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Early retired Lecturer :United, blues rock ( ex-lead vocalist with Flying Blind) and greyhound (Billy) fan. Ex Nurse & Social Worker.Tory hating Humanitarian

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Without DI Maria we look ordinaryUnbelievable fucking Clattenburg!Outrageous penalty decisionGet in!Falcao oooooooh@MichaelBuckle17 @Howtobet4free_ they are having a bit of a stutter at the mo aren't they? Balotelli good signing tho13:00: Graeme Souness: "Di Maria has no end product." 13:46: https://t.co/LhqkdDyW8E
Retweeted by Dr. Nigel Coleman@TransferRelated couldn't believe he said that/ glad it came back to haunt him~ he's not biased at all is he?@TransferRelated bullshit@GaryLineker more to it me think as he is sheer class Gary@MichaelBuckle17 @Howtobet4free_ here's hoping😊many more to come- really exciting playerCantona 1664 advert is brilliant- good old Eric the kingUnited looked great first 20 mins- DI Maria's goal world class- Falcao not match fit but you can see the quality/ defence worrying still@MichaelBuckle17 @Howtobet4free_ watching a différent goal to me it was world class
@JustinVersion1 @Mr_IBenjamin noAnd finally... At least Telegraph readers are well prepared for the possibility of an independent Scotland... http://t.co/KtxpeHeAw5
Retweeted by Dr. Nigel Coleman
amazed betfair have paid out on 'No' vote-but on Gordon Brown's performance can see why@tonyhusband1 @IMcMillan it was he totally mesmerised me (or should that be booglarised me?) :) amazing mind@tonyhusband1 @IMcMillan yes brilliant I agree! The Captain can do no wrong in my eyes-had the pleasure of long talk with him after a gig@tonyhusband1 @IMcMillan clear spot for me :)Bill Clinton backs NO saying we can inspire the world with "a powerful message of both identity & inclusion" #indyref http://t.co/kO3Wvskp3S
Retweeted by Dr. Nigel ColemanGordon Brown seems the most credible proponent of continuation of the union I've seen in 2 years. #indyref http://t.co/tW1DpRurCa
Retweeted by Dr. Nigel ColemanLiverpool fans..........Classy as always http://t.co/ggcw9nDrSL
Retweeted by Dr. Nigel ColemanThat was a really very impressive interview from Gordon Brown. Put the pro-union arguments with authority and conviction.
Retweeted by Dr. Nigel Colemancracking performance by Gordon Brown on Scotland debate-such a pity we never got the best from him as PM thanks to spin doctorsFor the first time in a year I actually can't wait for the next United game! Di Maria has restored my faith along with Blind and Herera@samwollaston @Sheridansmith1 totally agree with your review of Cilla Sam- Sheridan Smith is always brilliant-now she sings as well- amazing
United were wonderful today - best I've seen them for a very long time- Di Maria- finally a REAL United player!!!!!!
MY TOP 10 BEHIND-THE-SCENES PHOTOS: 6. Honor Blackman being rather cheeky on location for Goldfinger. http://t.co/VdLWOUGYMY
Retweeted by Dr. Nigel ColemanSuch a shame Danny never got a good run at United- wish him well as I'm sure all United fans do - will get good reception at OT@Morrigan106 cheers - makes a nice change 😊😘Even better than welbz scoring 2 great goals is me taking £220 from sky bet !😊😊🍷🍷Beautiful welbz@samwollaston good man!😊🍷
@samwollaston surely not the end of the road in the guardian Sam? Will miss you
@MUFCBulletin @TransferRelated v sad that Tom never came back from injury the same player season1@StephenMangan soooo miss Green Wing'thats the beauty of having two feet' says Glenn-football speak eh?
Can't take anymore bed for me! Deadline my arse@StrettyNews @DuckerTheTimes thank God for that!!!@FootballMcD Tom let's hope it bloody well comes off@StrettyNews @9smudge please God noOh come on ! Sign himStill United inside out!! Sleep tight and #keepbelieving
Retweeted by Dr. Nigel ColemanStill no bloody defenders?????@Mr_IBenjamin fergie time😊Can't bear the tension! Also sad to see Danny Welbeck go - feel for him as never given a run in best position- Chico good enufffor RM not us@FootballMcD http://t.co/U3VjdDfmTw
Retweeted by Dr. Nigel ColemanTRANSFER: 13 year old Cardiff manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer in talks to go back to school. He has yet to agree terms. http://t.co/8EW6Skk2OS
Retweeted by Dr. Nigel Coleman
Holy shit! United abysmal@thompsonnn10 get him in the bloody team IMO@samwollaston 😊😊@samwollaston and who can blame him Sam the way we are bloody playing!!Oh FFS!This sida look better than the first team so far!!@wossy so overdue you being back on Radio- hope it gives the BBC a reminder of how good you are 😊@BBCRadio2 so good to hear Jonathan Ross back on the radio- keep him on!!!
