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BWD @theonlyadult Probably not where I should be

I have zero patience for neanderthals and sometimes will RT their words of wisdom.

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@owillis he is better than a lot or "real" Dems. That's the sad truth.@JAPITTER WHO DARED TO UNFOLLOW YOU????Confederate Flag Genius Takes Ice Bucket Challenge, Lights Self On Fire http://t.co/YhzlQrlG19
Retweeted by BWD@AntonioFrench @barbs73 They were told that racism was over. Look, black president! And Beyonce!@Gus_802 LOL, if it's late night it must be random tweet.@JAPITTER @SecretsBedard Yep. Why Obama doesn't give a shit anymore. He'll let history take care of all this crap.@JAPITTER @SecretsBedard Every poll not acknowledging the fact that 30% not recognizing Obama's legitimacy to begin with, is bullcrap.Jesus, the derangment // Fox Host Requests Putin Be US President For 48 Hours To Deal With Islamic State http://t.co/5nDc4qYJvh@JAPITTER @SecretsBedard The same 33% who do not accept the legitimacy of this presidency to begin with, and somehow still being polled.A Boston Marathon bombing survivor has married the nurse who helped him recover. http://t.co/g3fk4e7cfm http://t.co/RoyKoX0hR5
Retweeted by BWDYup. RT @TheJazzyBelle: BRILLIANT, @TheDailyShow.
Retweeted by BWDIsraeli twitter is hilarious. People trying to convince themselves they won something, anything, knowing they're worse off than 2 months agoSo, the same people who thinks he was born in Kenya RT @SecretsBedard: Poll: One-third say Obama golfs too much http://t.co/8BwYluXtAIA 9 year old being taught to shoot an Uzi (a f***ing uzi) kills her shooting instructor: http://t.co/VFtlefsgSi
Retweeted by BWDHearing lots of good things about new Obamacare CEO, but he's got a tough job ahead http://t.co/qc1mnXdeKL
Retweeted by BWDThis Jim dude is a good man. Sometimes you just can tell. @LawrenceThis tape turns my stomach upside down. @Lawrence@BarakRavid @KristiIA @JohnKerry I'm sure he'll accept your apology.In comparison to the ceasefire Netanyahu accepted, @JohnKerry's draft suddenly looks like the deal of the year http://t.co/u6AM71jaT4
Retweeted by BWD@RobLowe Learn something before you tweet nonsense supporting tax evaders. https://t.co/eoDT5s44vuDarren Wilson killed Mike Brown. Not voting. Not politics. Not Chicago. Derail deez.
Retweeted by BWDAs you panic looking for a job, & your employment benefits were cut off, take comfort knowing congress cleared 350K to sue the president.
Retweeted by BWDGuess it's time to take a break from @maddow again. Click.@CharlieCrist Congrats. Don't fuck it.Thanks for the free-flowing Elwha River, #stimulus! http://t.co/YjwD8m2jJm via @NatGeo
Retweeted by BWD#BuyPartisan app can be frustrating b/c you realize how Republicans control almost everything. OTOH you feel good not buying their stuff.I would boycott #BurgerKing, but I've already boycotted eating crap. http://t.co/jflai1iSX2
Retweeted by BWDHillary plans to run against Obama, and she will lose again. This time he won't even have to show up. #Readyforhilarity @hardball_chrisIsraeli twitter is killing Netanyahu. Though it's the same fascists who so loved him yesterday, it's still delicious.Marco Rubio hints at a government shutdown fight over immigration once Congress returns from recess: http://t.co/q5T3IXlwZR
Retweeted by BWDObama's economy, that's all we need to know. https://t.co/1fzFgKo5hPStocks Climb, S&P 500 Hits All-Time High on Strong Economic Data http://t.co/63bzQSsZWd socialism continues, comrades.
Retweeted by BWDS&P 500 closed above 2000 for the first time today, yet GOP remains nostalgic for 2008 (when markets plunged 500 points a day under Bush).
