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@Nebrewska has Lou Holtz given up on ND yet? was almost as funny as this with Desmond https://t.co/i0q4XJWQmd@Nebrewska 3:30 slate of Saturday is ridic@Nebrewska decent slate of games on Friday close that damn stock market early and lets get on with it@conorsen lets see if they can stop the Rambling Wreck from running all over them like Florida did@conorsen @cbrokmei @ryanprociuk @Nebrewska fwiw Rushing Yards http://t.co/hCzNsbRuFy@conorsen @ryanprociuk @Nebrewska he is good but Big Ten is stocked with great running backs outside of Abdullah.@conorsen @ryanprociuk A Gurley-less Georgia with 2 bad losses should not be ranked in the top 10Oil trader Andy Hall's Astenbeck hedge fund down five percent in October http://t.co/bnkNx718u2 pray for God of Oil, not to the God of Oil
Investors in Claren Road redeem 25% of AUM after flagship loses 9.7% in October on GSE bet gone wrong http://t.co/ST74TNkZOQ@StockCats @georgepearkes I am surprised "Stockman" has not changed his name what a burden to carry given how he feels about it allWETF MTD inflows $2.2 billion with HEDJ raking it in for November http://t.co/oJTy0mEaiaIneichen Alts Demystified http://t.co/9QdLPQIKrD Myth: Time Reduces Risk@IvanTheK @georgepearkes selling TWTR is option 2 but absent that press Dick for share of his standup comedy earnings post CEO ala Fantex
Horrible market timing by shorts in SPY this year http://t.co/qBULPNlfg9@gapandyap this has your name all over it http://t.co/Vu1UdQUMXI@BrattleStCap SFM shorts are in same position TFM shorts were this summer. I don't think Mr Market is gonna let them off hook after pressing@CatspawInv I hope the marketing guys have guaranteed deals cuz they will see the writing on the wall in Q1@Nonrelatedsense I think you mean the Cult Following lol@JackHBarnes or a cyanide pill. If they were Japanese they wud just kill themselves, it would be honorable and justified in this case@Nonrelatedsense tough spot, need a fall guy I would blame the sellsiders who advise trillions https://t.co/gr0v1bah3w@Nonrelatedsense either way might be end of days for those guys crikey@Nonrelatedsense I am looking at GHDAX http://t.co/SafvZ67YwG@LWinthorpe Marketfield and Good Harbor are bigger goats than Hussy@LWinthorpe also why do all these Tactical Funds suck? i mean they are really bad, Good Harbor Tactical Core down 13.88% YTD@LWinthorpe who among us is the best daytrader day after Thanksgiving's shortened session? That is the true measure of a man, how u trade it@MorningstarInc: Good Harbor’s U.S. Tactical Core saw its assets decline 36.7% in 3Q "due to a combination of poor returns and outflows"
Retweeted by StockJockey@LWinthorpe doesn't seem like it where are the bearish CMTs posting historical stats like they did for Oct when we knew the same thing
@bzbadger fwiw http://t.co/lbxiy2RpRZ@Stevephenni crowded? they were saying that in 2013 too http://t.co/bprEjPsZAaU.S.-based Japanese stock funds add $1 bln over week-Lipper http://t.co/8xchhoxIIF domestic equity funds pull in $570 million@IvanTheK I am sure Dick can find a joke in there, somewhere.Taxable Bond Fund Family Flows http://t.co/YFOUMYxSioUS Equity Active vs Passive Fund Flows http://t.co/AnOrQ2asmpROST shareholders richer than Stephen M. Ross@plainview_ @Morgan_03 I stand by this as the ultimate Xmas gift http://t.co/KwC9xWZFCu@BrattleStCap another P stain on the longs sheets - ole Rich at BTIG is relentless on that stock and TWTR@AlexBHTurnbull have not had time yet, been following them here but have been quiet, all i got http://t.co/oWJ3dOCRoqtyped in to Kensho "which chart formation provides better returns after Fast Money features it, the vomiting camel or triangle of death?"@JSiegel88 don't hate on Buffalo when Cleveland is the Mistake on the LakeHow many babies are gonna be delivered nine months from now in Buffalo? $BABY $CRIChina's energy targets for 2020 show winners and losers http://t.co/DRLXGSKoxR lump of coal@HessamNadji nice work on teevee@nelderini WSJ editorial board going after Steyer http://t.co/evRYoejLRv@nelderini yes that is fair. he is entertaining tho love that about him. But wud rather drink with him than invest with him@nelderini every day i wake up wondering what I am wrong about,preachy CMTs here and perma bears so cocksure of themselves but bottom decile@nelderini part one confirmed his mindset post 2009 period I just don't get that was not very pragmatic imo@BrattleStCap yes it is near top of my sheets and I am not just talking turkey https://t.co/W34OZDNYpK@BrattleStCap u mean like SFM. Cleaned up@RChang6 yes they are stupid have been several days like that past few weeks. At some point maybe, but still too early imoROST new highs heading into earnings tonightooh part 2 of the Hendy interview is up http://t.co/xfsrJolJPA and he is throwing haymakers@DavidSchawel a few, is it a running joke now? re Klarman so many more Value nerds than Growth guys, that is not a world i wanna live inEWJ and DXJ have taken turns in leading daily ETF creations over past week or two but still too early for EWJ no? http://t.co/RFTfhRy6FS@DavidSchawel how do you feel about how Klarman feels about OCN today? warm fuzzies all around?"the wait time to get aluminum from Goldman's Detroit Metro facility was 20 days on 9/22/10 by December 2012 it was approaching 500 days"@awealthofcs a cautionary tale http://t.co/EPRFU8yggf@LDrogen @Spencerjakab we did see 2 guys from WSJ/Moneybeat head over to GS recently. Hard to turn that down and our loss - they were good
