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Mac @wmacgyver Columbus Ohio

I use groovy, haskell, scala, java, c++, objective c, swift, python, erlang and clojure. Hobbies are videogames and DSLR.

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@jj1bdx yes, must pay bills :)
@aalmiray then you end up working on the talk the night before, just like me :)@aalmiray why work on what you can put off till tomorrow :)
nytimes using #groovylang for #android http://t.co/ilQKaSBDEG
the slide for my #angluarjs talk at cojug is available at http://t.co/dVNWqXa9fb the code is at https://t.co/Hq28C0A9En
@jj1bdx wow
@aalmiray hmm, I've switched to the built in support in #groovylang now“The goal is not to achieve terseness of code, it is to achieve clarity…by removing boilerplate and unnecessary adornments.” —@clattner_llvm
Retweeted by Mac@stuartsierra that’s funny!@aalmiray it wasn’t that fresh after a while :(@ldaley London and Beijing is the same too, much are abandoned
@Maxinekwokadams @sarahchang I’m bad with waiting list, preorder etc. I’m a impulse buying person. I don’t even like to queue for food@Maxinekwokadams @sarahchang good thing too. I've seen fights broken out over "last item" in stores :)@sarahchang @Maxinekwokadams haha, thanks. They were instant hits with everyone. It was a lot cheaper! And limited ed colors still available@improvingOhio thank you so much. Let me know if there is anything I can do for you guys@Maxinekwokadams @sarahchang bought a ton of limited edition Chanel nail polish back in May for gifts@Maxinekwokadams @sarahchang ah yes, lhr duty free is legendary. Though supposedly the cheapest and best cosmetics is at Beijing airport@Maxinekwokadams sounds exciting! Looking forward to it@Maxinekwokadams you and @sarahchang met in duty free in the eye liners section?! That’s classic. Was it at Heathrow airport? :)@Maxinekwokadams how many music themed dress/shoes do you have? You seem to have endless pix of them :)
Office 365 API samples uses #angularjs ! How times have changed http://t.co/X1vzY8uX5tEvening #angularjs talk done. Thank you for coming to my cojug talk!@nusairat uh it’s dec 12 I thought@improvingOhio thank you so much for hosting my #angularjs talk. The location is great and you guys were awesome!@Maxinekwokadams 9am what time zone?@aalmiray it’s not like I’m doing the talk with nodejs :)Doing #angularjs talk at cojug today http://t.co/ZhJ0D4FsXR
@Maxinekwokadams did not realize London gets hail!
@Maxinekwokadams cute!
@aalmiray @tim_yates it’s ok. When the time comes, there will be no need to dodge the bullet@tim_yates @aalmiray I think I only saw you in person once :)@psnively this sounds yummy and exciting :)
@psnively I can see you building a fully typed particle system for sandbox game@psnively you miss gamedev, admit it@billrobertson42 down to only 100ish. Erlang has gotten even more efficient@LillieRanney wow, you developing mutant power or what :)#erlang cowboy is all grown up. well, 1.0 anyway :) http://t.co/e67OQz5vXu congrats @lhoguin@tim_yates you are seriously gonna give talk using reveal.js?@psnively meanwhile cutting edge things are being tried on iOS. :) metal has been a game changer for us.@fifthposition so, who is photo bombing whom? :)@danveloper @CedricChampeau @musketyr @glaforge I tend to play with algorithms, so it's less of an issue for me@CedricChampeau @musketyr @glaforge I regularly mess with code on ipad. Including groovy@CedricChampeau @musketyr @glaforge uh yea, smartphone and tablets are more powerful than consoles/computers from not so long ago@glaforge @CedricChampeau no phone, no tablet ether?@davidbyttow is it mostly returning JSON?
@TacticalGrace swift’s job is done@rvirding look on the bright side. I no longer get “what’s that?” when I say we use erlang :)@rvirding just follow haskell “avoid success at all cost” path :)@rvirding ah ha. Darn it, #erlang so main stream now :)@rvirding nice! Missed seeing your talks and #erlang insights. What brought you to US?@rvirding #erlang is based on Functional reactive programming, in 1997 we had *products* built using it, not just talking about it.
Retweeted by Mac@rvirding zing :)@psnively haven’t seen that. Perfect for an existing game project. Will try it out! Thanks@psnively what are you using to serialize across network? Protocol buffer?@sarahchang that was freaking adorable. Both of you@brendantracey by finally, I meant this is the complete rewrite of gc that was talked about right before 1.0 release@psnively does that mean you are using built in JSON support or dropping JSON altogether?Looks like #golang gc will finally be addressed https://t.co/absvu8QJGS
#clojure 1.7 alpha 1 is out. transducers is here http://t.co/9J8FTKjC1c
@pledbrook buy a bunch more? :)@SavedYouAClick this is so recursive it's funnyBuzzfeed is upset about @SavedYouAClick spoiling the click bait headlines :) http://t.co/TPdAOZDUfG
@jj1bdx I thought as mankind we have evolved beyond that :(@jj1bdx that’s disturbing@jj1bdx nationalism is on the rise in Japan?@jj1bdx wonder what the cause is@jj1bdx is it because of the island dispute? That only explains anti-Korean though@jj1bdx that's very odd
@psnively haha, first time I heard the word lisp and cockroach together :)@CedricChampeau enjoy the much deserved time off!#groovylang wins "Geek Choice Award" following-up's @RebelLabs report on the 10 kick-ass tech developers love http://t.co/ObAp6VqHcU
Retweeted by Mac
@psnively hahaha :)@CedricChampeau impressive. I think @tim_yates lives on SO :)
@Maxinekwokadams so pretty!Crazy RT @swannodette: WOW, Facebook releases their own efficient persistent data structure library for JavaScript, http://t.co/6dT82AzVKe@ZacharyAKlein @fifthposition handsome couple@TacticalGrace this sounds interesting :)
@glaforge for a few more hours :)@glaforge you made it :)Big thanks to everyone at #gr8conf the community is awesome. The organizers rocked!"Groovy rocks the JVM since 2003" @glaforge #gr8conf#groovylang 2.3 has a new markup template engine. Builder approach and very fast (static compiled) #gr8confAnd my fav feature of #groovylang : JSON support now is faster than Jackson. #gr8confNio2 supoort. All the usual methods on File are on Path too. #gr8confNew Sortable supoort in #groovylang came from #griffon and @aalmiray #gr8confYay, #groovylang 2.3 now has TailRecursive support #gr8confTraits support in #groovylang being highlighted. That was long time coming. #gr8confThe @glaforge is on stage to close out #gr8conf@GeertjanW very nice!@Maxinekwokadams hahaha@fifthposition Ted Naleid@Gr8Ladies a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step :)@GeertjanW is that a netbeans screenshot?A lot of questions on git cherry picking #gr8confSeeing increase of women participating at #gr8conf good work @Gr8Ladiesgit talk completely full. @glaforge had to sit on the floor. Amazing how git has completely dominated software dev. #gr8confAnother #gr8conf release! RT: “@johnrengelman: #Gradle Shadow version 1.0.3 released. Thanks to @aalmiray @brandonkearby for bug fixes!@dpp hahaha :)@dpp thank you very much. Digging for it myself right now.@dpp didn't know that. I thought erlang actor came directly from the original CSP paper
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