Retweeted by BWDObama Economy "@NBCNightlyNews: S&P 500 closes above 2,000 for first time http://t.co/TkkJLn9JtG #NBCNightlyNews"
Retweeted by BWDDear @Dove , What skin colour is 'normal' ?!? http://t.co/Fw69pdWxDs
Retweeted by BWD@GovernorOMalley should run, @SenSanders should run, @SenWarren should run. It's irresponsible to not challenge Hillary. At the very least.Dear ESPN, Everyone but you is over it.
Retweeted by BWDIf Michael Sam wants ESPN to leave him alone he could always drive drunk and/or smack around a woman.
Retweeted by BWDWait, Michael Sam took a shower and I only know about it now??????? @espnEditorial Cartoon: It’s a Boy http://t.co/38xIE8TJrh via @politicususa #p2b http://t.co/RSbeLYtNHP
Retweeted by BWDWarren Buffett thinks U.S. corporate taxes aren't too high -- but he's undermining them with Burger King http://t.co/492JtRu9Mq
Retweeted by BWDIsn't FREEEEDOM awesome? @Slate: 9-Year-Old Kills Shooting Instructor With Uzi at Shooting Range Outside Vegas http://t.co/nYjpJBOwkO*sigh* | Black TV Producer, Charles Belk, Arrested By Beverly Hills Cops Who Thought He Robbed A Bank http://t.co/mXMzhFkkt2 #twibdocket
Retweeted by BWDQ: who hires a *political consultant* to deal w/ a legal proceeding? http://t.co/tWbbOd4Yf2 #freePerry
Retweeted by BWDRepublican leadership personally profiting from tax inversion deals http://t.co/BOWCwsDpjG
Retweeted by BWDfox news: we dont know if obama has spine to take americans who join terror groups seriously. reality: http://t.co/9PGYujhAQP
Retweeted by BWDMeanwhile in the real world // Consumer confidence hits seven-year high http://t.co/i4OXJUxVze via @usatoday.@EdwardMFelegy Elementary School is brand new this year, part of the nearly $2.7 billion we've invested in school construction.
Retweeted by BWDFeels as if #Benghazi has gotten a longer vacation then Congress. Somebody better remind conservatives that they're obsessed with it.
Retweeted by BWDRob Lowe, right wing Libertarian fool.@RobLowe For someone who once played a very smart WH stiffer on TV, you're incredibly ignorant about real life facts.@Ptsk @BurgerKing I'm a veggie, but even when I did eat meat, never went near them.Next time you hear someone complain about U.S. roads, bridges, and airports, while eating Burger King, punch them in the Whopper.
Retweeted by BWDLets see if I'm up to speed: Michael Sam took a shower, Blue Ivy has hair and conservatives want their own Beyonce. Did I miss anything?
Retweeted by BWDBREAKING: President Romney issues statement on new S&P record, credits his executive order banning Casual Fridays.
Retweeted by BWDA white senior citizen angrily chasing DREAMers out of a @MarcoRubio event so perfectly describes the @GOP right now.
Retweeted by BWDCONFIRMED: Obamacare premiums in Arkansas projected to DECLINE by 2% in 2015. http://t.co/pfIeTLksJn
Retweeted by BWDPeople calling themselves "libertarian" don't really know what it means or what they believe, Pew finds http://t.co/0q89xCYAD0
Retweeted by BWDIMPEACH @BloombergNews ·BREAKING: S&P 500 index closes above 2,000 for the first time. http://t.co/kRb9NyhufWWhen all the manufactured, RWNJ zealotry fades in the coming years, history will remember President Obama in a unique light.
Retweeted by BWD@owillis I don't care about them, they can stay there, I care that they inflict their ignorance on all of us.@JohnKerry LOL, Netanyahu can't stop laughing.Consumer confidence hits seven-year high. Stocks hit new records! #economy #obamasfault http://t.co/ztCjnkrIGP
Retweeted by BWD@AlonPinkas Well, there was one. They assassinate him. The RW control Israel for 20 years now and still blame the Left for this disaster,@Netanyahu weakened moderate Palestinians. crowned Hamas and killed any chance for peace for many years. No wonder he's #FoxNews hero.Another record day for the Dow and S&P 500. Another day in which the black socialist destroy capitalism. #tcotWhen it came to energy issues, LBJ would run northeastern liberals into the ground to get them to support oil deregulation.
