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Todo pasa por algo... Por pendejos, por ejemplo.

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Photo: Balloons #vscocam http://t.co/7uQsBWwCMjBalloons #vscocam http://t.co/UBUqOAiEIp
A ver... (@ Cinépolis - @cinepolis for Gloria in Morelia, MICH) https://t.co/rjPtFz6r6DJJ Watt Be Like.. http://t.co/299Hcbxhzf
Retweeted by Miguel LozanoPiù buio di mezzanotte. (@ Cinépolis - @cinepolis for Darker Than Midnight (Più buio di mezzanotte)) https://t.co/8STywpWbH6Pum!!! 😳 RT @Deadspin: This DeMarcus Ware sack is the slickest play of the year: http://t.co/yCLudbRFI2Nicolas Winding Refn's "Drive" Got A New Soundtrack And A New Trailer http://t.co/FAIfFSHhPe http://t.co/rmZBb1JvB7
Retweeted by Miguel Lozano@nichtgefund @Perliux lo buscaré, mil gracias!@Perliux @nichtgefund please!South Carolina Republican calls gay couples "Gremlins" http://t.co/eJKhprLF3i
Retweeted by Miguel LozanoQué pinche complicado es encontrar un buen café en Morelia!!!@LIZGALLARDO1 querida, sigues en Morelia? BesosEstos son los mejores touchdowns de Peyton Manning durante su fructífera carrera http://t.co/oc3A3PqNmR http://t.co/IRrVvDLmpq
Retweeted by Miguel LozanoAmerican Police vs UK Police http://t.co/96cZjGgWQR
Retweeted by Miguel LozanoCapo! RT @latimes: Man being treated by paramedics steals ambulance sent to help him, leads police on a chase: http://t.co/VqzQIZWNw0
Morelia. @FICM http://t.co/LWbLYsQOiA509 but still a choker
Retweeted by Miguel LozanoLlegando al @FICM (@ Centro Histórico in Morelia, Michoacán w/ @sopitas) https://t.co/GENjEY4V8IA Selfie That is Out of This World! http://t.co/3DhVUr1X3w http://t.co/dZO840ZxaA
Retweeted by Miguel Lozano.@DeMarcoMurray is the 1st RB in @NFL history to open the season with 100 rushing yards in seven consecutive games. http://t.co/JIFqaa1oti
Retweeted by Miguel LozanoRams with the ballsy fake punt on their own 20 in the 4th 😳🙌 | https://t.co/pAOA0WQOpS
Retweeted by Miguel LozanoBall Game. #StrongerTogether #MIAvsCHI http://t.co/GZRgVYu397
Retweeted by Miguel Lozano@VanillaPhace @ochocinco nice sarapes, Chad.Chale @EFCastaneda RT @si_nfl: Broken collarbone for C.J. Spiller, according to @JasonLaCanfora. Brutal.Ryan Tannehill, professional carver: 10/10, 136 yards, 2 TDs. 14-0 @MiamiDolphins lead. #MIAvsCHI
Retweeted by Miguel Lozano@nfl @Seahawks that was low.'Murica RT @BleacherReport: Cowboys' RB tried to steal underwear now, he’s a spokesman for the brand http://t.co/deSvCwkyhKRafael Marques y Rafael Márquez, well played, Hellas Verona. http://t.co/Ku26FXne2aSome Beijing marathoners abandon race due to smog despite face masks. http://t.co/6uW5w8SGGtRome's mayor recognizes same-sex marriages despite opposition http://t.co/lF8oZ4gSnL http://t.co/Jh9bqLumne
Retweeted by Miguel LozanoFirst Poster for Tim Burton's BIG EYES. Watch the trailer. http://t.co/ioc58hnYQB http://t.co/K7nfALlvcO
Retweeted by Miguel LozanoJameis Winston may make some stupid decisions off the field but the guy can straight up ball.
Retweeted by Miguel Lozano
#Noles conquer the Irish in Tallahassee http://t.co/TYJCLwADwX
Retweeted by Miguel Lozano@cuadros @mezclillaguarra cerrado@mezclillaguarra @cuadros yo, mañana@mezclillaguarra @cuadros jajaja yo llego mañana a Morelia *se persigna*@cuadros http://t.co/88MN5Zg2Q1Ahí está mi Vidrio!!!!! Chepo a la Selección yaaaaaa!!!!!!
Retweeted by Miguel Lozano@cuadros 8:30 y sigues crudo???? http://t.co/iTLBn4GIpi@diegointwitter #QuieroTropicoRKO celebration at Motherwell vs Dundee game earlier today. It's everywhere! http://t.co/XzoEAaKYZF
Retweeted by Miguel LozanoMichael Keaton’s real name is Michael Douglas.
Retweeted by Miguel Lozano@pattylopezdelac deberías de aprender un poquito y seguirte con el soccer 😜
@JustElisabetta buenas noches desde México! Sogni d'oro!How do people manage to make coffee that is actually weaker than water?
Retweeted by Miguel Lozano@RenataaDice amén.@Bose products disappear overnight from #Apple stores as rivalry with @beatsbydre heats up http://t.co/LJYp2dxw5R http://t.co/cp6CeEcQ6X
Retweeted by Miguel Lozano@Biofilica 😒Alguien hace animación 2D? Pagamos al Chaz Chaz para trabajar el fin en un bomberazo RT please!