The only hope for Eclectica is that @The_Real_Fly takes 100% control of the fund and makes Lemonade from the Lemon of a strategy #LemonisCheap-Oil Era Tilts Geopolitical Power to U.S. http://t.co/ZL3FYWGflE@CNBC will roll out new technology to provide historical context to its stories: http://t.co/2aFZhwZkVQ
Retweeted by StockJockeyGPRO announces pricing of follow on offering http://t.co/vVY8xlINaA 10.36 million shares at $75Goldman Sachs' metal storage unit paid customers to boost queues -report http://t.co/304zgGHAwr@IvanTheK @hmeisler I am sure someone locked up the MOON ticker along with he usual URLs@StockCats I wonder if anyone has done a study what Zodiac Sign the best traders are born under. But trust me - it sure aint Cancer@hmeisler @IvanTheK oh my is right. But its time to biodynamically harvest some profits I think moon in the sky looks like a big pizza pie@hmeisler @IvanTheK What is the Bradley Model http://t.co/2lF3Sl6wbQ@joshuademasi Preacher Man's analysis has gotten him what he deserves, a hot seat in the bottom decile@34bps @carlquintanilla the business ethics displayed in The Social Network perfectly fit @Moonalice timeline of when things started 2change@DavidSchawel what do you think about what Klarman thinks about it?Keystone is dragging down the Democrats: Kemp http://t.co/ad5m1v2pqH@Morgan_03 clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right@IvanTheK what I am trying to say in that valuation is our job,and is out of their hands. Niles pounded point home at $42.40-ish heavy since@Morgan_03 in these types of religious wars it is frequently the stopped clocks vs the stopped clocks@conorsen no YTD gains to markup in small cap land? its not like last year in any case. PS BABA cartel folded like OPEC@IvanTheK I don't think mgmt can fix the valuation/relative valuation which was Niles' point of contention@jkaynyc how big is the crowd, 400-600?
The problem isn't Spotify http://t.co/xiRMkQ0Kp6
Retweeted by StockJockey@conorsen @adamcarstens @ryanprociuk yes I think so. As fair as it could be, still want 8 tho http://t.co/qrNZhx0fau@georgepearkes @34bps at least Duke is not UnCanadianBeat Duke http://t.co/SDfsC8zOvO@The_Real_Fly if this means we will never have to see Lindzon's feet again I am all for it.52 week high in HATE for this rally.@nyse to cancel all Big Board trades in Home Depot between 3:55 p.m. and 3:56 p.m. ET today executed below $93.33/share. $HD
Retweeted by StockJockey@InterestArb @DavidSchawel that is when you get bond managers style drifting into stock tweeting@azdeandobbs biggest bust of the yr, all they really had to do was 4-6% ytd right here and I think wud have been fine and AUM is $5 B higherJGW seems to trade down everytime the 2-3 privately held competitors who advertise on CNBC run another local commercial@TigreCapital people got their knickers in a bunch over Thiel's comments on Uber and TWTR which look pretty spot on imo@TigreCapital some people are pooh pooing it (they are wrong imo) but at the margin Lyft just picked up some long term business.@Morgan_03 Cramer is getting on Macke's LULU trainHalliburton worker killed, 2 injured at fracking site in Weld County http://t.co/aj9SoGPDhk@azdeandobbs c'mon University of Manchester UK PhD, I took it 4 British before checking. His top down work not working tho, comeback in '15?@Dutch_Book "Give me a bottle of vodka and a floor plan" http://t.co/gCW6A8Pb4k@hmeisler my beef was with his TWTR pick for a year end ramp as setup imo was less than perfect. maybe catalyst emerges, but...heavy againSUNE shorts getting chopped up like California Condors flying low thru the Palm Springs wind farms. One sided batteground todayFinally got a new high in an airline w/ few more knocking on the door. 311 million gallons of jet fuel burned each wk http://t.co/9NyFF8NOnr@hmeisler I have not seen anyone post those seasonals for the next few trading days like they did in Sep/Oct, they must like scary Oct more@hmeisler this is my favorite game to play, the mid November to Dec 23rd silly season. Rise of internet brokers, maybe in '98, changed game@hmeisler what am I chopped liver? VOYA gets style points for printing all time high. This contest is like the Pro Bowl, no defense@oknotsomuch btw congrats on win Sat u guys r underhyped it appears - funny thing, when u lose early, how it impacts perception 4 wks on end
Goldman's Best Ideas Hedge Fund declines 560 bps in October http://t.co/R5Mi8I2CHM I bet van Praag cud spin this into a gain, I miss him so
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