Retweeted by BWDAlso, the supposed "Johnson Treatment" was more often used to get liberals to support conservative legislation, not the other way around.
Retweeted by BWDImportant note: LBJ, with the exception of a two-year stint as minority leader, and two years as whip, he always worked with a D majority.
Retweeted by BWDAt this point in his Presidency, George W. Bush had invaded the wrong country, let Bin laden escape and taken more than a year's vacation
Retweeted by BWDDon't the deaths of #MikeBrown #EzellFord #EricGarner and #KajiemePowell deserve as much investigation as #Benghazi?
Retweeted by BWDBurger King spokesman: "We are not moving to Canada to avoid US taxes. We're moving for the gun control and socialized medicine."
Retweeted by BWDDON'T STEREOTYPE! It's wrong to assume all GOP Governors are crooks just because of Rick Perry, Scott Walker, Chris Christie & Bob McDonnell
Retweeted by BWDBoehner, Camp Profit From Corporate Bid to Avoid U.S. Tax http://t.co/KbIiqLQ6Gv via @BloombergNews@igorbobic “Thou shalt not be black whilst commander-in-chief".@AlonPinkas So, make a trade, bring a Rivera. Problem is, you don't even have a Eli Manning.#Israel killed negotiations with Abu-Mazen, the most moderate and sincere Palestinian leader in decades. That was such a hot take. #winningI agree with #JuliannaMargulies it's a wonderful time for #women on #television, especially for the one's on revolving platforms #Emmys2014
Retweeted by BWDthis piece isn't #serious because it doesn't address the #optics of Obummer's #golfing http://t.co/shj4mrVK5R
Retweeted by BWD@EricBoehlert @LiberalPhenom Bernie is white, he might be able to make it happen.Bernie Sanders: my lib WH agenda would be big jobs program, raising min wage, making college affordable. i.e. Obama's agenda that GOP blocks
Retweeted by BWD@WesleyLowery @ShaunKing White people in this country never accepted the reality of a black president.@washingtonpost Well, just another conservative economy. Not surprising.If Britain were a U.S. state, it would be the second-poorest, behind Alabama http://t.co/RWTKGC9FTL
Retweeted by BWD@washingtonpost Of course, the GOP has nothing to offer but: "Look, black president!".@TheFix obsession with Obama is downright creepy. Their racism is even scarier.@fz206 Of course, no doubt. As a half Israeli I'm trying see what was gained and all I see is a disaster. Complete failure on all fronts.CNN: New audio reveals 10 shots fired at Michael Brown. Cluster of 6... A pause... And then 4 more http://t.co/ZHgzfzU05z
Retweeted by BWDWhy are white Republicans so wrong about black people? Because they listen to black Republicans. http://t.co/yMzKeaWJtP
Retweeted by BWD@Steverocks35 You're a hero. We should give you a medal, putting yourself in harms ways.@Steverocks35 Sending you much love from California. :)@Steverocks35 You're from OK????? Look at you, Liberal black sheep.@Steverocks35 LOL, what a world.@Steverocks35 Innocently?@Steverocks35 For real? I know I shouldn't laugh. OMG.@kdrum Agree with most of what you said there, but nothing more on point the the Bibi point. PBO is just pathetic on that front.A @GOP strategist cautions, "We can't take these moonfaced man-babies for granted." http://t.co/1eVOVf8AuT http://t.co/iTF9YSCV0O
Retweeted by BWD"His almost inhuman patience in putting up with Bibi Netanyahu's nearly open contempt for him" http://t.co/guvIVeuu1T via @motherjonesObama's Iraq policy has been pretty masterly http://t.co/guvIVeuu1T via @motherjones@MikeGrunwald Thanks, #stimulus
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