Retweeted by Miguel Lozano@Biofilica y nosotros qué culpa?@Biofilica no@diegointwitter @Tropicomx congrats@lamamadelmuerto http://t.co/242uFxV6c2Ver esa película por enésima vez. Sounds like a plan.@lamamadelmuerto pobres strippers :'(Spoiler: Gone Girl ends with people walking out of a theatre and bragging about how they read a book.
Retweeted by Miguel LozanoLads I don't think this is the best time for team photo. http://t.co/iQ6a7OyCZJ
Retweeted by Miguel LozanoNo sé en qué signo esté la luna y demás cosas pero la gente está muy pinche sensible estos días.@thelittleidiot I guess you can upload them to soundcloud and tweet them, with their new integration.LEAKED: Percy Harvin's text inbox after being traded to the Jets https://t.co/jBPYU4tE0v
Retweeted by Miguel LozanoSix feet up: Israel is building skyscraper cemeteries. http://t.co/qVUw6N9opm@EFCastaneda @DVanCasta y se creía el de mejor estilo jajaja Astroboy@EFCastaneda qué pedo con tu ojo de vidrio, carnal? http://t.co/09FQTh1hNJ@donkrusty politólogo y ávido lector? Fascinante, Toñito.@MarlenTrevino muy bien! Muchos cambios, pero todo en orden, coach 😉@mlozano9 jajajjaa ✊
Retweeted by Miguel LozanoProfunda conversación con @vdiazinfante quien creo no ha encontrado buenas carnitas en NY. http://t.co/9FMOKGzpST@MartinezRios :( http://t.co/cZaWLsShYWRKO on Sepp Blatter! https://t.co/xrqFX6op81
Retweeted by Miguel Lozano@cesarrcs qué esperabas, Bubu???@mcarranza93 vas, Max, no hay mucha parafernalia de tu equipo. https://t.co/Q7I5c9z0MbEating black burgers from Burger King and McDonald's, back-to-back, may have been a mistake. http://t.co/xScbaALq6f http://t.co/enNyxwU89i
Retweeted by Miguel LozanoAn 80-foot inflatable tree in Paris looks a lot like a giant butt plug http://t.co/jGn49RzUgq http://t.co/vIpbscxMwV
Retweeted by Miguel LozanoPhilippe Starck's new home is the prototype for a new prefab housing collection: http://t.co/OMZA2dLwzV http://t.co/8Zfx9LXHcR
Retweeted by Miguel LozanoDiscazo!!!! #NowPlaying Ain't Nobody Worryin' Anthony Hamilton on #Spotify http://t.co/h0JGZHFQlk@MarlenTrevino fuz cumpleaños, Marlen!!!! 😘#NowPlaying Novacane Frank Ocean • Novacane on #Spotify http://t.co/dqmQya5W7B@capurias creo que hay categoría física y de descarga, seguro hablan de físicas@capurias ah es que no veía de dónde venía, jejeje una basura, aunque siempre le echaran la culpa a ma piratería.@capurias ?@WilliamEltzroth hahahaha LMAO
@RAYALETT jajaja@silvestrelpv @rafalitosarmi me rifo“@mlozano9:MT @BleacherReport: http://t.co/ldDPtqfoB1 http://t.co/bt5O2RuKnd”/1ero salchicha, ahora pollo! Mark sigue comiendo en la banca
Retweeted by Miguel Lozano@RAYALETT jajaja el gaaaaaaaaaas@rafalitosarmi estás en Morelia? Llego el domingo.De vuelta! http://t.co/Xb9cUtWw6GCon este HR de Ishikawa, Giants se mete en la Serie Mundial y enfrentará a los Royals https://t.co/I0tpgBgKKS #MLB
Retweeted by Miguel Lozano@CourtneyAurillo lol@SI_ExtraMustard well playedJajaja MT @BleacherReport: VIDEO: Mark Sachez tells Foles “you should try the chicken tenders” http://t.co/py52qzLFRa http://t.co/QSoaeoosllTIE GAME AGAIN! Morse crushes a Neshek pitch to left, and it's 3-3 in the eighth! A pinch-hit blast!
Retweeted by Miguel Lozano@SI_ExtraMustard I see what you did there. Engagement. http://t.co/oX5F5dlJLA@JillBegovich a veces pasa. http://t.co/lFmF9SfUdi@NFLRT too much make-up or he's just high? http://t.co/pn92Ptc9EESo awesome of Pearl Jam to pay tribute to Ikey: http://t.co/0lzf4Leza8 Still can't believe he's gone... @cedricbixler_ @J_Alderete
Retweeted by Miguel LozanoTOO GOOD: When Ruutu & Tootoo sit next to each other http://t.co/nZyI5NAd1u (H/T @tryintodrop100)
Retweeted by Miguel Lozano@ochocinco hoodie maker had one job or was thinking about you? http://t.co/lHRoVesy2t@vdiazinfante RT @uncrate: Oakley Prizm Lenses http://t.co/flzwL0ZByd http://t.co/f3UH1ZK9ACRuh roh! Twitter just announced that it's going to shake up your timeline, kinda like that *other* social network: https://t.co/Bk34qWcDpR
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