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Politics. Music. Content. Beer. Food. Baseball. Other assorted detritus. Opinions belong to whoever poured my drink. RTs mean we're going steady.

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@thewobblythong @mariellam @TeeMissT ahem. @Urban_NannaBorn on this day 1946. Lux Interior #TheCramps #RipLux http://t.co/HlKxoU2iyR
Retweeted by Rob Ruminski@mariellam BUSTED! @TeeMissTGough Whitlam was 98. Couple more years and he'd have gotten a super awkward letter from the Queen.
Retweeted by Rob Ruminski@MsPraxis at first glance I read that as "politically deranged"BENGHAZOWEENMalcolm Turnbull telling a story of how, as one of his constituents, Whitlam would always shout "My member! My member!" at him. Gold.
Retweeted by Rob RuminskiSweet legacy misappropriation bro. http://t.co/WSckH2HWTP
Retweeted by Rob Ruminski#Royals Keys to the World Series http://t.co/qDIENNtgPy
Retweeted by Rob RuminskiLooking for a kickass room in a great Fitzroy North unit? Awesome housemate, very central. No dickheads. Drop me a line."I've never said I'm immortal. I do believe in correct language. I'm eternal; I'm not immortal." — Gough Whitlam
Retweeted by Rob RuminskiToday's office. RT @ThePostProject: Loving this view. http://t.co/yCvJtJnaYKMore great beer reviews in @goodfoodAU . "malt and subtle hop notes;...plenty of hoppy bitterness ". No wine described as "grapey" tho?
Retweeted by Rob RuminskiEverything out of Abbott's mouth a platitude today. LNP ideologically opposed to everything Gough stood for.
Retweeted by Rob Ruminski
@mariellam DM me your email address. I might have found something for you.@mariellam so I should fave this?@MarynkaVerte My pleasure!@MarynkaVerte you still at Carwyn? I'm en route.@MelbDave THANK YOU. We need a public service campaign.This is no time for jokes, Rita's. http://t.co/1GRJichlZp
Retweeted by Rob Ruminski@l_astir @alisterrobbie @ThePostProject Lauren: kicking goals.@l_astir @alisterrobbie Ahem. You mean @ThePostProject?@MarynkaVerte the DuPont is great. The Founders fruit beer isn't bad either.We can turn any room into a studio. @alisterrobbie @l_astir http://t.co/vDWG2HynLu
@26bear t'was the angle of the photo.Pork belly with apple & pomegranate slaw. http://t.co/rEW2X9r3eY@mudrecords I did one today as well. Feels good.@indefensible @erinmargrethe Hitch? RT @planetepics: did something wrong and I'm sorry. http://t.co/aDFq4aLFdn@P_T_RYAN and the jacket. You can't forget the jacket.Social Media at its best. http://t.co/IDDcMsge1M
Retweeted by Rob Ruminski@beergirlbites "Nope, and we're not great with patrons with no taste, either."fuck baseball
Retweeted by Rob RuminskiI have written some good songs. Don’t ever apologise to your hip friends for liking them. They’ll be singing them in a karaoke bar someday.
Retweeted by Rob Ruminski@stevejdawson Hello from Melbourne! Your tunes always make me homesick for the Midwest.More @DollyVardenUSA -- one of the best songs i've ever heard about the dark side of creativity: https://t.co/J1tv5c0uKkSo much housework to do. So obviously I'm dicking around on the computer.@TisAnnaBelleLee Fantastic.#nowplaying Said it before and I'll say it again - maybe the greatest unknown/underrated alt-country masterpiece. http://t.co/uNvC2mLIJa@ellehardytweets I feel like that needs a trigger warning.Girding my loins for Sydney Craft Beer Week FOMOOB.@eatdrinkstagger @adrianpua @MarynkaVerte I just saw Garrett Oliver's response, which is possibly even better: http://t.co/DYOlmPDPW3@AleOfATime Who are you and what have you done with Luke?#tramcops busting people at the Vic Markets as they get off.Procured dinner ingredients for tonight. Pork belly. Apple slaw with cider vinegar, lime & pomegranate. Hungry just thinking about it.@HunterFelt like watching your grandma try to do the Marilyn Monroe Happy Birthday after a few glasses of wine.@HunterFelt The only time I can listen to that song is if I'm watching the ridiculous video."My name is Jeppe, and I hate Asian fusion food." Your move, @davidchang http://t.co/LHYnIcVTvC
@AleWyf I must find this.@AleWyf how?BENGHAZEBOLA@AleWyf What?@TrisD http://t.co/4PKi4PhOrJOude Geuze Boon. Not sure if there's a better drink in the world on a sunny afternoon.
