I Think The Equal Protection Clause Does Guarantee Same-Sex Marriage' In All States http://t.co/51ffRJHx4QWith each upgrade, OS X feels more and more like using one of those hp branded PCs.
@nicole_landry @bloomthat Do you know of anything like this in NYC?@erictj ME AGREES!@erictj Awesome news!@stevorighthere Sleater is the one that looks like Rizzoli and Kinney looks like Isles.@chadvavra @vondoom Oh I see. Wait, is this #GamerGate? I'm pretty out of the loop…@vondoom ?"You can’t even really sit back and engineer it or blueprint it. It’s more like you have to discover it" - SimCity https://t.co/LmfjTSVR70
I'm literally the first person to post this photo for sure. http://t.co/ddF9ng4vLO
"I wish more people died..." - @spulecThis, my friends, is what we call chutzpah. http://t.co/2kI8uWv0hl
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@asmith83 YES.@asmith83 Less snark more #FanGate please.Every time I write a CSS vendor prefix I'm reminded just how awful the world is.
My safe word is Bouillabaisse.@ianwestcott @joshmateo Duh.@ianwestcott @joshmateo No you just have to listen to music the right way. :)@ianwestcott @joshmateo Heh, exactly.@joshmateo @ianwestcott Smart playlists are cool, but i doubt most people are as ocd/organized as you. Playlists fit all my needs.@ianwestcott @joshmateo Rating no, that seems very niche. How can't you categorize something?@ianwestcott @joshmateo That's because iPads are stupid. #Science@joshmateo @ianwestcott Saving*. Hah.@joshmateo @nm_forms @ianwestcott I'm surprised you could figure out how to tweet a photo.@joshmateo @ianwestcott Starring is gone because it's stupid. Replaced by starring. Better than any <3 system.@ianwestcott @joshmateo That's the + button on Spotify. What's the problem here?@nm_forms DRINK THE FAT.
"Just to let you know — there is life, beyond design, though you never quite let it go 100%." http://t.co/BvBLMlo54t
Raouls. @ 381 Main Bar And Grill http://t.co/dtYw9QJ7eY
Second graders from P.S. 295 are treated to the 7-course tasting from Daniel. http://t.co/kJBosLNwIl@Gap A terrible experience and when I finally tried to buy, they said my coupon magically wasn't applicable. Can you fix or should I return?@kevrone http://t.co/lZffdXpsBe #liveyourlifeLove this @BlueApron & @BravoTopChef collaboration. https://t.co/fcqcEe4TZH #notyourbitchbitchI miss ringtones.@joshmateo Okay!
@stevorighthere Yeah. Only fire will.@Gap I've got a 40% off one item coupon in my email but it's for a store that isn't near me. Can I still use it at my store in manhattan?@joshmateo I'm not sorry it's true.@asmith83 BEADS?@jwegener http://t.co/PQ8VQ58uyd
Have you guys met @tiredofnick yet? http://t.co/TS5wnPslOi"the practices give our team space to breathe & inspires them to create..." Permission to Daydream - @domgoodrum https://t.co/OqhrRPSGrr@usefultheory http://t.co/wZtWEcvuWETrue detective: O.J.Simpson http://t.co/rhvhU9LnZJDay 5 of @linecook's kimchi recipe. Can't wait to pour this juice into my beer. http://t.co/nn89v2ZQ9K
Just got my Maine wild blueberry jam from @fancyjelly herself! There's no going back to boring jam now. http://t.co/1S3fLOruxn
@jwegener We're still waiting for the lamb to be butchered.Just paid Alexandra Apostolou - for 10lbs of hand picked, farm fresh lamb meat. https://t.co/PDxWngrbYvFor the first time, same-sex marriage is legal for the majority of the U.S. population. http://t.co/iDeNgIDOEx http://t.co/UPMvQ2VVY2
Retweeted by Matt RaoulPost: A very impressive showcase of what can be done with Google's free web fonts. http://t.co/t8onjyWgmN http://t.co/fKT5upHZVj
Retweeted by Matt Raoul@joshmateo Would you rather fart when you laugh or laugh when you fart?Kutiman's 'Thru You Too' is almost as good as the first. An album composed of unrelated youtube clips - http://t.co/cRubXJxGeb#NASA Eyes Deep Sleep Option for Mars Mission and in other news my internet is still slow. http://t.co/sQcpUCzOuL
@gabrielstuart Im into all of thisbbTry Taco Hut's new Cheesy Jammer Rippers! It's a Jack the Ripper flavored tacito with buffalo sauce, black beans and Red Halloween Chips.
