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Rob Ruminski @ruminski Melbourne, Australia

Politics. Music. Moving pictures. Beer. Food. Baseball. Other assorted detritus. Opinions belong to whoever poured my drink. RTs mean we're going steady. Seppo.

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THAT'S A DAMN GOOD MARGARITA, RUMINSKI. WHY THANK YOU, RUMINSKI, IT IS PRETTY DAMN GOOD.@leezachariah Also about ethics in games journalism: http://t.co/nDFxBTSZv1Just remembered an interesting discussion from the other day: why aren't we getting Kissmeyer beers in Aus anymore? It's a real shame.Bizarro Game 4 To-Do List 1. Lincecum catches 2. Harold Reynolds thoughtful observation 3. Terrence Gore walk off homer on the road
Retweeted by Rob Ruminski#nowplaying http://t.co/afFKicZeMIYusmeiro Petit now leads all players named Yusmeiro in postseason hits
Retweeted by Rob Ruminski@theprovenance The absolute worst.
Beard is getting outta control. http://t.co/GbHJeht0DyBattery on 1%, but if anyone is at @localtaphouseSK for the Brit beer thing, I guess I'll see you there.Incredibly useful card http://t.co/Gnji20Rnzp
Retweeted by Rob Ruminski@thewobblythong I may have just been googling "smoked prime rib".I wrote a poem Burroughs-style, using only headlines from Wednesday's edition of @TheNTNews 🐊 http://t.co/RfJPGmmrjy
Retweeted by Rob Ruminski@erinmargrethe @chaskitchen Worst episode of Sons of Anarchy ever.Today, in "Why Editing Is Important" : "@JustHadOneJob: "Big Anus" #YouHadOneJob http://t.co/mrbDEenHDf
Retweeted by Rob Ruminski@LeMandapantz @ragibson @mattbrick1 Sorry. Still in pain from the NLCS.One-Fifth of Detroit's Population Could Lose Their Homes http://t.co/fag2M2hTDd http://t.co/FfGwQqrKsW
Retweeted by Rob Ruminski@LeMandapantz @ragibson @mattbrick1 not sad that you lost, but I can't bring myself to actively root for the Royals.@LeMandapantz @ragibson @mattbrick1 Wish I could be there! Stupid chores!"Hey there, Fuck Face!" I love getting email from @BrashHiggins.So much cooler than the Bat Signal. RT @fuckeveryword fuck beacon.@AustralianLabor I'd rather hear why @billshortenmp should maintain the leadership after legitimising a group of bigots with his presence
Retweeted by Rob RuminskiMuppets. Pirate costumes. The Beastie Boys. The demented mind of @l_astir https://t.co/ntSavtT13R@deltrimental Throw the word "ombudsman" into the conversation and see if their tone changes. Also, douchegoblin has been added to my vocab.
@BrashHiggins @LeMandapantz send some to @CarwynCellars#nowplaying Fuck my neighbours must love me. http://t.co/RFK8DL0O80@elliottfithall meh-core. How have I survived without having this term in my vocabulary?I didn't realise that "trademark infringing panties" were part of the Homeland Security portfolio: http://t.co/V8CYPWDX1s via @lil_scooter93Related: when does ironic hipster dudebro become identical to plain old dudebro?So Mac Demarco is pretty much just an unholy cross between Jonathan Richman and Jack Johnson, yeah?Anyone? @burgermary? RT @maxallenwine Hey, Twitter: anyone know if I can buy Abita Louisiana beer in Melbourne?@hoppysquire let me introduce you to @JimSRush - great bloke in spite of his mocking of craft beer.@NekoCase very good, but this one is my favourite: http://t.co/SbQqs5fBg7I've got Billy Joel stuck in my head so if one of you could come cut a hole in my skull and pour in some bleach that'd be great thanks.You gotta see it to believe it. RT @ellehardytweets: Some solid work going on over at @gamergateavatarSometimes Twitter really delivers. http://t.co/PyMwqpqvgZ
Retweeted by Rob Ruminski@fringe_neglect Fantastic news.
@_lis_sy_ you should. It's stunning. Was shooting it last week and still want to go back.@_lis_sy_ what are you doing in town?@_lis_sy_ HELLO!@DanSims @Dan_0 @theprovenance @AleOfATime @wilsonscec @benandwine I bet we could change your mind.@DanSims @Dan_0 @theprovenance @AleOfATime @wilsonscec @benandwine so your wine preferences tend towards top-shelf goon, then?Looking for wine somms willing to give some comment on beer and food, beer people, and beer as a whole. Positive or negative. Get in touch.
Retweeted by Rob Ruminski@alisterrobbie Still meant to be good.@mariellam BOO.@spewforth Good man.@mariellam you finishing soon? Come on up!@mariellam Carwyn. You northside today?@Garage_Project Thanks!@spewforth @CarwynCellars it is. Not sure for how much longer though.@TheSkoot Tony Stark: "Stop this madness Ultron!" Ultron: "IT'S ABOUT ETHICS IN GAMING JOURNALISM"
Retweeted by Rob Ruminski@spewforth @CarwynCellars I am indeed. And I should probably have that chat with Ben. You should come down!Excellent. Get some if you can find it. http://t.co/64e6mZL50lWAY too small.This town is way too small sometimes.Guys, you can make your twitter notifications scary this halloween simply by giving yourself a female username and voicing an opinion.