Will you be an outlaw for my love?@TrisD @CarwynCellars you heading up?@LeMandapantz Sticking.Update: urge to punch Steve Perry now at 67%.@TrisD @CarwynCellars I am indeed. Here for at least another hour.@lil_scooter93 Don't think about it. Just drink.@ragibson @michalowski hit cc first then we can work our way down.@mattbrick1 Same. Surreal.@carrywater @thewobblythong very slight sweetness in front giving way to a seamless blend of sour cherry and brett.A beer as red as my tears: http://t.co/0VUEIDhC5r@michalowski @ragibson I'm at Carwyn now. Might work my way down to 2R then Goat.And now it's time for my yearly "thanks to all non-baseball people who didn't unfollow or mute me" tweet.@ragibson Thinking about it.@DrunkFredbird Come on. You have more self-respect than that.@TrisD come on up to @CarwynCellars. Drown your sorrows.@LeMandapantz OK, OK, I teared up a bit as well.I was told there would be an I-70 series. I was told if the Royals played at a reasonable volume... http://t.co/jLnmZhi8QQ
Retweeted by Rob RuminskiI just got a condolences-but-yay-I-hate-the-Cardinals message from a Mets fan. Yep. Definitely time to start drinking.Mike Matheny. rt: “@BtBScore: Who’s your NLCS MVP?”
Retweeted by Rob RuminskiTake a great young pitcher coming off a tough injury. Undermine his confidence. Set him up to fail resoundingly. #Mathenaging@LeMandapantz BASEBALL IS SO STUPIDWelp. That's that.@MLBJesus Yet another reason that I'm an atheist.AND http://t.co/kZdYJ4lMZd FREEZES AGAIN@TrisD I just sacrificed a goat and asked that he could find his changeup@adrianpua Also not a good answer.I have nothing but respect and admiration for Michael Wacha, but this is a shitty, shitty spot for a guy who hasn't thrown in so long.GAHDaniel Descalso in to pitch the bottom of the 9th for the Cardinals #Mathenaging@jaysonst Knowing Matheny, he'll probably pitch a position player.@DavidBlakeslee Agony doesn't even begin to describe it. Pretty sure my hair will be completely white by the end of this game.@ruminski If it makes you feel any better, I just pumped my fist so hard I ended up spilling kebab meat and garlic sauce all over myself
Retweeted by Rob RuminskiI think that you should all congratulate me for not reflexively throwing my laptop across the room on that Morse home run.@adrianpua I'm about to lose my shit over here.http://t.co/kZdYJ4lMZd you are awful.No matter the outcome of this game, I'm pretty sure that tequila is going to be the winner today.@LangoschMLB That's all I need to hear. If it was up to me you'd have Matheny's job.Adam Wainwright's curveball. https://t.co/ZUPVngfFgR
Retweeted by Rob RuminskiSo that inning was vintage Wainwright through the heart of the Giants' order. No way Mike pulls him.
Retweeted by Rob Ruminski@vivaelbirdos He's playing Magic: The Gathering with Lincecum in the kale garden.
Retweeted by Rob Ruminski@ruminski I miss not being able to understand your beer tweets. Your baseball tweets make me feel like I'm losing basic comprehension skills
Retweeted by Rob Ruminski@lil_scooter93 To be fair, he does a lot of things well. It's just that the thins he does wrong are spectacularly, mind-bogglingly bad.If we win this game, getting out of that jam without any damage will be key.Tony Cruz deserves a massive pat on the back for doing his best Yadi and keeping Wainwright on track through that last inning.@msg621 @alisterrobbie Never. Cardinals all the way.Panda chased that ball like it was a food truck.@LeMandapantz @adrianpua Yeah, 28 but windy and cloudy
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