@JeremyShaw17 not so far!!
Blackett only bright spot for me@JeremyShaw17 not yet!! 1-1 but crapTruly awful!God United look awful at mo- rushed back from France to see the game - please God let it be good
And now they're saying Vidal will be announced as United player tonight ....we wait with baited breath
Retweeted by Dr. Nigel Coleman
Sea of poppies at the Tower of London honours fallen #WW1 soldiers http://t.co/m5wnmNCnd9 http://t.co/JYGkhLZRQG
Retweeted by Dr. Nigel ColemanIsraeli air strike outside UN school in Gaza kills 10 http://t.co/BVjl9qqP0f Photo is heartbreaking. http://t.co/mp70e3yvlr
Retweeted by Dr. Nigel ColemanThe Tower of London pours 888,246 poppies from a window to honour WWI's British deaths. Stunning. http://t.co/D7xcHNjHI6
Retweeted by Dr. Nigel Coleman
Glazers will make around Β£95m from selling more shares in Man Utd. About the same as Southampton's owners have generated from summer sales
Retweeted by Dr. Nigel Coleman@WayneJBurrows @MissEllieMae @EverydaySexism irony clearly lost on you thenHow depressing the Middle East is-any sympathy for Israel totally lost in what amounts to targeting civilians - or war crime for anyone elseSocial work needs an alternative narrative to constant negativity http://t.co/a49NDrXuB2
Retweeted by Dr. Nigel Coleman@MissEllieMae @EverydaySexism Hope she told them to fuck off then!
@smeecol @FootballMcD me too- missed the furore apparently Tom but can't see why anyone would criticise - first class journalism IMO
@samwollaston oh yes!! As you said though it is absolutely brilliantly written- can't believe you will be able to resist !🍷@samwollaston fuck me Sam the fingernails!!!!!!@samwollaston ureggghhGove out! Nice one@samwollaston am watching Utopia tonight and will now be doing so with trepidation! Thanks for the warning- should have known though!
@rioferdy5 enjoying the doc Rio - good and insightful programme
Oh bollocks extra time - there go my bets- not for the first time!@Prufrocking he would make the Angels weep!!Rihanna looks like she's been marked up for a tracheotomy by a fiercely patriotic doctor. #WorldCupFinal http://t.co/mu1yW17Y3W
Retweeted by Dr. Nigel Coleman#GERvsARG Christ the Redeemer what an amazing statue@Prufrocking yeah fab really enjoyed it apart from the debacle that was England team - so unpredictable (as bookies will testify!)@Prufrocking know the feeling been emptying the garage pre move and village BBQ ( piss up) last night 😊🍷@Prufrocking roast chicken dinner half a bottle of red and ( so far) 2 bottles of my home brewed spring ale having much the same effectπŸ˜„Can someone please tell Lawrenson this is the #WorldCupFinal and not the graveyard shift at the shit farm...
Retweeted by Dr. Nigel ColemanMark Lawrenson sounding like he would rather be shitting out the entire contents of a ScrewFix catalogue #WorldCupFinal
Retweeted by Dr. Nigel ColemanHaha @rioferdy5 RT @michael_rant: @RobbieSavage8 lol http://t.co/AS5leQgQXz
Retweeted by Dr. Nigel ColemanNeuer lucky there !!@samwollaston absolutely - cheers 🍻@samwollaston already gone Sam along with many others I suspect - Andy Townsend much better ( shock) will go back at adverts thoughPlease everyone retweet this to try and help find my dad, he's been gone nearly 48 hours now, it would help so much http://t.co/gzzbmpKwyw
Retweeted by Dr. Nigel Coleman@VanGaalrious will switch back for discussion with Gaz and the boys though@VanGaalrious absolutely I have gone to ITV sound also better qualify and Andy Townsend less annoying 🍷😊@VanGaalrious me too#GERvsARG Germans are the BMW of football teams - they have it when they need it without being flashy
@BBCNewsnight Sarah Dunant nailing the arguments all the way@Prufrocking me too a big loss IMO@daraobriain @tiffstevenson @GaryDelaney @joshwiddicombe @RomeshRanga even funnier tonight than usual brilliant- well done had me in tears@Morrigan106 we can dream eh?😊
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