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Owen Barder @owenbarder Somewhere in Europe, mostly

Senior Fellow & Director for Europe at @CGDev. Economist. ex Treasury, DFID, No.10. Passionate about fighting poverty. Views my own.

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@curiousc @sburall @Scott_Gilmore to be honest it doesn't involve any very great personal sacrificeWill the #Ebola example remind us that budget support for health systems is as important as disease specific vertical interventions?How straightforward an economic reform appears is inversely proportionate to how much you know about the country.
The data revolution is coming and it will unlock the corridors of power | Claire Melamed http://t.co/Rug5zqm4xk via @guardian
Retweeted by Owen BarderRe-listening to @DevelopmentDrum Episode 31 with @davidroodman & @owenbarder as a primer for PSE Microfinance course. http://t.co/S7BE02CIOU
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Official word: by Jan 1, IMF data will be free; librarians, researchers, & data geeks everywhere rejoice #BTN2014
Retweeted by Owen Barder@owenbarder @CGDev @LMacDonaldDC A gem of a man! In the words of David Foster Wallace, "I wish you way more than luck."
Retweeted by Owen BarderThe end of an era at @CGDev - my friend and mentor @LMacDonaldDC is moving on http://t.co/ZO3bFKBOSo :-(TotD #globaldev I couldn't agree more with @owenbarder @CGDev on the future of @DFID_UK. http://t.co/u6ET52bgjB
Retweeted by Owen BarderThe indispensable Daily Mail blocker Chrome Extension now blocks Piers Morgan too. Bonus! https://t.co/cV6AEER54q@JieShengLi my hunch is that the effort to secure, programme and defend 0.7% has driven out a lot of 'beyond aid' activity.Within government, the Treasury and the development agency should be natural allies with related roles: http://t.co/cDkJ7XuYyUJust six weeks until the biggest event about international development in Europe. Book for Bond's annual conference http://t.co/OlBx8nT5m4
Retweeted by Owen Barder"spontaneous order is not a libertarian idea" - useful primer on self organising complexity http://t.co/uknzW4dH7wRefugees don't waste financial aid says @DavidMilibandMP: http://t.co/7uGQqtjMP4. Come to our event to hear more: http://t.co/h4sjPDschH@aid_leap @roytrivedy Yes: I think you need a combination of mandate, mission and mechanism. Each is necessary and not sufficient.Matt Bannick of @OmidyarNetwork says Global Innovation Fund aims to 'de-risk that innovation'. < Terrible idea. http://t.co/yQoHMBOavl@aid_leap @owenbarder @DFID_UK I don't agree. Mandate is important but structure, systems & incentives are vital 4 #effectiveness.
Retweeted by Owen BarderAre you in the 1% or the 99%? Find out here: http://t.co/1AYeC9M4qs@dpaulobrien industrialisation - your example - is a case in point.@dpaulobrien .. but at the risk of conceding the interests of the silent majority to the vocal minority of vested interests.Whether or not people chant for something on a march is a terrible indicator of whether it's a good idea @dpaulobrien http://t.co/QiNX6PoWdw@carolinefiennes fair enough!Hélder Câmara:"When I give food to the poor, they call me a saint. When I ask why they are poor, they call me a communist."@carolinefiennes @stianwestlake where is yours? can you send it to me?@carolinefiennes @stianwestlake Yep, I should do something like that. Hard to do without making yourself sound like a self-important wanker.@stianwestlake @carolinefiennes I've been lucky so far, but I fear I'm going to find myself inadvertently breaking my rule. #embarrassing@stianwestlake @carolinefiennes Do you have a standard form of words you include? I need to get better at being systematic about this.@stianwestlake @carolinefiennes Excellent!@carolinefiennes 5.Here we go again … @David_Cameron and @TheresaMay_MP promising to strip us of privacy and roll back free speech, because #ISIS
Retweeted by Owen Barder@carolinefiennes I've just realised that the board of CGD Europe is now 60% women. #MoreLuckThanJudgement@carolinefiennes @stianwestlake I see NESTA's policy is to "advocate the same for events we participate in" #nearlythere@stianwestlake Does NESTA's commendable policy of not hosting all-male panels extend to NESTA staff not serving on them? @carolinefiennes@samwgardner not my patch! you'd have to ask a proper expert on that.Impact Investment: the Invisible Heart of Markets. A report co-authored by @SonalRShah and @ritaperakis http://t.co/7W6hhMrMBO"Dogfooding is the golden rule of platforms" https://t.co/npu5NqXVAI (via @martintisne)The excellent @Scott_Gilmore has also decided not to serve on men-only panels #heforshe #notmyidea https://t.co/HacHlZD1hwHong Kong protesters using mesh network to connect to each other without cell towers or wifi. http://t.co/dUSSq5foJY
@dgardner @Scott_Gilmore It isn't that hard to find a woman who would be better than me on any panel.@Scott_Gilmore good choice. It wasn't my idea but I am glad to support the movement.I took the @owenbarder pledge today: I won't sit on any panels that don't include women.