Retweeted by Rob RuminskiSydney restaurant owned by Tourism Min Andrew Robb & family promoted by a govt-funded $40m Tourism Australia campaign http://t.co/LS9INSka48
Retweeted by Rob RuminskiBody count in St. Louis poised to surpass 2013 total with two months left in year http://t.co/R7C124F0rK
Retweeted by Rob Ruminski@l_astir @alisterrobbie http://t.co/MIsIfsakgb.@alisterrobbie I don't even know how he did it but @ruminski got your cat drunk?
Retweeted by Rob Ruminski"How much privacy do you really want?" asks NSW police chief Scipione on Sky
Retweeted by Rob Ruminski@dontcallmekatie INTERROBANGWalked into Royals' clubhouse & wondered, why does it look like a fog machine was on here? Turns out, it's because they have a fog machine.
Retweeted by Rob Ruminski@bourgwick Possibly the best advertisements against Christianity that don't involve actual violence or oppression.feeling unaccountably warm & fuzzy about the continued existence of chick tracts as creepy seasonal print media. http://t.co/k6zQjxVY8N
Retweeted by Rob Ruminski"Why aren't they saving Lincecum's first appearance for the ninth inning in a tied elimination game?" - Mike Matheny. @LengelDavid
Retweeted by Rob Ruminski@mariellam AMEN. Where I grew up, thin crust was the local specialty. THE WORST.Strickland's gonna look great in a Dodger uniform. #dramaqueens
Retweeted by Rob RuminskiTim Lincecum to the white courtesy phone.
Retweeted by Rob RuminskiThe Strickland Effect[on phone with school because son shoved 12 candy corns up his nose] "one sec *covers phone and looks at wife* he went after the record"
Retweeted by Rob RuminskiHalf of all catcher mound visits are really about ethics in video game journalism
Retweeted by Rob Ruminski@MarynkaVerte @AleOfATime I wish I could star this more than once.Oh my god gaters are actually responding to Clickhole in earnest http://t.co/7dhQoS6UOP
Retweeted by Rob RuminskiReal life is more Clickhole than Clickhole: MT @TIME Woman spends entire week in KFC after getting dumped http://t.co/tpfJ5NCSsNPlease RT to raise awareness of the plight of cats trapped in a folk music environment http://t.co/lL9eI4Tkos
Retweeted by Rob RuminskiI will only eat this in private by myself with door locked and my family away from home. http://t.co/2WKv8V2Lkn
Retweeted by Rob Ruminski@timeyles But saying the two conversations should be happening simultaneously, or be given anything close to equal weight, is just wrong.@timeyles Maybe, at some distant point in the future, once we sort out the rampant, violent hatred of women thing, we can talk "ethics"..@timeyles These jerkoffs have forfeited their right to be taken seriously. Threats and intimidation should never earn people a platform..@timeyles Do we say "Oh, ISIS just beheaded another guy. Let's treat their feelpinions as legitimate grievances"? Same principle..@timeyles Once again, "threats of rape" vs. "this journo is friends with that developer". Only one of these things is actually an "issue"..@timeyles At root, this is about a bunch of entitled, misogynist neckbeards who don't want girls in their treehouse, except as eye candy.@timeyles Who gives a rats ass? Through their actions, these dickheads have forfeited the right to be taken seriously.@timeyles Oh yeah. I forgot the rampant harassment and bullying of every journalist/outlet that has been critical of the "movement".@timeyles People have been threatened with rape and murder. Over fucking video games. This. Is. All. That. Matters.@alisterrobbie @l_astir #trollingalisterintownsville@alisterrobbie @l_astir and she accidentally uploaded porn and sent it to clients.@alisterrobbie @l_astir and we're drinking all of your beer.@alisterrobbie @l_astir also the cat ate all of the fish.@alisterrobbie So I think that @l_astir just broke the Giotto.GamerGate is about harassing, threatening and silencing women. Started that way, has been that way all along. Don't pretend otherwise.
Retweeted by Rob Ruminski@RossFloate @pwcc that won't take long.@Aaron_Finkel 20@mariellam BUT NOBODY MAKES THEM HERE@mariellam I'm craving one of these. Deep pan, crust up the sides, sauce on top, cheese and toppings on the bottom: http://t.co/Ha70xpGwR5Also, when I was in Chicago last some useless people sent me to a thin-crust joint. I was devastated.@cupofthrills It is quickly growing from craving to obsession.I am craving proper, Chicago-style deep dish. There's not a single goddamn place to get it here, is there?look, scott m8, you can’t tow back ebola and you can’t just dump it on indonesia so this isn’t your area of expertise.
Retweeted by Rob Ruminski@JohnBirmingham Absolutely perfect. Thank you. Needed a laugh in the midst of my ragey morning/week/year/life.
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