Retweeted by Matt RaoulTry Taco Bell's new Beefy Fritos Wrap! What will you do when the Bell rings your world in the face? (tm)
Retweeted by Matt Raoul
Chops on chops on chops. http://t.co/iMDHHAINYb@joshmateo My soulmate.I'm so excited to be freaked out by everything this season. 'American Horror Story: Freak Show Main Ttiles' https://t.co/OYYVXkVQx0
#graffiti #nyc #josh #diabetes http://t.co/Qqh19vBtkqY'all, it's @lookupica's birthday today. Today is a good day. http://t.co/TiGk61MGPQ@joshmateo @rachmew Yeah. So basically all these lists must be crap.OH "You're like the Michael Phelps of menu planning."This machine makes paper clips. http://t.co/6K2RLB6suE
One day I'll be able to resist a party at @TheMcKittrick. Today is not that day.@patcartelli Hopefully that polish is driven by actually listening to feedback. Could be huge for them and for OS development.More exciting than any actual aspect of Windows 10 is the fact that they are treating it as a technical preview.I started my morning with a song about cocaine use and now I'm engaging in ALL sorts of conversations. #WhiteLines@vondoom @adweek Ohhh, I've been wondering why I've felt so helpless.@annesaurus Yikes. All of these are reasons why I think these kind of events are just never a good idea. But yeah, fuck GoDaddy!@annesaurus I hate the term 'allies.' But I also hate any gender specific event. At least everyone hates goDaddy. Let's bond over that.@annesaurus What's the controversy? I LOVE controversies!
Users of Ello: Look at all these toolbags. #startups #SiliconValley #bigglasses #whitepeople #men http://t.co/WLz0e37X8z
Retweeted by Matt RaoulWork, happiness, & handmade neon signage. https://t.co/J9Xf6Y8R4Z
@joshmateo "Design it so we can put ads there…" http://t.co/qfqHLOcXB9@ifttt Huzzah, thx!@IFTTT Seems like the site is breaking when i try to create or activate any recipe.These two twitter image bots are in an endless loop. https://t.co/jJNUqysvmgYou should start Monday with this flamingo who won't let you turn the music off. http://t.co/FiPAyiTzze
@RickWebb this is just lovely.
One of the head writers of #SNL explains how Kenan Thompson quietly carries the show. http://t.co/NG8HVwjdDY@laurenwick Okay yeah that would be helpful. @nm_forms you should do this.@laurenwick "Matt, you puked in this bathroom once, don't do it again."@laurenwick WHAT ARE YOU HIDING?@laurenwick Oh yeah. Lists are back in it too, seems like they're just figuring out how it all works together.@laurenwick Are people actually giving up on 4sq? Why?
@kerkelli It was emotional.This jam is delicious. I am so good at making jams. #mattmakesjam@fancyjelly Yes!!!!!After all that work I have enough jam for .75 men! #mattmakesjam http://t.co/kgsIWsT0GHI got really bored watching this boil so I added some thyme and pepper because that's what Ina would do. #mattmakesjamI did not realize jam took so long to make and also I have no clue what I'm doing. #mattmakesjamI keep eating grapes and getting angry that I forgot they have seeds which is WHY IM EVEN MAKING JAM IN THE FIRST PLACE. #mattmakesjamIt's grape jam. I'm using an apple instead of pectin. Literally no one knows what pectin is. #mattmakesjamTonight, I'm going to try to make homemade jam because I'm an idiot. #mattmakesjamIt's clearly not a coincidence that "hammock" and "ham hock" are such similar words.
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