Retweeted by Owen BarderWhy Beyond Aid Matters - a brilliant (and short) memo from @CGDev http://t.co/sYr8qXwueC
Retweeted by Owen BarderIf you have a truly innovative policy idea, take it to a large bureaucracy. They'll find ways to crush it that you couldn't have imagined.
Retweeted by Owen BarderWhat does the development agency of the future look like? http://t.co/cDkJ7XuYyU@gibajaalberto Yep. I predict it will be like the 4 minute mile.Thoughtful piece by @alexevansuk on bombing ISIS is the best thing I've read so far on the issue http://t.co/WEg5iqTXZE@alexcobham do my fan boy feelings show?Does a stand-alone DFID have a long-term future? @alexevansuk and I consider the case: http://t.co/cDkJ7XuYyUPodcasts are back — and making money - The Washington Post http://t.co/Xx6Rkk2Okt
Retweeted by Owen Barder@laurencechandy Ooops! Thanks.If you can run a lap of a 400 metre track in 70 seconds then you can run as fast as Dennis Kimetto just ran an entire marathon (2:02:57).Eight migrants die every day trying to reach richer countries, study reveals http://t.co/LCvIhhoc4D
Retweeted by Owen Barder"The Data Revolution: Count us in, count us out" [blog] http://t.co/DKm87p1kvf disability-based response to the latest dev drums @owenbarder
Retweeted by Owen BarderUK Chancellor announces new tax arrangements to stop profit shifting http://t.co/C3l2LJIHWL10 priorities for the EU Trade Commissioner (brilliant summary of complex agenda) @DWteVelde http://t.co/neqWFEbZqC (from @odi_development)
Retweeted by Owen Barder@mngreenall absolutely extraordinary.@IsabelHardman Did Liz Truss really say that the UK shouldn't import cheese?Infant mortality higher overall in US than in Europe mainly because of higher inequality, finds @ProfEmilyOster http://t.co/GLOz5AcdnCI can't help thinking that Brooks Newmark should have stuck to the knitting. http://t.co/AqOj0fYuBf@johnthegeo Excellent. There is much to do. @DFID_UKWonder if anyone at @DFID_UK has read this blog post by the head of the Civil Service on "Government as Platform"? https://t.co/jhkOr3AWR4
Best predictor of successful startup: "Every time you talk to team, they have got new things done." via @sama #Ghana #startups
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@owenbarder on case for international policies to support development. Why taking so long for this to land? Obvious? http://t.co/hB9rWR6UzH
Retweeted by Owen Barder.@CGDev @owenbarder paper on Beyond Aid not only relevant for @DFID_UK, also crucial part of @OECDdev DAC peerreviews:http://t.co/gs1t35U4N3
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Something for the weekend? Read The Golden Hour, by @toddjmoss. Cracking page turner. http://t.co/1Z2PdYsjZ8
Just confirmed: @lfeatherstone @DFID_UK to join the panel for Tuesday's #EbolaResponse discussion. Sign up at http://t.co/84g3XDfsyc #Ebola
Retweeted by Owen BarderThe #2014ATI will be launched @CGDev on 8th October. Join us & find out who comes top! http://t.co/ajlPWpq1Tb @aidtransparency @owenbarder
Retweeted by Owen Barder"Banging out ideas with barely a moment’s thought is exactly what PPE students do." @nickcohen4 http://t.co/Q9oFl34Ujh
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Co-hosting #NoLostGeneration meeting with @UNICEF today in NY. We must stop this conflict robbing a generation of their future
Retweeted by Owen Barder@Scott_Gilmore hah. that's how I feel about you!@Scott_Gilmore you are very kind. :-)Beyond Aid policies can have relatively big impacts, address underlying causes of poverty, and benefit donors too. http://t.co/SJivwQ2W5e3 reasons why "Beyond aid” policies are significant to improving poor people’s lives - @owenbarder and @theobot1000: http://t.co/WAKBkmolXG
Retweeted by Owen BarderWhy "beyond aid" matters for development - a submission to the UK parliamentary inquiry, by me and @theobot1000 http://t.co/SJivwQ2W5e@m_clem @welhai See attached cartoon. http://t.co/9IH5jlkUyNThat last tweet was a quote from, and link to, an interview with @kwatkinsodi of @ODI_development“It’s a fundamental injustice that the world’s poorest people are paying for a climate crisis that they didn’t cause” http://t.co/8Bsvwq4e8hVery good piece on how rich countries may address #globaldev. http://t.co/MH05P7bLyS #dkaid @owenbarder @alexevansuk
Retweeted by Owen BarderCooper to scrap net migration target; more 'nuanced' system of controls/specific targets for diff flows instead http://t.co/3tl5ot1fEJ @FT
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If you read nothing else on climate today, read this new short essay from James Hansen http://t.co/OPxbjzXUzM
Retweeted by Owen BarderPatents and the Global Diffusion of New Drugs http://t.co/dOuUJa1wMm
Retweeted by Owen BarderThe real power of Development Impact Bonds is to bring in more partners around a focus on impact - @ciffmichael , #biz4ECD at #UNGA
Retweeted by Owen Barder.@RajShah & @JustineGreening just announced the Global Innovation Fund! #MDGCountdown http://t.co/hF0SgPwSTO
Retweeted by Owen BarderUK Labour would not include students in migration targets, say @YvetteCooperMP http://t.co/WYHl0aiJdS < Hurrah.@BruceByiers I agree.Hard to get excited abt #DataRevolution when seems abt donors, compacts & "excitement" @owenbarder DevDrums podcast http://t.co/Q2zQ25dmno
Retweeted by Owen Barder@owenbarder @alexevansuk Some well reasoned arguments on why @DFID_UK should not follow the way of Ausaid and CIDA http://t.co/XAdzZkBxGs
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How much should each country reduce its CO2? A graphical guide: http://t.co/sCFTO0OnWj
Retweeted by Owen BarderDirector of Communications job with @Global_Witness London #jobs http://t.co/vkknRwql2u
Retweeted by Owen Barder@owenbarder I'm having trouble thinking of any! (You forgot the level of the individual - many things need not be legislated at all)
Retweeted by Owen Barder@charlesjkenny I think a bit of both. For example, shouldn't Scotland decide its own welfare system (eg spare room)?@susiesymes1 wouldn't that be better settled more locally than Westminster?Current & pending carbon pricing schemes cover around 12% of global emissions, creating economic growth #CWNYC #ncereport
Retweeted by Owen BarderAs a thought experiment: which policy questions are better decided at Westminster, rather than more locally or at EU level?#AdaptationApartheid is happening: new ODI report shows poor countries left behind in fight against #climatechange http://t.co/PZGLv5SnnI
Retweeted by Owen Barder@jillongovt @instituteforgov My guess is that can't be done. I don't see how we can bypass the 'festival of democracy' needed.@instituteforgov Aha. I had not. Thanks!@owenbarder @jillongovt Hi Owen - have you read our new paper - 6 Qs to answer after #indyref? http://t.co/jx2yIYs6qv cc @AkashPaun
Retweeted by Owen Barder@jillongovt Any word from @instituteforgov on how to solve the West Lothian Question and/or the merit of doing so before Burns Night?
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